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I do not have an account with amazon prime*!

I'm getting payment Taken From my account. I want it to stop! I have no account with them! What is this Prime*Amazon ? How Did they get my information? I haven't order from them in over 6mos! Are keeping information and storing it use unauthorized? I hope someone can tell me something and do something about this problem! ASAP !!!

Credit card fraud using amazon drive

I have been ripped off by amazon billwa for $1512 and want refund for this fraud charge.

amazon prime 43al9vzgnrd $119.00
amazon prime*q53sm4a43 1yc2rlfow03 $127.78
6-8-20 4s53wgh7mbk -$85.89
05/16/20*2m2pn8dd3 4pwaxwpzuya $16.07
04/17/20*dx8cj2td3 1gbd9he8yu2 $28.64
04/16/20*h15e15an3 1nybs6q0puc $52.33
4-8-20*ip8qw2hf3 21kqt3dk76e $54.47
4-7-20*li1ct15u3 57e5xwr24rs $27.89
4-3-20*ma4x65lw0 62dcvmimv7p $28.15
4-3-20*mz1eh4i72 1x9401rm59l $11.58
4-3-20*nz90a1va3 3zwfo6vmadq $85.89
4-3-20 amzn mktp us 1mc6rod6vc2 -$18.20
03/29/20 amzn mktp us 5gctqg02sj6 -$37.58
03/29/20 amzn mktp us*5o5e946h3 9clrp58zavx $0.20
03/29/20 amzn mktp us*7b9ad7a33 19jua0k788q $16.64
03/27/20 amzn mktp us*8b7sy0hc3 6xp24zlslra $104.89
03/16/20 amzn mktp us*ax3dl61u3 spb4kio3glx $27.91
3-8-20 amzn mktp us*gl7ni04p3 bo3cdytua2y $37.58
02/16/20 amzn mktp us*gr13k3fi3 3mgzmcoqi74 $28.98
2-8-20 amzn mktp us*hc67938o3 67vtn2bqp1e $8.04
01/13/20 amzn mktp us*m008d5j32 3dfeiahm2h2 $32.20
1-8-20 amzn mktp us*m016m83f1 6su94tssnfc $83.77
1-3-20 amzn mktp us*m65pn3j50 1puu1iivximiobarxqbh $32.20
12/26/19 amzn mktp us*ma05n3lh0 $9.02
12/17/19 amzn mktp us*ma16e06f0 2ufpcg6hu8r $21.84
12/17/19 amzn mktp us*ma7xu5351 kifabx5eu17 $18.40
12-8-19 amzn mktp us*ma86q46t0 2zha2x3xnzc $23.28
11/30/19 amzn mktp us*ma9dc9sl0 2jtbd1qn5fp $0.03
11/29/19 amzn mktp us*mh04l3ye0 1dmj6trimub $91.97
11/13/19 amzn mktp us*mo3i54o72 74m8cuo8jg0 $20.90
11/13/19 amzn mktp us*mo9kc0sr1 3u7y0q3y94f $11.80
11-11-19 amzn mktp us*mt3wd7h20 5mh7n08wvxy $35.99
11-10-19 amzn mktp us*nm8vl9is3 61neob970ik $18.20
11-8-19 amzn mktp us*ou0zi7z33 5m9sjvg3jgy $27.90
11-2-19 amzn mktp us*pb7y15tl3 3twu4294ifd $120.20
10/20/19 amzn mktp us*s05cg91l3 63uv58vaywu $13.87
10/17/19 amzn mktp us*tn1qa4ad3 7ke73r84wch $39.72
10-8-19 amzn mktp us*ub9pk1fh3 2vjsls7m0df $18.99
10-2-19 amzn mktp us*v81276nh3 5eypw4771sm $188.90
09/21/19 amzn mktp us*xg6lp9pb3 3bsvy19c7qe $16.07
09/20/19 amzn mktp us*xm9ry3q23 1tejym743qc $9.65
9-8-19 amzn mktp us*zg70045w3 6akrwz61czw $42.85

$1, 512.12 what is amazon doing to protect customers.

Charges on my debit card that was not explained

Barbara Gay [protected]

On 6/30/20 a charge in the amount of $5.89, $13.90, and$0 .41 cents was taken from my account.
also, on 6/29/20 a charge in the amout of: $19.98, 28.99, and 19.98 was taken from my account. I did place an order with amazon and the correct amount was charged. These charges are not on an invoice and not on my blaance when I placed my order.

