Wendys Restaurantpoor and rude service!


Our personal driver assisted us in getting lunch from our favorite place to eat Wendys. We gave him our order he went to the drive through placed the order, received the food as he went to check it the food was open not wrapped properly the stuff was falling out of the burgers into the bag one of the burgers that i ordered was a mushroom melt. But instead of saying we don't have that on the menu they gave us something of there choice. When he brought the food in to complain about the conditions of it the staff was rude and unhelpful the manger on duty came over gave him an attitude.The driver said screw this just give me my money back they threw it at him and he left. Sorry for them that we will not go there to eat again. This Wendys is in Middletown RI 02842!


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    Andrew Godfrey Sep 10, 2007

    I visited your store on Matlock Rd. near the parks mall in Arlington,Texas. I ordered the fairly new triple cheese burger. I told the person at the drive through how I wanted the burger prepared and I got it completely opposite of the way I told them. I will not go to this store again. The employees either cannot understand English or cannot build a sandwich.


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  • Ev
    Everett Wade Ray Oct 14, 2007

    Me and My wife travel to Natchitoches every Sunday to visit our daughter and we used to stop at Wendys on hwy 6 and get something to go. well we have decided after the last stop that was it. The meat that you serve has continued to get smaller and smaller. The meat on the burger was so thin that the cheese was thicker then the meat. and you had to open the bun to see that the meat was there! Now we all know that the burgers size in the comercials and paper ads exagerate the size of Wendys burgers or any other restaurants burgers but that was ridiculous. if your gonna continue serving burgers that way i will go someplace else. I am very dissatisfied with the quality of your product. in my 41 years of eating fast foods and my wifes 43 years we were not happy at all. Thank You for your Time.

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  • Al
    Alexnorrton Mar 13, 2008

    On a recent trip to Clear water, FL, my family and i were in the mood for some wendy's shakes, and were getting a little hungry, At around 3:00pm we arrived at a nearby wendy's and proceeded to place our order *(after waiting for a very long time) when we were finaly able to place our order the service was terrible, the resturant was in a very unclean condition, i asked to see a manager, in a rude voice i was given the name of him and told it would be a while because he had more important things to do than listen to people complain about nothing, At this time i was very angry and upset at the situation. The manager showed up about 15min later and didn't even greet us he just asked what the problem was, when i tried to explain he threw up his hands and said that he was tired of stupid people wasteing his time and walked away like we didn't even matter, i asked for my money back several times and was refused the use of very profound language and racial remarks were also used by this certain employee. I will never return to a Wendy's again. The employee was Christopher Wainscott.

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  • Gl
    gloria rice Sep 12, 2008

    the wendys in haw river north caroline at hwy 85/40 and jimmy kerr road it is not good on getting the correct food in the bags the last 3 times i went to this one which is close to home my order has missed items and i have had to back for a whole order again. last night freddie garcia ??? the manager was very nice about it. and took care of this problem but we still had to waist more gas going back. gas is going up every day and it is hurting us just like every one else.

    i would like to find out how to solve this problem. my family and i like wendys we spend 20-30 dollars every time.

    thank you

    gloria rice
    333 edgewood church road
    mebane, nc 27302

    phone 336-516-4581

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    annoyed Jun 14, 2009

    every single time my family buys food from wendy's, they have such a horrible attitude towards us and today was the last straw. we were at the drive through for such a long time and no one even helped us. when we went to the front we found out they weren't even paying attention. we will never buy food from there again.

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  • Mi
    michelle87 Jun 21, 2009

    It doesn't matter which Wendys you go to they are all the same. Horrible service, dirty stores and they never get your order right. Even a few times the soda tasted like dirty water. What the hell is up with Wendys. The ###s at walmart do a better job then you guys. Not to mention Wendys scamming people out of money because they refuse to update there computer programing. My sister looked at her bank statement the other day and was shocked to see that she was charged over $30 worth of wendys food. She hasn't been to a wendys in over 3 months. Why the hell doesn't anybody do anything about this. I am constantly reading complaints about this restaurant. They are just as bad if not worse than KFC. With all the health problems and diseases out nowadays why doesn't the health board shut them down?!!!

