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Complaints & Reviews / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]furniture

Request sales contract amendment. During a recent company event at the bay. A large furniture purchase was made. We discussed the lead time and it was agreed. Since that time the delivery is now thirty days in default The bay will now have violated that agreement.
Since your policy is to request compensation after the product has arrived. I request a 50 to 75 percent to the purchase. Then if the product is not satisfactory we will seek compensation for that error.
If you have any questions please contact me at cell phone [protected]. Thank you. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]online prices... sizes and shipments!

I made an online order 3 times!... All did NOR work!

Case # 007 47173/ 008 34887/ 008 40339_

All says We've received your message and we'll make our best effort to respond as soon as possible.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the cancellation of PANT from your order [protected].

Jay Ann Sarong

However online support refused to honor the price... Response
.. And Having heard anything fronm The Bay!... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]customer service (outsourced) fraud?

January 2020
Be VERY careful ordering anything over the phone from the Bay customer service
Am on my FOURTH call to them in 3 days since placing an online over the phone
(due to it being put on a gift card and not seeing ANY way to redeem the purported discount for signing up for the email list).
Have EVERYTHING repeated back.

I have spent over 2 hours on these calls due to:
1) No email confirmation of the order
after correcting the email address
(provided with the military alphabet)
2) the discovery, after searching the order number on the website
(because the order does not even appear in my ACCOUNT order page when I sign in)
that my NAME is incorrect -
alphabetically AND phonetically -
(I freaked, TBH)
3) being told by customer service that they cannot correct the mispelled name (even though I am told the order is still to be processed).

I escalated this call as the CSR cannot understand that a depot/Post office cannot legally release an order to someone whose ID name does not match the order name (FFS).

*Have read complaints/suspicions of fraud from dealings with customer service on this website while on hold, noting that THIS situtation has gone beyond farcically incompetent to stinking of something else.

Since bluntly mentioning the *aforementioned online suspicions to the manager to whom I am FINALLY put through... and about another 35 minutes,
I have an email indicating the order number and a corrected name (in case the delivery label is still incorrect) and a $20 GIFT CARD (ironic).

I feel that mentioning the fraud accusations is what did the trick, frankly.
Although it remains to be seen how/when my small appliance is delivered/released to me... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]refund not received

When the gift I ordered online was not delivered, the HBC phone representative had me order it again, promising I would be fully refunded for both purchases. It has been more than a month and nothing. The representative I am on the phone with now said my refund has been processed, but it will be February before a refund is issued. I feel like I have been scammed and I used to think that HBC was a respectable company. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]customer service

I have called 5 times regarding my order that was cancelled due to me misisng ONE phone call feom your company. I ordered mynprofuctsnon the 27th december and recieved a call but no voicemail on 2nd January!

I called customer service, they where rude and not willing to let me speak to a manager. Then they hung up the phone. I called back explained he situation asking for a manager straight away as i had already spent 25 minutes on the phone. I finally spoke to Keifer a manager and he said to call back with my credit card number and it would all be processed. Im at work and a paramedic so had to go to a call.

I called back when i had free time about 1 hour later was unable to be transferred to a manager and then customer service persom hung up on me.

I called back AGAIN! explained my situation the gentleman said the manager line was busy... so he said he could help me. 20 minutss on hold then it hung up. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]the line ups to pay for any item have been long and very slow.

For the last month or more, since the bay has put in new service stands on both floors, the time it takes to pay takes too long. Rather than wait, I have left the store without the desired item at least 8 times. If I am not the only one, just think of the sales the Bay has not made.

I especially notice that the line ups during special sale events as well as Seniors day are way too long. Surely the Bay can provide better service than what they are doing now.

I also have another complaint regarding the shoe department. It is very frustrating having to open box after box to look for a pair of shoes I would like. It is very difficult to find anything. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]furniture

This is a complain I am filing against Supervisor, Jessica...employee # C992395.

