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ADVERTISIMENT / Hudson's Bay [HBC] reviews & complaints / Hudson's Bay [HBC] complaints 170 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Customer Service/Refund

On Nov 16 2021 I ordered a pair of boots online order #[protected], I returned them on Dec 9 2021 because they didn't fit. My original payment method was with a Visa Debit, but I received a new card from the bank with different numbers and the old one was no longer active, I sent an email and called Customer Service to explain and they told me to go to my bank and have them transfer the refund to my new card. My bank didn't know what they were talking about and explained that once an old card is replaced it cannot be reactivated and it is no longer associated with my account because my new card is and they cannot access the refund, once again I contacted Customer Service and did this several times explaining that the bank cannot do what they say, also according to the return policy, if a refund cannot be made to the original payment method a gift card would be issued. I have never received one. On Jan 13 2022 I reached out again and received an email saying they cannot reissue a refund in the form of a gift card since they sent it to the old card and it failed and Once again they keep saying to go to my bank. I tried to reach the Corporate Office, but the recorded message only gives 1 800 numbers to call and the one I called doesn't exist, also the Complaints Department number is for a sex chat line. It is impossible to speak to anyone other then the Customer Service people who are out sourced and barely speak English and aren't even in Canada. They keep giving me wrong information and I'm no way are able to give me any support to resolve this issue. I am shocked and appalled at Customer Service or lack of and the incompetence especially from such a large company as Hudson's Bay. I just want this situation resolved, I am so feed up chasing my refund.

Desired outcome: Refund / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - no response to my order 'lost' re: purolator delivery notification

copy of email follows: there has been no response to this previous inquiry re: my order; No update to the tracking and no one via the BAY website is responding to my inquiries.

Hi Libbie,

Thanks for contacting Hudson's Bay. We've received your request and one of our support representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you need additional assistance please refer to case [protected].

Case Details:

Email Address: [protected]

Name: Libbie Morin

Case Number: [protected]

Order Number: [protected]

Subject: order shipping information still blank

Request: Hello: I ordered on Dec 21st and I still have not received my order: the frustrating part is NO information is provided on the tracking page re: where the items are during the shipping process. Notes: Items shipped : estimated delivary Jan 04, 2022. Please help locate the package and confirm it is still on its way: amount of purchase: $67.79 and notify Purolator re: inadequate website notifications Thank you (ps I have a video doorbell that would record any motion at the front door)

Hudson's Bay Customer Service

Desired outcome: find my order or refund my purchase amount

M / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Item not received following up for 2 months and no action has been taken

Ordered November more than a month before Christmas. Its now January 11 2022 and still no refund for the items that weren't received. emailed about 30x and was over the phone for almost an hour. I was told a month ago that a refund will be issued and I should wait 7-14 days. It's been over a month. I have proof that items were sent back to warehouse

Desired outcome: Refund its 2022 and $35 takes forever to get. No one seem to own the complaint

ADVERTISIMENT / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - erorr on bay's part/customer service

Hello there,

This is probably my 10th time reaching out the bay.

You see i have been a customer and big fan for quite a few years. The other day i placed an order for a few items totaling a couple hundred $.

i provided a shipping address which was different than my billing address.

when you shipped my items (two separate orders) you sent both to a made up address by combining my billing and shipping address.

when i called to have this rectified my call was dropped 3 separate times, whether this was a glitch or your customer service employees did not want to deal with my issue i will never know.

i contacted you via the online support. and every time i got the "contact the courier" i did contact the courier many times and the delivery company and each time they said it was an error on the bay's part and to contact the bay. They also said BY LAW, they cannot redirect packages.

i then contacted an agent on your chat customer service support and i have a very interesting conversation where the agent simply logged out of the chat after doing nothing and telling me to "contact the courier" several times after i told her i had.

So you took my money and left me with no packages and after contacting half a dozen of your customer service employees i still have dont have my packages, nor my money.

Desired outcome: either a refund or actually ship my items to the correct address / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Item was never delivered and I was charged

I place an order [protected] for 135.59. I live in toronto but my children are studying in montreal, the christmas tree was for them and marketplace canceled the order because address did not match but the charged me.
I had called the calling centre like 12 times and they are no professional they hunged the phone on me and 12 people had not been able to solve my problem and refund my money. My name Cristina Salinas and John Souleles.
cristina.[protected] / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Order not delivered

I placed an order at the bay nov 24 2021
Item #[protected]
I called multiple times as the ordering was showing delivered and I did not receive it. I asked for a credit and was denied as they said there was an error at shipping and I was given the wrong tracking number. Was provided with new number HBC100000391 and this is showing no movement. Called your customer service at least 6 times and nothing was done to resolve this. Emailed and was sent back email saying that parcel was delivered I hope to get it resolved immediately. I do not want to have to continue to try to explain this every second day
Susanne Macwilliams

Desired outcome: Credit to my account / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Order # [protected] at the store on november 27th,2021

I bought some item on November 27th, 2021 from
Hudson's Bay # 1522
Some item were not available at the store. So the Sales associate did prepare an order for that 2 item The Order # is [protected]
Item # [protected] 396 $ 94.50
Item # [protected] 348 $ 45.00
I have received the item ordered and it has been charged to my credit card twice (2 times )at different time
Nov 29th $ 50.85
Dec 1st $ 106.79
Dec 1st $ 50.85
Dec 6th $ 106.79
I am wondering why they have processed it twice. I am sure the sales associate may not have had proper understanding how to place an order.

