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Albertsons Complaints & Reviews

Albertsons / customer service issue

Ms Tds on Feb 12, 2019

I came in this morning just around 7:30 the store was pretty empty and needed some tomatoes and grabbed some pineapples. I went to the lighted signed isle and two other people came behind me. After at least 5 minutes of watching 3-4 employees huddled in area not far away I had to yell out...

Albertsons / single croissant pricing

Dee1437 on Feb 11, 2019

This morning (2/11/19) I purchased 3 individual croissants from the bakery department and on the case that contained the croissants it was marked at a price of .79 cents that I presumed was the cost for each croissant. Upon completion of checking out my items I noticed that I'd been...

Albertsons / deli counter

Kodalex on Feb 8, 2019

I went to the above-referenced store around 7:00 pm tonight, February, 8. I needed a number of things from the deli. I choose Albertsons because I like Primo Taglio meats and 2 that I needed were on sale. I waited for the counter person to finish with her customer and was intending to buy...

Albertsons / $100 amazon gift card

ken berg on Feb 6, 2019

Dear Albertsons: Amazon is refusing to cancel this card in their system. Can you help? I bought the card from you yesterday, it got lost or stolen and only Amazon can cancel it. This is an example of huge companies having no idea of their responsibility to their customers ... or their...

Albertsons / employee

Ty Patton on Jan 31, 2019

Yesterday around 5:00 pm I unloaded my groceries and returned the cart. There was a girl that was going to follow me to my house cause she had never been there before. I backed out of my parking spot and was still going backwards for 2 more car stalls and then I backed in a parking stall...

Albertsons / unethical behaviour

Jalapeno Pepper on Dec 26, 2018

I was in the store on 12/22/2018 on one of the end caps and a store manager named Richard came up to me and asked if I needed anything I let him know I was fine and we continued talking about our families and plans for Christmas as we were talking two other employees were watching us and...

Albertsons / gift cards

Samantha Spencer on Dec 23, 2018

I bought 3 25 dollars gift cards equalling 75 bucks! None of them worked after my brothers unwrapped them for Christmas and I went back to Albertsons and they said I needed the gift receipt, I've never bought any gift card before so I thought, its albertsons i should be fine...if u bought...

Albertsons / service

Joel Franson on Dec 21, 2018

I entered the store and went directly to customer service where I spent about four minutes waiting for someone so I can buy money order no one came so I continue to do my shopping. After checkout the clerk left one of my bags out of my cart and then I had to wait another 5 minutes after...

Albertsons / rude cashiers/expired food

Ellie Wolfe on Dec 15, 2018

I've been shopping at the Albertsons @ 7350 S Rainbow Blvd and will no longer be after tonight. Not only is the food in the produce section consistently rotten, but after mentioning it to the manager, nothing has changed. Tonight, the supermarket stunk due to the expired food; even...

Albertsons / employee misconduct

Jill899 on Dec 13, 2018

Hi my name is Jill Sullivan My husband and I both witnessed your block supervisor Bianca at the McMillan and Eagle store giving another employee that works there oral sex in the parking lot while they were in their car! Both my husband and I were in our Hummer that has dark tinted windows. We...

Albertsons / the store in las vegas on rainbow and charleston (maybe 89117)

Marty Renetzky on Dec 13, 2018

I NEVER (sure you hear this often) write complaints BUT I just couldn't not this time - This must be the worst run store in your organization - I go there since its close to my home and I have Parkinsons disease and don't like to go to markets i'm not famliar with, however, it is sooo...

Albertson's 20th Street West Lancaster, CA / "kiko" the checker

Rusty Shacklebolt on Dec 11, 2018

December 11, 2018 I think what the problem is in this store is that management doesn't take the time to read these reviews because if they did they would do their job and fix the issues this store has. I was going through the checkout line yesterday afternoon and I was trying to tell the...

Albertsons / problems with service

kris7718 on Dec 5, 2018

I was shopping in the albertsons in arcadia on live oak ave. Its very close to my home and i've shopped there regularly for years. I know many associate by first name. Always a pleasant experience, I to used to work for albertsons. But there is a cashier there that has a attitude I wa...

Albertsons / their is a worker that u have working in gardens ca at the albertson and she has been on drugs

Johnmiller1978 on Nov 29, 2018

Their is a worker that u have working in gardens ca at the albertson and she has been on Drugs her name is melissa and last name is caudillo shes been something meth and she been going to late to work everyday I warned her and told her if she doesn't stop that I will report her and she is still doing it and she has been late to work she has 2 no show

Albertsons - Service Deli, Palm Desert / christina in the service deli is the rudest and disrespectful employee!!!

smith kitty on Nov 10, 2018

I am a regular customer with Albertsons 6567 off of Washington St in Palm Desert, CA. Have always been helped with amazing service until you hired Christina in the Service Deli. I am never greeted or even acknowledged when I shop in the Service Deli department when she is scheduled. I have...

Albertsons / the carpinteria store manager

Adome805 on Oct 29, 2018

I was shopping on 10/28/2018 in the Carpinteria Albertsons around 9-10 am. I had a hand basket which I ended up needing a cart because the groceries became too heavy. I set my basket down in the store with my motorcycle helmet next to the basket so that I could go outside to grab a cart...

Albertsons / employee

Vbain on Oct 27, 2018

Hi my name is Vanessa I had an uncomfortable encounter with one of your employees named mark. He touched my arm in a creepy way without my permission in front of my boyfriend. He was also being disrespectful calling him fat and also talking bad about an employee who is pregnant calling...

Albertsons / mark the cashier at alton location in irvine

Renses on Oct 27, 2018

Dear to whom it may concern, I am starting that the following is true and occurred on 26OCT18. Me and my pregnant wife went to albertsons for water on our way home at about 11:00 PM on Alton in Irvine. As soon as we walked in we saw Mark one of the cashiers that we see often because we are...

Albertsons / beer and candy coupons

Bernie Magana on Oct 26, 2018

Hello, i purchased a 24 pack of beer which i had a coupon for $19.99 and got charged 25.99, i also purchased some bags of candy that were suppose to be 1.77 when you buy at least 4. I bought 5 bags and got charged 3.50 for each. Apparantly the cashier did not scan the coupons. Obviously i...

Albertsons / o organics ranch dressing

Jesse EJ on Oct 23, 2018

I bought a bottle of ranch dressing at a Von's in Joshua Tree, CA. I used it all over a pizza and served it to friends in our rental house. About five minutes after opening the product, and a few unsavory but hopeful bites into the pizza with ranch, the bottle started fizzing and bubbling...