I had purchased a Swivel Chair from the Bay which was delivered to my residence on December 13, 2019. It is important to understand I had purchased the chair via photograph on your website. The colour of the chair in person did not reassemble that picturize on your website. Also there was a slight creak when the Swivel Chair resolved. Since the colour of the chair was not indicative of what was presented on the website, did not go with the decor of our home. I contacted your customer service division to return the chair and was informed that I will have to pay 20% restocking fee. This was not stated on my receipt ; nor was I aware if this prior to the purchased. I requested to speak to the Supervisor and was connected to Jessica. I advised her of the situation accordingly. She placed me in hold to review my file. Upon her return, she was demeaning, condescending and unprofessional. This is frankly unbecoming of a Supervisor. She stated that " based on the fact that I had previously returned a coffee table and attempted to return the Swivel Chair, she will charge me with the restocking fee". I asked her how this was connected and the rationale behind her decision. I advised Jessica that I had returned the coffee table before it was even shipped. And as a consumer it is my prerogative to return an item if I wish to Furthermore, what policy have I violated in doing so. What crime have a committed. I felt bullied by her. My perception was that Jessica was trying to flex her power. She was trying to intimidate me. I felt I was being punished for returning an item. To put it mildly, dealing with Jessica was a nightmare. I was on the phone with Jessica for over an hour. This is appalling. My mother has been shopping at the Bay for the last 55 years. My entire family ( including extended family) and I have been loyal Hudson Bay customers for years. Since my dealing with Jessica I will have to think twice before I shop at the Bay again. Sir, I am requesting your department to look into my concerns. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at [protected]. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated. Yours truly. Ajay Sharma. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]sheet set ordered on november 24

This complaint is re The Bay's customer service in the Philippines. The agents are slow to comprehend what you're saying and appear to be conditioned to respond in single-minded phrases only. The online order I placed on November 24 was cancelled by one of their customer service agent-idiots with no explanation at all. Since then, I've been trying to get an answer and have received eight, contradictory emails - each from a different person. The last was on Dec. 10 saying that I would have a resolution in 3 to 5 days. That was 10 days ago.
I was told by a local store manager that there are still a couple of customer service offices in New Brunswick and the U.S. However, I've called on multiple occasions at different times and unfortunately have only reached Philippino agents -- one said to me "good luck in trying to reach an agent in Canada".
I will no longer purchase anything from The Bay online. Their customer service in the Philippines is deplorable. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]customer service/returns


I spend thousands per year at "The Bay" online. Having a huge problem getting
return authorizations on a couple of items I wished to return. After spending
hours on the phone with the "Philippines", I finally resolved the problem
but the service is HORRIBLE. I return items immediately and do so ONLY
if necessary.

I wanted to return some tops I purchased for my son in small last week
because he needed a medium. This took multiple calls.

Today I wanted to return a pan that I find too small and they first took the call at an incorrect department, then they transferred me after 15 mins and sent me a return for an incorrect item on my order, followed by another call for an incorrect department and then claiming to transfer me for which I spent a good 15 mins waiting to no avail.

Finally on third call, SAME NUMBER, I received the correct department who FINALLY GAVE ME A RETURN AUTHORIZATION for the CORRECT PART but tacked on an $8 charge for the return when in fact I should not be charged anything for a return
as per "The Bay" policy. I better not be charged for this $8.00 fee showing on return

But in any case with so much difficulty in authorizing returns, I think I will give
my business elsewhere. You will be losing market share. I am very disappointed
with the service and write this with regret but you leave me no choice.

