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eBay Complaints & Reviews

eBay / item number 202608532750

alan mass on Mar 7, 2019

As per my order placed on March 6, 2019, via prepaid VISA card transaction, Item number : 202608532750, I have received the below communication notifying me that the seller is not anymore on ebay and the item no longer exists. Having already tried to contact the not anymore existenting...

eBay / account suspension

eas_4007 on Feb 15, 2019

My name is Edgar and I am a veteran who got home 2 years ago after a long tour in Iraq. I was racially profiled on eBay and I was kicked off their platform for doing nothing illegal while i was trying to find a new engine for one of my old cars to buy from a member. eBay would not help me...

eBay / didn't receive my items

Joanne Luongo on Feb 10, 2019

I ordered some toothbrushes and did not receive them and my email went unanswered. I tried to contact the seller again and saw that s/he is no longer a registered user. I tried to contact them again but the window pooped up that said there is a problem and go back a page. I realize that...

eBay Linwei PQQ / chinese seller scam fraud

+141230/151230+ SoLLtd on Feb 7, 2019

Ebay linweipqq Chinese Seller Scam Untrustworthy Negative Feedback This Chinese seller really got some nerves. To start with, the item wasn't as described and I have requested to send it back. We have mutually agreed that once they received the item, they will refund the cost of the...

eBay / didn't received no package.

dick gibson on Feb 5, 2019

My name is Tony Bobet. i am writing of for my brother, Raul Bobet. i am filing an complaint for him. he order an Yellow Power Rangers plush doll, on January 29, 2019, and its sent on January 30, 2019. The seller is Carrie 2872. The item is Power Ranger Yellow Plush Doll. The price $17.35... / lp00119897705500

Yerre2 on Feb 4, 2019

Lp00119897705500.. This is the yanwen air parcel no.. It has arrived india on 26 dec2018.. Till today there is no update in parcel.. From yanwen.. I have ordered and paid for item on dec1 2018.. The item should have reached me on 18 dec2018.. But the sellers don't respond correctly.. Nor...

eBay / customer service.

ruggerd on Jan 31, 2019

Don't let these inappropriate people continue to farm out their calls to third world countries. They lie, they are inappropriate, unprofessional and conduct themselves in a manner not consistent with anything acceptable in the USA. I have never experienced anything like what I have...

eBay / refund

Peglewis on Jan 29, 2019

Day after making purchase Ebay sent message saying I would not get item and be issued a refund within 48 hours. 10 days later called customer service and told would be refunded in 2 days. Why did Ebay lie to me in their message and only issued refund because I called customer service... / overstock selling through ebay; "luxury cotton sateen" sheets

GraceO'M on Jan 28, 2019

The sheets arer different from what is described. They are thin and will not last long. They are not sateen. I always wash new fabric items. These came out of the washer looking like they had been in use for years. To return them, Overstock wants them in new or unuse condition. So much the...

eBay / false promise - untruthful

Sukanya Govindarajan on Jan 25, 2019

Date of incident: 01/25/2019 Item number: 233080768138 Customer name: Sukanya Description: One of the worst experience I have ever had in online/ e-commerce site. Please be cautious. I purchased an item from ebay thru bidding on 01/11/2019 and later noticed that the item comes from china...

eBay / deceptive information on checkout

Paulcxv1c on Jan 5, 2019

I was interested in buying an item, but wanted to find out about shipping prior to placing the order. The screen indicated to proceed to checkout for shipping information. When I did proceed, it tells me that I have purchased the item and cannot cancel the order. I did not purchase the...

eBay / unethical behavior allowing a seller to cancel a purchase after I paid for the item.

[email protected] on Dec 24, 2018

I recently won an auction to buy a vintage corvette jacket on E Bay. The purchase was completed and my credit card was billed. The item's auction number was 163432826333. However, the seller cancelled my order saying that he had previously decided to sell it to someone else. E Bay...

eBay / unethical behavior scam

castle44 on Dec 22, 2018

I ordered two apple 6s plus phones at 247.71 each and was sent two Apple 5 phones. I have contacted the seller and only have received credit on one phone. I do not know what kind of bs the seller is conducting but I want my money back as you guarantee. I returned both phones and have the...

eBay / always have trouble signing in!

[email protected] on Dec 18, 2018

Cannot sign in, ebay keeps coming back with the oops no match or never ending number codes to prove that not a computer. Have used both email and user name, do not use a cell phone use land line phone. Do not use facebook, I just want to use my user name or email to sign in and 1 or 2...

eBay / lack of product hoover carpet cleaner model fh50900 from four vendors!

Patricia Altobello Corona on Dec 15, 2018

This is the fourth vendor from which I have "purchased" the Hoover Carpet Cleaner model #FH50900. I began in October, 2018 and the last order was on Dec. 15th. I am so upset that your vendors advertise the same product over and over again and then, when they don't come, eventually refund... / wrong information has inputed and forced to stay in customer account

dabywong on Dec 11, 2018

The following statement is TOTAL FAKE MAKING From EBAY WITH THE SELLER. ___________________________________________________________________ SELLER: ec-case ( 40016 ) This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount. No estimate available Luxury Stand...

eBay / flashing illuminated erasable neon led message menu sign writing board us

Sparky R. Miller on Dec 9, 2018

I received my biard but the power supply was damaged and i am having no luck getting the ebay seller to make good on it, i have sent several emails, but have had no positive results from the seller can you do something...The seller did reply with a lame answer that they were not making any...

eBay / returns; fix my toys

Greg Gurwell on Dec 8, 2018

Why is it so hard to return a item? Fix my toys has said I can return but have to go with ebay for my return. There is no history that I bought anything so how can I get it done? Your web site is made for people who know how to use a computer not old guys like me. I will keep this even tho...

eBay - stmil_77" / flashing illuminated erasable neon led message menu sign writing board us

sparky63 on Nov 23, 2018

I have received damaged goods from eBay - stmil_77" Received my sign ok but with damaged power supply, I have sent the seller emails along with image of damage, but she says image is so small, I am getting very angry about this I have never had any trouble until now buying things from...

eBay / a vile disgusting ad for "sex toys" - only with real 'evil' in it!

Peter94928 on Nov 20, 2018 Go to this "filthy vile ad" that popped up on my internet service provider's website (bing's "") How does ebay get away with advertising such vile, filthy, satanic stuff? Yes - satanic! This is beyond...