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Albertsons / Services

Kkoffee Marie Brown on Feb 23, 2017
I am complaining on the albertsons located on hollywood and lakemead lv nv 89156. I live right across the street and been a regular since nov 29th 2016. I lost my receipt but i never had any problem until today 2/23/2017 when i wanted exchange three items which were two pks of pacific fish @9.99...

Albertsons / Tainted boneless/skinless chicken breast, albertsons store-brand

Tess B on Feb 18, 2017
I purchased a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts from My local Albertsons (store #712 on Airline HWY in Baton Rouge, LA) this evening 2/18/17 @ 7:40 pm and upon opening it immediately after bringing it home found that it had a terrible smell and also had pieces of shredded brown...

Albertsons / was threatend by managers at ramona ca. albertsons ty and jina

Cristina44 on Feb 17, 2017
Friday nite 8pm 2.15.17, Jina was extremely rude and dismissive when I had asked her a question. I then asked where I would go to file a complaint she responded that its "her store" so she is who Id complain to. I asked for corporate number she would not give it instead told me to call...

Albertsons Alhambra, CA / Deli man geniuses that must shout at/over and condescendingly lecture math capable women.

Lainie E on Feb 15, 2017
Last week I visited the Albertson's near my Graduate School in Alhambra California, I wanted a combo lunch and asked if I could have Wings from the Wing bar, the male deli worker said "Sure, you can have both drummettes and wings." I asked how many, he said 5. I got 6, one tiny buffalo I...

Albertsons / Store in mccall idaho bringing in pharmacy forces closure of local drugstore

nonyer bizness on Feb 9, 2017
Albertson's decision to bring in a pharmacy at their "new" store (site of former Pauls Market in McCall), is causing the long time local drugstore to close it's doors because there is realistically not enough business to support three pharmacys in the small town. McCall Drug is one of the...

Albertsons / Employees harassing customers

Megan Shephard on Jan 30, 2017
This is a formal complaint against two employees of Albertsons in Billings, Montana; Paris Delt and Ginger Beasley. One Ginger Beasley the butcher tried to attack me in the store on, Central and Montana Ave, and Paris Delt an employee from the Albertsons on 27th and 6th Ave followed me...

Albertsons / Cashier's inappropriate political conversation

Zohaile Kakavand on Jan 26, 2017
I dropped into my local Albertsons after a long night at work, as I often do, to purchase flowers for my parents' anniversary. There were perhaps two other customers in the store, one cashier, and his bagging assistant. I took the flowers to check out and stood behind a gentleman who wa...

Albertsons / Animals in the store on carefree highway in tramanto, az

dkbunches on Jan 25, 2017
I just wanted to report what I found very disturbing while at Albertsons around 1 pm yesterday. I was shopping and a big Great Dane (unleashed, and not a service dog) came around the corner in the aisle. After a good 15 minutes of watching the dog wander, usually with his owner close by...

Albertsons / Lack of bike rack

Doug M'Jay on Jan 20, 2017
Hi, I and others have requested bicycle racks be installed at the Albertsons Government Street location here in Baton Rouge, LA many times over the past couple of years. The store director has stated he would get some installed but it seems he has no intention of actually doing this. Many...

Albertsons / Treatment of employees

Dorothy Landeros on Jan 20, 2017
I will not continue to support a company that does not value their long term employees. On 1/19/17, I shopped at your store and was checked out by one of your long term employees. She has been a gracious and courteous person and I look forward to seeing her when I stop by to shop on my way...

Albertsons / Management

jessi O'Donnell on Jan 17, 2017
I was recently at the Albertsons in San Marcos Ca.I was stopping in to grab cash at the wells Fargo and grab a Starbucks.The barista messed up my order and made my drink with dairy milk which i have an allergy too.But she was great and told me sorry and offered to make me another and i...

Albertsons / Cashier

JulieSalazar on Jan 3, 2017
January 1st 2017 Hello! On January 1st of 2017 I had went to the albertsons located at 220 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773. As I was checking out (I had bought a bag of chicken at the deli) the cashier named Jessie did not put the chicken in my basket (I was unaware of this as I wa...

Albertsons / Employee disregard for customers

Monicabrooks on Dec 26, 2016
Tonight at the Albertsons on Ryan Street in Lake Charles Louisiana. I was standing in. Long line at around 730 pm as there was only one checkout open. An employee of the store called one of the cashiers, who was on the floor stocking, or he could have even been a supervisor and whispered...

Albertsons / Wic customer service

Jackie Gamino on Dec 20, 2016
I was cashing in my Wic checks and the cashier made a rude comment saying, " I think the machine should only print out coupons if you're actually buying something." This happened around 9 pm and she had grey hair. I believe her name was patti but I am not sure. There was no need for her...

Albertsons / Delivery

Mary Warrick on Dec 4, 2016
I live close to Tom Thumb and am therefore unable to order delivery from Albertsons. Tom Thumb does not offer the same sale prices so I really don't have a delivery option. Disappointing. I think I should be able to order from either store even if the groceries will be pulled at the closest store. Thank you for your attention to my situation.

Albertsons / Experience in store today

Marette Riley on Dec 3, 2016
While checking out, it occured to me that the amount was incorrect i politely asked the cashier (Mary, no employee #) to check to make sure that my coupons had come off, i use the Just For U application every week and apply my coupons days before entering the store. I entered my coupons on...

Albertsons / Expired and rotten food.

Food1234 on Nov 27, 2016
We live in Vista CA and have shopped at our local Albertsons for more than two years. I should also mention that I own a Vending business and have bought all my Soda products in this store at the volume of 100 cases a week. My wife and I had our first poor experience with a Rotisserie Chicken...

Albertsons / Manager customer service

Marcus Williams on Nov 22, 2016
Date 11/21/16, 10:55pm M.O.D- Sonja Location: 9650 Airline Hwy (225) 926-9304 I walked in the store at exactly this time before closing and I ran in to buy a few alcoholic beverages for my home. I had two other people with me in the store and they walked over to the liquor section with me. They...

Albertsons / Cashier: julie p / term: 3 / store: 6524 / oper: 117 / cashier name: julie p

William Barahona on Nov 19, 2016
I was at the check out stand and the cashier, Julie P, began conversing with customers both ahead and behind me. The conversation was in reference to Donald Trump and those that were against his presidential win. All three (cashier and 2 customers) were ranting about how great it was that...

Albertsons / Multiple expired products

katymk on Nov 15, 2016
I shop at the Albertson's on Perkins Road in Baton Rouge quite frequently. I have never had an issue with the store until recently. Last week (11/8/16) as I went to check out the cashier was scanning one of my items and realized it had already been opened. Last night (11/14/16) I bought a...

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