So I need immediate refund.
Sarath Hettiarachchi [protected] [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund + Compensate $ 150 Gift card for the hassle which I had to faced.

Need immediate action / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Neo financial mastercard

It is impossible to call that credit card company to ask questions. The statement that I'm sent will NOT show details anymore. When I do call the message says connecting you to a service representative and then hangs up after a few minutes. If my card was compromised I have no help available. They don't want to talk to customers. Why the hell did you switch us to such a disgusting card. I can't even get through to cancel that [censored] card...

Desired outcome: Dump that shit card!!! / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - ORDER [protected]

Nov 29 placed order online for many pieces of Villory and Bosch artisano collection

Dec 1 - received one plate and two rice bowls- plate broken bowls ok- we had to take the plate to local bay to return and got a replacement ( tracking UPC number [protected])

Dec- Received 1 place setting
Dec - Received 4 pasta bowls
Dec - Received 5 place settings

Spent hours with purolaor and RBC trying to sort out two deliveries apparently Bay put wrong address for two of the packages- salad and dinner plates (6 of each still required)

Still waiting for 5 pasta bowls from order- notes online that i received- have not and have called and emailed and no sufficient support- actually been hung up on, disconnected twice. Told to call back after waiting for 20 min since i sound like i am in a rush.
Finally got a case file number [protected]-
i ordered thru the Bay and not wayfair as i thought good to support canadian and noted it was all in stock
I need all pieces now as need to family Christmas dinner
need a response - i have spent 5 hours of my life trying to get an in stock order fully paid for to my house. I have not been professionally helped at anytime.

Your attention and help would be appreciated

Desired outcome: my completed order to me this week / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Sweater

I ordered a Vero Moda V necked pullover and received a Puma Hoodie sweatshirt ... After 5 phone calls to reps in the Phillippines this has still not been resolved. I received a label to send the Puma hoodie back and was told by one rep that the correct item would be expedited and sent to me. I then receive a refund for the sweater so the above was never done.
In my calls to the reps I was put on hold for them too look into the situation but then always cut off. Many there were communication problems as their English was poor.
I have shopped at Hudsons bay for many many years but this will be my last time especially now it is online and does not have the calibre of customer service that Hudsons Bay is accustomed to.
I understand that it is cheaper to out source but it really needs to be looked at because customers will only put up with this for so long. As a disabled person I now have to find someone who can take this incorrect item back to the post office. I look forward to your prompt reply.
Thank you,
Julie Hills

Desired outcome: I would like this resolved and customer service needs to be upgraded. / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Ladies Garment

I bought some under garments for my daughter but She couldn't travel to Canada due to Covid restrictions . We kept waiting hoping for borders to open up . 5 months down the line she outgrew them as it was new item with all tags on I went to Hudson's bay In Easton Centre to return . I was met with very rude behaviour from your lead associate Jelisha who was very condescending and point blank refused to take return or offer store credit even though it's a brand new item with tags on . I paid for it with my Hudson's bay card but unfortunately lost the receipt .
But she Wally's not budge and was extremely rude.
This is the first time I have experienced such rude service from Hudson Bay in my last 13 years of dealing with you .
Hopefully a senior manager can take note and escalate the matter to resolve the issue. Look forward to hearing from you .

Deepali Arora

Desired outcome: Store credit or Refund

W / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Website price not matching cart price

Website shows a watch on sale from $390 for $312 plus 15% off with a promo code today. See attached screenshot with date and time. Attempt to buy item. Cart price shows $390 as price and permits the 15% promo discount. Called customer service to see if they can manually add the 20% sale price or do a refund if I order it now. Hangs up after 25 min. I call back and get different representative. The cannot figure it out either and refuse my repeated requests for a manager. apparently some day a manager may call me back. My name is Wanda Griffin. My email is [protected] My telephone number is [protected].

