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Aspen Dental Management Complaints & Reviews

Aspen Dental Management / New patient experience

Regin StPierre Kovacs on Feb 21, 2017
Feb 25, 2016 #5956276 Regular Check-up and filling When I was briefed before my check-up by a business manager for Aspen Dental, I was leary. Someone had to pay his salary, and he wasn't a receptionist. When he presented the estimate, he included everything possible they could do for me, not...

Aspen Dental Management / Too late after your teeth are pulled to be told you haven't enough jaw bone for implants !!!!

Lin Wills on Feb 15, 2017
Hello, I need to let you know how the last few months have been for me. Back in December 2015 I went to the "Aspen" dental care and had several appointments over the next couple of weeks regarding just what we could do about my pretty ugly teeth. At that point I had both upper and lower...

Aspen Dental Management / Balance billing

unspokenrespect on Feb 1, 2017
The Aspen Dental office number is 1416 I had a tooth that needed to be pulled so on1/9/2017 decided to visit Aspen Dental because they are a in-network with my insurance company Amenities. I gave them my information and received an X-Ray of my teeth. After they accessed the damage I was told...

Aspen Dental Management / Dentures

Tammy Whyte on Jan 31, 2017
I am requesting an immediate refund to be able to get dentures elsewhere: 24 HR post op visit was Horrible and will be writing a letter to as many people I can to get money back. I went in today complaining I didn't have swelling and dentures didn't fit. Couple sore spots. This is my 3...

Aspen Dental Management / Over charges for unneeded procedures

etp on Jan 28, 2017
They will charge you for stuff not covered under your insurance plan and make you pay in advance to future dental procedures covered and not covered by dental insurance. Consider the complaints online as valid and pick your dentist by local reputation and not fancy signs on the front or...

Aspen Dental / My extraction

CeCe Patterson on Jan 23, 2017
On January 11, 2017 I went to the dentist for a fractured tooth that had been given me pain. I made sure I let the dentist know I was very nervous about the procedure. He assured me that he had gentle hands and I was in luck. Luck this man toretured me. I was told to raise my hand when I...

Aspen Dental / Closed class action lawsuit

privateyegirl on Jan 9, 2017
Hello, This is Nancy Leathers, the paralegal that worked on the class action lawsuit in 2011. I just wanted to post that the lawsuit was dismissed, appealed and dismissed again. We fought long and hard to get restitution for all the injured patients, both medically and financially, but the...

Aspen Dental Management / Rip off

940 on Jan 8, 2017
My dentures broke and I called right away to be seen and everytime I called they said they'd call me back. 3 weeks later when I'd used so much glue on my denture so I could have teeth in my mouth I finally got in to talk to someone only to be told that they couldn't repair them (150.00...

Aspen Dental Management / False diagnosis. Work being done that was not needed to make lots of money.

deb moon on Dec 29, 2016
We went to a dentist & took in a referral to aspen dental explaining what work was needed done on my husb teeth .three teeth on top to b removec, take out bridge on top & repkace with upper denture.remove two teeth on bottom &put in bridge .we left a hr later being told alllll his teeth...

Aspen Dental, Albany, NY / Charged for services without providing any services.

Popi Sen on Dec 1, 2016
I needed to have a second opinion about my dental work. I went to Aspen dental in their Central Ave., Albany, NY office. I was supposed to get a free consultation for the second opinion but later not only I got charged but they contacted a collection agency to get $128.00 for not providing...

Aspen Dental / Dentures / bill

Ted Johnson on Nov 16, 2016
went in to Aspen in march of 2016, made appointment too have 2 teeth pulled and a set of top dentures made...ok so here comes the amount.. had too pay $1200.00 upfront befor anything was done, than had too Finace $2000.00 and that covered everything from the removla of the teeth the...

Aspen Dental / Cleaning only

cookie1777 on Nov 3, 2016
Set appointment to have teeth cleaned. They gave me a free appointment to have x-rays. No cavities and overall good health and gums. Dentist said we really can't sell you a lot of care...a cleaning is all that is required. Please take a seat and the office manager will talk to you and...

Aspen Dental / Age discrimination

marshall95 on Sep 13, 2016
9/13/16 so i called aspen dental and was looking to spend my well earned money at this business. I am 20 about 2 months from 21 and i asked about partials and fillings and got my prices. Then this lady went on to say if i'm 21 i get a free 1st consultation and x-ray's and i told the lady i'm...

Aspen Dental / Consumer fraud / I danger patient.

Called to schedule emergency apt. I was promised since I was so ill and in such pain as well as vomiting I would be given antibiotics as well as help with the pain until we could figure out what needed to be done. ( which was likely a wisdom tooth extraction. I got to apt. In dire need of...

Aspen Dental / Unethical behaviour

Dennis Cotton on Jul 16, 2016
Was told there would not be a charge zero before service and after having my wife's teeth cleaned that the insurance paid 100% united health care. however my wife agreed to taking a fluoride mouth wash for $39.00 which we paid now we get a bill for $43.00 months later.

Aspen Dental / Dentures

Starrdog on Jul 5, 2016
my name is n duan knapp. I had called a two months ago. Your office stated that i could only complain on last treating doctor. Today i find and advise that my situation should go through your panel. Dr.M dickerson with aspen dental. I have tried obtaining my medical records with a...

Aspen Dental / Service lies and prices

PLCalhoun3055 on May 17, 2016
Well this office manager John is a liar and a hateful man especially to a woman but i stood in his face and told him he is a liar not whst he promised my husband and my son and they still are h aving problems tried to go to a different aspen thinking the payment arrangements goes to all of...

Aspen Dental / Teeth fillings

Courtney presnell on May 16, 2016
I went to have fillings done on Friday may 13th 2016 at the aspen dental office of Morristown! I was told these were the last ones to be done! After numbing I waited for at least 15 minutes or longer before they came back to start. This is all on my top front teeth! The dentist put wedge...

Aspen Dental / Customer care

Brittany Premick on May 5, 2016
I called the office in Tarentum, PA to have a copy of my X-rays printed. When I arrived at the office not only were my X-rays not printed, they refused to print them because they said it would take too much time, even though there was enough time to print the copies before closing. I told...

Aspen Dental / Dental work, dentures and personnel

Cox DL on Apr 30, 2016
I went to Aspen Dental to get a new partial and was told I needed to get all my teeth pulled and get upper and lower dentures. I followed the advise of the dentist and allowed the dentist to remove my teeth and got a temporary denture. I had to make multiple trips back to the dentist and...

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