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Order #1150

Order #1150 Order was delivered to an address in Johnson City instead of my address. I never got my order. My address was correct on the invoice, but the item was sent to the wrong address. It was delivered to 244 Ford Creek RD, Johnson City, TN 37615; my address is 7910 Vandever Rd, Crossville, TN 38572. The item was an electric scooter, purchased for $109.00.

Order #1150

shopify capital

Shopify acts worst than the mafia. They shake small businesses down for predatory fees after pushing predatory loans onto small business owners with deceptive terms.

When the small business owner falls behind on the loan shopify capital does not negotiate. It threatens the small business owner and locks their store which blocks their ability to see and service their orders. Ultimately destroying the business.

Shopify Capital, owned and operated by Shopify, is attempting to destroy my business. They have blocked me from seeing my own orders and instead of working with me to settle the balance - they have continued to threaten to destroy my fledgling business by forcing me to abandon orders placed.

If you are reading this please let this be a warning to you.

Avoid doing business with Shopify.

They turn real nasty real quick and can destroy your business If you're not careful. They have hijacked my business.

tractor with multiple attachments /10 drawer workbench

Order #1201 denydesigns facebook ordered on 11/29/2019 payed by credit card to Shopfiy for total of $539.75 USD, Have heard nothing from them Web site will not answer what is the problem? were is my Merchandise Tractor with Multible Attachments / 10 Drawer work Bench / Bold 3.0 series 12 pc set of Cabinets, or return the money I paid to Shopfiy Kenneth Miller [protected]

luxury magnetic flip phone case

I ordered and paid for this item on 6 October 2019. Since then the only feedback is an email replying to our queries is na email with tracking number. The product shows driver pickup in China and that is it. Luxomob is a scam and fraudulent. They accept orders and purchases without any intention of fulfilling!
Luxomob operates on the Shopify platform!

  • Gr
    GRLondon Nov 21, 2019

    I have the same problem. I ordered the product 3 weeks ago with a 5 day dispatch. No product received and they have not answered 2 email chasers. No telephone contact number either! Be wary if you are ordering from this company.

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no order shipped or received.

I saw an advertisement on Facebook which directed my to a shopify company named opkvpvnipjrr. I activated my account and proceeded to purchase an electric Scooter 2 seat vehicle. I received my confirmation of order number #1032 on the 29th of September 2019. Since then I have received no shipping information despite several emails to [protected] (email provided for queries. In addition to this when I click on the link 'view your order' or Visit our store it says "Oops, something went wrong" and "This shop is unavailable".
So I fear that I have been scammed out of R2700/ 179 USD and would really appreciate Shopify looking into the matter and possibly refunding my money OR confirming that my order is on the way and provide me with the shipping information and how to track my order.

no order shipped or received.


Unethical Behavior,
I've ordered some earpods from this site:
on the 1st of October (ORDER #18856)
It's been 2 weeks and noone is answering my multiple emails as to whether or not I will receive my package.

I dont exactly want a refund just yet, I'd prefer someone contact me ASAP about the status of my order and how soon the situation can be resolved.

I had an issue with my order process.

I have never received such unprofessional customer service ! When I reached out for help with my order, "Irene" specifically responded with we are now on holidays and won't be able to respond to your enquires till further notice. Which I thought was pathetic as their customer support care CLEARLY signifies its 24/7 ! After 4 emails of trying to get in touch with the "so called 24/7 support care" they responded to me on the 6th day after I put in a complaint to help with the process of my order. Which I then later received after the long weekend. Which is besides the point because they are still in denial as to their 24/7 support which I didn't receive what so ever.

multiple sites

Please turn your attention on Facebook newsfeed and the marketplace as there are multiple scam sites operating using your platform. You will see various buildings for sale at low prices that are written in big numbers. I was scammed by one of them last week. Since then I have been researching these sites and notice things in common
They call it hot or have little fire emblems
The website at top of listing always begins with "by" with a combo of letters and numbers
You always get redirected to another site and there is usually another site mentioned at bottom of the ad
Never a contact number and site looks fishy with a lot of same formats
Attaching a few examples. Mary Spano Cody

multiple sites
multiple sites
multiple sites
multiple sites

non delivery of product

Ordered a drone over a month and a half ago, money's gone and no drone! When contacted shopify was told they can't and won't help because thats how they make there money shopify does nothing more than protect con ARTISTS and thieves from the people they screwed shopify IS THE PROBLEM BUYER BEWARE!!!
Shopify self admits it protects the stores from the consumer AVOID SHOPIFY STORES AT ALL COSTS!!!