Can someone explain these charges to me?

I did not authorize these charges and I want my accout refunded.

Diamond art

I purchased four diamond art kits on April 27, 2020. I have not received anything.
Invoice # c12719507538000.1
Transaction# 8SX55205TD594854A
I don't know what else to do to get this handled. This almost $40 worth of products.

Diamond art
Diamond art

Chest freezer

paid 300 to crescentworld thru amazon for a freezer to be delivered to my apt in houston tx. was tracking freezer continuously, within 1hr of its arrival i recieve an urgent text message from crescentworld, stating that freezer had been severley damaged, and that crescentworld was expediting a new one immediately and that id be recieving unit within 1 week. its well past said week, still no unit, i looked at reviews on amazon about this company, and there are many..all negative saying they never recieved unit or it was damaged very badly, amazon refuses to give my money back saying that since this unit contains a flammable gas they will not take it back, ive spoken with numerous companys that use the same type freon the freezer uses, they all say that it is not a flammable gas, and amazon refuses all correspondance on this amazon is refusing refund on item that was never delivered, then lyeing about their reason for no refund

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Creating a seller account

I'm Gulcan Kok. on May 3, 2020, I created my seller account. I was asked for additional documents and was told that my seller account would be suspended until I could provide them. These documents are a utility bill and a document to verify my Amazon-registered credit card. I've been sending these documents for 1.5 months and I get negative responses every time. I had non-English characters in my name and address in my documents, and there was no postcode in those documents. Yes, it may seem impossible to you, but there is a 90% chance that utility bills and other official documents in Turkey don't have a zip code. In our documents, dates are written in the form of days/months/years, as opposed to the format of date writing in the United States. I contacted the service provider to correct these three errors. Despite this, Amazon refuses the documents I sent. I know of course that it is not possible for the world's most valuable company to buy new sellers at any time, but Amazon did not say it would deactivate my account while charging me the amount of $47.19. I can't find any real people representing Amazon to be interlocutors. I have to tell Jeff's stupid robots that my documents are authentic, that the information I provide is real, and that doesn't seem possible. If my seller account won't be reactivated, Why didn't Amazon tell me that at first and collect payments from me? In a stressful 1.5 months of trying to get Amazon to accept my documents, no one explained it to me. They didn't say any real reason why my documents were rejected. That's why I'm writing this complaint about Amazon. Amazon has 10 unhappy sellers versus one happy customer, and even more unhappy seller candidates. Let Amazon know that it is not sustainable to make its sellers, who are business partners, so unhappy. I request that my documents be reviewed and my seller account reactivated.

Not proposing lower priced item during search and the recommending it after the sale was completed

Every time you purchase a durable consumer item on amazon (sandals, foot massagers, etc) within 24 hours you receive an e-mail from amazon asking you to buy more of the same based on your (most recent) purchase history.
For a leading tech firm it is quite bemusing to see how very primary the algorithm must be that it generates a mail asking you to buy that which you just did and probably received within the previous 24 hours, which you have barely used and which surely has not worn out to need replacement.
A recent order gave a different experience.
After the purchase of a rain jacket, and within 24 hours amazon sent a mail proposing a similar item (similar functionality and is $17 less expensive).
Curiously, this item was not proposed during the search that led to the purchase even after setting the filter to rank products from low price to high price.
An attempt to cancel the order received an e-mail response immediately saying it was too late and the only option was to return the item and purchase the lower priced one.
Two questions about the technology:
1. Why was the less expensive item not proposed during the original search?
2. Why was the lower priced item proposed in the immediate aftermath of placing the order?
It may be better to search, place an order and cancel it to await a lower priced proposal before finally concluding the transaction.
In engaging a chat session with customer service at amazon, this problem got escalated three levels before the person hid behind bureaucracy and rules instead of customer satisfaction. Amazon knows it is less expensive for them to make a gesture and credit the card or the account with the full or partial difference in the two prices. But bureaucracy rules and prefers to incur a bigger material cost by asking to return and re-purchase with zero explanation to the customer or satisfaction for the customer. Every start up reaches the point where they get so big that they resort to bureaucracy.

