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seller confirmed my account. but it did not activate my account. then he suspended again

I opened my merchant account in December 2019. My account was suspended immediately after it wa...

unethical behaviour

Dear Seller Performance Team Thank you for reviewing my account. I am responding to my recent suspension...

Amazon marketplace

$142.45 was charged by Amzn Mktp Us Yo7F149S3 to my account. I need an immediate refund. I have not purchased anything for this amount and need whatever this is cancelled and refunded asap. My billing info needs to be deleted as well as my contact information. Please respond asap. I see alot of complaint from about thus this charge from others and is very concerning.

  • Updated by Sherieka Williams · Apr 06, 2020

    Charge by Amzn Mktp Us Yo7F149S3 for 142.45 was charged to my account.. Never heard of this. And did not purchase anything of this amount. I need this refunded immediately. And any occurring charges that my take place to be cancelled. Also my billing and personal information needs to be discarded.

Account Cancellation by Amazon

My Amazon account has been cancelled abruptly for no reason. I was in the middle of watching a Prime (TV) series, when my internet suddenly went out. When I tried to access the series again, I was told there was a problem with verifying my account.

I went through the address verification process. The next day, I was sent an email telling me my account has been cancelled and pending orders are also cancelled, allegedly due to a gift card violation. I used one Amazon Gift Card issued to me by, a site allowing me to take government surveys and receive such bonuses.

I also made quite a few orders, where my debit card was charged (approximately $60) for two separate orders. I am now told these may not arrive. I tried to call the Amazon Customer Service, but was told they are not taking any calls at this time due to the latest virus. I subsequently sent an email to Amazon and have not heard back.

I need to know where my items are that I have paid for. I need to know if Amazon will charge me for Prime (my trial) at the end of the month if I cannot get on the site to cancel, if I choose to. I need to know if/when my items will arrive, and if not, if I will be reimbursed for such items.

The items I have ordered were ordered through Amazon because I cannot leave my home at this time and was told it was the best way to order these necessary items.

Please let me know when this complaint is received and lodged.

Jeffrey Johnson
(Account under J L Johnson - email - [protected]

COVID-19 Sick, leave.

I been working for amazon for almost 4 years today, I was said I was terminated due to not putting in request for leave on the A to Z as assumed it would assume during the month of the leave till the April 30, this was a on-going thing that was happening, I even contacted ERC, about trying to get appeal, and no one answers, Keep getting robots and options when I need to speak to a real person, I been trying and this should not be a terminated offense during or till after April 30 I even was told I needed a drivers note to even get to work during these times, which I never got, I need to talk to someone asap, contact me at [protected]


I have a $13.90 charge on my credit card but do not have a record of this purchase which I am assuming is a book.

recurring charge

As per my Vistar CU bank statement for March 2020
Prime *156
Prime *156BP WA US
**** **** **** 8169 $13.09
James Claytor
Please refund any and all past to present charges this is clearly Fraud.

I was charged for a yearly Amazon Prime Subscription on 3/31.

I tried to call today, but the voicemail for Amazon states there are no employees answering the phone and there was no promise of this changing anytime soon. I hope this reaches someone who can help. On 3/31 was charged for a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime but did not see a notification email or alert that this was going to occur and it caused my checking account to be over drawn. The charge was $128.37 for the next 12 months for Amazon Prime, I presume.

This made me look closer at my charges and I found that I am also being charged like this once a year and then additionally in 2019, paid the yearly charge of $ $119.00, Plus $14.01 /month for 12 months, equalling $ 168.12. In 2018, paid $ 99.00 for the yearly charge then the monthly charge of $12.99/month equalling $155.88. I am being charged double for my account with you. I Began looking back over the years and found that this has been going on for the years of 2020 through March, 2019, 2018, And begun in 2017.

My contact information is: [protected]

So, I want to be reimbursed for the double payments of $ 155.88 from 2018, Plus $ 168.12 from 2019, Plus $ 56.04 for the first 4 months of 2020. This totals a reimbursement of $ 380.04. Please Stop the monthly charges immediately and Keep the Once a Year Billing at the End of March. Please send 3 notices Reminding me of the Upcoming Billing. One, is not sufficient, as it may get lost in the mail.

Recurring charge

There is a recurring charge from Amazon to my credit account for $ 14.06 beginning Feb. that I know nothing about.
I suppose this is Amazon Prime but I have never joined this. Would you please stop billing to my credit account about this?
My bank gave me a credit of $14.06 on file of dispute last month. But I am in same situation on this month.
I would be appreciated if you could handle this problem ASAP.
My E-mail address is [protected] Thank you.

