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Ebayshipping costs at ebay - misrepresentation

Ebay list shipping as courier
What they actually do is ship by US postal service which is not a courier company and instead take WEEKS to ship things internationally.

Having worked for a courier company for many years I know the transit times from most parts of the world and it does not take THREE WEEKS to get to New Zealand unless you are using a donkey.

This is a systemic issue with EBAY - they charge courier prices and give you postal service - this is an EBAY SCAM

  • Updated by Trevornz · Mar 05, 2020

    I posted a bad review of a supplier because their shipping service was not as described - this review does not appear and the suppliers score is still perfect. Clearly the review process itself is a scam - if no bad reviews appear, then this is meaningless to a purchaser.

  • Updated by Trevornz · Mar 05, 2020

    You are correct - I posted a bad review on a bad product on a bad supplier and they still have 100% perfect score - EBAY are party to this SCAM

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 06, 2020

    US Postal may not meet your definition of a "courier company" but any person who transports a package from one place to another for the purpose of business does meet the definition of a courier. I'm guessing you only consider someone a courier as part of a courier company as single person point to point delivery. Well no one is going to deliver your $20 ebay purchase internationally unless you are paying thousands of dollars to do so.

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Ebaymusical instruments fakes and rip-off

Frank Schauer of the "music-outlet-shop" should be removed from ebay. He sells out of Germany and misrepresents items in the best scenario and in the worst sells fraudulent or impossible-to-determine items as genuine. He ridiculous inflates the price of everything he sells and seems to has a wildly sliding shipping policy.

This is not the type of scam seller you should be promoting. There are lots of complaints about him outside of Ebay. I don't understand why his Ebay rating is so high but since he seems to be a fraud in every other aspect I would guess this as well

EbayPayment never ever received

Ok, listen to this with eBay was I bought some candy which is KitKat, of course I paid w/Paypal & since I didn't receive this Candy at all (February 03, 2020) Anyway I made a complaint to Paypal first the told me to go to eBay Resolutions I did that & informed the seller which I did & never heard anything from him at all. So eBay decides not to investigate this & closed the Resolution account & not returning my refund. & I now they comes with Lie stating that it was close really. So that means the sellers can get away with murder & the Buyer sucks ok then. I now don't have anything to do with Paypal or eBay I closed both accounts cause this is not a good way to do Business with anybody so I think they need to stop emailing me with that nonsense agreement I'm really not interested in that because you don't about anyone except yourselves & I took my business else & they will honor & fix the problem not like your Company will & not nothing & you have lost me & a lot others with your mistakes. So you think about that one

Ebayref. # - item #[protected] - poor customer service and no transparency

No transparency of fee breakdown. Poor Customer Service, exceptionally difficult to understand since all calls go to the Philippines or somewhere in Asia. Conducted numerous of phone calls, bounced back and forth between EBay and Paypal, no accountability, everyone expressed it's not their responsibility when it comes to Fees and no one is willing or capable of refunding a Cross Boarder Fee when clearly the item was advertised to be sold in the USA, shipped in the USA in Florida, and paid in US dollars!!!

It also turns out this buyer has an account and clearly states on the individual's profile: "Based in United States, jhosan-37 has been an eBay member since Oct 09, 2018." The following is a direct link to her profile:

This fee should not be the seller's responsibility. How in the world are sellers supposed to know whether the BUYER RESIDES - IN THE USA OR A FOREIGN COUNTY???? Regardless of Fee Disclosure, this fee should be the BUYERS FEE.

If this policy is not revised, then the Seller should be INFORMED IN ADVANCE OF ANY and ALL POTENTIAL FOREIGN BUYERS who are NOT a USA resident at the time bids or offers are imitated which can make a huge difference in negotiating, especially when dealing with pricy items you are selling!

Additional Info - Direct Link of Items Sold -

EbayMy Thunderbird Brochure ad.

