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Dollar Tree Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Tree / Dollar Tree Belton, Texas

Louise Hodges- Lloyd on May 25, 2017
On today, I attempted to purchase 3 glasses with congratulation saying for graduating students. Carmela scanned the items and they came up 0.01 instead of $1. She proceeded to tell me that I could not purchase them as she didn't have time to pull from the shelf. Please keep in mind there...

Dollar Tree / kimberly furgson

Herman Funk on May 24, 2017
About two weeks ago my Nephew and Nice were in there to get water and a few other thing's and the cashier Kimberly went from behind the counter and got in my Niece's and Nephews face screaming at them and telling them to get the [censor] out of the store. The shift manager that...

Dollar Tree / missing items and horrible customer service

jasmine walker on May 24, 2017
I've ordered items for a party I was having I got the boxes open it and items were missing this was 05/10/17 called customer service they were so nonchalant about it I was so irritated I asked for a supervisor who was even worse than the customer service reps she told me she could not...

Dollar Tree / manager barbie

Lopezstephanie on May 24, 2017
I am a regular customer inside the dollar tree by the stock yards in fort worth I'm there two or three times a day I love going here it's easy and convenient for me as a teacher and mom but the manager Barbie is so rude to her employees she talks to them like they are a piece of dirt and...

Dollar Tree / unethical behavior

nrmoffett on May 23, 2017
The incident took place on Tues, May 23, 2017 approximately 9:53 pm. I went to the door to go in to the store and the store door was locked. A male employee was about to vacuum and he looked to a female clerk standing near the register, Secilia, she looked up and said and gestered we are...

Dollar Tree / store changes

Sandra Kitty Allen on May 23, 2017
I live in a community with a lot of seniors. But we also have some kids that come in with their parents. The Roseburg Or store has closed the bathrooms. And putting "Sorry for the Inconvenience" does not help. We are loyal customers and this new development is way more than "inconvenient". On average I...

Dollar Tree Store / a rude cashier

Jewel41 on May 22, 2017
I have a complaint about a cashier at store #5118, 16610 archer avenue, jamaica ny 11433. the cashier's name is kritin, she is very rude, and forceful with her attitude, she treats many of her customers with an unprofessional I don't care that your a paying customer nasty attitude, kritin...

Dollar Tree / store manager rebecca

Peterpum on May 21, 2017
She gave away 2 12 roll packages of paper towels for $1.00 each to another employee . When myself and 2 other ladies asked if we could have a bundle she said oh no that was a promotional deal and we are out . I have never seen a deal like this at any store... This was actually theft and...

Dollar Tree / rude manager

RudeManager on May 21, 2017
I go to store #3528 located at 3925 Durand Ave Racine, Wi. The rude manager of the store Betty allows the lines to get very long with 1 cashier as she walks around and talks on the phone. She very loudly talks about she wants to leave and hates the job. Is very short with the customers and...

Dollar Tree Store / store # 3497.in seymour in 47274

Cinhouser on May 21, 2017
The manager Martha is vey rude, wouldn't help with anything. Ask a question about a product she said it should be somewhere down that isle instead of offering to help took out trash. This store seems to take forever getting the product out of boxes. I was in store Friday boxe...

Dollar Tree / product

Torbenn on May 20, 2017
I contacted Dollar Tree in the beginning of May this year in order to cancel my order. However as of today I have heard nothing from Dollar Tree? I do not have an order but the amount was $25.88 and I was to pick up my order at store #4428 in Meridian MS. The purchase was for 1 case of SKU#...

Dollar Tree / I was refused service.

Janice Moore on May 19, 2017
On 5/19/2017 I went into my local Dollar Tree in Gastonia, NC. I've been shopping at this store since its inception. I picked the items I intended to buy and proceeded to the register. I reached a register and asked the cashier if her line was open she looked toward the back of the store...

Dollar Tree / store number 1932

Dougfiveo on May 19, 2017
I visited your store (5723 Preston Hwy in Louisville, KY, one week ago. I called and left a message in a voice mailbox - but never got a reply. The store I visited was THE single-most FILTHY store I have ever been in - period. Every single aisle and space was littered with trash. The carpet...

Dollar Tree / employees of the dollar tree in delhi township: rhonda and eric

Latesha Banks on May 18, 2017
Yesterday on May 17, 2017: I went into the Dollar Tree to purchase 2 Bags of Cheese Doodles and 2 Brushes. When I went to the cashier line the cashier Eric reeked of alcohol. I could tell that he's been drinking, so much so, that Eric rung me up wrong. For the 2 Bags of cheese...

Dollar Tree / unethical behaviour from store mgr. at store 115 on 5/18/2017 @11 am

357 on May 18, 2017
I arrive to my local Dollar Tree at or around 10:40A.M. As I was shopping around the dirty clutter of isles I needed to go to the restroom which was locked as always and when I went to cashier to ask for key to use it she said I had to ask store mgr to open it for me, so I asked store mgr...

Dollar Tree / store closing before closing time.

Jasminebartee83 on May 18, 2017
Yesterday I went to Dollar Tree in Madison, Al on Madison Blvd. I went to purchase some items because the cashier told me that the items that I was looking for were going to be stocked by then only to get there and they still had nothing. I had to drive 14 minutes to get to the other...

Dollar Tree / store not opening up at business hours

2mmboys22 on May 18, 2017
I live in Marshall Mo my name is Melissa. I was taking my niece n nephew to our dollar tree here around 915 it opens at 9. However we didn't get to go in cause an employee was standing outside waiting on her boss to show up. We sat there about 10 mins n left to get some groceries. Came...

Dollar Tree / judi miles / head manager

Jessica Doll on May 17, 2017
I was hired as part time, I put my availableity in and she did not acknowledge my application at all. She gave me hours and removed them without telling me. She works off clock, before the store opens. When she knows corporate is coming that day, otherwise she does not do her job. She...

Dollar Tree / non-stocked store #6128

Joopmf Riookvgbb on May 15, 2017
Hello, I recently visited the above referenced store. I am hoping this email reaches the right parties due to the severity of this complaint. My mother and I visited this store on Mother's day (5/14/2017) and we were met with a horrible surprise. Not only were the staff extremely rude...

Dollar Tree / the store's appearance was disgusting

Amberpl on May 15, 2017
I went to store # 3211 in Austin Tx today 5/14/17. It was a disaster and disgusting. Looks like the floors have not been vacuumed in months, just pile or trasg and dirt on top of the floor. The aisles and products were thrown around the store. Nothing was put up, it looled completely...

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