Department Stores Complaints


Circle K — worker

I am writing to complain about the circle K in scio the workers in that place is so bad they have midnight person bu the name of tommy he has red hair that stood and told my...

Scio Department Stores  · Feb 18, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — management rudeness

This Manager, Friday Ann is very rude. I met her at another location and she ignores you when you talk to her and with a stone face treats you like she doesn't care if...

T.J. Maxx — Merchandise return

I went to this location on 2/12/20 to return 2 items I bought at a different location. The cashier and two of her managers refuse to take it even though I had my receipt and all...

Homestead Department Stores  · Feb 14, 2020

Circle K — customer service sucks manager

Walking to the store ask them can you change your 20 i've been here yeah i've never had a problem this lady is really nasty to me and the customer that was in front he was end up...

Department Stores  · Feb 13, 2020

Big Bazaar / Future Group — profit club card

Future group cheating with me not refund my amount. I have cancelled my Big Bazar Profit Club Card on January 2019 but still now, I am not received my card amount. Card no...

Department Stores  · Feb 12, 2020

Circle K — complaining about the workers at the store

Hello my name is Whitley Wilcox I am a frequent customer at the Circle K by my house the address is 5311 quail Northwest Albuquerque New Mexico 87120 I wanted to make a complaint...

Albuquerque Department Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — health complications from abuse

I am filing a formal complaint against Ross Stores Glendale. I worked there under a District Manager named Franklin Cho, and a Store Manager named Gabriel Lopez. I was harassed so...

Glendale Department Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

Circle K — store manager

On several occasions the store manager has been outside, in front of entrance doors; behaving in a very indecent manner with a man. Very offensive and disgusting. I filed a...

Jasper Department Stores  · Feb 05, 2020

QVC — i'm not getting emails about my orders

QVC no longer sends you emails showing you placed an order and no longer sends emails showing the items have shipped. Every other company on the Internet sends you emails when you...

Department Stores  · Feb 04, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — racism at this store. beware!!!

Beware of this location!!! Save yourself the heartache and the emotional pain, and do not work here by any means!!! The managers are RACIST and this store is filled with racist...

Glendale Department Stores  · Feb 04, 2020

Hobby Lobby — hobby lobby lost a customer

Saturday February 1st 2020 my husband and I were to Hobby Lobby . We bought 9 different items and expend $77.41. One of the items was a metallic Home Décor for our house (I paid...

Cary Department Stores  · Feb 03, 2020

Circle K — druggies and homeless people

Theirs homeless people who hang out camp out at the store last night theirs a homeless guy who has been 86 from this location who keeps coming on the property he deals drugs some...

Phoenix Department Stores  · Feb 02, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — unprofessional employee behavior after a store employee lost my receipt

I was shopping for an outfit to wear to a wedding. I purchased 4 choices, planned to run them by my sister, make my final decision, and return the unwanted items. As I was leaving...

Broken Arrow Department Stores  · Feb 02, 2020

JC Penney Company — service

So on this beautiful Saturday Feb 1.2020, in Eugene, Or. My family and I walked in to JCPenney and 3 minutes after I walked in, an older women grabbed her walkie talkies and said...

Eugene Department Stores  · Feb 01, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — manager and supervisors unprofessional behavior

On January 28, 2020, I visit the Ross Dress For Less store 1565 Wichita KS around 1:50 pm. I proceed to do my shopping to find some good deals on clearance items and the Manager...

Wichita Department Stores  · Jan 30, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — defective shoe

2040On 5/24/2019 while visiting my son in Phoenix, Az, I purchased a pair of black Life Stride Simply Comfort shoes which I have worn only a few times to church. They practically look...

La Quinta Department Stores  · Jan 29, 2020

Circle K — cashier

I walked up to window around 12:30am on 01/28/2020 and the cashier was on his personal phone with his back turned so I waited a min then rang the bell he then proceeded to turn...

Canton Department Stores  · Jan 28, 2020

Marshalls — bathroom

On January 25. 2020 I went to Marshalls with a friend and my one year old. My child had a dirty diaper and when I went into the bathroom I was shocked that there was no changing...

Loveland Department Stores  · Jan 25, 2020

Bradlows Furniture — 3 piece cambridge couches

617584I bought Cambridge 3 piece couches from Bradlows Lichtenburg Branch in 2018 and have already returned them 3 times for repairs because they sell poor quality couches that in a...

Department Stores  · Jan 25, 2020

Circle K — cashier conduct

I visited the station on January 23rd (Thursday) at around 3 am to 3:10 am. I went into the station to purchase two XL fountaun drinks and while at the counter, I accidentally...

1 comments Tempe Department Stores  · Jan 23, 2020

Circle K — bad attitude night employee

Well my sister went in she 22 I'm 29 she went to counter get a white grape cigar and this night employee lady gives her a attitude says we don't sell white grape cigar...

Mesa Department Stores  · Jan 23, 2020

Circle K — the csr was on her phone and had a headphone in her ear.

The CSR at the register was on her phone when I walked up to the counter she did not acknowledge me for the first 45 seconds I was standing at the counter. She finally asked me...

Eastman Department Stores  · Jan 22, 2020

Circle K — clerk

58091On January 17 about2 o'clock I went to this store at 1902 Baldwin blvd. to fuel up my truck. I went in the store with a hundred dollar bill gave it to the clerk and told her...

Corpus Christi Department Stores  · Jan 21, 2020

Circle K — employee (allison)

I have had a few run ins with this employee, Allison, and thought at first I caught her on a bad day. This was not the case at all!! I walked in one night, rather late, and asked...

Constantia Department Stores  · Jan 21, 2020

Ross Dress for Less — my mk purse was stolen at the store

I am a visitor here in LA from Virginia for a few days to see my friends and Yesterday around 5:30 PM I entered to the store and Unfortunately I left my Micheal Kors purse inside...