I can't find a way to ask questions and get answers

regarding my Thunderbird ad: I can't post that I'm paying for postage. Somehow Canada got in there (?).
There's a "C" in front of the price. Don't know what it is but all money is in U.S. dollars.
Yes they can return it at their expense and they have 14 days to decide.
Why is MY APPROVAL RATING at around 67%? It's always been 100%!!!
Please correct and advise. Thank you, Bob DeGrilla

Ebaysell of watch item #, [protected] sr#1-[protected]

AFTER THE SELL of my watch I was hit with a $307.00 charge for selling the watch (10%). Not only was I never notified in advance of this charge (buried and impossible to find) the watch was put in the wrong category. I have written your customer service and they have written me. If this situation is not resolved I will be forced to go to court here in Texas and sue you under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices act and punitive damages. Please look in to this matter and contact in writing as to your conclusions.

S Siegel
Sugar Land Texas

Ebaycustomer support



20:20 PM
I want to close my account, because i couldn't complete my purchase several times, because (of how one of Ebay workers described) i needed a PayPal account, which was forced on me to create.
20:26 PM
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Jagruti. I would be happy to help you today.
20:27 PM
Hello, vitg
20:28 PM
I will surely help you in closing this account. May I know you wish to close this account as do not wish to use PayPal for purchasing items?
20:29 PM
I'm worried about connection. Just to confirm, have you received my above messages?
20:29 PM
Yes, nor i have PayPal neither i want to Create any additional accounts.
20:29 PM
20:29 PM
If i succeeded in purchasing something without paypal, i should be able to continue doing so.
20:30 PM
For purchasing item PayPal is not mandatiry
20:30 PM
But my account is blocked because of that.
20:31 PM
I cannot purchase anything.
20:32 PM
You have buying limit. You can appeal for this and request for the high buying allowances
20:32 PM
I did not find any easy way of doing that
20:33 PM
Anfd i am not going to spend my time in trying to search it.
20:33 PM
I will transfer the chat to the relevant team and they will help you iwth this
20:33 PM
You need not have to anything
20:34 PM
I cannot understand a reason for that limit, and if Ebay does not want money, i will eventually still order what i need in other platform.
20:35 PM
I mean, this looks like a time waste. I dont want to waste time on things like trying to figure out why i cannot buy something, or chatting with customer support.
20:37 PM
Buying something online should be easy and fun. I dont want to create any Paypals or anything else. Furthermore, i have already succesfully ordered items on ebay previously.
20:37 PM
I understand these all things. To appeal for buying I would need to connect you to our dedicated team who looks into such cases. May I go ahead and connect you to them right away?
20:38 PM
I have already chatted with a team like this. They already told me, this is because i don't have Paypal account. Do you think, that this time will be some how different?
20:40 PM
I am not sure of this as we are the department who handles selling queries and for buying i would need to connect you to them
20:40 PM
Yes, selling i believe is a 'little' bit different.
20:40 PM
Please be connected, while I am transferring this chat to our relevant team.
20:41 PM
But as i told you, are you sure this redirect to other team will end up removing the limit?
20:43 PM
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Feb. Please give me a moment to review what you have discussed with the previous representative.
20:43 PM
Hello Gedi.
20:44 PM
Hey there
20:45 PM
I understand you're requesting to close this account, is this correct?
20:45 PM
20:46 PM
Let me assist you with your request.
20:46 PM
20:47 PM
First of all, do i need your assistance in that, or can i somehow do it myself?
20:47 PM
Considering your request, your account has now been processed for closure.
20:47 PM
Good. What is going to happen with my pending item arrivals?
20:49 PM
You just wait for the item to be delivered with your estimated delivery date.
20:50 PM
Good. So the buying restriction is justifyable and cannot be removed without creating PayPal account?
20:52 PM
Having PayPal account is necessary.
20:52 PM
PayPal is generally the preferred payment method for most eBay buyers and sellers and most commonly used method for payment.
20:54 PM
So if this is necessary, how on earth i was able to complete my current purchase..? How is it necessary, if i was able to complete my purchase without it?
20:55 PM
It could then that you've used a PayPal account that is not linked to your eBay account.
20:56 PM
I have used my Mastercard...
20:57 PM
That's good to know then. Anyway, I have now processed your closure request.
20:57 PM
Thanks for using eBay Live Help. Have a pleasant evenning.
Chat session has ended
A record of this chat session will be sent to your email address

