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Retail Stores Complaints | Page 5

Cell.c / upgrade

on Dec 27, 2017

I have been a contract holder with cell c for years. I recently did my upgrade. I received my phone and not even two weeks later had to send the phone in for repairs, as i could not hear a word when people phoned me. I sent the phone in only to be told that my screen protector would be...

May Yip / retail parcel

on Dec 26, 2017

May YipMy tracking no. [protected] has yet to deliver to me. Tried called Skynet not answering and the other line is terminated. What kind of courier service? Simply reported my given address is incomplete and called me but I totally never received any call on that day as indicated by Skynet. I...

First Choice Liquor Fountain Gate / rude behaviour

on Dec 25, 2017

On Saturday 24/12/2017, 2:45 pm my nephew who is over 21 years old visited First Choice Liquor Fountain Gate. The cashier refused to serve him because he didn't have an valid Australia passport or ID even though he showed the cashier his overseas identity. So I decided to make the purchase but...

Frank Fender / receiving of wrong product

on Dec 23, 2017

On 12.15.2017 I order a poulan leaf blower and it was suspose to be delivered 12.20.2017 well when thwe package got here on was the wrong merchandise I received a comfort king fan forced ceiling heater nothing close to what I ordered. So I called on 12.21.2017 when it was delivered after...

LEJ Ltd / noise on front disk brake pads

on Dec 23, 2017

I have a new polo tsi and still under guarantee.I have e great noise on the front disk break pads. I had it checked twice but the noise still persist after few weeks.I found that the clearance of the movement of the pads have over one milometer clearance.I noticed that when I take for a...

543 Springfield Ave - Newark, NJ / delayed opening - no associates for work shift

on Dec 23, 2017

Today at 9:23am at the 543 Springfield Ave location in Newark, NJ the store is not open! They are suppose to be open to public at 8am and was told by Supervisor that he had no cashier and cannot open store! Very unprofessional and an inconvenience for me as a customer due to this delay...

Inside Out Window Coverings / window blinds

on Dec 19, 2017

Ordered bedroom blinds from Inside Out Window Coverings - Custom Track Services Inc., [protected] on Dec. 5, 2017. Owner of establishment came to the condo to measure the window area. Dec. 19, 2017, installer brought the blinds to install and said the track was too long and had to cut so...

Wal Mart / lies

on Dec 19, 2017

On July 10, 2017, I wrote a tel-a-check at WalMart in San Angelo Tx. On Aug 04, 2017, I receive a collection notice that I had stopped payment on a check to walmart for 51.75. I was mortified and paid TRS with my debt card. Stupid me, I did this before looking at my bank statement. I wa...

Save More Supermarket / overpricing

on Dec 17, 2017

Just bought AquaFresh toothpaste and was charged 97.75 for 2 tubes at the cash register. But the promo sticker price is 95.00 pesos for 2 tubes. I got the 2.75 refund after 10 minutes of waiting. Same way with dressed chickens. The closed pack contains ice. If you re-weight, it will be...

Dollar Tee 1733 Powder Springs RD / management

on Dec 9, 2017

This store is far the most unprofessional store I've ever seen the manager is very rude an unprofessional I go in this store she's hollering about how much she works an how much time she spends at dollar tree if you hate your job so much you should find something else you...

T. I. Jayah / spreadable cheese poshen

on Dec 5, 2017

I've brought a roll of spreadable kraft cheese (8pc) from a Sri lanka grocery. My two year old baby had a piece of that and after sometime she was saying that her stomach is paining. We couldn't realised the reason for that. Because the mentioned expire date of the cheese pack is on 2018...

Online Ordering / delivery time order mak 467432

on Dec 2, 2017

Ordered and paid for a dishwasher on 21 november. Today is 2 december and still no delivery!!! Promises and excuses were made from makro alberton but still no action. Latest news that they are out of stock. I am lived and will never support makro again. My next step will be to cancel and be...

Estefany / shipping and order

on Nov 30, 2017

Days ago I had places and order online, then I received my confirmation #. Hours later I received an email saying my order was cancelled. I had only received half of my order though the mail, yet they charged me for all items. Then I called customers service and they placed a new order and...