Shopify Accountservice

i make a shop on Shopify, but when i am attach my credit card with shopify suddenly my account is going to Block, even i am telling you i am also run Multiple Shops on Shopify, then i am Complaint on Shopify Live chat support, after that a person with name of Gabe connecting me and said its not open again without telling any reason, then i am telling my stakes to connect with shop, i am going to attach a File to clear see the conversion between us.


nfl jersey

I have ordered a NFL jersey for £50 and tried to contact them via e mail (as they have no phone number listed) to change the size. I received no response after three attempts, so...


Dear Sir, I have booked watches from and paid Rs. 1298, but i recieved wrong product and also without needle in one watch. And there was no invoice and bill I...

cannot add another admin person to the account

Dear Shopify
I hired my son, [removed], to start our shopify store called [removed] two months ago.

He has tried to add me as an admin person so that I could go in and see the site before we launched it to make changes. He was told by your support team that we first had to launch it, which we did. Yet he still couldn't add me as an administrator to the site.

My son has spent countless hours on the phone with your support people who seem to be based in India and are not easy to understand.

He even signed up for a private IT support person for our account. That person promised to email me a login page on 13 July, to my email [removed], yet that has still not happened.

We have wasted so much time and now we can't even launch the site to the public as I am the person who paid for the site and cannot have access to it. Now it seems we have to abandon everything at Shopify and start from scratch with another company which I find completely unacceptable. This has been two months of wasted time and effort, not to mention money, when all it would take is for someone to send me a link so that my son and I can both make changes to the site.

In addition, I have a business partner who gave me a deadline and is ready to abandon our entire project since I haven't been able to produce results on time. Using Shopify has turned into a disaster from every perspective. Can't someone help us once and for all?

Please advise urgently the way forward. None of the categories apply on your "Select Category" section. They don't have anything to do with Shopify!!!

Thank you

order #2818; healithop on [protected]

563058 I ordered Romantic House - Outdoor Transparent Tent × 1 from healithop on [protected] I did not receive the product from China. 40 days later I tried to...

think ink pen

563058 Hello. My name is [removed]. I recently purchased a Think Ink Pen from They claim to ship in 24 hours. It has been 5 days and I have received...

will not pursue sellers to issue refunds

No order, no refund. Made an order, haven't received it. Emails and dms completely unanswered by the seller. Approached shopify to help, they pretended to be bothered in the first email, but washed their hands, in short told me it's not their problem. They make shopping on ebay look like harrods. I have never had a good shopify experience. Will never do it again. Avoid your money is at risk.

# sp85740 order number

563058 Upon ordering one scarf my order was changed from one scarf to several, so I immediately canceled my order within minutes. My order came to over $100 dollars! I immediately...

mint and vintage - (all things nice) - green planted printed cushion covers

On Friday 5th of October I purchased 3 x Green Planted Printed Cushion Covers from for $59.97.

The payment was taken from my Visa at 6.58pm on this day and went to sp * ALL THINGS NICE.

I am yet to receive the 3 cushions.
The site says its currently unavailable and will be back soon.
I have not received any email from them confirming my purchase.

I have no way following this up and would like a refund or the goods as soon as possible.

Can you please pass my details on the necessary shop as soon as possible.

Samantha Wright

multi-colour touch moon

Hi there,

I'm trying to reach a shop but they have refused to respond to me after an order I made on September 10. I have received no confirmation no nothing for them. I have asked for a refund twice and still no reply. It's from a shop run off your platform and I'm not sure where else to get help, or at least get assistance with this store! Free spirited shop is the name

product not received

I placed an order with Imperishable Clothing Co on July 4, 2018 in the amount of $70 USD. I contacted the store by email on July 23 to follow up on my order, which was not received. I then texted the owner of the store on Instagram on Tuesday August 6 after discovering that the website was disabled (she is a Young Living member and puts her text on her profile to recruit more members @_nicholeriley). I have screenshots of my receipt, canadian transaction amount of $94.14, my text messages to her and have not received a response. I requested to know the status of my order or a refund. The website is down and I would like to dispute the charge given that I have not received the item.

samsung magnetic adsorption case with tempered glass × 1 by gadgets catalog

The product is totally different from what they advertised! I was charged US$29.99 for what was delivered, an item which can be bought off the shelves for US$5.
This item is meant to be a gift and after a long wait, the product is a totally different one! I have attached pictures of what was delivered and what was actually advertised.
Please advise the next course of actions.

samsung magnetic adsorption case with tempered glass × 1 by gadgets catalog
samsung magnetic adsorption case with tempered glass × 1 by gadgets catalog

fomo clothing

Good afternoon

I purchased some clothing on 18/03/2018 from FOMO (Its the fear of missing out) and they have taken my payment but I haven't received any correspondence back from them or my actual items. The company operate on instagram and it seems like they are legit but now I am worried they aren't due to a lack of items and replies from the email. Their email is [protected] and my order number is 16952

Please could you help me gain contact or a refund? Don't mark this as a complaint to yourselves but as a complaint about the company.