Ebayneither ebay or paypal stand behind "buyer satisfaction guarantee"

A purchased item was not received. Ebay says "we show it delivered" so refused claim. I provided proof the item was not delivered to my address. I had the local police retrieve the item, based on the address I got from FedEx. According to the detectives the package was sent through a 3rd party and contained a $3 item and not the $520 item ordered. Ebay referred me to PayPal. I provided PP with pictures of the item that I obtained from the police. The pictures showed the shipping label had the delivery confirmation number supplied to me by the seller. It shows the package was addressed with a house address close to mine, too small a package to contain the order item and had a made up name. PP says nothing we can do "we show it as delivered". I've requested to talk to a PP fraud supervisor and I have waited 25 min. and 38 min. on two calls before being disconnected. Item was not purchased with a credit card so no recourse there. This experience is so contrary to what Ebay and PP advertise in their service guarantees. Obvious fraud that they don't want to address. Very disappointed and not willing to give up.

Ebay6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes

6Godwater Have to add to the last complaint as supplier asks for videos? Order number [protected]

This supplier is a big crook, they supplied me broken parts, 5 x lights and not one worked, they answer the dispute and then keep you hanging, even suggesting that we close the case and they will send new items, they then asked for photos, videos, how to upload a video (which I made) to them, no email, no YouTube, no nothing, they don't answer emails, nor SMS's, offer me 65%, for what sending me broken units? eBay says I am to post these items back to China for a 25€ credit, postage to China on registered mail is 48€ ?? Who is right? eBay is not supporting the clients anymore...

6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes
6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes
6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes
6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes
6godwater, 2nd complaint, cree xml-t6 led bicycle bike headlight head light lamp torch flashlight 4 modes

  • Updated by 4x4rob · Feb 02, 2020

    This supplier is a big crook, they supplied me broken parts, 5 x lights and not one worked, they answer the dispute and then keep you hanging, even suggesting that we close the case and they will send new items, they then asked for photos, videos, how to upload a video (which I made) to them, no email, no YouTube, no nothing, they don't answer emails, nor SMS's,

Ebaybargain shack

I am 78 years old and just figured I got ripped off last summer when I purchased an Excalibur dehydrator from Bargain shack. I received a dehydrator but it would only reach 80 degree temperature, no booklet, one plastic liner was missing and the back cord was all taped with a clear sticky tape. I contacted the seller and they sent me a return shipping voucher. We returned it never to hear another word, we did not get another dehydrator nor a credit on my card. I went to the area to contact the seller and everything was gone, like we had never had a conversation.

I was going through papers and burning them yesterday and saw where I had kept my personal record. I know I cannot prove I returned the dehydrator but I want my complaint known. Well, yesterday I got angry all over again so I put in Bargain Shack reviews and there are reviews. I added mine and the guy writes back saying he is Brad Cook co-owner of Bargain Barn out of Ok. would I please delete my negative comment. He said he has never heard of another company called Bargain Barn, it was not them. I commented that two companies have the same business name? I left and took a nap, I am old you know. I came back to apologize if he was telling the truth and said if I were him I would check into who the other business was. I hit to send and the whole page left except for a white page with black writing saying I could not access this site. Is that called blocked? I am old, on a fixed income but this should not happen to anyone.

