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Asda Stores Complaints & Reviews

Asda Stores / dangerous driving by asda van driver

Sep 04, 2019

I was driving along the A650 approaching Tingley roundabout M62 Junction 28. As the left lane reaches the roundabout it develops a slip lane that forms a middle lane. (The right lane continues through the roundabout as the A650 towards Wakefield.) I indictated right as the slip lane...

Asda Stores / george management

Jul 27, 2019

we had a new manager arrive on our department since then she has been completely unhelpful, rude towards some colleagues and whenever we ask her for help she totally dismisses us and she always stays upstairs off the shop floor and has an unproffessional attitude towards us colleague...

Asda Stores / nicorette mint quickmist online

Jun 20, 2019

A few times during the past few weeks ive noticed only single pks of q/m freshmint online for £19 so 3 times i've had to spend £10 in taxis to go in branch only to find you have got the doubles in stock @ £27. I rang customer services 3 times today to complain, and lastly I spoke to queenie...

Asda / microwave

Jun 18, 2019

I purchased a microwave at the Asda in Crawley west susses on the 14/06/19, at 16:55. I find out on the fourth day of purchase that it was unsafe to my home and around my family as is posed a high risk of fire explosion. on the 18/06/19 in the evening at 20:20 I place my food from fridge...

Asda Stores / drivers

May 28, 2019

Asda StoresHello, I would like to find out if what regulations your drivers are following when delivering groceries? We have a narrow street and it is difficult to drive through, especially if delivery van standing there as well. Driver saw me clearly, however, continued unloading and then went to...

Asda Stores / solar sphere light on a stake

May 18, 2019

I have bought the above mentioned lights from you for myself and for presents for several years. Obviously they are not very expensive and do not last forever but I have been very pleased with them. However I recently bought 4 white lights and have been extremely disappointed with the...

Asda Stores / bicarbonate of soda dr. oedker

Feb 18, 2019

2 pkts of 35grms each 1pound 15pence, is far to expensive. Packaged in plastic pouches, then packaged again in a plastic wrapper. We are supposed to be cutting down on the amount of plastic we use. You are our voice to complain to the manufacture please do this. This item used to be sold in...

Asda Stores / coca cola

Dec 23, 2018

hi I recently bought 2multipack boxes of coca cola from my local asda store in tonypandy ready for myself and my family for Xmas and the festive season which wasn't very cheap yet these cans totally taste nothing like coca cola and taste FLAT very very disappointed as I...

Asda / claiming asda gift reward

Dec 16, 2018

Hi I have numerous times got through the process of claiming a 100ponnd asda voucher.and It is still not verified my reward I have signed up with the silver choices but nothing has happened. It wont let me get past the silver stage . I am concerned my details may be used for the wrong...

Asda Stores / delivery driver drives badly

Nov 14, 2018

This evening I had to slam on my brakes when the driver of vehicle YB18YUK pulled out in front of me from Cunningham Crescent into Alamein Road in Bovington, Dorset at around 16.00 hours. He then proceeded up the road and drove so close to a car that I saw the wing mirror snap on the...

Asda Stores St Helens / gift cards

Oct 14, 2018

my wife purchased two £25 pound gift cards from the Kirkland st asda store for my daughter as a birthday gift when these cards were used at a Primark store Warrington only one had been activated on returning to the asda store to complain later my wife was treated appallingly by a so called...

Asda Stores, Great Bridge Tipton / till operator, number 14, 3.30pm

Oct 12, 2018

Hi just done my weekly shop at asda great bridge, not a great shopping experience Totally ignored by till operator she was more interested in have a laugh with here college on the next till. She was quite happy to keep us waiting as she repeatedly left her seat to whisper jokes to her...

Asda Driver / asda driver dangerous driver.

Oct 07, 2018

ASDA driver licence plate YV18 UVK driving down Cedars Road in Clapham at 2.40pm today Sunday 7/10/18 dangerously overtook our car and one in front causing that driver to pull over. We were all doing the 20mph speed limit so this kind of impatience is dangerous, unnecessary and illegal...