Thanks J Wardley

  • Da
    danikuuh May 15, 2018

    Hey Jessica,

    So you'll have to go through your bank to get a refund as they people don't actually exist. You can just call whatever your bank's fraud centre phone number is and they can submit a claim for you, and you should get your money back soon.

    Hope this helps! - D

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my online store closed for no reason after 2 months

I got my online shop registered with shopify and paid for their fee for 2 months. Along with that i paid them and got one domain in the name of my registered business in UK. Spent more than 600 GBP to gain traffic for my online shop and after getting my first order; shopify closed my store. I contacted shopify support and they keep on replying with system generated email, claiming that my shop was presenting 'THREAT'. when i asked for the elaboration the support again replied with a default email that they can't disclose for security reason.

worst customer service!

I had the worst consumer service with Michael L.from Shopify!

It was so bad that I spent time writing a complaint to the BBB. He did not help me even after I asked three times to escalate my issue to a manager/CFO/billing department so I can make an adjustment to billing card to another card. He would not help and started to blame me several times saying I was negligence and should have taken care of it months ago. He came off as a sexist and unprofessional customer service representative.

I have worked in customer service and I have dealt with customer service departments and billings departments but his unprofessional attitude and lack of help even after I repeatedly asked for someone else to help me is just unbelievable!

I highly do not recommend them due to unprofessional service!I don't know if it is some kind of blaming tactic to discourage customers from seeking help but this is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had.

worst customer service!


Can not get a reply from seller or tracking # for my order from Just Ship Me. Order for Christmas gift. E-mail seller several times after payment was made. Seller has made no...

premium tips from premium gadgets

I have a complaint about a scam business represented on Shopify. The company at has proven to be a scam. They take orders, take your money, and then do not ship your merchandise. There is no contact information on their website and if your are lucky enough to receive an email from them that you can respond to, they do not reply to your emails. I ordered premium cake decorating tips on October 18 (order number 5398). They say the order was fulfilled on October 25 but I never received them. In researching them I have found many, many people who have the same problem. There is even a facebook page dedicated to stopping them and helping those who have been ripped off. I am complaining to you because I feel it has a deleterious effect on your reputation. Though I previously thought of you as a trusted shopping source, I will certainly be wary of companies represented on Shopify from now on . . . If I even use it at all . . . and I believe others will feel the same way. I have ordered tips now from Amazon so I would like a refund.

  • An
    Annparc26 May 02, 2018

    Wish I looked this up sooner. I ordered through Overstockeditems. My Shopify. Com and I waited one month for my order to “ship” and it’s now been 2 months and I haven’t received anything. I emailed twice with no response and there is no contact information nor is there a legitimate Facebook page even though there is a link. It doesn’t exist. Very upset. From here on out I will never order anything online without checking first. Lessons learned.

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied_1 May 13, 2018

    Same here as the two above. "123cheapstore" took my money ($126 AUS) sent an email saying so, and I received nothing else. Emailed the seller twice with no response; contacted Shopify only to be told told to wait a month; and now, after a month Shopify has up the following page - " is currently unavailable", with the added irony of "If you're the owner of this store please sign in to resolve the issue, or contact support". (Highly unlikely.)
    ... And in order to complain to Shopify I must register an account with them just to add insult to injury.
    I am totally dissatisfied, and will neither shop through any organisation affiliated with them again or recommend them to anyone else.
    I suppose for all who read this it is already too late.
    ... And even to post this I must register!

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never received product

563058 I ordered from and paid for the product, never received. Phone number disconnected, sent multiple emails, sent messages via facebook, no response. They sent...

ecommerce site not working

#132918 Our new B2B ECommerce site is not working. We are using Shopify and Payfort. Shopify says the issue is with Payfort, Payfort says the issue is with Shopify. Neither can...

shopify business team closed my store

I had i shopifu e-commerce which is and i couldnt pay shopify monthly fee because of my credit card limis was full. So i paid $110 dolar after that...

never received order


I have attempted to contact the store I ordered from and have not received a response. They charged my account and nothing was ever sent. I have 3 emails in a matter of 2 weeks and no response. Please advise why I am able to do since I didn't receive the product and money was deducted from my account. There is no other way of contacting the seller and this is extremely frustrating

Item not received

i bought two camera 360 on 28 of June and until now i havnt recieve yet and everytime email then saying sorry for delay we will ship it soon and i ask money back they not going...

Defective product wont be replaced under warranty

Http:// policy I420 llc I420 is a leader in providing the highest quality vaporizers in the industry. All of our loose leaf vaporizers use medical grade... — Be aware that the website can block the tools

I used the website, when I wanted to build my own website. I paid money for the additional services and tools, but one day the website didn’t respond to my...