Lucy Grenon. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]towels

I ordered towels from Hudson's, which were advertised as Taupe. When I received same, they were grey. So I wanted to return same. That is then anything got out of hand, couldn't print the label, I called customer service and they emailed me a label I could print. I thought problem solved, little did I know my problems were just starting.
It was a label for Purolator, I was unable to find a drop off office or telephone #.
I contacted you Nov 18 and they said, they said they would contact me in 48 hrs, it is now Dec 1st, and I am still waiting.([protected]
Again, I contacted you on Nov 27th, still waiting.[protected].
I finally found the telephone number, which I could talk to a person, I was informed that you wouldn't refund the tax. I didn't think you could do that. After spending $24.00 to return the parcel, I now find out it will cost me another $13.00. In all fairness if you had advertised the right color, this would not have happen.
I also, want to say the customer service reps. I spoke to were very curious. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]customer service representative

I called the 1-800 customer service number which sent me to the call center in the Philippines, spoke to a rep named Theresa regarding order #[protected]. You need to find the recording of that call (Nov 29, 2:10pm EST). She put me on hold for 90% of the call and at the end, disconnected my call and put me back to the queue. She asked me to repeat my story (issue) after I took time to succinctly explain everything to her, and her attitude was completely nonchalant and uninterested.
I asked her numerous times for her employee ID, but she just ignored me question and would put me on hold without saying a word in response.

The whole reason I was calling the Bay is because their system glitch cancelled an online order of mine ---- what a waste of so much of my time when dealing with ignorant representatives who are making a mockery of the Bay brand. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]credit card

The Bay declined my request to increase my credit limit on their sponsored Capital One card and sent a letter saying that factors such as account history and information from credit reporting agencies were the reason. Yet for years we have paid the monthly balance and my current credit score is 830. We tried four times by contacting their customer service located in the Philippeans but to no avail. It seems that there is not a telephone number to their head office in Canada. Can you help / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]orders not received after one month

Order of replacement for [protected] for bath mat $23.25, and shirt, $69.39
placed on 31st Oct. (today is the 26th Nov.) has never been delivered. And order no. [protected] for Lancome face cream and eye cream, also from 31st October, has never arrived. Replies to my 12 emails sometimes arrive, saying
that I would hear 'within 48 hours', but I never do. I have sent a letter to
the Manager, Hudsons Bay, in Brampton, No response. I have ordered online from many companies, and have never encountered a situation as outrageous as this. I definitely need compensation. Please respond, and
please do something.
Margo Ford-Johansen / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — hbc cancelled my dishwater order 2 x, now won't honor the price

On Nov 9 2019 I purchased a Bosch 300 series dishwasher for a great price. At the persons prompting I used my husbands Bay card rather than a MC or visa which I could easily have... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]online ordering/shipping

I still have yet to have anyone contact me regarding this matter. It has now been over a week since I initially registered a complaint online, and 2.5 weeks since speaking with someone on your [protected] number.

I placed my order (#[protected]) the evening of Saturday October 26th. Prior to placing my order I had updated both my shipping and billing addresses to reflect my current address in Calgary.

I double-checked this by signing out and back in to my account, to make sure that the changes had been uploaded. They had. When placing my order, the Calgary address came up - so I did not think to print that page, as a receipt was to be mailed to me. However, after logging out, when looking at the receipt it had reverted back to the Ottawa address. I called the [protected] on Sunday October 27th to make sure that the order would come to the right address. After my account was looked up I was assured that the right address was on the account, and that there must have been a 'slow glitch' somewhere in the system.

On Monday October 28th however, I received a message saying that my package had shipped to the address in Ottawa. Somewhat frustrated, I looked up the tracking and relaxed slightly when it seemed as though it was being sent through Canada Post, as there is a postal redirect in place. I waited for a delivery/notice of delivery and nothing arrived. Finally on November 5th I looked up the tracking again, only to discover that the package had indeed "arrived" at the address in Ottawa on October 30th. I immediately sent in a customer service message (case [protected]). I have obviously moved several provinces away and could not go and check on the delivery, nor do I know the new residents at the house in Ottawa. I did however ask a neighbour to go over and check to see if a package had been delivered - and when she managed to catch them on November 7th, she was told nothing had arrived.

I waited more than the "48 hours" that is the 'claimed' response time (from Nov 5, 2019, at 8:36 AM to Nov 9, 2019 at 3:05 PM), and finally sent another message to the email address where it says "If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us and refer to case [protected]. CONTACT US NOW " on November 9th (case [protected]).

