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Jan 13, 2022

eBay - Ebay tracks us with emails

Most emails from Ebay contain tracking pixels. Also known as web beacons, these secretive codes are embedded invisibly and are designed to collect IP address, device and browser details, and other...

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eBay - Horrible overseas service

Parts of an email I sent today to EBAY. Sorry it's jumbled I cut and paste the sections. I am NOT a hater and respect all cultures. But I have had too many bad customer experiences and it's gone on for quite a while.

Overseas service is deplorable. As a customer, I should be given the following:
-Accurate and consistent information about my account
-Acceptable soft skills
-In addition to this,
I do not feel I should be put on speaker, my entire call played for surrounding service representative while hearing laughter
I do not feel I should be put on mute without my consent
Literally told to hang up and call back to reach a USA trained rep. Can you even imagine telling that to a customer?
Being put on hold without asking to put me on hold
Being put on hold for at least 6 minutes (which I have timed, several times) without coming back periodically and refreshing call
Experiencing Sarcasm
Being put on hold and conveniently "losing" my call. A personal favorite. Trust me, it's happening. Overseas management is also deplorable.
Why aren't your calls pulled by your managers and audited for performance opportunities? How about silent monitoring? Do your "managers" know how to do these skills? I doubt it.
· Why do I have to wait 15 minutes to reach a manager, only to be treated even worse?
· Why aren't more surveys being sent out? Surveys should be issued on every call (like Amazon.com). If they are being sent automatically, they are somehow being suppressed intentionally. Also, they should NOT be going to the respective managers. A manager's job performance is typically measured by the performance of the representatives they manage. Why document poor performance representatives they manage?
· Surveys should go to a NON-PARTIAL team who documents and measures performance via surveys. You really should model Amazon's customer service. It's stellar, and consistent information is typically given to the customer. This happens overseas, and abroad.

Desired outcome: train your representatives and managers abroad

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

eBay - Account - permanent suspension

eBay asked me documents to provide the proof of merchandise that I have in my possession. I provided all that they requested. They approved everything. I put a first listing and received following message soon after:
"We wanted to let you know that you have been temporarily restricted from selling and buying on eBay because of concerns about your seller account. This must be frustrating, but measures like these help keep our marketplace safe for everyone."
I wrote a message to eBay costumer support and they sent me a questionnaire same as the first time. Soon after in about 15 minutes I received a following answer:
"Thank you for contacting eBay. My name is ____ and I'll be glad to address your concern.
I understand that you are concerned regarding the suspension placed on your account. As we mentioned previously, we do not make decisions like this lightly, so we have spent some time reviewing your case.
Building a trusted marketplace is our first priority. As such, we suspend any account that poses a risk to that trust. Your account has been suspended because the pattern of activities we have witnessed present a risk to our eBay community.
Edvinas, I would like to inform you that this suspension is permanent. You will not be able to participate in any buying/selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended/restricted.
While we know this is not the response you wished to receive, there is no further opportunity for appeal on this decision.
I highly appreciate your co-operation and understanding in this matter.
So I put my time going through process requesting selling limits sent everything they asked just to receive that I permanently suspended.


eBay - David Yurman bracelet

Bracelet purchased on 07/16/2021 and since that date the end caps have tarnished and become discolored. I took it to the David Yurman store and they informed me that it was not authentic.

ebay o [protected]-3766151 CA
total price $139.75
Purchased on Comerica credit card

I would like a replacement, I am very disappointed!

Desired outcome: Replacement bracelet or refund


eBay - Customer service

There is NO accountability at ebay, the supervision team coaches employees to not transfer calls and penalizes employees who do, this can be confirmed a few different ways, the recorded calls between...

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eBay - Messianic Bible

I had a chat with EBay over a week ago, then received a message to return the Bible by Jan4.2022 HOWEVER I have repeatedly tried to access the return Details only to get the reply Technical issue Try again later. I have been trying over the last week each day at least once with the same in RED reply. How can I be expected to do a return with No return Label or information WHERE to RETURN Frustrated to say the least I order a lot from you and have not had this issue before! Dianne DiFabio [protected]@gmail.com The order number was [protected] and the item number [protected]

Desired outcome: Want to return item as printing too small to read!