Desired outcome: Either over ride the fee so I can buy it at the cost shown on website $312 plus 15% discount = $265.20 plus tax =$299.68 or refund me the amount if I order with error in cart of $374.60 - $299.68 = $74.92 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Kalorik maxx air fryer

I purchased the Kalorik Maxx air fryer. The next day I noticed it was on sale at a lower price by $50.00 at Walmart. I contacted the Bay customer service and asked them if they would match thi...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - My NEW credit card that does not work

I applied for a new credit card. I used the temporary paper card twice. When I went to use the New plastic card it gets declined. I went on lube twice to make sure it is activated. It is. I have Called NEO four times. Once on hold for an hour. The second time 45 minutes, the third time 2 hours and the fourth time 15 minutes. The calls never get answered off the recording. It says I'm the next to be helped but that never happens.
I'm ready to chop up my new Bay Card and send it in. The only issue is The Bay no longer has a department to help me either locally or nationally. I forgot I also emailed NEO and have never received a reply.

Please have a person from your organization reply to me within 48 hours. I am a very unhappy customer that will cut up this card and as you know a satisfied customer tells one person, an unhappy customer tells 12 people.

Mark Korst
4425 217B Street
Langley BC
V3A 9C3

Desired outcome: A personal reply from a senior manager that has authority to make things happen


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Dec 06, 2021 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Employee discrimination

Your head-office needs to investigate why an employee who has been with
Woodbine Center mall in Mississauga, Ontario...applied in-house, for a 2nd time, to a position for full time. The manager Rose has discriminated against this poor girl twice, for positions she applied for in the cosmetic department. She has been with your company over 3 years and has finished college with a diploma in her cosmetic field. Someone from head-office should address why this manager hired from the outside instead of promoting to a well deserved employee within ?

M / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Medea expressing pumping brazier reviews

Perhaps you should read the reviews for the Medea expressing pumping brazier. I was looking at the reviews to find out if it really worked and was shocked at what was written.
Ever since I was a young lad I was always content with pleasing my uncle with whatever he wanted and gave him various things and did various tasks (?) and still he wasn't fulfilled……
Gender: male.
All of the reviews were from gender: male.
Sounds pornographic to me. I have never written to complain about any company, ever. I realize that this may be out of your control but someone should be monitoring these reviews for content.
I your ‘quick guide to writing an effective complaint' it clearly states that the following not be allowed:
Harassment, defamatory material, profanity, other objectionable content.
Inappropriate offensive or lewd materials.
Please take your own advice, and remove the reviews.

Desired outcome: Take down the pornographic reviews / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Product not received

The order #[protected] was processed on Nov. 8, 2021. It didn't arrive until today, and Canada Post says that due to flooding in B.C. it cannot be delivered. I have called The Bay customer service...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Your customer service in store!!!

To whom it May concern: I have been a customer to your Baie Store for so many years, also had a credit card (no longer) but was considering getting another one!!!??? My last experience at your store...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Credit card

On November 17, 2021, a sales rep at the Bay jewellery counter in Coquitlam talked me into a credit card for 20% off the purchase. When I got home my husband said "take it back I don't want a hood" so we went back together to return the items for something he liked.
Purchasing the new item was not a problem, except that when we got home and tried to wash the item, the security tag was not removed. Today I went back and it was removed.
My big complaint is that we could not return the original purchase on the day we bought it because we had no credit card number and it was closing time. We were told the card number would be in my email. Well we don't have a cell phone so we went home and there was no card number in my email. That was on November 17. I emailed Neo and still don't have a credit card or the card number. Today I went back to the store and still could not return the items. What is going on? This run around is ridiculous. Do I have to complain to the Better Business Bureau?

Desired outcome: Take the items back, refund my money, and cancel the damn credit card.

T / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - Sofa ordered months ago

I ordered a sofa through my local Bay in July and wad told it would be delivered in August. I asked to purchase the floor model and was told I could not. Two days before the expected delivery in August I was told it was delayed to October. I asked to purchase floor model again, told I could not. A couple days before delivery in October it was delayed again to Nov 5th. Then Dec 3rd. When I called in to the customer service they are completely useless and not helpful. All they do is regurgitated a canned call script but do not offer any solutions. They will tell you anything just to get you off the phone. She offered to bump up the delivery to Nov 26, how that would be possible was beyond me but I wanted to see what would happen. I asked again about getting a floor model from any store near me which was met with no response to my question, just a repeated regurgitation of the same call script.
To no surprise the couch has been delayed again, now to Dec 10th with no end in sight of whether or not it will actually arrive. No one will give any solid answers, and no one is willing to problem solve this.

I asked to speak to a supervisor repeatedly but kept being told they are all busy and then queue the repeated call script.

In October I called back to the store to ask about receiving the floor model instead, just to try to problem solve this mess and was surprised to find out they sold it. I tried asking the store if there's a floor model elsewhere that could be sent to me and was told they couldn't find out. Basically no one in the company is willing to try to make right a bad situation. They offer no solutions, just excuses while holding onto your money.
After the last attempt with the utterly useless customer service department I tried calling my local store and the store one town over - neither of their phone lines are working. Not reassuring.

Desired outcome: Delivery of sofa and a discount for the problems.

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