Asda Stores / rejected apples

Sep 29, 2018

Asda StoresOrdered grocery from Asda for delivery as per usual. Groceries arrived prompt at around 8 am including what I would describe as rejected fruits that I am pretty sure Asda wouldn't even display in shop and if taken to authorities they would be advised that those apples aren't fit for...

Asda / driver

Sep 04, 2018

Asda I am writing this complaint about your Asda delivery drivers driving. I was a passenger in my partners car when your delivery driver did not look at the round about and pulled straight out and nearly caused an accident. If we had not of slammed on we would of crashed due to your driver not...

Asda Stores / delivery driver

Aug 25, 2018

A delivery driver has hit my mother's tree in her front garden, and broken some of the roots. The tree is now very loose and potentially dangerous. I have tried to report this to the local store at Luton. They then passed me into Stevenage, who then transferred me onto a call centre, who...

ASDA Security / sitting outside asda

Aug 21, 2018

I and my to lady friends was sitting down out side minding our own business we were their for about and hour before then we were sat near the river and buying things from Asda and around 9.30 pm on Saturday the 04-08-18 like I said near the door we were doing no wrong well two security...

Asda Stores / heavy goods delivery vehicles

Jul 27, 2018

Asda StoresI am writing to complain about your HGV delivery vehicles passing our house on a regular basis, our bedroom windows are feet from the main road and we are disturbed constantly day and night and due to the size also blocks out the available light, I have attached a photograph as proof. We...

ASDA Home Delivery Driver / dangerous driver

Jul 02, 2018

Me my husband and our 1 year old child where on the motorway next to an asda home delivery driver. He was driving next to us saying move to the next lane. But because there were cars coming at speed my husband could not change lanes. The driver then decided to pull into our lane causing u...

Asda / delivery driver

May 29, 2018

Me and my partner was driving back along the a259 with an asda delivery driver following bumper to bumper from littlestone upto newbeach holiday park, was speeding as we was doing 40mph in 40zone and the drive sped up and caught up with us was about 1230 29th may I did get the reg of the...

Asda / delivery driver / dangerous driving

May 24, 2018

Asda Today at 16:45 on A681 Bacup Road, towards Bacup coming from Todmorden, an Asda delivery driver overtook 5 cars on a dangerous road approaching a blind corner. The driver very nearly caused a head on crash with a car coming around the bend while overtaking. The oncoming car had to brake...

Asda Delivery Driver / appaling driving, very dangerous

Apr 05, 2018

Tuesday 4th April I, (advanced motorist) so very aware, was driving in Watford down Hempstead Road towards Watford from the M25 junction. 3 to 3.05 pm A delivery driver YJ16 VTB drove appallingly, squeezing past traffic at lights where there was no lane then squeezing between driver...

Asda / reckless delivery driver; dangerous driving 10.00pm in quiet neighbourhood

Mar 26, 2018

Was walking my dog when heard engine revving and heavy insulated Asda delivery van approached from behind ignoring speed humps (jumping over them) Then at junction he turned right and made tyres spin although it was dry late eve and on these heavy vans it is almost impossible - he wa...

Asda / meat

Mar 05, 2018

On saturday i purchased pork loin steaks to have on Monday tea. I noticed on Monday the use by date was Sunday, therefore the full price i had paid was for something which had a shelf life left of 7 hours. I called in after work today & explained to customer services that i was unhappy...

Asda / online delivery service

Feb 17, 2018

I had a delivery ordered on Sat 10th between 6/7 on the evening and had a call 20minutes before telling me the van had broke down and that they would deliver on the Sunday between 11/3.00 which was totally unreasonable but the money was taken from my account twice leaving me without any...

Asda / packet cheese

Feb 12, 2018

Asda Hi, I purchased a packet of cheese from asda store friday 9th Feb 2018, when i opened it for tea it was mouldy i have got 4 childen so i had to go out to buy yet another packet of cheese which isnt cheap so i was happy about that, i was disgusted to see this as i have always shopped at...

Asda / asda george lorry driver

Jan 17, 2018

I was driving down roehampton lane at 6, 50 am on the 17th January, sitting in traffic just before roehampton tennis club entrance. A very large Asda George lorry came up the in side in the bus lane (which you are aloud to do before 7.30 am). The front on the lorry was in line with my...

