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Hy-Vee review: Pharmacy staff

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I work in an Emergency Department taking care of patients and making sure they get the correct medications. I called Hy-Vee on Euclid Ave in Des Moines Iowa approximately 5pm on 11/1/23 asking for a medication list for a patient. The male pharmacist mentioned he would fax over a medication list as the patient was on a lot of medications. I received the fax with the quantity, dose, drug name, and last fill dates. However, the medication list did not have any directions. I figured out most of the information I needed based on the day supply and quantity provided, however, this patient was a double lung transplant recipient and was on a lot of important medications. I have been in my field since 2009 and am aware with some medications the directions can be very specific to the patient. I called the store back as I had a few questions about a few of the medications and their directions. This time I had a female answer the phone and was very polite and answered my questions appropriately. I heard in the background the male pharmacist complaining about me and the fact that I called back. He stated, "They should obviously know if the patient is getting 60 tablets for 30 days it's twice per day, Jesus it's not that difficult." This was very rude and unprofessional. I'm trying to do my job to give the best care for patient and their medications. I just wish he had the decency to do the same.

Thank you.

I am adding my personal email and phone number for further questions. [protected]

morgan. [protected]

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