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) / customer service

on Nov 30, 2017

Regarding LCBO Store: 675 WILSON AVENUE, TORONTO-NORTH YORK I have been to this LCBO several times and have the same bad customer service experience. The new manager has no tact or is not helpful along with the staff here who, spend time just shelfing or staying in corners gossiping among...

rural king angola , in / 84 gun safe friday only sale

on Nov 24, 2017

*4 gun safe Friday ONLY ONLY @ store @ opening. Was told they sold safe yesterday. They also said they were refunding $100 to customers who bought yesterday so they could get sale price. 11/24/2017 Give disabled vet husband a safe @ sale price when you get one in. This is totally... / customer services and quality

on Nov 20, 2017

I have been with HP all my adult life. I used their product and I love them. After I have used the I felt, I should tell the people out there. Do not use it if you like professional or quality standard of life. And there is just no cheap and inexpensive products and service...

Licence Control Board of Ontario / "manager" lcbo north york centre location

on Nov 17, 2017

I came in to buy a very expensive bottle of champagne. This was at 1:10pm, Nov 17, 2017. The only cashier was extremely busy and so I took it upon myself to locate where the champagne might be kept (locked up - back corner area). I did not see any other staff on the floor. Please keep in...

Delwyn L. Thaves / sears parts and service, orange park fl.

on Nov 13, 2017

I understand Parts and Service located inside the Sears store isn't part of Sears, however, the way Parts and Service is managed is a direct reflection on the Sears brand. Since the people who brought this valuable service to the store, the quality of customer service has slid steadily...

Jet Stores / lack of assistance — no staff on floor

on Nov 10, 2017

Good day I'm very perturbed to inform you that I visited Jet Stores, Commissioner St, Boksburg this morning intending to purchase a bathroom towel set. I managed to reach a hand towel and face cloths, but the matching bath towel was on a shelve out of my reach. I waited around in the...

Matthew Rice / wrong product, not possible to return.

on Oct 31, 2017

This company is chinese posing as Uk really hides behind the name DaiBo they sent the wrong item, I am trying to return it but UPS can't find the address in Guangdong to return it to. I have had no answer to my complaint, the goods took 3 weeks to arrive, i have not received any communictions at...

DIY Wood Crafts / 10 mm white natural seashell with one hole scrapbook supplies for home decoration 200 pcstrs0044

on Oct 24, 2017

DIY Wood CraftsThis was my purchase I received the package yesterday. It did not contain 200 pieces. It contained 110 pieces. I...

DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No. 3 Yunxiao Road Guangzhoushi Guangdong 510410 / do not buy anything from: aylmercraftbeerclub. ca!!

on Sep 28, 2017

DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No. 3 Yunxiao Road Guangzhoushi Guangdong 510410I bought Fluchos shoes on the website of ($ 130). The company that hides behind is DaiBo {SGJ-YD} No. 3 Yunxiao Guangdong Guangzong Road 510410. (China) Instead of sending me Fluchos shoes, I received unmarked shoes, probably a copy made in China. When I asked for a...

Citadela Production Inc / cartridge bad, not fit

on Sep 27, 2017

Sept 27 purchased one color cartridge, take it home printer does not working any longer. Called the store, they told me to bring it back probably defected cartridge. The cartridge that they sold me was somewhat identical but not the same. I got my money back, got ink all over my hand and pants, made two trips to the store and I am not a happy camper.

Laura Wamelink Haggarty & KatyDids Cards / markets abusive image of child harms to me.

on Sep 23, 2017

Laura Wamelink Haggarty & KatyDids CardsThis is a perfect vanity trap for Laura Wamelink Haggarty -- From their web advertisement marketing the image: "This modern greeting card shows us a little boy and his rooster. He is sitting on a stool smoking a cigarette, while next to him a chicken almost as big as he is stands. The c**k...

SunSetter / sunsetter telescoping flagpole

on Sep 11, 2017

Complete and total junk!! Had this flag pole for less than a year and the bottom plastic bushing broke off for no apparent reason. Called SunSetter to replace the part under their 5 year warranty and was told it would be prorated at $8 plus $21 for shipping. Customer service representative and...

Tom Thumb / Albertsons / delivery

on Sep 10, 2017

My reason for using delivery service was due to my having had surgery on my ankle and not able to walk or drive. I am also the sole caretaker for my 91 year old mother who does not drive. I scheduled a grocery delivery and paid online as goes the procedure. After the groceries were...

Steinmart / retail equation warning

on Sep 2, 2017

My wife was recently flagged by Steinmart in Irving Texas for "return abuse". The public needs to be warned about how ridiculous this new policy is. My wife purchases items and tries them on at home or tries them with other outfits. Returned items all had receipts and attached tags and...

