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Albertsons Complaints & Reviews

Albertsons / 3s a croud and unhappy employees

Trim Trimble on May 25, 2017
My name is Tyler Trimble and I've been a customer of Albertson's my whole life. First of all I want to start by saying I have never complained about anything in my entire life. I always try to take the highroad and understand what's happening on the other side of the coin. However Over the...

Albertsons Grocery Store / service

creeman1 on May 24, 2017
Who would have thought that a store like Albertson's could be so racist. I walk in with 5 empty bottles of water to exchange for our water cooler. I am talking about the Albertsons on 27th and 6th Downtown Billings. The lady looks at me and my pony tail then calls the manager asking if I...

Albertsons / cashier and packer

Saeko Kawado on May 23, 2017
N. Oracle Rd, Tucson AZ, Albertsons. 05/23/2017 7:30 am Cashier No. 2 or 3 I'm a regular customer for Fry's. But this morning, I decided to try Albertsons because they have better products (not necessarily more selections than Fry's). The shopping was fine. The store was not crowded. When I...

Albertson / check and check out

Cindy Zauss on May 21, 2017
At albertson's tonight and one line had six people to check out in one line and the other the only second cashier there had five people on the manager was on that line sandra our cashier have the six people i ask her about the three people calling for back up and she said there was nobody...

Albertsons / cashier/checker

Ashley Rose on May 18, 2017
We recently have moved to the area and were stoked to have found our favorite grocery store - Albertsons. Unfortunately, the checker that we have tried to avoid the last five times that we have been there has been only one of two checkers available. This checker, Allison had been more than...

Albertsons / unlawful business practice: pervasive consumer fraud

CROOKSatAlbertsons on May 17, 2017
Robert gerald miller Ceo Albertsons Dear mr. Miller: As a montanan, having witnessed the sale of albertson's and the ensuing unlawful and pervasive consumer fraud perpetrated on montanan consumers, I have requested the office of the governor intervene and request an audit of your busine...

Albertsons / Store staff

Angela Hall Hatfield on May 15, 2017
I went to your Baton Rouge store on Airline Hwy Saturday night. It was shortly before closing and the door was open. I selected a few purchases and went up front to pay. The woman at the counter told me they were closed and she "did not have to check me out." She told me she'd tried to get...

Albertsons / cashier attitude

Ann microtyger on May 13, 2017
There are two grocery stores at which I shop. One is "New Seasons." The other is an Albertsons which is ten miles from where I live. I go there because I usually am very happy with the cashiers and the service they provide. I know three by name and they know me. Today I stopped there to...

Albertsons Grocery / meat department

K. Ryerson on May 13, 2017
Just shopped at albertsons store, off of scott rd. And antelope rd., in menifee, ca. I saw an ad for rib eye roasts. I selected a 4 rib roast for a little over $38.00. I noticed a sign in the meat counter saying.. We will trim your meat, thick or slim. So I asked the employee to cut the...

Albertsons / Cashier/customer service

Ckarolina on May 11, 2017
On may 11 2017 at 18:43 I paid the cashier for the items I purchased, because I used my Debit card I asked for money back, $60.00, the cashier was distracted talking to the men behind me, and I was a little annoyed about it but what can you do right? When I got to my car and started...

Albertsons, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 / Checkers

Glnewton3 on May 8, 2017
I was just at the Mountlake Terrace Albertsons, just wanted to buy a few things to add to my dinner. The check out lines were all halfway to the back of the store, the fast check only had two check outs open, and three regular check outs open. This is not the first time this has happened...

Albertsons / Consistent lack of cashiers

Jamie Henson on May 1, 2017
Well this last month I have come in to the Albertsons in Murrieta, CA 92562 and there has been very low coverage consistently. Also, I have spoken to quite a few team members and apperently the hours have been cut and you have been having people from other departments check out preventing...

Albertsons / Floral department manager

Reta Buck on Apr 22, 2017
I talked to a employee of the Mountain Home floral department if the manager could get in a lemon-lime photos and she took my name and phone number and was going to have the manager call me, well three weeks later and no call from the manager I buy a lot of flowers from albertsons but I...

Albertsons / fresh made spicy guacamole

Fernandov2055 on Apr 21, 2017
I purchased the fresh made spicy guacamole and I couldn't eat more than 2 bites as it tasted absolutely disgusting. I've previously purchased this product from Albertson's and it usually tastes great, but this time it was not good at all. I assume it was simply not made correctly this one...

Albertsons / afeway coupon app

Frustrated at the market on Apr 17, 2017
So I spent 30 extra minutes walking around Safeway wasting time trying to get the APP working. If you are going to have an APP that is the only way to submit and track coupons, how about maybe having wifi that works in your store. Also, using that APP was difficult, time consuming and not...

Albertsons / Long lines at checkout

Matthew Mummert on Apr 15, 2017
Ever since Albertsons got rid of the self-checkout lanes, the checkout lines for the express lanes have been out of control. Please bring back the self-checkout. I recall that Albertsons' goal is to keep lines less than three customers deep. This morning, the line was 8 customers deep in...

Albertsons / Fui a comprar a alberton y dos empleadas me dieron un mal trato solo por ser latina

Dania rosales on Apr 15, 2017
No entiendo porque ellas me aventaron mis priductos y me cobraron mas de lo que yo tenia que pagar y la manager no hiso nada por ayudarme y se puso de su lado y ella vio como la empleada me avento mis productos y solo por ser latina le dije yo porque a otra señora que no es latina bien que...

Albertsons / The pharmacy

Meredith13 on Apr 13, 2017
I went into the pharmacy to pick up my two prescriptions and I have a prescription stamp card and after I paid for them she placed the one stamp on my card I informed her that it was for every prescription and not for every time you visited with another script this is what I was told when...

Albertsons / front end supervisors

Firefighter18 on Apr 11, 2017
So I am A Courtesy Clerk with Albertsons In Emmett Idaho. My name is David But I wish to Remain Absolutely Anonymous. My Supervisor Taunya Mcchesney yells at Us (Courtesy Clerks) Constantly In Front of Customers. We Are Afraid to even Ask a Simple Question as it Typically Results in...

Albertsons / App/loyalty

Mshae3 on Apr 5, 2017
Hello, I am new to the store and downloaded the app to get discounts using digital coupons. At check out I was told my loyalty account did not come up. The phone number associated with the app was incorrect but when I tried to change it I was told to contact support. After being on the...

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