Change of email

I received notification via email that my email was changed to another. I did not make this change so I...

I did not make this charge of $ 20.48. Please cancel my card completely. Shut it down. You can have the points. I don't what this card anymore. This world has gone mad.

[protected] wrong charge. 353.99

I was not order anything 03-18-2020 But you was charge $353.99
Please check my order that if you are mistake 353.99 refund for me
and sand to email. kanda.[protected] Phone [protected]
Also my account is ID kanda.[protected] but invalid.
check for me .

unauthorized payments

I paid twice for prime membership.

I bought a new pc and had to give up my original email address ([protected]
And I couldn't figure out how to get prime transferred to my new email. (I'm 80)
so I opted to just buy a second membership under my new email address ([protected]
On both memberships I had elected to pay ONCE A YEAR.

I received the attached letter from "The Amazon Prime Team" where they (?) acknowledge that I have a membership and I renew yearly. They also say they will return one of my charges of $14. And that was back in October - November. Needless to say, I have not seen even one credit of $14 on visa. And now that 14 dollars is multiplying monthly and I would like someone to look at this and try to fix this problem.

Thank you in advance,
Joyce wiesman

Amazon Prime driver

on Saturday, 28-March 2020 (about 15:45), A Amazon Prime Delivery vehicle was parked on Galicia Drive, Phoenixville. The driver was in the vehicle (which was parked in the middle of the road) and I pulled up behind him. At this point, he exited the vehicle and proceeded to walk up the driveway of 43 Galicia Drive. When he came back to his vehicle, I asked him if there was something wrong with the driveway to which he replied ' you can wait'. I didn't get his plate number, but rest assured, If I see him again I will and make a complaint to the Police department.

Amazon is charging me & 14.12 for PRIME.....I AM NOT A PRIME MEMBER

my card bill show a $14.12 charge for Prime... I'm not a Prime member!
Amazon has been charging my card $14.12 each month...I am not a Prime member...SO IN AN EFFORT TO GET SOMEONES ATTENTION I'M WRITING AS MUCH AS I CAN...NO I AM NOT A PRIME MEMBER,

A charge on my TJX card was from Amazon

On 3/19 a charge of $22.12 was made on my TJX credit card

purchase 0n 3/19 5543286EZ5V55MH8W


I have not used my TJX card in months and would not use for a amazon purchase, do not know what this item is

Customer Service at amazon scammed $600.00 from me

I tried buying a $2600.00 drone yuneek tornado H290. I had a little trouble with the purchase so i called amazon customer service to find out why the was pending with fedex. A guy said his name was Ben Griffin told me i had to go buy 2 $200.00 ebay gift cards so i did gave him the numbers off the back, then he told me i had to go buy 1 more gift card for $200.00, which i did, then he told me i had to go buy another. I told him this is a scam isnt it, he then hung up on me. For the next 2 days i called amazon customer service back and nothing was said they hung up on me. Thats been happening everytime i call.

One Month Delivery Delay!!!!

When I order the page says that the order will be delivered the next day because I have Prime membership. Then when I later check the order status I am told that the order delivery will be in late April. This is totally unsatisfactory and has caused me to cancel two orders already. What is wrong with the system?

Amazon has failed to deliver

I'm a disabled senior who has relied on Amazon to deliver the goods I order in accordance with the terms of my Prime membership (over ten years).

I now find that what I need, what I have relied on them to deliver are not available. I realize that there is a crisis and expect some delay. But, orders have been placed ... subsequently delayed and ultimately cancelled.

I find myself in dire straits. I have contacted Jeff Bezos as well as customer service with regard to my situation and, as yet, no response.

In light of the banning of price-gouging, I wonder how many new customers subscribed to Prime. Consider the profit Amazon has realized as a result, must be enormous!

While I, a dedicated, loyal customer living on a stipend, has been left to fend for myself. Where is the loyalty? Where is the compassion?

I'm sorry, I'm all for free enterprise but there is something more important at stake here ... fair and honorable business practices.

In view of the many concessions made to the disabled/elderly, Amazon has failed to address my issues, despite our existing contract. I need help ...

I did not order the product

amazon P76390xg3 please stop charging my account $14.14 i did not ask for no repeat order the date of the charge 02/20 therefor im asking for a refund