Asda / member of staff

Dec 31, 2017

Dear Sir madam I am writing to you as a very unhappy customer as i was shopping at your great bridge store on 31.12.17 at about 3.50 i was using the self serve cheakout when a member of staff with a badge name ry watched me scan and pay for all of my items which was not a problem he then...

Asda / home delivery driver

Dec 08, 2017

On 8/12/2017 at 1300 the ASDA delivery driver in Uffington (SN7 area) drove at a ridiculous rate up our unmade road past a sign requesting 5 mph. In 20 years living here this is the first time I have stopped a driver to complain. He was unrepentant and downright rude. As he reversed down...

Asda / a piece of paper found embedded in one of asda's spicy piri piri bean burgers

Dec 04, 2017

Asda Me and my husband are vegetarian so we always purchase the vegetarian ADSA own brand burgers. While having my sandwich, i felt something strange and when I took it out it was a piece of paper which was embedded in the burger. Since part of the paper reads something like"magenta", I would...

Asda / money exchange

Oct 23, 2017

Today 23.10.17 around 5:20 pm i went to asda store located at St Pauls Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8DL, i went to travel money to exchange some euros for pounds, the gentleman name Lewis was on the phone, i didn't even had chance to ask anything when he shout to me, yes shout to me that it will...

Asda / delivery van dangerous driving

Oct 23, 2017

To whom this may concern. Me and my 2 children have just been subjected to one of your drivers incredibly dangerous driving. As I was traveling along the B3274 heading to Roche from St Austell your van driver came up behind me in a 30 mph speed limit at a ridicules speed and was so close...

Asda / home shopping and poor customer service

Oct 12, 2017

To whoever is reading this complaint. I have an account with Asda for the home shopping and never really get everything that I order however accept this because it is what it is. I called the home shopping team at my local Asda on the Sydenham estate Leamington spa as they had cancelled our order...

Asda / delivery driver

Sep 27, 2017

Today I had my Asda order delivered due to I'll health and not being able to go to store myself. I placed an order of £173.09 the delivery driver had very bad attitude and was tutting and huffing and complaining about how much I ordered stating I deliver less to care homes. He was very rude...

Asda Eastbourne / online delivery service

Sep 17, 2017

Yet again, i am finding myself having to make yet another complaint about the online delivery service of the Eastbourne store. Today my shopping was meant to be delivered between 6pm-8pm. At 6.10pm i received a phone call from the duty manager Anthony, at the store telling me that my shopping...

Asda / Rump steak

Sep 07, 2017

Whilst on holiday in the area with friends, we popped to Asda to too purchase that nights tea. Rump steak, once back at our holiday destination, we unpacked and noticed as we prepared the steaks for our evening meal that the steak was rotten, it was until we unpackaged the item, we...

ASDA Wheatley Oxford / asda's apple and blueberry porridge

Sep 05, 2017

I was doing my 4 year olds daughters apple and blueberry porridge this morning . I put it in microwave and when took it out to stir it I was shocked to find a small bit of blue plastic floating in it so I took it out and took pic . I'm not quite sure if m going through right place to...

Asda / lorry driver

Sep 03, 2017

I was driving this evening toward Grimsby from the A1 north. I was joining the M180 from the M18 around 6pm, whereby the slip road joins as a new lane. I was therefore in the slow lane, and one of your lorry drivers was in the middle lane (having already been on the M180). I had slowed to...

Asda / online shopping delivery

Aug 27, 2017

Good Afternoon Delivery to Mrs K Leroux, Grange Farm, Grange Road, Northway, Tewkesbury, GL20 8HZ on the 22/8/17 at a cost of £131.18 We have been using Morrisons for a while, but decided to try Asda as your prices were slightly more competitive. Unfortunately your service has not been very...

Asda / delivery

Aug 22, 2017

Sunday 20/8/2017 I received a delivery within the allotted time every thing equipped the frozen food was loose all tined pop milk bread short dated fruit apples open all items listed we're loose and not bagged I had to bag every thing up at the door and with me being disabled this was a...