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919 Third Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, New York
United States - 10022

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Bloomingdale'sCustomer Service

Had an online chat today with customer service asking for the brand of a shoe in one of their ads. After several minutes the cs rep replied that they didn't have the shoe at Bloomies and abruptly disconnected the call. I wanted to email Bloomingdales customer service and apprise them of this unprofessional behavior, but could not navigate the cs email form. After 4 attempts, I just gave up. Extremely frustrating.

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    Nov 28, 2020

    Bloomingdale's — Employee

    Hello, I would like to file a complaint of a Glendale Gallery Bloomingdale's employee Annie Szewczyk...

    Bloomingdale'sCustomer experience

    The bloomingdales experience has been incredible frustrating... I tried to buy a pair of shoes at the store as a gift, and they could not process it. I then ordered the item online and they sent the wrong size. Now they have "investigate", and until that investigation is completed they will then ship the correct item. I do not want to shop here again. Horrible customer experience, inefficient operations, technology is out of date, and just a waste of my time and theirs.

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      Jul 24, 2020

      Bloomingdale's — No credit for returned item

      Order # [protected] I have been a loyal Bloomingdale's customer for many years and a credit card holder...

      Jun 11, 2020

      Bloomingdale's — Order [protected] multiple wrong items sent, returned and never refunded

      Hi, this issue all began with the order [protected] mentioned above that was placed on 4/19. I purchased a...

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      Bloomingdale'sI was charged for undelivered product

      I placed the order for KIEHLS lip butter cream and KIEHLS powerful anti wrinkle cream on June 2nd. My order no is BAE17033849. I paid AED 353 on delivery. When I opened the packet, there was only KIEHLS lip butter cream and its invoice.I did not receive KIEHLS cream. Please do the needful either by returning my money of 263AED or by delivering the product. I tried calling the customer care but it was not connected.

      I was charged for undelivered product

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        Feb 18, 2020

        Bloomingdales.com — dior foundation / and customer service

        This is the third time I have filed the complaint. I never got any respond. So I have been ignored by the...

        Bloomingdales.comcustomer service online

        i have just been on the phone for 45 minutes trying to place an order online.
        I wanted to place 3 items- one of which was a wedding registry item. First, I tried online and it was not allowing me to ship to 2 different addresses, so I called. My items were all on savemore and I placed the first 2 with a guy who then connected me to the wedding registry as he said I had to place it with them. He mentioned that he spoke with them and they would honor the 25 off
        When I spoke with Marcy she was adamant that I could not get the discount.
        She was rather rude and I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold for 19 minutes until she returned and said I had to keep holding.
        Finally I called in store and placed the order and they honored the 25 off. As a black card holder who is presumably " on top of the list", I am livid with the treatment I received. If the couple had registered elsewhere, i would never have bought them a gift at Bloomies. I am one unhappy customer .
        My email is [protected]@gmail.com. Thank you for listening

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          Nov 20, 2019

          Bloomingdale's — women's shoes

          I tried to return a pair of women's shoes back in February 2019 to the Bloomingdales store. The shoe...

          Bloomingdales.comshipment and customer service

          I made an order on 14 th of September and got an e-mail that it was shipped on 17th of September with Borderfree..It still did not arrive ..I am tracking it an the parcel looks still in USA..I sent many mails to the customer service and they said they will be taking care of the situation and let me know...But no info till now!!!I made my order by visa card which was about 2000$ and payed it already...I have nothing received and paid 2000$...I think this will be my last shopping with Bloomingdales !Sevda Ortabas [protected]@yahoo.com

          shipment and customer service
          shipment and customer service
          shipment and customer service

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            Sep 02, 2019

            Bloomingdales.com — customer service

            drove nearly an hour to shop at the Bloomingdale warehouse on Rte 46 for the first time on Saturday. you know...

            Bloomingdales.comcustomer service

            I approached a register with no line ready to check out. A salesperson asked me if someone was helping me. I gave a name of the associate and she sent me to another register where that salesperson was. She was busy and I had to wait for at least 20 mins to check out. I unserstadn if the salespeople are on commission, but dont make it difficult on a customer. The first associate could have easily check me out and put the name of the person who helped me ion the system. She was free and sent me away! I ended up loosing a lot of time. Hope it will be addressed. Shopped on the 2nd floor ion Aug 11, 2019. Women's clothing.

            Also, every time I am at the store, it is FREEZING! It is is uncomfortable I cannot wait to leave ! All my friends are always cold and so are female salespeople! If you want to make shopping experience comfortable for your female audience, make it inviting and comfortable !!!

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              Bloomingdales.comno refund on a returned item


              My name is Daria Koralewska, email [protected]@gmail.com

              This is regarding:
              outlet store 160
              purchase number [protected]
              Date 3/26/2019
              Amount $52.99

              I have purchased a pair of shoes a week ago at your Miami Outlet location.  Unfortunately, I found the heel to be too tall and I decided to return them.  On my way back home I had a stop over in Atlanta, and tried to return them at the store there.  I was told it was not possible since this was an Outlet purchase.  I was provided with a number for customer service.