Creating a seller account

This is Neriman Yunuslar. I created my seller account on March 19 and it was suspended as soon as it was opened. I understand Amazon wants to verify my identity. I gave them my national ID card to do that. They wanted to verify my address information and I provided them with my home phone service bill. As proof of address tr I provided an address document called "place of residence" from the website (government-owned website). I also showed them how they can verify all these documents from government-owned websites. My store is called Dolphinsstore. Email address of my seller account [protected] have Amazon officials check and see what documents they find wrong. I've been trying for 1 and a half months! I am a member of the vast Amazon vendor community, and the account of those who created the seller account was reactivated much later than me. And his documents were the same as mine. I'm waiting for an explanation from Amazon officials! I am still waiting while the seller account of dozens of people who created the seller account after me is reactivated. Applications could be automatically controlled by artificial intelligence software. So why am I 1 and a half months of effort because of the errors of this artificial intelligence software! Why doesn't a real person stoop and check my submissions? Your artificial intelligence software is problematic and I don't have to pay for it by spending 1 and a half months! If I even buy a two-cent product and I want to return it, a real person will respond immediately to my refund request, but why won't anyone respond to a new seller's application that will please many Amazon customers? Have Amazon reactivate my account immediately or else I will also complain about Amazon on websites where other consumer complaints are published!

Unauthorized credit card charges

I am being charged for some time now and I don't upstanders. One week it's $12.99 and the following week $6.99. I have written Amazon to find out what's going on with money being taken out of my account. I have checked with the Prime to make sure that It was canceled. It has been canceled. But I'm still being charged. ( Amazon Prin=me ) Please stop this payment from coming out of my account. Thank you.

Unauthorized credit card charges


Hi there..i received an email to my account [protected] from amazon saying that someone has hacked my account and has changed my email address. Strangely none of your contact numbers work. Can someone please contact me and please get this sorted as I can no longer access my account. it would be great if someone contacted about the login issue


No refund received

ORDER # [protected]
Order Details Invoice

May 26, 2020
Eileen Whitney
tails Invoice
Return complete
Your return is complete. Your refund has been issued. When will I get my refund?

Vionic Canoe Dennis Toe-Post Sandal - Men's Leather Flip-Flop with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Brown 11 M US
Sold by: Orthotic Shop
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Final Details for Order #[protected]
Print this page for your records.

Order Placed: May 26, 2020 order number: [protected]
Order Total: $99.95

Shipped on May 27, 2020

Items Ordered Price
1 of: Vionic Canoe Dennis Toe-Post Sandal - Men's Leather Flip-Flop with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Brown 11 M US
Sold by: Orthotic Shop (seller profile)

Condition: New

Shipping Address:
Eileen Whitney
NEWBURY, MA [protected]
United States

Shipping Speed:
One-Day Shipping

Payment information
Item(s) Subtotal: $99.95
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Total before tax: $99.95
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Grand Total: $99.95
Payment Method:
Debit Card | Last digits: 9360

Billing address
Eileen Whitney
NEWBURY, MA [protected]
United States

  • Updated by Eileen Whitney · Jun 22, 2020

    I have attempted to contact Amazon innumerable times regarding this refund. Original order was place in May. Their feedback states that the refund has gone through, but even as of today, June 22, 2020 it is still listed as a debit and no credit has been issued.

  • Updated by Eileen Whitney · Jun 22, 2020

    Very disappointed with lack of reimbursement.

Creating a seller account

On 1 April 2020 I created a seller account on it and that account was suspended on the same day. My storefont link: I was asked for a utility bill as an additional document. Since April 1, I have sent the documents they have requested from me, but my seller account is still deactivated. My documents are authentic and unaltered. My credit card selected in charge methods is valid and chargeable. Despite this, Amazon refuses my documents. My seller account is registered in the professional selling plan but I have not been able to take benefit of any features of this plan because my seller account is deactivated and I cannot sell. I knew that if I reduced my selling plan to individual, the cases I created would not be prioritized, and therefore I paid for the professional selling plan for two months. I created a claim to refund those fees I paid but Amazon didn't make that refund. I request that the fees I paid to Amazon be refunded immediately and that my seller account be reactivated.

