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BWS review: Rude service

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10:18 pm EDT
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I went into the BWS I South Marrickville on Sunday the 16/05/21. As I am moving next week I decided to take in some change as I had a build up of coins at home. My purchase 4 Carlton Draught long necks and because I am a regular visitor to BWS using my Rewards card it went done to $18 and the rude woman behind the counter said that they do not take change. I looked at her in disbelief. This was not 5 or 10 cent pieces either. It was $3 in 20 cent coins, $5 in 5o cent coins and the rest $1 coins (not hard to count). I then explained to her that it was legal currency and she has to accept it. She then very rudely said "We are not a bank you know, go take your coins to the bank"
I was honestly shocked and outraged. I think the girls name started with a T and she was an asian woman with short coloured hair

Desired outcome: The girl to be disciplined and be given some customer service training

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