I STILL have yet to be contacted after waiting an additional 5 days. I even allotted for Remembrance Day. By this point I feel that I should have AT MINIMUM have been contacted by a member of your customer service team. This is appalling customer service, and something I would not expect from an heritage institution such as the Bay. To say I am shocked and disappointed is an understatement.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting to find out how the Bay intends to rectify this matter given I have not received the items that I ordered, but have paid for them. My next step will be to contact the Better Business Bureau, as that seems to be my only recourse. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — product knowledge

Hi there - yesterday I visited my local Hudson Bay at Oakridge Mall. I was shopping for my wife's birthday gift and I was stressed out because I wanted it to be a really good gift... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — cosmetics

Customer service Todays date saturday, october 19, 2019time 3:10pm Tried numerous times to make a call to your cosmetic department. Wanted to place an order for a product with... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — women's clothing

Asked a girl to help me find a size...she said what do u mean. I said I cant see the sizes. She walked away. Then I asked another sales clerk where the mirrors are..she... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — incompetent employees

I have gone to The Bay Downtown twice within one month and have had problems both times, with different employees as the till, not understanding how to work gift cards. The first... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]price matching policy

Hudson Bays price matching policy states that they will match a competitors regular or promotional price? What does promotional price mean? To me it includes coupons, promo codes etc. DSW has shoes on clearance for $101 plus an additional 20% off with promo code when checking out online, which reduces item to $81. Hudson Bay will not match the $81 because they said they cannot use another competitors promo code. Maybe they should change their price match policy then because it's false advertising if they're not going to match the "promotional price" of their competitors!

price matching policy
price matching policy
price matching policy

  • Ja
    Jack Smither Sep 21, 2019

    Hudson Bay is a bunch of fraudsters. They have a price match policy but never honors it. They have huge mark ups and rip people off. No wonder these retailers are all going out of business.

    0 Votes / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.

Worst customer service ever! They started scamming customers now. I am struggling to get my refund amount for months. Got several emails from manager and his customer service team confirming that we have processed your refund and you will get it back but never got the money back to my card and now they stopped replying. I had my refund amount in Hudson bay gift card from store and I requested their customer service team if I can get that money transferred to my debit card as I was going to my back home country and was not sure when I will be returning back. He agreed and canceled my bay gift card amount and said he has processing funds to my debit cart. I contacted several times to support. I got apologies all the time but never got refund back in my card. Now they stopped caring about my emails. I want immediate action and full refund of my return amount. case# 634705 and case 622614.

refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.
refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.

  • Ti
    Tine Hreno Jan 10, 2020

    The same thing is currently happening to me. I am on the phone with them right now. :(

    0 Votes / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]order#[protected]

Purchased patio furniture (floor model) along with several other items from The Bay store in Pickering (paid full price) on July 7 (bill was in excess of CAD 2, 000). Delivery was set for July 10. The delivery company arrived on time but with scratches to the side of the furniture, thanks poor packaging by The Bay (a plastic cover wrapped around he aluminum furniture). Even though we loved the piece, we couldn't accept the damaged piece. Called and requested The Bay to find another piece, which they said was not available.

With no choice and our heart set n this set, we decided we would consider accepting the damaged pieces at a reduced cost, but wanted to know what state the piece was in since it left our patio.

Since then, we have spent a lot of time and energy talking to multiple agents about what can be done by The Bay to locate the furniture and do an inspection (which has been very little as their staff - Supervisor Beverley Id. #994934, and Jody continue to simply apologize and cite 'processes' as the reason for not being able to do much until Tuesday July 16.

Didn't realize it takes 6 whole days to locate furniture and inspect it. With no resolution around the furniture, we requested a refund and was told it will be processed in 7-10 days. Unacceptable!!!

Not only did the Hudson Bay's irresponsibility cause the situation, but the customer service we received was inefficient at best, and i continue to be out of pocket to the tune of over CAD 2, 000, AND left with no patio furniture which was ordered for a family gathering.

