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Harrods reviews & complaints

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Harrods - Real Fur

I have just read a post from the humane society saying they have sent under-cover " Customers " ti ask Harrod's staff about the cruelty involved in tghe fur-farming industry! The staff apparently likened the fur-farming industry to Battersea Dogs home!
How on earth DARE you?
It is one of the cruelest and barbaric " business " ever used!
YOU - HARRODS - totally disgust me and many millions of others!
How low can you stoop?

Harrods - Incorrect documentation provided with breitling watch at original sale means the watch is severely devalued!

I and my wife bought a BREITLING SUPER AVENGER II BLUE - ref. A1337111/C87 (*Stock item [protected]) & replaced the leather strap (at the same time of purchase) with a STAINLESS STEEL PROF III...

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Harrods - Personal Shopping

I logged a requested for a Personal Shopping assistant.

I was given a number - 2576899 but a lady called Judita.

Last Thursday I received an email to say I would be contacted within 48 hours.
That would have meant by Saturday.
By Monday afternoon I had still heard nothing.
Since this time I have called customer services twice to ask them to message Judita in Personal Shopping and i have emailed about three times.

Still absolutely nothing!

My number is [protected].

Desired outcome: Someone to do what they said they would do


Harrods - Refund

I did not receive my merchandise. It's been a month and still no refund I have over 400 dollars in calls on my phone bill just because I been contacting them about this issue I did a dispute with my bank which harrods told me I have to cancel it in order to receive my refund I did that sent proof and still no communication n no refund please help should I seek legal advice this company seems to not care about customers

Harrods - delivery of a hamper of chocolates that has not been delivered

To whom it may concern I recently contacted Harrods Help department at Harrods to no avail The reference number they gave me is 2156442 The problem is that a chocolate hamper I payed for just...

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Mar 27, 2019

Harrods - fw: your harrods contact - our reference: [#1681428]

Hello all, Thank you very much for sending me my dress, its arrived well. I was very surprised not to see original garment bad to be packed within a package. It's very important to be able to keep...

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Harrods - returns complaint - is this an appropriate customer experience!?

Incident date: 23/01/19 Order no: [protected] I purchased a £200 jacket online paying with a £120 gift voucher and my credit card. On receipt I was unsure of the size so I ordered the same jacket in...

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Oct 07, 2018

Harrods - gift voucher

We contacted Customer Services to purchase a gift voucher and were advised the process had been completed successfully, including payment . However, the gift voucher did not arrive. On checking with Customer Services again 6/10/18 we were told the transaction wasn't completed as our address failed a "security check". We were not contacted to be advised of the latter. We are asking what "security check" was completed. We do not have any poor credit history. We are now concerned that Harrods inaccurate records will cause us difficulty in the future. Are our records still held by Harrods which we feel would not be safe, given how they deal with customers in our experience.? We will not be recommending Harrods services to anyone.


Harrods - items was missing

we went to Harrods on7/15/2018 at harrods limited 87-135 Brompton Road LondonSWIX 7XL. We spend 500.00 pounds and the assistant 859914 forgot to give us 3 items we bought. Her name is A Patel NT0040...

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Harrods - celine bag transaction void

Hello On November 24th 2017 i purchased a celine bag. I chose the conversion in dirhams by mistake. Thw wrong transaction was voided and i purchased the bag again. I was told that the first 1750...

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Harrods - faulty product-self portrait

Dear Harrods, On October 23rd 2017, I purchased a dress from Harrods store's Self Portrait brand as a gift for my Aunt in Vietnam for her birthday. However, I realised it was faulty when she tried...

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Harrods - online billing

I hope you can please promtly help resolve this, for me, vitally important issue? I refer to my on-line order placed yesterday: reference [protected].

I have a special and sentimental reason for placing this order with you and, understandbly, I specifically requested the billing address for the item in question to me my address in France rather than the address of the person receiving the gift. To my horror, I immediately noted on your confirmation e-mail that you are billing my brother in England! Immediately I sent two e-mails to Harrods, one to [protected]@orders and the other to Harrods help, to include my address in France. I asked for a quick reply so that I can settle in the knowledge that my brother will not be billed for his birthday gift, however, I have heard nothing from you!

Your on-line order site is definitely not designed to be friendly to those of us placing orders from abroad, this must surely reflect on the sales, I would have given up but for my desire to send a Harrods bottle of Champagne for very personal reasons!

I am not a well person and the stress that this order is causing is beginning to cause concern. Please could you kindly resolve this matter today?

I thank you for your assistance,
Suzie Coulton

copy of my order and my original mail:

Your order confirmation


6:45 PM (16 hours ago)

to me

Thank you! Your Harrods order is confirmed


Order confirmation
Your Order Confirmation


Thank you for shopping at Harrods.

Order Number


Payment Method


Order Date


Order Total


Billing Address

9 Alderbrook Close,
Crowthorne, BERKS, United Kingdom, RG45 6DZ

Deliver To

9 Alderbrook Close,
Crowthorne, BERKS, United Kingdom, RG45 6DZ

Delivery Method

Standard: 3-5 days, £5.95

Gift Message


6:53 PM (16 hours ago)

to info




Size: 75CL

Item Code: 994433

Quantity: 1

Item Price:


Item Total:




Delivery Charge



Hello, thank you for the confirmation of my order, [protected]. However, I am very concerned because you have the same billing address as the delivery address when I specifically requested my address in France as the billing address! This is a birthday gift for my brother in England and I ask you to please confirm you have changed the billing address or have cancelled the order?

I am Mrs Suzie Coulton, whereas you have entered me as Mr, please could you change your records accordingly?

I look forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible, please,
kind regards,
Suzie Coulton
Maison Saint Aignan
46140 Belaye

May 30, 2017

Harrods - chronic diarrhea after afternoon tea at the georgian restaurant

To whom it may concern, I am writing a complaint on the behalf of my dear friend Ms Shaw who unfortunately is indisposed after consuming English Rose Tea whilst at the Georgian Restaurant. The...

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Harrods - christmas cake

I visited london on the 3rd november to have a lovely day shopping and especially to buy the cake that good housekeeping had recommended buy as the best, the one that has a full fruity cake and icing, in fact the winner ! Well I must say I cut into the cake with great difficulty, the cake is tasteless, with hardly any marzipan, which fell off with the icing, to say I paid £24 95, I am really quite seething about it.

Sep 28, 2016

Harrods - I don't like this place

I loved Harrods department store, it was a great place to shop, but that was then and now things are lot different.
It is now absolutely impossible to buy anything there. Prices are too expensive, because this place is full of tourists. If you are an ordinary UK citizen you cannot just go there and buy anything you want.
Place is always crowded with tourists, it's almost impossible just to walk there. Terrible! Recently went there but could not buy a thing because there were too many people. I stood over 30 minutes in queue and it did not move!
There's not much left from the good old Harrods we all knew.

Dec 04, 2015

Harrods - horrible experience

During a trip to London, I decided to visit Harrods. But a what a huge disappointment. That place was not what I thought it was going to be. At the begging I thought what a beautiful building and...

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