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eBay Complaints & Reviews

ebay / Will never purchase from them again

oficepest on Sep 20, 2017
They are extremely very quick in taking your money and extremely slow when it comes to refund if their products do not meet your expectations, which is a normal practice. Can't say anything bad about the delivery, it was fast, but the dress I got was too small for wearing, so I thought I...

ebay / the seller promised me a date and the item still has not even been shipped out

Alysha Craven on Sep 15, 2017
I was promised I would recieve my order by september 13th so i would have it in enough time for my sisters birthday so I could send it back overseas to her cause she is in the military it was supposedly pre shipment as of september 9th and still not been changed and the seller is ignoring...

ebay / item not received

Debbie Burgess on Sep 14, 2017
This has been my worst shopping experience. I have bought from other stores on line and experienced little or no problem. I am beginning to think that some ofthese sellers on ebays are scammers especially one called Diamond Wireless. I need my money back. This has now happened twice first...

ebay / Very poor customer service

Mariana Cintura on Sep 11, 2017
I ordered several items for a special occasion and asked them to deliver it by that date. They said ok, confirmed everything. The special day was closer and closer, and my item was somewhere I didn't know where. I contacted them to clarify the details and found out that some of the...

Ebay India / ebay india selling goods in whole india second hand as new and once we return back item no money is giving back

shaik abdul rahman on Sep 7, 2017
Claim ID: 3081940 Ebay india cheating it's customers on the name of online shopping. Selling product as new but when you open it's package it will be second hand used phone. Purchased iphone 5S one month back they shown movie cinema to return back item. Finally, they received item now...

ebay / Support with no brains

Pamela Cress on Sep 6, 2017
Absolutely stupid customer service that never answers personally, all they have is prepared answers and if your situations are not one of what they have in the script, I assure you, they'll give you a hard time. They blocked my account and I wanted to know why. They kept sending me prepared...

ebay / buyer beware

Tanesha Collie on Sep 5, 2017
This sneaky website has pissed me off and I'm done with it for a while... or maybe forever. And thank god there're so many alternatives so I don't have to worry much. I ordered two dresses and got them in wrong sizes and colors. Had nothing to do but to return them. However, the website...

ebay / paying twice - and no refund

Cory.Camp on Sep 1, 2017
I recently made a large order purchase that was supposed to arrived within four to five business days. I waited two weeks and still nothing. I called customer service and spoke with Cary Quattrocchi in the Texas call center. She assured me that my shipment should be arriving any day...

Ebay's Half.com / ripoff, seller harlyley34

Nikki Adams on Aug 29, 2017
I ordered a book from the seller harlyley34. He promised the book to be delivered within 2 weeks. It's been a month and still there's no book. After 2 promised weeks I started sending him emails with questions, but he never replied. I think it's a scammer stolen my money...

ebay / customer service

LesB0607 on Aug 28, 2017
I recently initiated a return for a defective item. Ebay closed the return while I was still testing the item to keep from returning the item. I asked ebay to reopen a valid return within the seller's return policy after I realized the problem with the item could not be overcome. Ebay...

ebay / Be careful

Dias on Aug 28, 2017
As far as many people know you should be very very careful with them. I want to say the same. Just imagine if any trouble with your order or a seller happens, be sure they will never help. Their support is useless, so you can't rely on them whatsoever. If something happens you'll be the...

ebay / a big fraud

M Adlawan on Aug 24, 2017
I have ordered many items on eBay. Each time there was something wrong. The way items looked didn't match their description on the website. This store is for those who don't know what honesty is, who exchange lies to money. Naive customers' money. Every time I was hoping that my next order...

ebay / listings

882vrb on Aug 23, 2017
Why do ebay have to fix something that is not broken ??? Recently the listings have changed and you now have to click to see how long is left before item finishes. The system before was perfectly good, in fact better...A few weeks back we had to click on item description after already clicking to see the item, but this was changed back after a time.

ebay / scammers

slballinger532 on Aug 21, 2017
Why does eBay need customer protection if it's absolutely useless and worthless? Their sellers sent wrong and fake products and then when my order reached my place it was left near my door. Nobody notified me about the delivery time, I was at work. And unfortunately, someone has stolen my...

ebay / Poor service!

Bob Butler on Aug 17, 2017
When it comes to asking for help eBay becomes the worst place or shopping. You will just not get any help from them cause they are absolutely useless. I got a wrong item and requested my money from the seller which refused to do it. I wanted their service to help me resolve it, but nothing. It's been 2 weeks and the problem hasn't been resolved yet.

ebay / item not received

Merve8 on Aug 16, 2017
Pretty much the same issue as others, I've bought an item from a seller called gbuyglobal on 14/06, after a month I hadn't received it. I thought it is normal as the item was arriving from Korea so had not looked into it for a while. When I checked the tracking id however instead of being...

ebay / Shocked by your service

patti on Aug 14, 2017
Your customer service is a joke and really messy. I tried to track my order because it stuck somewhere. I had to get it 3 days ago as it was said on your website, but it didn't happen. I called customer service and told them about my situation, they only answered that I was lying about...

ebay / yamaha styles for tyros 5

Eugene Rodriguez on Aug 11, 2017
Gentlemen, I bought an item: vst-store sent a message about YAMAHA STYLES TYROS5, PSR s950, PSR s750, PSR A2000, PSR S650, TYROS4 #182213966215. It's been almost two months and I haven't got this item. Can you speak to the store and tell them that if they are not going to send me...

ebay / want to get my money back

david reason on Aug 11, 2017
I ordered an item on ebay. I’ve got a mail from that seller that I should write to him if I don’t get the parcel within 30 days. I didn’t stop sending messages to him after 30 days, but he never answered. I also wrote to him directly, but the result was the same. So looks like he just...

ebay / seller issues

Fresh Fashions on Aug 5, 2017
I recently received a notice from Ebay in regards to counterfeit items in my listings. After speaking with a representative from Ebay, they are telling me I need to provide proof of authenticity on the item I'm trying to sell. Now here is where I have an issue my item has the title a...

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