Mercedes - customer service

I called yesterday about an auto order of an item I never remember doing. When I reached Amazon customer service I feel that the way they are verifying a customer is not efficient I need to repeat my information 3 times before they can find me. The first agent was able to cancel the auto order on my account, I am also asking about the pending item for delivery and wanted that to be returned and refunded to my card. I was transferred to Mercedes and telling me to call again the next day to cancel the order. I am so surprised that she cannot give a one time resolution with my case and wants me to call again - I ask her why do I need me to call again - the experience of finding me in your system that took a while and verifying me was painful enough and I am being instructed to do it all over again. I told her as I was able to get an agent on the phone, is there a possibility of a one time resolution for this? She is explaining to me the whole amazon process for shipping and delivering to me as a customer doesn't want to hear that I just want to hear the resolution- I am expecting the same experience as on Amazon account website FastEasy and seamless. And she is very confrontational and doesn't even care if she is providing good customer service, as if she has a mission to read to me a script that is very unnecessary for my problem just a waste of time. I am very disappointed that the service i have on the website and customer service is totally on opposite sides- Your customer service needs to up their game anyways they are representing Amazon a brand known for fast easy and seamless service but not on customer experience and service.

A charge I did not authorize

On may 12, 2020, I was charged $5.84 foramzn mktp us*mc3110q02,
I don't know what this is! Please review this charge and remove it from my
American express card. This is the second time I have been charged for
Someething I did not order. This needs to stopl
What more can I say, except I don't want to continue going throuh this
Every month, with amazon.
Thank you for your immediate attention.

Gloria kenneybrew

Order # [protected]

I do not know what this is or who ordered it. Please advise next step. M70JJ3PZ2.

I also have what looks like a reoccuring charge of $3.20 on this statement. I have not ordered anything that would incur this charge. M74QP5G30.

Please corrects these. Any more bogus charges will be eported to BBB. Iwill also cancel this card.

Monthly charge of $14.12 for unknown item or service

In November or perhaps Decembwe 2019, I ordered a Sony CD player/radio/cassete player. It was delivered in due time and has worked well ever since.

-However a monthly charge of 14.12 began appearing on my bill each month. I have no knowledge of what this charge is for. It would appear that I am being charged for Amazon Prime, but I did not order it and do not want it.

Please eliminate this monthly charge.

Did not receive order

I have ordered several diamond paintings from these people on May 12th and Have not heard a word or got a tracking number. May 12, 2020 09:37:12 PDT
Transaction ID: 8DA94889K0800540J I would like to have these for they are Christmas presents. Not a way to run a business.
I have looked into other complaints they say the same thing order the item and they do not receive the.
Please look into this for me.
Thank you

Air bed warranty

I ordered an Englander air mattress from Amazon with a 5 year warranty. A little over 2 months ago a seam ruptured and there is now a large hump in the center. The web site for Englander says to contact the vendor for warranty replacement. Amazon then stated I had to return the defective item for a refund, then re-order it from them, it was in stock. This is unacceptable, because it is not only stupid, it is unnecessary. Returning such a heavy item is expensive, and will cost me time and money. The exchange should not cost me anything. I had a different brand air bed blow out years ago, and the company had me send photos of the damage, and they sent me a new bed. Amazon should do this. They have no use for a damaged air bed, and it is simple to prove with a photo. This is a ploy to dissuade warranty replacements. They should send me a prepaid label to return, refund my money, or replace the bed.

Air bed warranty

Soroling personal 30 pcs filter masks.

I placed the order # [protected] on April 26/20 $31.97. It was supposed to arrive on May 2/2020. When I tracked the order the first time was late, later it says it was lost. On May 19/2020 I asked for a refund, but the only option they had was, "your refund will be processed when we received your item sold by services LLC". How can I send it back, if I never got it? Now, when I try to do something about this item the page says, can not find it. The item doesn't exist anymore. Based on the pandemic, it is impossible to talk to somebody on the phone or by email, there is no way. I need my money back.

Two charges for same amount within a day of each other.

I noticed this charge was made on 5/12. Since the billing cycle ends 6/14, I will not see that statement until after tomorrow, but I don't want this to keep occurring.

05/12 Amazon Prime*MC0AD38X0 WA 14.12
Order Number D01-[protected]

05/15 Amazon Prime*MC1GX9WA0 WA 14.12
Order Number D01-[protected]

These are the charges in question. I'm noticing this is happening every month!! Please review and refund the double charge. Thank you!

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