Thanks Hudson Bay for the excellent and efficient customer service, NOT! / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]unethical behaviour

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Hi Hudson Bay, I am a regular guest at your lovely stores. I most frequent the Bay downtown Vancouver. This occasion I was at Home Outfitters where the store was shutting down... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — service

Today, May 31st...I was in the store and found what I wanted. This was a surprise because the store is very messy and it is difficult to find anything. I go to the closest... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — poor customer service

On May 20, 2019 I went in to the Hudson's Bay store in Market Mall (Calgary) to return a pair of jeans that I purchased online. Because it was Victoria day there was a long... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]unable to order item due to customer service representative's lack on knowledge

On May 5, 2019, I called HBC to order a piece of patio furniture as these purchases cannot be made online. What should have been a 5 minute conversation lasted 15-20 minutes, ending with no order being placed.

* The customer service representative was extremely difficult to understand.
* The customer service representative took an exorbitant amount of time locating
the item (after I had supplied the item code), and entering my personal
* I was informed that there was a $75 shipping fee. The Bay website clearly states
orders $99 and up are free.
* I requested that I pick up the item. The customer service representative was
unable to determine where and when I could pick up the item.

I could not place the order.

I contacted customer service on May 6th (the following day) to order the item. It was no longer on sale. Customer service supervisor informed me that they would no longer meet the sale price.

The long and short of it is that I was unable to make a large (furniture) purchase due to a customer service representative's lack of knowledge. The only person who loses here is ME.

Diane Irvine

Hudson Baymetal cage fire pit

I signed up for my wedding registry at The Bay because I know they carry quality items. I got a bunch of gift cards which I used to buy a metal fire pit online. It was delivered promptly and looked great! Unfortunately it was rusted within 2 months. I won't be able to use it this summer because of the terrible shape the fire pit is in. I'm upset because we used it maybe 3 times and now it looks terrible. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]mattress purchase

Mattress purchase. We purchased a queen size mattress from hbc through the online store, delivered to a warehouse in calgary for pickup in january, 2018. The price was listed as $699.00 before tax, at a discount of 50%. Numerous calls to hbc resulted in refusal to allow us to exchange the mattress, because they stated that 'at this discount, we do not accept returns or exchanges.' we attempted to reach an agreement with hbc for one year, over 8 conversations and numerous emails.

Our underlying concern with hbc is that after their refusal to support warranty based on policy on 'heavily discounted sale items', we examined the price and the alleged discount we received. We called the factory that makes this bed, and discovered that the style we purchased had not been made by this local manufacturer in over 6 years. We also discovered that the bed retailed for: $699.00 from other retailers, a price suggested by the manufacturer.

Hbc, two thumbs down for your poor service, surreptitious warranty and support policy, and two thumbs down for misleading this consumer on your mattress prices in the first place. For the same price from an honest sale, the full warranty support would be honored, per hbc customer service policy. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]sofa delivery - removal of hardware

I received my delivery back in February on a sofa that I had ordered. During the delivery, the driver removed the hardware and the door. The sofa didn't fit and the driver FAILED to place my hardware back. Plus the door was crocked. After calling The Bay and speaking to an unprofessional individual, someone had told me that I would receive a gift card to help compensate this. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. So I had my brother in law fix the door so it would actually close. Then I received an email from someone at Ovation Logistics saying they would get this fixed. But now, this bull**** story changes again. Her supervisor isn't approving my claim because they can't figure out why the driver would remove the hardware! Are you serious!!? Umm okay, so now that's MY problem, because your driver removed hardware. NO... it isn't. This entire experience was RIDICULOUS and I'll never EVER shop at The Bay again. You sure bet, I'll be telling everyone what lack of customer service you have to offer! This is joke!

sofa delivery - removal of hardware
sofa delivery - removal of hardware / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]delivery and customer service

