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+1 800 257 2582(Member Care) 11 10
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+1 877 832 4888(Tech Advisors) 2 0
+1 844 268 8093(EASY Renewal) 2 1
+1 888 743 2735(BJ’s Travel) 2 0
+1 800 934 1204(Wellsley Farms / Berkley Jensen) 1 1
+1 844 700 8473(Tire Center Customer Care) 5 0
+1 855 269 1622(Perks MasterCard) 2 0
+1 844 271 2535(Perks World MasterCard) 1 0
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BJ's Wholesale Club Complaints & Reviews

BJ's Wholesale Club / 75 inch sumsung tv,advertised at 999.

Jun 18, 2019

looked on line @ bjs for a 75inch tv, on fathers day. found sumsung 75 inch advertised at 999. went to checkout it jumped in price by 100. called customer service, they could not give it to me at the advertised price, nor could the mans boss. i asked that i get a callback on the monday by...

BJ's Wholesale Club / unable to establish a bj's wholesale club log-in on the store website

May 30, 2019

Today May 30, 2019 I visited the BJ's Wholesale club website to view an item that I wished to purchase. I entered all accurate information to establish a member log-in to use the website, but my membership numbers would not record in the space for membership numbers no matter what I did. I...

BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

May 21, 2019

5-21-19 - I have been trying to get a representative on the phone since 2:23 pm est to discuss membership issue. I first called and was told the following hold times 52 minutes, 52, 43, 23, 58. Mindy answered the call and apparently she could not hear me. She remained on the line for over...

BJ's Wholesale Club / bj's hr dept in pelham and gm alec

May 10, 2019

My nephew interviewed for Recovery position at Pelham Manor store. Having disability, HR left me waiting and waiting and waiting. My uncle helped me find GM on floor. He took me. Upstairs HR had him speak to an African American candidate first. I was there where before individual. The...

BJ's Wholesale Club / called about not getting my books

May 07, 2019

I'm on hold with bjs customer service at this moment & have been on hold waiting for a supervisor for over 15 min. I've called 3 times in 7months about not getting my coupon book. I get told by customer service that maybe it's been stolen from my mailbox. But my neighbor gets her books, so...

BJ's Wholesale Club / bj’s online coupons not deducting when item is purchased

May 05, 2019

This was my second time, that I had to go to the customer service counter to have coupons I clipped on the BJ's website did not deduct off my bill, when I actually purchased the exact item listed. I thought this happened in the past, but didn't have time to go stand in the customer service...

BJ's Wholesale Club / berkley, jensen alum. foil

May 05, 2019

We have been using this brand for years and love it, we recently purchased 4 rolls of 250sf. rolls 12 inch and have nothing but trouble with the ends ripping off when we roll it out, then we have to take a knife to the end of the roll and cut portion still left on the roll to start again...

BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

Apr 26, 2019

4/26/219 I order a television online on April 22. I received the television via UPS on 4/24 and the television was damaged. (the screen was busted) I called BJ's customer service immediately but there were closed as it was after business hours. I then call the next morning to report my broken...

BJ's Wholesale Club / coupons

Apr 20, 2019

It seems every time I shop at bjs using your coupons you send me there is always a problem. Today was no different. Used 5 coupons from your "high octane flyer" and only one coupon registered for the gas discounts. It seems I need to carry the flyers with me to prove what you mailed me! They...

BJ's Wholesale Club / booked vacation found an error within 20 seconds of submitting

Apr 16, 2019

i am so highly disappointed with Bj's travel.Requested Email: Hotel Cancel - Itin: 7424606105260 - Case ID : - Case ID : [REQ:S#61648945] Background: * I was booking a family trip and when received then email confirmation noticed it had April date vs. July date. 20 seconds later. I emailed...

BJ's Wholesale Club / bj's marketing policies

Mar 15, 2019

I shop at both BJ's & Costco in my area of Livingston, NJ. Each company has, in some cases, a better selection available. and thats why I shop at both stores. What really frustrates me with BJ's is the following: 1. Your advertised mailers, with the latest " special...

BJ's Wholesale Club / bj's coupon saving book

Dec 21, 2018

I just got the current savings book in the mail (12/26/18 - 1/23/19) Pages and pages of products, with savings listed, but NO PRICES. How do I know if that $2.00 or 7.00 discount means anything, without knowing the original price? Look at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Kohl's, who offer...