Ebayround lace tablecloth

Placed order for 2 round tablecloths, 2 round lace tablecloths, 1 rectangle tablecloth, 1 rectangle lace tablecloth with one order. Three of the orders (round tablecloths, rectangle tablecloth and rectangle lace tablecloth) were delivered in estimated time frame. round lace ones were not - showed on follow up page that payment was pending. Everything was on one credit card! called ebay and they told to me to check to see if credit card was charged. It wasn't but they could not check to tell me why it didn't go through. If I had known that I was not getting this order, I would not have placed the other three orders. No more ebay for me. Vendor checked and didn't see my order, but I had received an email confirmation that order was placed.

  • Updated by Mary Holt · Jan 14, 2020

    even with email confirmation, and order number, vendor did not receive information. Had placed 4 orders and 3 were delivered. at least my credit card was not charged - but that didn't help me with order. Only thing ebay employee could tell me to do was check to see if credit card was charged. No help in tracking down problem. No more e-bay purchases for me.

Ebaycustomer service

The Ebay reps need better training on how to handle situations. I was told i could receive a partial refund by one and then the opposite by another. She was absolutely no help and now im taking a loss. Thanks Ebay. Will use Amazon from now on. nick.bolis is the scam artist seller that started this entire mess. I couldnt get a refund of a measley 19 dollars.


I sold a book via ebay. ebay informed me that the buyer completed the payment and they urged me to send the book right away. ı sent it and the buyer received the book and the postal service confirmed. BUT EBAY HASNOT PAID ME YET. It has been 1, 5 year. I contected them many times and everytime they made another fairytale. I tried to contact the buyer also but he never has answered my mails. so EBAY had a good partnership with a fraud and took my book for free.


I wanted a product for Christmas present. The item never came. Tracking revealed instead of FedEx, they used USPS. USPS tracking stated attempted delivery at 544am, no one around. Are you kidding me? I confronted the postman later that day and he didn't even have the product in his truck. It never left the post office. They just make up stuff and eBay believed them. Who is stupid enough to believe someone tried to deliver a package at 544am? They refused to refund money, seller stated it's your problem, not mine. We paid extra and has no product and eBay closed the case stating they attempted delivery so it's your problem.

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 31, 2019

    Dispute it with your bank/credit card.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Dec 31, 2019

    Sounds more like a compliant to be directed at USPS and not ebay. If they say attempted delivery then the post office knows they didn't deliver it. Did you have insurance on the package to protect yourself if it got lost in the mail? The seller did nothing wrong and eBay would be right not to fault the seller in this matter.

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Ebayjon-e hand warmer burner

buyer replaced burner on new jon-e handwarmer i sent him with a different one i called ebay several times and filed a claim, ebay awarded scam buyer total refund, and said they seen burner was replaced, ebay employee told me to file a police report and they would give me a full refund, i thought police
was to serve and protect, and not do job ebay should be doing, all i wanted was my 17-20.00 burner back ebay sure has opened a can of worms. also it would me great to talk to someone who could speak english.

Ebaymac os x 10.11 el capitan download

I bought the download on 12/13 and worked many hours trying to download, image, and install the software to my MacBook, all of which did not work. The file was stated as corrupted all 3 times that I download the 5.8 GB file even after using the Archive Utility that the seller stated I need to use. I contacted the seller and he immediately gave me more instructions and then told me that I won't get my money back because it is not covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. Isn't scamming a customer a bad thing in the marketplace and shouldn't that be guarded against? Thankfully eBay removed the offending listing which I fell scam to, but I am still out my $5.17 in Canadian money, $3.93 US. I just want my money back because I was scammed with a defective product. Thank you.

mac os x 10.11 el capitan download

Ebayorder of ink

Placed order and the screen to pick payment method never came up. You decided to put on my PayPal account which I did not authorize. I called your office immediately and contacted seller within 2 minutes of lacing order to inform them of incorrect payment method and I would re-order w proper payment method which I did. Today got message they are not cancelling so now I have 2 orders and will NOT pay for the PayPal bill since I did not choose that payment method. Takes a lot of nerve for you to pick how I pay. I don't believe I will ever use eBay again as this is not right

