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BJ's Wholesale Club - Over charging for membership

I have received notice that my membership is due. I paid to renew it on Nov 29 2019 it shows on my charge card No5358782022202972. Why am I being told that I owe already again? My name is Donna Edwards phone no is [protected]. Can you please tell me why? When I signed up it was for the new one in Clearwater Fla and I was told it would be for 18 months because the store was not opened yet . I did not get that period of time now 4 months later I'm being charged again

BJ's Wholesale Club - Customer service/ discrimination

3/14/2020 At 11am, I went to the BJs tire center in Fairlakes to have 2 propane tanks filled. I waited for 30 mins in line. An employee by the name of Ian asked what I needed and proceeded outside to...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - Membership

Hi. I renewed my membership with BJ's in November 15 th 2019

When I went back in December they did not find it. But the manager was kind enough to give me a day pass while they resolve the issue.
Went back in January yet no news.
They could not find it.
They said they were still trying.
Went back in February no news.
I then filed charge back with my Bank.
They reversed the charges.
Upon research they found the receipt where I had paid for the membership.
The bank is mailing it out to me.
In the meantime I have lost almost 5 months of membership.
I want BJ's to credit me 5 months of membership I have lost.
I called customer service. After holding 1/2 hr opted for call back.
Never happened.
I have called again I am on hold for past 1 and 1/2 hr.
Please help.


BJ's Wholesale Club - Propane service

On 3/10/2020, around 1PM I went to BJ's in Valley Stream, NY to refill a propane tank after filling up my cart with products and having my 2 year old child with me. I was told the propane "guy" wa...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - Wellsley Farms Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

This product is mislabeled, there are ingredients missing. My child developed an anaphylactic reaction to this food, despite not being allergic to anything listed on the label of this food. My son is severely allergic to Peanut and Sesame, these could kill him. We had to Epi-Pen him and go to the ER after taking 1 bite of this granola bar. The produce is mid-labeled and needs to be corrected so that this doesn't happen again to anyone else! Please call me so that this doesn't happen to another consumer. [protected]

BJ's Wholesale Club - Extensive hold times / Staff not knowledgeable

I placed an online order for 2 day delivery. I received an email from Customer Services that the payment via paypal was not authorized. I call the number provided and after holding for over 35 mins I...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - service complaint against india, supervisor at kearny location

I went to see about exchanging or returning PUR filters as they were not working. Each time to visit BJS I spend close to $300.00. I had 2 boxes of filters, one I bought and my son bought the other...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - tire service - tire rotation and balance

I went to BJs to get my tires rotated and balanced on Monday, January 13th and at about 1pm and after waiting for close to an hour, was told that they won't be able to perform any services and I...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - airline and car rental

When booking a trip on Hawaiian Airlines website, they offered combining my car into the same reservation as my flight. Little did I know that they would book us in an economy seat where you do not get to pick your seat ahead of time. With a party of 4 containing two small children with special needs, this was not going to work for a 6+ hour flight. After 4 hours or getting transferred between BJs Travel and Hawaiian Air they kept blaming the other and putting me on hold and hanging up. I finally got through to someone and told them to cancel everything and I'll never book with either company again. The website had broken link for almost everything I tried to go to. Reservations, contact us, they all were dead ends. Their call center is a joke. Save your self some time and stress and book else where.

BJ's Wholesale Club - coupons

I have been a member for several years and I am sick and tired of dealing with coupons. It's 2020, why are we clipping coupons like its the 1960's. Why can't sale items adjust price automatically...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - payment of check returned

In the past when I had a check not clear that I wrote to BJs I was able to pay on my account in the store. I went to the Warrington Pennsylvania store and tried to do this, only the 2nd time this happened, and they told me I cannot pay on my account that it would have to go to collections first?! This is absurd why should I have my credit get hurt when I wanted to pay before this would happen? Please rectify this or at least tell me how I can? Thank you!

BJ's Wholesale Club - associate cassandra very rude/ she don't need to be a upfront supervisor if her attitude like that

My name is Marivic Carson i was at BJ's club #15 new castle delaware on 12/24/[protected]@ 11:30 am buying a card and a flower for an old lady next door neighbor, after i check out i stop by on the front...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - wf organic butter and milk

From the past few weeks we are observing spoiled butter and milk. I also sent an email to bjs customer care to take necessary action immediately. I am a loyal customer from the past 4 years and after observing these bad things in so called Organic butter and milk l am so concerned. Could you please double check the quality of these products. I have thrown away all these two items whatever I bought recently.

Praveen Komira

BJ's Wholesale Club - bakery department

Ordered a 2 tier cake for a Surprise Birthday Party, I asked if they could do the invitation in edible ink/paper around the cake, no problem was the response, they were very helpful in having me...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - cancellation of an item that I was assured was processed after verifying charge

I placed an order online for a 65" Samsung QLED TV (order #[protected]) on 30 Nov 2019, which Harrison authorized the charge of $1348.00 on the same date, as he received a text alert notifying him of...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - excess sales tax charged on items

I bought 2 items 11/17/19, and both items had big credits for the items. One item cost $37 and had a $17 rebate and the other item cost $20 and had a $6 instant rebate. I was charged sales tax on the GROSS price, not the NET. I then had to return one of the lesser price items and was given credit on the NET cost of the item.
BJ's is the only club that does this. Sam's and Costco CHARGES SALES TAX ON THE NET OF THE ITEM. I called BJ's Customer Service to complain about the tax on the GROSS. I purposely didn't mention the return. Of course, the rep said "It's BJ's policy to charge this tax based on the state you buy it in..." "Really" I said, "then why was I only credit tax on the NET of the item when I returned one?" I guess the rep couldn't come up with a good answer so he offered me a $5 BJ's Gift Card that I accepted. So I'll spend my gift card when I get it, then cancel my membership in a very terrible club.

BJ's Wholesale Club - attempted credit card fraud not given permission to apply/pull credit

Let me first start by saying that my expierience at this BJ's Wholesale has really damaged my view of BJ's as a company all together. Recently I applied for a membership on November the 11th at...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - bakery

I am very disappointed in the 2 tier cake I bought for my grandsons baby naming. The decorations were like a 5 year old did it. I have purchased cakes from this BJs in the past and never had a...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - hershey’s miniatures big pack

Hi. I will keep it short because I already have wrote to hershey's company. I bought hershey's miniatures at the end of june in bj's wholesale at metropolitan ave. I went to poland and gave thi...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - instacart

I placed an online order with BJ's Wholesale Club and my order arrived at my friend's home, I stated and instructed that the order was to go to my address, well, they cancelled the order charged me a cancellation fee and deactivated my account. Then my bank calls and asks me if I had placed an order for groceries in San Francisco with a charge of $180 in groceries. I live in Florida...I'm done...

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