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Dollar Tree Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Tree / cleanliness of store

Jeri Battles Lockwood on Sep 20, 2017
We have a fairly new store located in Oswego, NY. I'm not sure if there is a new manager of this store but it is filthy. The floors throughout the store are so dirty. The bathroom is pretty disgusting too. I actually brought it to the managers attention and she said there just isn't time...

Dollar Tree / customer services

hall26debbie@gmail.com on Sep 20, 2017
09-10-2017 the employee's of the dollar tree in Waldport Oregon are very RUDE they yell at there customer's, never look you in the face when asking where you might find something you are looking for, I witnessed that myself twice! not one of there employee's ever smiled or asked if you...

Dollar Tree / customer relations

rachel h on Sep 20, 2017
09/20/2017 To whom it may concern: I, Marie Smith, was in the Dollar Tree store located in Willmar, MN store #3715 on the date of 09/14/2017 around 5:30pm. When I witnessed a horrific display of rudeness by the store cashier named Brittany and the store manger named Kassandra, directed...

Dollar Tree / store manager bruce

Kalin m on Sep 20, 2017
Very unprofessional hollering and screaming at my twin sister all the customers were so upset with him they were telling him to shut up and to not talk to her like that and they were all saying that they were going to call someone about the way he was talking to her my nephew was in line...

Dollar Tree / management

Bigguy69 on Sep 20, 2017
Store # 4892 2489 Aramingo Ave Phila Pa 19125 I work for this dollar tree, and my manager is Sophy Phork, a recent incident has occurred while a new supervisor was there, where both bathrooms seemed to have been clogged, as I unclogged the toilets, the drain pipe on the floor had shot out...

Dollar Tree / store manager

Shareon789 on Sep 20, 2017
On Sept. 5, 7, 10, 18, 20 I went into the store 0683 in Scotland Neck NC 27874 and it look bad the shelf is empty and very messy. The store manager is very rude and she smokes weed on her break on store property. I also heard her cuss a customer out to a dog cause they ask for something...

Dollar Tree / subcontractor drywall work on greenmount rd o'fallon il

Pryhawk on Sep 20, 2017
I did the drywall finishing in this store over 2 mo ago and contractor says they have not been paid so im not getting the thousands of $ i have ties up. So if this is not resolved within 3-5 buisness days a lien will be inforced. This issue needs to be addressed or if i need to contact...

Dollar Tree / discrimination against my service dog

Jeffrey Mummert on Sep 19, 2017
I am a very loyal customer. I shop there 3-4 times a week. I even use your online service. Every Christmas I spend $300-$500 buying stocking stuffers to donate to shelters and churches for child and grown ups. Every Easter I spend over a hundred dollars for Easter hand outs. I used to...

Dollar Tree / bread on shelves

Jazz2017 on Sep 19, 2017
I saw a Rats tail in the shelves and thought no it couldn't be .I said maybe something just fell so I move all the bread and look under the shelves below and nothing .asi I then check the bread and it has mouse bites and holes all over.I felt so disgusted in my stomach .athw store was kept...

Dollar Tree / service

Jaenelle07 on Sep 18, 2017
Hello I am writing because I havent been this embarrassed in a while. This is in regards to the dollar tree in Denver CO at 8000 E Quincy Ave #600 Denver CO 80237 This occurred September 18th between 6-6:15pm I wish I could give this specific location zero stars. I have never felt so...

Dollar Tree / vending machine inside store

Navi P on Sep 18, 2017
My son and I where going to get some candy from the vending machine from inside the store at the dollar tree store on blue dimond and 15 freeway in las vegas and when we put our first quarter and it didn't give us any candy so I was like well that sucks but my sun is 4 and he was like try...

Dollar Tree / complaint of racial profiling and unprofessional employee

TaBn32 on Sep 18, 2017
On 09/17/17 I visited the Dollar Tree located at 1551 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo NY. I was racially profiled by a male employee named Derek, he has long blonde shoulder length hair. I came in the store with my 2 children, (2 y.o. son and 12 y.o. daughter) we are black. This was to be...

Dollar Tree / cashier unprofessional

ShaH32 on Sep 18, 2017
on september. 17th I came to store #5813 in Houston, TX to exchange some items as well as purchase more. I came wtih my items in box. after getting my addtional items for purhcase I went to the register the clerk was on the phone taking his time. he finally comes to the register I told him...

Dollar Tree / store complaint/suggestion

ethels on Sep 17, 2017
store #5405 Vineland, NJ Store is very cluttered and needs to have more cashiers, long lines. Also, it would help if ALL Dollar Tree Stores had music playing as its so boring in there shopping. We love the price, but alot of times they are out of the stock we need. It should be more...

Dollar Tree / employees/manager

ZackTheMan1234 on Sep 17, 2017
Kicked out of store after being falsely accused of stealing, denied purchase and threatened to have cops called wrongfully. Manager acknowledged we had not attempted to steal anything, lying to us, stating we had placed the merchandise in pockets when it was proven they had never been...

Dollar Tree / skinny blonde manager

Shannon M Collins on Sep 17, 2017
I have been a customer at the Dollar Tree on Ina & Thornydale since it opened. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the skinny blonde manager that works there. However, I can tell you that every time she is there, she is incredibly rude & less than helpful. When I ask for assistance from...

Dollar Tree / I am a employee and i'm complaining about a manager

Shante Johnson on Sep 17, 2017
Hi My name is Shante Johnson I work at store #396 in Louisiana..I've been treated unfair by a manager name Marion Moore..I really love working at Dollar Tree it's the greatest job I ever had..She is so disrespect and doesn't care about customer and employee..Ms.Moore clearly told me she...

Dollar Tree / the sales associate teasing me

md habibur Rahman on Sep 17, 2017
I visited store number 731 yesterday. While in the register the sales associate Ms Philly was teasing me, "you have to pay taxes, This is America" in front of bunch of people.She is not that person teach me or tell me like that.This things every body knows.She treated me as an Indian, dark...

Dollar Tree / cashiers

Melissa & chris on Sep 17, 2017
Hi I visited dollar tree in groton ct store number 4816 at 706 long hill rd. The cashiers are very rude and lazy. Sitting on chairs at checkout, sitting on the floor complaining about cleaning up after customers. The store is very dirty and unorganized. The older lady who sits in the chair...

Dollar Tree / how rude a dollar store employee was

pepperjack on Sep 16, 2017
My dad, my nephew and i went into dollar tree in flippin Arkansas. Wehave been in there several times before amd they were always nice to us. This time was different. One of the employees by the name of Darlene was rude and kept on telling us how long it was until they were closing. We...

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