  • Updated by Pks3212 · Dec 11, 2019

    Cancelled with PayPal as eBay was no help whatsoever. Never had a company decide my payment method. I would advise against e er using eBay to pay for anything

Ebay5 different amounts of money taken from my visa befit card

Hi I have had 5 different transactions taken from my visa debit card from segpay/HardistkoI have never heard of /Hardistko and would like to know how segpay/Hardistko obtained my visa debit card details?
1) $114.09 30th nov 2019
2)$114.09. 30th nov 2019
3)$30.43 30th nov 2019
4)$45.63 30th nov 2019
5)$76.18 1st dec 2019
These are the unexplained transactions from segway/Hardistko Please look into this ASAP I look forward to your response thank you cameron.

5 different amounts of money taken from my visa befit card
5 different amounts of money taken from my visa befit card

  • Updated by Cameron865 · Dec 09, 2019

    5diffrent transactions were taken from my visa debit card I want my money back asap I have never heard of segpay. I purchased an item off eBay and was charged 5 different amounts by Segway. The seller has not received my payment.
    I have not used my visa debit for anything else.

  • Updated by Cameron865 · Dec 10, 2019

    Is anybody going to reply?

Ebaycancelled my order but charged my credit card and hasn't credited it.

Ordered a light on Nov 15th. Got an email on Nov 16th that they had suspended my account and an email saying the order had been cancelled. I called to make sure I was not going to received it as I desperately needed the light for my kitchen, so I could order elsewhere. Was told I would not be receiving it since the order was cancelled. Two day later received an email saying it was shipped. Called again, said to refuse order. I did, but now Dec 6 and still no credit on my charge card.

Ebay2 pcs automatic wind power 8 led car light

hi, i send and E-MAIL to the seller, about this items, They delivere to diferent addres, and he said go to post oficee and find out, hey gime the adress, and was a chinese warehouse, people rud and nasty, i buy lot merchandaise, SELLER :HUANY6SHUSHU-8, i hope you resolve thes problem, i went to 4 diferent post oficee and dont have any idea, and the seller said i need find where the items is, they sender and not responsable for enything

2 pcs automatic wind power 8 led car light
2 pcs automatic wind power 8 led car light

Ebayunethical seller

Two weeks ago I bid on a 14" CECILIO CVA-400 Viola (Item # [protected]) (Order # [protected]) and the bid was accepted. Yesterday I received an email saying that the seller (iqvo3768) had cancelled my order. I am currently waiting for reimbursment. As a bidder, I was required to agree to purchase the instrument if my bid was accepted; I agreed. Is the seller (iqvo3768) not required to honor their offer to actually sell the product? This is fundementally wrong and the seller (iqvo3768) has not acted as a honest broker. If Ebay is allowing this seller to advertise products with no requirement to fulfill orders, how is this different from fraud? Not only did the seller cancel the order after I paid for the product but after two weeks he or she had not even attempted to send it to me. I would like to know if Ebay requires sellers to actually provide the products they advertise or are buyers at the mercy of sellers on Ebay? Is this how Ebay does businiess?

Ebayebay seller christina russell [protected] [protected] scammed me out of $200

Christina Rull advertised on Ebay Samsung Galaxy S9 phone for $200 and said she got Samsung Galaxy S10 so she didn't need it anymore so she is selling it cheap. I bought it and she sent me a box filled with papers, but no phone. Ebay would not do anything as there was a delivery confirmation via USPS although it was just a box with papers. This person scammed me out of $200. Beware

Ebayi'm complaining about a bully member of ebay who sends curses in emails.

Please review the email sent to me from "Re: nisteel_97 has sent a question about item #[protected], ending on Oct-24-19 06:49:34 PDT - Light fixture".

This is not appropriate behavior and I have not responded to this bully.. I received an email a week before from a different person trying to pay by check and I said no. I thought it was the same guy but it's a different account.