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  • Ki
    KISSmyASS Nov 04, 2009

    I am a Wendy's employee and can strongly say that yes there are orders everyday getting messed up however mistakes are bound to happen. We have hundreds of people come into each locations a day and have to deal with many different kind of people and many different orders. Not every single order can be made perfect it's just human knowledge that everyone makes mistakes at some point. This doesn't happen all the time I can assure you, however you just might be the unlucky one it happens to every so offen. We do try and make your stay at Wendy's as enjoyable as possible but unlike any job that is sometimes hard to do becaause we do deal with SNOTTY, RUDE, PIGHEADED ###S LIKE YOURSELVES!!! I don't think that you people should even be writing the things your writing on this wall beacause im sure that half of you don't work, or even do your jobs right. Our Wendy's location works very hard for our Dave's way and our Sparkle cirtificates and are upset that people would try and take our jobs away

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  • Fa
    FatCatTPK Sep 20, 2017

    @KISSmyASS small applause

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  • Ti
    Tim Mathews Nov 19, 2009

    to kiss my ###... its people like you who bring the business down.. if that is the impression you get from customers.. then maybe a new job is order ... customer service is obviously not your strong suit. And mistakes do happen all the time... you are just told about it when someone comes foward. You don't care about our experience there... if you did you wouldnt have made a post calling us rude pigheaded ###s... when someone becomes defensive and flips the switch on us that we dont work or do our jobs correctly thats usually a sign of inferiority and that you don't know what your talking about.. you should have kept your mouth shut on this matter.. instead you look like the snotty rude pigheaded employee you are. People should try to take your job away because if your posting this garbage maybe it should be so you get an appreciation for it. My recent visit went like this ... .one double stack one small fry to chilis and a jr. bacon cheeseburger my friend and I didnt notice that the double stack and fry were missing till we got back to work. when we called after trying for 2 hours the man asked about a receipt I advised the man at the window offered but declined. he said can't do anything without the receipt. No apology no offer for compensation. I know mistakes happen thats why he was given the chance... and he blew it.. it wasnt till later that I realized that the employee pocketed the money and its a wonder how often he does that during a lunch rush 2$ from 50 people makes for a good tip. I will never give my debit card to a fast food rest. No one should be trusted at those places... enough said

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  • Mi
    Misty Jessup May 23, 2010

    I gave it one more try...a while back I went to Wendy's with my son and a loud arguement broke out in the back of the restaurant between a manager and a coworker, it went on and on to where all of the customers eyes were focused at an unbelief at how loud and not the right time to yelling! OK my mistake here, I went thru the drive thru on May 23, 2010 the time was 19:20 on my receipt, I told the girl that gave us the food that I didnt get to tell whoever that took my order my drink order, but they had already put me a coke in the drink tray?? then I ordered a baked potato and got fries, told her about that and then I had ordered 2 small frosties and I got medium and paid the medium price and she was like so, so I explained to her that it was wrong along with the other things and I'm the one that paid for it, so she came back to the window gave me a full refund for the frosties and said "Here is your money for the frosties just keep them"! and very rude she turned and walked away. Not a sorry we messed up or nothing! I laughed to myself said a prayer for the girl and reflected driving home "Is this a woman Dave Thomas would want representing his restaurant"?? This was in Pilot Mountain N.C., classes on manners Wendy's???? This is my hometown but I will not be going back to that Wendy's to many bad experiences!!!