BJ's Wholesale Club / cancellation of order

Dec 12, 2018

I had placed an order (order number 82449020 ) for a Sealy Response Premium West Avenue Cushion Firm Queen Size Mattress with White Glove Delivery & Haul Away on 11/11/18. Last week I received a call about setting up a delivery. I scheduled a delivery for today. I am a physician and took...

BJ's Wholesale Club / wellsley farms purified water

Dec 11, 2018

Hello I just purchased four cases of the BJs Wellesley farms purified water and we opened two of the waters in the packet and boats smells like the water is tainted. The water is heavy and I do not want to have to lift it back to the Bee Gees location but my family needs water. Feel free...

BJ's Wholesale Club / wf 24 oz. italian bread, price $3.49

Nov 30, 2018

I have buying the above mentioned bread at the Middleburg Hts., Ohio store for a very long time. When I was there recently, I found that it has been replaced with another Italian Bread and the 24 oz. Italian Bread will no longer be available. The store advised that they have no control...

BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

Nov 28, 2018

I sent a problem message on Oct. 14, 2018 about a chicken for $4.99, , , received an answer on Oct 15th assuring me that a gift card would be forthcoming...nothing...I try to reach customer service today via phone 30 minute wait or online with no activity at all...Why doesn't your online...

BJ's Wholesale Club / two complaints: organic greens and small bathroom cups

Nov 15, 2018

1. I shop the Quincy BJ's store. I have always bought the organic salads and the organic super greens. Now that they are the store brand they don't seems to get all the water out of the container and the greens rot because of the extra water. Salads and greens do not even make it to the...

BJ's Wholesale Club / dried pitted dates

Nov 10, 2018

I had purchased Wellesley Farms dried pitted Dates from the BJ's store at Jersey City . When we opened it, it smelled like totally fermented, similar to rum or liquor and had a very squishy texture.. We decided not to give to our Little one, but thought we could still have it as it would...

BJ's Wholesale Club / men's white crew socks

Nov 08, 2018

Bought Champion brand crew socks at BJ's years ago, and they were great as far as comfort and wear. Then you stocked a thinner BJ's brand, next yet a thinner BJ's brand, and now a third BJ's brand that is no thicker that most formal dress socks. This will be my last purchase of socks at...

BJ's Wholesale Club / tire department

Oct 30, 2018

I booked an appointment to get new tires on my truck. I ordered the tires online and They were sent to the store, BJs in south Attleboro, MA. I set up my appointment online and got a call one hour before my appointment was scheduled saying that the person that could install/change the...

BJ's Wholesale Club / fuel station

Oct 18, 2018

My wife and I were at Bjs fuel at around 6:00PM on October 18, 2018 when the gas attendant, was the rudest person I've delt with in a while. She was an older African American woman and I did not get her name. All I needed was to slide my card because it said see attendant, as the balance...

BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

Oct 18, 2018

Hi my name is Veronica Canales On Saturday October 13, 2018. I went to sign up for a membership and this was my first time signing up everything was good until I went to the register 4 and the lady was really rude towards us she had a nasty attitude telling us not to put the water on top...

BJ's Wholesale Club / self checkout

Oct 17, 2018

I visited 2 separate BJ'S whole sale clubs in my area and was racially profiled in 2 separate occasions, 1st on 10/4/18 I visited the club located on Sheridan drive in Amherst NY, my daughter and I were followed through the very crowded store that evening I found that to be quite alarming...

Wellsley Farms / original seltzer water

Oct 16, 2018

My wife and I have been buying this water for quite a while, and no complaints. Lately we have noticed that 2 or 3 bottles in each case have been flat, with no bubbles. We enjoy this product and thought you should know about this problem. My message is too short, so I am making it longer so it...

BJ's Wholesale Club / complaint about tire center in north bergen, nj 07047

Oct 16, 2018

First time I went to inquire and purchase 4 tires for my car. The tire changing bays were all empty with the exception of one, there was a car was "Very Casually" being worked on for tires. I was ready to purchase & pay for 4 tires. The counter person mentioned that the department wa...

BJ's Wholesale Club / rude disrespectful staff

Oct 15, 2018

Salem nh i went shoping today and i had multiple coupons PJs and manufacturing As well as I had bought multiple of the same item so I should've been able to use it coupon per each item that I purchased and I should've been able to use PJs and manufacturing coupon on each item I purchased...