Dec 27, 2021

eBay - Account - permanent suspension

During Christmas holiday I made multiple offers on ebay products. Several purchases were made without issue. Payments for purchases were then rejected by ebay. I contacted customer support and they assured me the issue would be resolved in 24 hour. When it was not resolved, I contacted them a second and third time after successive 24 hour periods and was told the same thing. Shortly after the third telephone conversation with ebay customer service, I received a permanent account suspension for reasons unknown. There was no violation to their online policy and no tangible explanation given for the action they took. Apparently the have some algorithm that determines your guilt or innocence without explanation. At the very least ebay should warrant (per their policy) the purchases that I made in good faith. I've been told I am on my own for purchases made because my account is suspended.

Desired outcome: Reinstate account and purchase coverage

Dec 29, 2021

Same here. I was banned permanently for no reason, either given or imaginable. They pick people seemingly at random and condemn them harshly yet won't even say what the accusations are because if they did it would allow us to prove our innocence and they can't let that happen.


eBay - Secret Central: Have You Heard? (2004) VHS

I was looking on eBay for a VHS entitled "Secret Central: Have You Heard?" (2004) which is $20.00 for 1 VHS but, unfortunately, the listing has ended. I am going to find the person who bought the VHS and yank it away from him so that it will be mine again (I own the screener copy). Get rid of the other listings of the other VHS videos (including The Secret of NIMH and A Troll in Central Park) that are on eBay and redo the listing of the only VHS video just to make it available again.

eBay - eBay and Seller fraudulent activity

I purchased a Microsoft Software from eBay seller fb54321. The seller advertised his or her item as brand new, and CDs. When I received the package, it wasn't as advertised, no Cds! I entered the...

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eBay - pool filter order

I ordered a pool filter from the following, i communicated with the vendor on ebay many times and was assured i would receive it, it never arrived, that was in September, now the ebay vendor is gone, kept my $55 and never shipped my filter, contacted ebay numerous time without a resolution, the following is the purchase information...

heabarth29user ID, click for member's profile

View order detailsPleatco PAP150-4 Cartridge for Predator 150 - Pentair Clean and Clear 150
Pleatco PAP150-4 Cartridge for Predator 150 - Pentair Clean and Clear 150
Pleatco PAP150-4 Cartridge for Predator 150 - Pentair Clean and Clear 150
Estimated delivery Fri, Sep 10

Desired outcome: wan a full refund, your seller has dissapeared

eBay - Other consumer companies

I purchased a cb radio from ebay that has an echo board that is completely bad. While doing business with ebay, I noticed some products I purchased and consequently sent back were in disastrous condition yet ebay doesn't concern itself with that problem. I know ebay has a return policy but what if during the pandemic I didn't check the product I purchased for about six months, then I'm stuck with a cb magnum radio that didn't deserve to be sold to anybody cause the echo board is bad and the seller knew it was bad. Just say no to doing business with Ebay. Buy on Amazon or any other selling company's website but not ebay.
Secondly, I was the highest bidder on a second cb radio that I tried to purchase. When the clock ticked down the last second I was the highest bidder, yet ebay gave the radio which is outlawed in the US from selling.

Dec 08, 2021

eBay - Account suspension - no reason given

11/30 i received a note from ebay that my account was suspended. a week later i have a not it is suspended indefiinitely.
i have purchased two spall items and had positive remarks. placed an item for sale 11/16 - 3 weeks later... suspended for good!

i tried to contact to understand what happened, they just say i "endanger community" without any details and drop chat... what in the world...

if my account was compromised, i have credit card on file - and now i am getting fraudulent charges on my card. this people now put me at risk without giving any explanation. the wort service i ever signed up for.

Desired outcome: i just need to know what happened - they've placed my financial information at risk

Dec 06, 2021

eBay - Called modify - parts. I reach out to them were they are willing to refund me $80.00 but since that day they have blown me off.

I ordered a very expensive John Deere hood from the company on eBay called MODIFY - PARTS. Once I received the hood there was clearly poor quality. I reach out to them where they were willing to refund me $80.00 to a PayPal account, I requested it be placed back onto the card that I purchased it with. But since that day they have blown me off. Shipped to Ford Crosby.
I am tired of being treated like a chump. They refuse to comply with me anymore. The last communication was at the end of Nov. of 2021.
I feel like I was scammed...I paid over $400.00 for a pile of garbage.