Makro Stores / purchased item stolen in store

on Aug 29, 2017

On Sunday afternoon (27 August) at 12:36 I purchased a Huawei Mobile WiFi Router for R1599.00. We however still wanted to look around at other products so I kept the router and receipt in my hand as I did not want Security to think I was trying to steal something by putting it in my...

Linda Hendrix / huggies little movers size 5 140 ct.

on Aug 22, 2017

My 22 month old daughter is very active... Having trouble with diapers keeping up with her so I decided to try huggies little movers. I bought a small pack to try. Things where going good so I bought a box 140 ct. I started noticing gel stuff on her when I changed her. Then the next day...

Springtown, Texas / store and personnel on night shift

on Aug 21, 2017

My wife and have experienced everything from nasty store, to rude staff, to being lied to about store policy, to this last just tonight told five minutes when we arrived ten minutes before closing to purchase one item. I myself am in sales and if one of us ever told a customer five minute...

Loblaws, Walmart, Sobeys/Safeway, (All Stores) / coupon redeeming

on Aug 19, 2017

The stores here has a policy that if the product price whether on sale or not is less than the value printed on the coupon, they will only give you the price amount and not the coupon amount. For example, if the price of a small pack of individual servings of coffee is 75 cents and you...

Klipriver Gas And Fuel / parts ordered incorrectly supplied

on Aug 12, 2017

I have ordered bearing for the hyundai h100 I was asked to pay in advance which I did, was advised incorrect part was sent by hyundai parts, then the second one was order inspite we giveing the spares person inhyundai in ladysmith loand behold the part arrived and was incorrect. We have...

Game pinetown / customer service

on Aug 10, 2017

2Weeks ago we were burgled I went to the game pinetown store to ask for copy invoices for insurance purposes we were told that it would take a couple of days as they had to request them from cape town well guess what 14 days later and I'm still waiting. We are charged an admin charge...

Sherwin-Williams / defective paint

on Aug 7, 2017

I purchased Ovation HGTV Home Egg Shell paint for my bedroom. I applied one coat and realized it was going to take a second coat. I applied a second coat and the walls still looked terrible. There were shadows of white where the pant did not cover again. Some areas had a bit of lustre, but...

Fuad tile / after I filled up an order form and paid, I can't cancel the order even I didn't get tiles on the second day when I made order

on Aug 1, 2017

I will give zero to this store. I have a terrible experience in this store. I want to buy floor tiles for my two small bathrooms. The sales person recommended me a 12*24 size tile. Although I didn't satisfied with this tile, my husband was tired to look. So I made an order and paid with...

SM Savemore groceries Tacloban / unethical behavior/ system in cashier lines not implemented

on Jul 28, 2017

Date:July 27, 2017 3:30 P.M client no.[protected] Lining up for payment in the grocey cashier Prestige, since there were 3 more carts ahead of me, I looked around for vacant cashier to serve me .I saw 2 near my line cashier 8a and 8b they were vacant. I asked if they can accomodate big carts since...

Findlay / managers at findlay ohio stores

on Jul 26, 2017

I think it pretty sad when here in Findlay ohio you have a manager and a general manager who like to treat there employs like crap if you ever wonder why you cant keep people in these stores you have to look no futher than at those managers they like to tell employes what they can put on...

Bluegrass Ace Hardware / product order and delivery

on Jul 25, 2017

On 07-21-17 I received a call for an order at around 3:55 pm I told the order taker that I needed to go back to our warehouse to see what we needed. I returned with order in hand at 4:01pm and the order taker had already hung up. I left the order with the store manager and told him to give...

Music & Arts Center / employees not returning phone calls/responding to inquiries

on Jul 23, 2017

Around 6/19/17, I submitted an inquiry, via the Music & Arts web site, about guitar lessons at the Bowie, MD store. On 6/22/17, 1:52PM, I received a call from Katie. I had just got out of the shower and needed to get dressed to get ready for work. I asked her to call me back in 10 minute...

Whitefish Liquor Store / microsoft 10 upgrades and everything about it

on Jul 20, 2017

I hate microsoft 10! It has been the thorn in my existence since we were forced to upgrade to it. It is hideous how long the updates take and that they continuously change settings in our computers so that our pos system goes down every time there is an update. My pos system was down for...