I can curse him out if you want, but I would prefer if you boot him from eBay and tell him not to come back.

i'm complaining about a bully member of ebay who sends curses in emails.

  • Updated by Andrew Nocera · Oct 21, 2019

    Use curses to seller should be booted

Ebaycharges on my credit card

I would like to know what all this little charges are on my credit card, I place the order confirm and pay the amount it says, , , when I look at my bank statement there are separte little charge after my orders are completed, , , what are these charges ???
charged by paypal, I called them, they said to contact Ebay, , you are charging these extra monies ...

what are these charges ???????

I want to know ..[protected]

Ebaythey are to many sellers put down.

This was my first time ever ordering from Ebay and it will be my last
I order items that I liked paid for them, didn't know it was going take MONTHS to get here, didn't know they were coming from CHINA, And couldn't get my MONEY back. If I ever get my items I will be very surprised. I gave up my money in good faith now I have to wait and see if I get them at the end of the year NOT HAPPY

Ebayebay removed listing of bogus seller after my purchase

Now I have no way of getting my money back and no way to contact anyone since eBay removed the seller's listing after I purchased the item and the seller is now gone. I expect you to honor your money back guarantee even though I am unable to follow resolution process procedure because I can't now because of circumstances you created. Fix this now!

Here is a portion of the last correspondence I received...

"Hello intyre,
We're writing to let you know that we've removed an item you recently won due to concerns with the seller's account:
[protected] - Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens for Digital SLR Camera Body

Since you've already paid for the item, you don't need to do anything else. If your item hasn't arrived yet, it should arrive soon. If it doesn't, then you'll want to open a case in our Resolution Centre. You can learn how to do this, plus find timelines for opening cases, at:"

Maybe get a human to contact me through ebay messages and not with a useless automated generic answer .

Ebaymastercard by synchrony bank

I received a Credit Card which i never applied for. It was sent under my name to my nieces adress in Rockland County I live in Yonkers. I tried calling the Synchrony Bank using the tel # listed on the rate statement and it was out of service. I seached for the P.O. Box listed and it is not excisting under Synchrony bank. I tried to reach out to ebay mastercard and kept getting a recording that all reps were busy i waited on the line for over 1 hr with no one ever taking my call. I try to chat with them online and they instructed me to contact them by phone with no luck.


You can't even give free speach this seller reports you even if you call them money grabber freak and seller and ebay only cares about money money money doont buy from this seller ever or you more likey not get your item or report you to ebay for giving free speach how how you feel ehat money grabbers on there only care about money not customers like ebay money grabbers like karma hope karma get this thick dumb [censored] seller too like rest who dont care about no one but money them selfs


Ebaybuyers who open false inad cases

CEO's of eBay are like leaves on a tree these days. They fall off in the fall and a new one pops up in the summer. EBay Inc. Chief Executive Devin Wenig is stepping down as activist investors seek to break the company apart but it's also been said that he was terminated for allowing such abuse on eBay by some of its top-rated sellers like Hubcapjoes without taking any action against him for abusing eBay and hurting the brand. This is a big WIN for eBay Critics.

Scott Schenkel, EBay's chief financial officer, was appointed as interim CEO, the company announced Wednesday. The company said it will seek a permanent CEO and consider internal and external candidates.

eBay shares slipped 0.8% to close at $39.24 a share. You can check out the rest of the story here

buyers who open false inad cases

  • Jason DeCanio Nov 10, 2019

    This post is written by a Narcissistic Lunatic by the Name of Charles W. Fitch of Westland Michigan. He is a known cyberstalker and scammer, bully, con-artist, and fraudster. The information above does not match and is invalid because where he gets this so called information is in his sick twisted brain. Look up Charles Fitch and you will see the real "TRUTH" about his hateful words!

