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Aspen Dental Management Complaints & Reviews

Aspen Dental / lower denture implants

Lin Wills on Sep 18, 2017
In October 2015 I went to Aspen. I had partial plates top and lower. I had 6 upper natural teeth and 5 lower. These 11 teeth were ugly, yellow and rotting so I decided to have them pulled and have a whole new set of full beautiful white perfect dentures. The doctor told me that the lower...

Aspen Dental Management / appt.

rossieriver on Sep 16, 2017
i had a appt. at 800am sat. in watertown ny office nobody showed up at all waited till 930. i had to drive 80 miles round trip was not very happy im on a fixed income cant be makeing trip for nothing i think there should be some kind of discount . it was not my fault they dint show up...

Aspen Dental / gold crown

Muckmuck on Sep 14, 2017
A dentist ordered me a specific product as a cap on front tooth. Another dentist came along a deleted the first product and replaced it with another product. When presented with the product I stated that it did not look gold and was assured that it was. Upon arrival at the dentist, I wa...

Aspen Dental Management / communication/professionalism

Denina Dunn on Sep 12, 2017
Good afternoon! I had a scheduled appointment with the oral surgeon. It took awhile to get the appointment due to his schedule at the office. I had to miss work for my impacted wisdom tooth to be extracted. The oral surgeon recommended not to remove it due to it being next to a nerve that...

Aspen Dental Management / overall experience and have waited for a refund since aug 19th.

Jeanie Hayes on Sep 8, 2017
Was told I was to have a filling and an extraction on Aug 17th. Went in for the appt., paid up front and then was told by a different dentist that it was not safe to have both done. I had the filling, but not the extraction and have been trying to get the refund ever since. The Chillicothe...

Aspen Dental Management / dental work

Kelila on Sep 6, 2017
A class-action lawsuit accuses Aspen Dental, one of the nation’s largest corporate-dental chains, of illegally owning dental practices and of deceiving patients. Dollars and Dentists, our joint report with the Center for Public Integrity reported in June that Aspen Dental’s practice of...

Aspen Dental Management / dentures

Alice G Batrna on Sep 5, 2017
Two plus weeks ago I went to my Aspen Dental office with a lower denture for a repair. I have called twice and they are not ready.It took less time to make a full set. For two weeks I have limited eating ability with only two teeth in my lower jaw. THey only say they are back logged. It...

Aspen Dental / A partial I had them make

Marvin Doolittle on Aug 31, 2017
I have worn partials for fifty years they last a very very long time except the one Aspen Dental made for me just two years ago.Well the metal part broke I went to Aspen Dental in Sherman Texas who made it, they said oh well that's you problem.Run very quickly from them in my opinion they...

Aspen Dental Management / bad practice and product

dranne on Aug 31, 2017
My saga begins the day my 19 year old denture had a front tooth come apart from the denture. I wanted it repaired asap and my current dentist could not do anything quickly at that time. I began calling to see if I could get a dentist to work me in and repair it for the short term and work...

Aspen Dental Management / unethical behaviour from office manager

Jacquelyn Henderson on Aug 28, 2017
Hello I am Jacquelyn Henderson, my address is 401 north lake ave #311 in Sioux Falls SD. I have a complaint about Aspen dental located on 41st street in Sioux falls SD. On August 8th 2017 I had my first consultation appointment with an Office manager, Eric Rebnord. I do not have any dental...

Aspen Dental Management / upper dentures lower partial

Antrina Spidell-Phillips on Aug 24, 2017
I've been to Aspen Dental over 30 times this is the worst place I've ever had to go to for Dental Care. I recommended two people to go and I highly regret it. The first person I've recommended says she can't even wear her bottom denture, I can't wear my top or bottom partial because it...

Aspen Dental Management / tooth porcelain filling - no guarantee

Ernesto Gomez on Aug 24, 2017
On December 30, 2016, I had an appointment to get my tooth fill with porcelain, and now a piece of it is broken. I went back today {08-24-2017} to see if they can fix it without cost since my filling doesn't have a year, and they said that I have to pay for the fix. I think this is wrong...

Aspen Dental / "sold" substandard partials instead of $75 repair

ConnieShuler1 on Aug 22, 2017
Are year ago in March I went into the Peoria, AZ office for a $75 repair on upper partial. A tooth needed to be glued back in. Instead they talked me into a full set of upper and lower partial's at the tune of around $1500. They kept insisting my 7 YEAR old set was "temporary ". They tried...

Aspen Dental Management / unprofessional treatment to a pregnant woman

ArynKC on Aug 7, 2017
I had a horrible experience. The office was closed because of a water leak. However, my appointment was not cancelled. I'm pregnant and I made that very clear to everyone. I was told that my teeth could not be cleaned without x-rays. I was not told that on the phone when I made the...

Aspen Dental Management / dental hygienist amanda apple warsaw indiana

Phillip Milliser on Jul 29, 2017
Amanda Apple is a hygienist at the Warsaw Indiana office. She is very rude and unsympathetic wilh her patients. I understand her concerns for patients to have the best dental hygiene. But once she has told and recommended to the patient her view she proceeds to cram it down your throat...

Aspen Dental / partials and overall service

corine wilkes on Jul 24, 2017
8/23/16 I first went to aspen Dental in Milledgeville, ga, I agreed to and signed a contract for work and for partials (upper and lower) in the amount of $ 3, 510.70. Have not been satisfied with the upper temporary partial and could never wear them more than an hour because they were so...

Aspen Dental Management / after needed immediate stitches at aspen office...

K. Vega on Jul 18, 2017
I was getting a dental procedure when the dentist accidental drilled into my lip. Apparently, the assistant wasn't paying attention and didn't warn the dentist because the dentist freaked out and started disciplining the assistant. Meanwhile, I am bleeding and the dentist told the...

Aspen Dental Management / dental

Marya27 on Jul 11, 2017
I complained many times during my procedure of getting teeth each time they tried to fix them they just got worse . I paid $ 2200. for these teeth . They look like they came out of a Cracker Jack Box . I HAVE had partials that were almost full dentures made by a dentist in Louisiana they...

Aspen Dental Management / fraudulent behavior, overpayment,

Rhonda Pomerleau on Jun 16, 2017
On april 20, 2017 my daughter had an appointment for xrays etc. She had called the dentist office prior to get a price. The office told her that the price for what she was going to have done is 29.00 my daughter went to that appt. Upon leaving she went to pay her 29.00 and received a bill...

Aspen Dental / fluoride treatment

awhistleblower on Jun 8, 2017
I would like to know how Aspen Dental gets by, by adding fluoride treatment to a cleaning without the patients permission or explaining the cost prior to the cleaning. I talked to a patient about this episode and told him to complain to an office member that he did not request the fluoride...

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