Terrible customer service. Was scheduled a 10am to 1pm window. I waited as one is suppose to. No phone call, no pre notification during that window. So I called HBC to speak to a customer service agent. He was less than helpful, very insincere, with an underlying tone close to being disrespectful. I asked him for a contact of the local delivery agent to figure out what's going on. Instead he called them (or pretended to call them while I was on hold) and told me I was the next customer on the list. 3 hours later, there was no deliver. Another phone call to HBC to the same agent yielded another stream of unhelpful comments and false promises. Finally, the local delivery truck showed up at 6pm at night, and apparently they were stuck in the snow for 4 hours in a different location. Listen, I know accidents happen. Just COMMUNICATE to your customers! Don't come up with useless excuses/ reasons. Some of us happen to have other important things to do in our lives, and prefer not to wait and wait. If you can't hold up your end of the bargain of delivering within a time window, then don't give the false expectation of a window. Just tell your customers "oh, it could be any time of the day, any moment!". At least I would set my expectations low. I am never, ever going to order anything from HBC from now on. There are better places to go to, and I have better ways to spend my time. / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — luggage

Hello, I am writing to let you know about my shopping experience at the Bay in Abbotsford BC. I came in to find a carry-on suitcase for my wife from the luggage department for... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]guess winter coat

I purchased a Guess Winter coat as I normally do every year. It has been about 1 year since the purchase of my nice brown coat that I bought for over $100 on sale in Nanaimo, BC. It was only a couple washes on delicate that I noticed the paint coming off the snaps which was not a big deal to me but tonight I washed my jacket and hung it to dry noticing that a whole seam on the right arm is apart. Just wondering if you are able to either replace this jacket or repair it for me. Very dissappointed with the quality and workmanship put into a jacket which should last longer than one season. If you could get back to me it would be greatly appreciated. I will send a photo if you want.
Thank you very much,
Cathi J. Iacuitto
Federal Gov't inspector of Canada
home phone [protected]
cell phone [protected] / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]service

Regarding my accident happened inside your Markham Ontario store November 2018 - I slipped on wet floor resulted with broken bones :-(

It's been 2+ months since your representative / adjuster contacted me for this "incident", I email everything that was asked for, however, when I tried to get update on this matter, it was all ONE WAY communication!!! I was talking to myself after all. Until today, I received ZERO responds!!! This is unacceptable :-(

"I think I am invisible. Can you help?"

Awaiting for your investigation

File# 3544137 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — clinique service

I shopped in the Hudson's bay with my mom today afternoon, everything goes well first. The sales in other court are nice, except the sales (three of them) in the Clinique store... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]online orders

Ordered two items online paid $8 for shipping which is crazy expensive but because I was getting more than one item I thought it was ok. A few days later I received a package in the mail, the slip in the package said my two items were shipped however in the box there was only one item. I called to let them know I didn't receive half of my order and the representative reassured me no problem she would send out the missing item ASAP with express shipping ... over a week later and still nothing in the mail only to call and find out the item is no longer in stock. Ok well when were they going to email me to let me know so I can get my money back?! Why indicate in the first package that it was in the box and why tell me no problem you are sending out a new one? Had I not called for the second time would i still be waiting for a package that will never come and be out the money I paid? Sounds shady to me / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — clothing

January 13, 2019 I went shopping at the Winnipeg, St. Vital store this morning. The store had posted "additional 15% off if you use your Bay card". I was very disappointed that... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — customer service from an employee

Hello, I am messaging you to complain about an employee that my mother and I encountered yesterday December 29th. We arrived at the store around 4:15 and stayed choosing coats for... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — online shopping - never again

I am extremely annoyed with this company. I ordered two items of clothes last week and they still hadn't arrived, so I called customer service. I was told that my order wa... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]delivery of items ordered in october 2018

This is for order number [protected] (3 pairs of boots). I placed the order in October and have not received them until now. I called Customer Service in November and was advised that someone will send me an email of the status. Until now no email was received from you guys. These boots are for my sister in the Philippines that I should have sent with a friend who went home last Saturday. Now I will have to send it to her and pay for postage. The transaction was posted in HBC credit card in November but until now I don't have the items.

Please get back to me with any updates ASAP.