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Ebayebay has not released my funds

I sold an hp laptop on Saturday September 28 2019 the item was delivered on Wednesday October 2 2019 ebay stated the released my payment from the buyer and never did I still have not received my money due to them holding my money and then they lied and said it was PayPal they have been lying and yet not released my funds so basically I was scam into giving away a laptop for free

Ebayalmay makeup

Bought a 3 pack of the almay make up I always use. Didn't need it right away, so about 3 weeks after I got it I opened one -- it's dead white, no pigmentation, like kabuki makeup.
The other 2 were exactly the same -- dead white.

Can't use any of them and ebay's idea of resolution was to tell me that the seller denied a refund.

Way to go ebay -- will NEVER buy makeup - or anything on ebay again.

Ebayx12 drone camera does not work

I purchased an X12 Drone (item number [protected]) from someone named greg_30. The camera function does not work. I messaged this person (greg_30) several times and he just kept telling me, "Try it again". The warranty has now run out, and this man no longer answers my e-mails. Therefore, I want to register a complaint against him and warn anyone NOT to purchase from him.

- [protected]

Ebayarrid deodorant cream purchase

I purchased a 2 pack of the arrid cream deodorant and recieved my package. Whenbibopened the deodorant is was dried out and rock hard. I can send a picture if needed. I paid almost 20 bucks for this and am very upset that obviously these deodorants are no good. Please advise on how I can get my money back or a new order. The Id number is 58c20270212b40019c1a5e2e7dd162a7

Thank you

arrid deodorant cream purchase
arrid deodorant cream purchase

Ebayebay fraudulent claims of free return money back guarantee

Ebay's Fraudulent claims of Free Return Moneyback Guarantee.

Back in July of 2019, I made a good faith purchase in total of $153.07. The item listed was described as fully functional. Of course when I received the item, it was not as advertised. Even the photos they used didn't match. I immediately contacted the seller, for a refund. The seller told me to take it to Ebay... so I did. They told me that I have to pay for the return shipping, even though it is stated "Free Return Moneyback Guarantee". 51 days later, I still have the POS that was shipped to me, and I found the CEO on Twitter (Devin Wenig) talking trash about Amazon, so I publicly let him know the he and his company are frauds. An Ebay Rep by the name of "Ryan" noticed and contacted me on Twitter, and gave me the same busted form letter they gave me at the start. 51 days later, I'm still out over $150.

Ebaywifi repeater

Bought a WIFI repeater in July. Went to set up 9/13/19. Requires a $9.99 mo. Driver update set up. Cancelled set up. Contacted Seller "sunhinelife" for refund. Will not refund -past 30 days.
Contacted EBAY 3 times for help. Have to go through Pay Pal for refunds now, even though I paid with Credit Card. BIG GOAT ROPE PROCESS!
Contacted Pay Pal. Waiting for a call back now.

AMAZON PRIME is looking better than ever.

Ebay's new process sucks!

Ebaysellers rude response

I've asked a seller why he doesn't have Combined shipping. The shipping is more than the miniature items. I'm sending you the Screenshot conversation. I'm 66 years old and have never seen someone so rude to a customer's request. The screenshot I sent you has the complete total conversations we had discussing the issue. Nobody in their right mind would pay separate shipping charges on these micro mini items with the promise that the seller will send the overcharge back. Thank you. P.S. Love eBay. I'm a regular customer. Keep up the good work. 👌

sellers rude response


I have order two samsung headphones on dated 3 July 2019. Its not working. one pair is not functioning and second one just one is working. can you please replace or refund my money. it was a very bad experience for me.

I feel so bad when i receive it and take a first try. Kindly resolve my issue i am handicapped without my earphones. i have enclosed the bill with it.