BJ's Wholesale Club / very aggressive pressuring by management

Oct 11, 2018

My boyfriend and I went to BJ's in Cary, NC to get a few items on 10/04/2018. I was having a good shopping experience and typically do enjoy shopping at BJ's. However, when we went to check out, the cashier asked us if we were "gold" members or something, and I replied that we were not. He...

Wellsley Farms / found rat hair in mixed nut jar

Sep 25, 2018

Bought well set farm mixed nut jar opened and was eating found big ball of distrusting hair in it. Returned to the store not even a so sorry how can we help. Poor customer service and really you should make the customer happy. After all we are bringing this to your attention, so you can...

BJ's Wholesale Club / tire center

Sep 23, 2018

The bjs tire center in Bowie Maryland never has any staff, I am here on Sunday and there is only one person that I had to go to the warehouse to find he set off my car alarm and did not know how to turn it off I am nervous to have him check my tires so I called your tire center in Capital...

BJ's Wholesale Club Wappingers Falls NY / refunds

Sep 20, 2018

I returned an Acer laptop, with receipt and everything in tact at my local club and I got treated extremely badly by customer service and the Manager Ayeisha. First the worker Efrain kept me waiting for more than 20 minutes bc he said he needed to find the number on the laptop that corresponded with...

BJ's Wholesale Club / wellesley wild sockeye salmon

Sep 19, 2018

I'm very upset with this product. When trying to mark s slices the Salmon fell apart. It was embarrassing to serve my guests. The UPCode : 8867001795 . This was purchased at your store in Owings Mills, Maryland. I have purchased this item before and never had trouble with serving slice...

BJ's Wholesale Club / tires

Sep 13, 2018

I got 4 new tires and both driver's side wheel balances fell off less than a week after installation. Spoke with Wilberto, who installed the tires, and he was both unapologetic and unwilling to resolve this in a manner convenient to our schedule. Considering the work was not done correctly...

BJ's Wholesale Club / membership cashier

Sep 11, 2018

Horrible attitude given by the lady at the membership counter with the short white hair . Didn't greet me at all and acted like I was inconveniencing her by trying to renew membership. Bjs on Easton rd needs to evaluate their employees and talk to them about their horrible Attitudes have...

BJ's Wholesale Club / membership policy

Sep 07, 2018

Re: 339 Gateway Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11239 The last few times that I shopped at BJ's in Gateway, I was asked by one of the cashiers if she could borrow my membership card for one of the customers that did not have a card. I was caught by surprised and handed over my card without thinking. I...

BJ's Wholesale Club / accident on premises framingham ma june 21 2018

Sep 01, 2018

Prof. Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan Ph.D. Home : 56 B High Street Milford, MA 01757 Office : Longwood Medical Area Global Tel. (508) 983 4068 July 6th 2018 Mr. Ely Rochas BJ'S Whole Sale 26 Whittier Street Framingham, MA 01701 BY CERTIFIED MAIL Dear Mr. Rochas, Greetings. I have written...

BJ's Wholesale Club / diapers

Aug 30, 2018

I purchase BJs brand diapers one week of today 8/30/18 I found this strange thing one the diapers and I'm very upset I always purchase this diapers for my kids and now I'm worried to keep spending the money on them if they are going to have defected or put my child in danger. I would like...

BJ's Wholesale Club / nature sweet cherubs tomatoes

Aug 22, 2018

A number of the tomatoes that were in this package (1.5 lb) were moldy. I just bought them on Monday night and I found them moldy this morning after my fiancé nearly ingested one. As I went through the tomatoes that were in the package I noticed some of them at the bottom were even black. I...

BJ's Wholesale Club / ribeye steak

Aug 15, 2018

I purchased a pack of three ribeyes from the Harriman location on Sunday. When I opened them Sunday evening I found a pc of something blue in the meat while preparing to cook. I am not picky meat seemed ok so I continued to prepare. When we went to eat them for dinner they were horrible I...

BJ's Wholesale Club / unauthorized charges

Aug 14, 2018

I ordered a television from BJ's Wholesale Club on 8/13/2018 for a pick up order. I went after work to pick it up with my boss as the television would not fit in my car. I arrived and waited in line at customer service and when I got up to the desk the woman told me she could not proce...

BJ's Wholesale Club / cooking oil

Aug 13, 2018

Hello. My name is Priyanshi, I came to BJ's wholesale to purchase cooking oil and noticed it expired on June 16th of this year. I am very disappointed that this would happen. I am not worried about getting my money back as much as I am concerned about others being affected. I am worried...