Wendy’sHorrible customer service from pauline

J Dec 03, 2019 Review updated:

Me and my husband went to Wendy's in Sunday Dec1, 2019. The weather was not good that morning. We went to the store located at 275 forth ave, St. Catharines at 9.40pm. Lights on but all the doors are closed. No sign no anything posted. Couple other customers waiting in drive through as well. I called customer service to complaint and I received a phone call from that store, the lady named Pauline. She was very rude and gave me lots of attitude. She said you complaint about we were not open that night, coz power off. Just let you know!!! Excuse me! That's the attitude you should be to your customer? I can't accept this!!!'n


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      Dec 03, 2019

    I somehow get the feeling that you are mistaking not getting your way as rude. That you gave attitude and got attitude in return. If the power is off how is her fault. I wonder with your immature behavior if you are old enough to drive.

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