I sold a new watch recently. The customer after a few days complained that the watch was scratched and dirty. Basically a false claim. The customer wanted to return the watch. Suddenly Moët Oahu fir my watch was removed from my account without my approval and the customer still has my watch.
1) Who approved all of this which is against the law

Please advise

  • Updated by drmason00 · Aug 16, 2019

    Suddenly funds paid for the watch was removed from my account without my approval or knowledge

Ebayaccount hacked

My account was hacked July 18 or approximately. I had not used it for a long time and when I purchased an iPhone, they hacked my account. Since it was outsourced it has not been a good experience. Somebody moved me to Portland where I have never been, I live in Utah. my email was changed and had problems with my password. nobody helped me, they just took note and the usual: I am sorry that does not mean anything. I lost 251 US$ apparently unrecovered. PayPal partner did not help either. I had to close my account

Ebaysupport/your computer system

I am a seller/buyer. Have been almost 20 yrs off and on. In garage cleaning, began posting items for sale. 1.5 hrs in. At first logon had password issues. Dont know why because my password are WRITTEN IN A BOOK, but I verified my security question, had the link sent to email on record, clicked the link, changed password, began posting.

Ge email that my account was flagged as "being unauthorized use", listings deleted, and the account was actually terminated. Called, had to change passwords again, forced to only click links in their emails. I get in, see profile, my security questions disappeared. Tried to go through any profile matters while on with them - but it kept kicking me out to password (which started a loop of verification, change password, resend links, etc...). Once back in, they said, dont worry about profile changes right now. Paypal is set, email, phone, are set so I can post and then deal with profile updates/corrections later. They also unlinked my personal account from the business selling account so as to avoid any issues my request. We're working again. They restored the deleted listings. Continued to post more.

Today - I go to log in, check status, post more...and password no work. Tried second time, this time it seems to accept password but says it has to verify its me. I clicked send email. (ho phone since that was an issue yesterday) Go to email...NO EMAIL.

Login in screen says to give them other info in the profile. I call - the guy wants, more verification info. Asked the guy to at least check the notes from yesterday as I dont even know whats in the profile at this point. Phone number i gave was correct (actually calling from it so caller ID confirmed that) But said they would have to call me back. No - Im on and want to deal with it now. Then he says so they can verify its me. Told him lets try something else. Then he wanted DOB, full address, etc..I again told him I dont know what address is there since everything in my profile got messed up yesterday - and I dont use my date of birth on anything so that was a no. (yesterday me and the lady rambled on as much as I could remember about the account from 20yrs ago till. something I said DID verify me, but she never toldme exactly what it was that verified). Todays guy didnt want to do that, and honestly I shouldn't have to do that. Supposedly without "higher verification" - cant do anything else.

Guy kept pushing for verification, but how can I verify what I dont know is there. At this point -to me verification should be you tell me what you got and I say yes or no. I'm not giving anymore info cause something is definitely wrong.

Ask for supervisor. Was told it will be same thing. Got someone Jonathan I think who proceeded to insist upon the same. Asked him to look at the notes from yesterday -which he would not. Claimed he could do nothing else until I verified...BUT WHAT AM I VERIFYING. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHATS THERE?

I ask for person above him. Told him at this point something is wrong that I spend hrs yesterday resolving only to wind up today with same issues. He claims no one else I can talk to. Hes the manager . More prodding at one point he says next step would be internal people that I CANNOT speak with, then he said the next step would be the Director of Ebay. Asked for phone or email contact info - denied. Told the only way was to send a paper letter to a mailing address (in the age of technology that seems strange.) Also strange that you have a call center rep, a supposed manager and then the Director of Ebay as the command line..for a company this large.

PROBLEMS - FOR WHATEVER REASON THE SYSTEM DECIDED MY POSTING WAS FRAUDULENT AND SHUT OFF MY ACCOUNT. Ok - I hadnt sold in a while, so I give it as security. ONCE I went through over an hour verifying and getting most stuff straight...I go back today and its almost the same thing. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO EVERYONE? I NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE.

my email is : [protected]
RESOLUTION; 1) Fix my account from whatever has it messed up - once and for all.
2) I have active listings, some even PAID FOR, that I cannot manage, monitor, handle, etc.