              When I called, I was offered to send the shoes back and I will receive a refund as soon as the item is received. I received a return label to send my shoes back to online support and I shipped the item on April 13th addressed to Macy's warehouse as per instructions provided by one of your agents:Tracking Number1Z7270769091426465 
              Returned to UPS office on April 13th arrived at destination on April 17th

              It is now over three months since my return was completed and I did not get my money back. I received three separate calls asking for a credit card number and each time I was assured the refund will come within a week. I also exchanged several emails.

              I called [protected], and emailed [protected]@bloomingdales.com. I got numerous case numbers. The most recent was [Incident: [protected]].

              At this point I invested more hours than the value I am expecting to get back and I am very deeply frustrated with your customer services. I expect some swift resolution.

              no refund on a returned item

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                Bloomingdales.comloyallist program/incompetent customer service representative

                Feb 18 2019

                I receive emails every week to notify me that my $50 reward will expire on 2/21/19. So, I decided to stop by the store Sunday (2/17/19) to shop and use my Loyalist reward points. I couldn't sign into the link in my email to retrieve the reward barcode to scan. It prompted me to click on the link to wait for an email to be sent to me to reset my password. I waited for the email for 20 min then I did it again. After several failed attempts, I decided to call customer service.

                First, I was told the email wasn't linked to my Loyalist account. It just didn't make sense as I have been receiving emails about my rewards. Then, they put me on hold for 20 min and came back to tell me that my points had expired. I explained that was a mistake. It clearly said on my email expiration date is 2/21/19 and the date of this event was 2/17/19. Then, I was put on hold again for another 20 to 25 min, and this time was told I already used my reward. Again, that is not true either. I was put on hold again and a different agent picked up the phone and said my account was closed. Now, I feel like the representative dealing with me was really incompetent. Her name is Yvette (L163255). She didn't do her job correctly to help rectify my problem or gave me a solution but instead created an issue for me and gave me a run around with all sorts of reason why my reward didn't show on her end. She is also very argumentative and kept speaking over me, which didn't help the situation.

                I don't think Yvette is a good fit for being a customer service representative. She didn't know how evaluate the evidence that I gave her to come to a fair conclusion for the situation at hand. I believe she was frustrated with our issue and locked on to a statement that closed the conversation but failed at resolving the issue with a logical and reasonable explanation.

                Since we got nowhere with Yvette, we went down to the visitor center at your 59th Street Bloomingdale's store to seek more competent help. The lady at the desk helped us make a call to customer service and got somebody who actually discovered a reasonable explanation for my problem. It was discovered that some fraudulent activity had occurred on my account. Somebody used my reward points in Florida. I mentioned that I haven't been in Florida for years. This representative opened an investigation for us and said we would be notified in five business days and with a favorable outcome we would have an additional six months to us the points.

                loyallist program/incompetent customer service representative

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                  Bloomingdales.com — framed of theft by bloomingdales employees at westfield century city in los angeles, ca. october 30, 2018 to avoid racism scandal

                  Framed of theft by Bloomingdales employees at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA. October 30, 2018 to...

                  Bloomingdales.comonline representation

                  I called blomongdales customer service about my loyalist account information at 9:25 in the morning and the rep connected me to the loyalist avcount office
                  On the hold to tbe connected about 40min
                  Call the same number with other phone and promt the rolyalist acvount office directly and realized the office is not open (pacific time)
                  I was on hold with no reason for 50 min in the morning, the most busiest time a day
                  I called the customerservice again to resolve my account problem
                  Another rep was truing to direct me to the same office!!!
                  Is there any direction with the rep about the office hour?
                  Waited supervisor to speak
                  No supervisor available!

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                    Bloomingdales.compricing of opening a credit card account

                    I had recently made a purchase and was told when i open a new credit card, that I would receive 20% off. When I received my credit statement I only received 15% off. I went back to the store and the sales rep told me I had to call customer service credit card, to get the issue adjusted. I called the credit service and they told me I had to go to the store to receive the adjustment. So what is the correct way

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                      Bloomingdales.combilling department

                      I have set up direct debit for Bloomingdales account three times. The first time the billing department debited my account successful but the second I received a call from there billing department stating I missed a payment. I was informed that the person who took my account and routing number the first time did so incorrectly which I didn't believe since my account was debited. I give my account and touting number a second time and set up a recurring direct payment for the second time. I am now being told it was never set up. That means someone at Bloomingdales has my account and routing number to do what ever they please with it instead of what they were supposed to do. I spoke to a supervisor, Demitry Gilman and he acted like it was no big deal and treated me as if I was crazy. In this day and age with identity theft being so rampant one would think a corporation like Bloomingdales would be more responsible. Now, I need to check with my bank account to make sure there's no fraud.

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                        Bloomingdales.com — service

                        I had just handed over my bloomingdales credit card to the cashier when it didn't go through. The cashier...

                        White Plains

                        Bloomingdales.comregency crystal wm yeoward country ice bowl

                        ordered for wedding gift to be sent to Princeton NJ received by bride cracked re-ordered and new one sent also cracked. she was told if she didn't return to store she could not get credit. I was charged 223.91 for first broken item and t hen 223.91 for second delivery. I was told could not get refund un oil was returned to store. I then purchased 250.00 gift card to be sent to bride in place of two broken glass items. now charges are adding u p. Account [protected] and msa1802004748 jan 20.

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