Desired outcome: They left me HIGH AND DRY. I feel like I got scammed.

eBay - No Available Support/Customer Care


I tried to place an order but I get the message that my account is temporarily locked. It says my account may have been compromised, it was not and I have changed my password just in case and updated my details as they suggest. It offers a link to get help but this link says "Sorry, we are currently experiencing difficulties." This is the message I have been getting for 5 days now! There is no other option to get help or support.

Nowhere on their site is there any option to call, email or anything else to get support. The only option above doesn't work!

Best Regards

Desired outcome: Some support from EBay to unlock my account.


eBay - 2002 explorer sport heated rear hatch

I've tried to purchase 7 times on the same item by using Ebay credit and even though I have a $500.00 dollar credit line. The purchase will not go through. On several occasions you wouldn't accept my password. So, I changed my password still not accepted. By the way all of the documents you send to me are in Chinese. by the way then you wouldn't accept my email address. Thanks very much. your stupidity astounds me.
Paul M Douglas [protected]@gmail.com

Fits [protected] Ford Explorer 2 Door Models Rear Window Back Glass Heated

Desired outcome: Let me buy the thing on time

eBay - Kettle faucet valve 11/2"

EBay 0*[protected]-CA Nov 19th $64.18
A valve was purchased on Nov 19th, have nothing from the seller or a part.Want my money back.
The next contact will be my card company.

David Brown
600 S CR 700 East
Parkercity, In 47368

Desired outcome: Refund

Nov 28, 2021

eBay - website problems affected my ability to comply

1. Listed brand new Burberry scarf with description from Burberry saying it was cashmere. New with tags = $400.
2. Buyer purchased and paid $210.00 then immediately cancelled sale three minutes later.
3. ebay funds on HOLD until I provide proof of shipping and tracking, but I did not yet mail since buyer wanted to cancel.
4. ebay wants my credit card # to refund buyer, only I did not receive funds. Reported problem to Customer Service, who phoned me.
5. Explained issue to buyer, who asked me to phone him (in messages) I did. He says ship anyway. I did.
6. Buyer received scarf and immediately asked for Return "not as described, " which was not true, but I told him to return it. He did.
7. I tried to Refund buyer, but link to add Credit Card on ebay did not load. I use Safari on a iMac Pro. Also did not work on my iphone8. Made multiple attempts, then reported issue to ebay by phone and via online Report Problem. Had an ebay Customer Service Rep phone me on Nov. 26. On hold for 15 minutes while Rep tried to get a hold of Account Services. Explained issue and Acct. person they would issue Refund without taking my Credit Card info. Received email to that affect.
8. Received email from ebay on Nov. 28 that my account was suspended.

NONE of the issues were willful acts of negligence or bad faith on my part.
I have saved every message and email. Check your Customer Service Calls and notes.

Desired outcome: Apology

eBay - placing an ad

Every way that I have found to place an ad (I'm new to this) has you first put up a one line description. Next you are taken to a page where the prompts are meant to help you better describe your item. Problem is, however, that there i no way to exit this and go onto to whatever would be next. I have gotten by this a couple of times but I have no idea how.

I have spent countless hours trying to get past this blockage. I have spent forever on their chat option but never got any meaningful help. It is clear, however, that those people have not recently tried to put up a listing. The last time I tried I absolutely got my point across including where the blockage was. That got me the answer "we can not help you."

Desired outcome: find out how to get around this problem. clearly the people at ebay that I have interacted with have no idea what I am talking about.t

eBay - eBay's refund and dispute help is really bad.

I'm a seller on eBay. Buyer started a refund and claimed they received a empty box with no product. I asked the buyer if they could send me a picture of the box and also asked if the box was open at...

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eBay - Scams sellers beware!!!

eBay scams sellers leading them to believe they will protect them from Canadian Scammers and all international people who commit fraud against its sellers they are liars! Do not sell with EBay unless you want to be taken advantage of in EVERY way possible! I was a customer and sellers for 20 years they are ridiculous Pathetic liars and cheaters!

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