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  • Pl
    Plgnc48 Jun 06, 2010

    Wendy's Resturant in Hope Mills North Carolina, located on Main Street needs to be remodeled. Hope Mills is growing in population due to people moving into the area. We visit Wendy's on a regular basis and have noticed it needs some updates. Another problem has been for the past three weeks THERE HAS NOT BEEN ANY PAPER TOWELS IN THE MENS OR LADIES RESTROOMS TO DRY YOUR HANDS AFTER WASHING THEM. There also is not enough employees working on Sundays during the day. We often have to wait in line for along time. I think with the right attention to customer service, bathroom care and some remodeling this would be a very busy Wendys.

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  • Ca
    Carmens one Jun 11, 2010

    I was a mannager at wendys at sunset and la brea its true that we meast up
    the orders but the coustomer is always wright regarless of the matter
    thats why alot of complainess are made for wendys i had to deal with
    alot of disrespectfull people i tried my best to fix there problem but it
    was never enough for the coustomers the more i apologised the more
    rude they were so i quit because its to streesed full to work in a drive
    thru and deal with all those people .. I apologise for all those wrong orders
    that u guys had out there ... Carmen

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  • Bl
    blacc one Mar 12, 2011

    Well here let me tell you about the Wendy's in Elkhart, IN. They are the dumbest bunch of F*@&#ng [censor]s!!! I oredered a #4 which is a Baconator right? Instead I get a double with 2 pickles and a piece of lettuce with one onion and a smudge of mayo!!! Then when I called to complain I asked for the manager and I all I got was a bunch of attitude like I was in the wrong!!! I used to work there and I used to run the drive thru and make all my own food on some of the busiest nights out of the weekend! Then I continued to try to call back they would pick up the phone and hang up right away! Eventually I called so much they took the phone off the hook so i couldnt call anymore!!! How does anyone keep a job with that kind of attitude? So if you are ever in Elkhart, In stay away from the Wendy's on Hively Ave take the time to drive to the one on Cassopolis Street! Oh yeah and one more tip always ask for a receipt because they are even to lazy to give you one of those too! It all sums up to F*&^ Wendy's!

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  • Ju
    Julia Sch. Mar 18, 2011

    so quality is your recipe huh? cause burnt french fries is just what i wanted. thanks a lot.

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  • Ih
    I hate Wendy's May 14, 2011

    My mother, my son and I went to the Wendy's on Westnedge in Portage, MI on 5-13-20011 and it was actually my mom's birthday and that is where she wanted to go, now we are by no means well off or rich so going out anywhere doesn't happen much, we went through the drive through and the women there were extremely rude right away, very pushy, and just nasty to us. They obviously didn't like us right away so they gave us just about day old food, that was the most disgusting food I have ever had in my life, and the pop was even gross. They didn't fill the pop up all the way and really think they did something to the drinks too. So I even called that Wendy's after we got back to my house and I complained to this Cameron girl who was extremely rude and just horrible. So I will NEVER go to Wendy's ever again, and I hope those rude nasty ### get fired, and drop dead. I agree strongly with another commenter who said F*&^ Wendy's.

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  • Sr
    srchng4care May 14, 2011

    i agree with stealth!!! take your snooty ### on somewhere else

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  • Fa
    fancyface02 Jul 13, 2011

    My fiance' and I wanted a Frosty one evening. It had been so hot and we had cravings for Frosty's. He went to the one on Summer Ave. in Memphis, TN. He placed the order. The Frosty's are $1.99 each. The tax on food in Tennessee is 7.75% which makes the Frosty to be $2.14. We were charged $2.17 for each Frosty. That is .03 cents per Frosty tht the company is making off of each one of them. Think about it. No one usually will not say nothing for that little amount but that little amount over one million people is alot of money that Wendy is stealing. They need to fix their cash register to pick up the correct tax. Look how much they have stolen from people in Memphis. Does any one agree?

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  • Mi
    Mickey P Jul 24, 2011

    bad experiences happen everywhere. My wife and I went to Wendy's in Austin, TX and stood at the counter for at least 5 mins and nobody came up to the counter to take our order. The customer in front of us had his order taken then the girl taking the orders just walked off. I guess if you want good service at Wendy's go next door to Burger King and have your way.

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  • Na
    NathanHatesWendys Jul 28, 2011

    Same story, over and over. Wendy's sucks and we all know it. The food IS always terrible, time and time again, I don't know why I even consider eating at this disgusting restaurant. I normally don't complain, I just avoid going back for awhile, but maybe it's time someone knew that this restaurant is serving sub-par food.

    The food is overpriced for the crap that is served. I got a big bacon classic, bun was rock hard on the top. Asked for no onion or tomato, and i'm sure it was just picked off. I could still taste the awefulness.

    And the fries... well i'm sure we all KNOW how Wendy's fries are... TOTAL CRAP... I can only assume that it is the rejected potatoes that McDonalds and KFC did not want. Cold, greasy, BURNT or undercooked, depends on the kid working the fryer.

    But that's not why I am upset this time, its because I got ICE COLD fries, like it would cost the store any EXTRA money to give HOT GRADE X fries? Like 5 cents maybe, but i'm obviously not worth it.

    I posted this comment on my FACEBOOK wall, as well. Wendy's hates that! My facebook account was attempted to be hacked, I got so my password reset emails from facebook the next day.

    Wendy's Get it together... If you ever wondered why your patronage has declined since Dave died, wonder no more. It's all right here.

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  • Le
    Leigh Ann Shedd Feb 08, 2013

    Totally agree with every complaint made across the US! our Wendy's is always out of supplies and food is always served cold. I will never eat at Wendy's again!

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  • Pa
    ParkerSmith Mar 21, 2014

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  • Sc
    s cleary Mar 21, 2014

    My boyfriend and I went to Wendy's on Bartow hwy Lakeland Florida. It was a cold day so we decided to order some chilie. And hamburger with fries. When we got the food, we were going to eat inside until we opened the bag to get our food, This is what took place. The fries were greasy and cold, the hamburger was sloppy as I pulled it out of the bag. Everything fell off the hamburger in the bag . I took the food back and ask the young girl what happen to this food? I explained everything to her, when I started telling her how terrible the chilie smelt as if there was rotten meat in it. She said, Please don't say anything, I just looked at her in wondering what she was about to tell me, she said, were suppose to throw out the l left over food every night, she said we dont instead the manager tells us to put it in the refredgator and when the next shift comes on in the morning they take it out and but it in the crock pot to start heating it . If it runs low they just add more. She went on further and said there would be days no one gets any chillie and at the end of the night they just put it in the refridge while its still hot. I said, that's why it smalls. And gone bad. You don't put hot food in frig, it will spools! She said I am just a worker here and don't like it myself. But, I need my job and have to do what I am told to do. I told her as bad as the chelie smell why would you serve it to the customer. She reply, I am just doing my job. yes she did offer fresh cooked food. I just took my money and left.

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  • Ch
    Charlie52 Jul 09, 2017

    I just bought some food from a Wendy's in Randolph MA this afternoon. I was headed to work and decided to do the drive through. When I opened the package of food there was no bacon on any of the burgers, the chicken nuggets were not in the bag, the paper that the burgers were wrapped in was torn and looked very shabby and stained. You could tell that the burgers were sitting there for a long time, there were not freshly made and wrapped. When I went back to the store to talk about the problem. The cashier said that, "I did not ask for a receipt." She was very rude and did not understand that it was her duty to give me a receipt. I had just spent over $21.00. I immediately asked for a Manager, who arrived just in time to see the cashier being rude and throwing the receipt on the counter while I had my hand outstretched to receive it. They tried to correct the problem but I got frustrated and had to go to work.
    There was once a time that going to the Drive through was a pleasant experience. It is not any more. Some people who work in these places do not care how they serve you, they are burnt out, underpaid and just don't care about the customer. I will never go back to Wendy's again, and I will discourage anyone that I know from going there.

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