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terrible service!

This is the third time we have ordered and paid for food that was not in the bag at this same Wendys. They really don't seem to care. Tonight we ordered a burger, fries, 2 bowls of chili, a potato and drinks. They left the burger and fries out. I had first ordered a frosty but they didn't have that. Isn't that one of their signature items?? Last week we ordered a potato and chili and they left the chili out of the bag. Did not discover that until we got home. Both of those were at the drive through. I went inside and ordered for my husband and myself and when I got home, discovered they left his sandwich out of the bag. He only had fries. I really think this particular store kind of sucks. As far as I'm concerned, Three times and they are out. I will never go back to this Wendys.

horrible service!

I had very bad experiences at the stores at 15th Avenue South and 4th Street South. I complained to the...

Raw meat, wrong toppings and condiments!

Manager and employees very rude. I ordered a baconator with just ketchup and pickles. the first time...

Longs Food

we got shot by a security guard in one of the restaurants!

We went to a Wendys restaurant with my family, we ordered and they messed up (typical) we complaint with the...

terrible service!

On the afternoon of December 4th 2007 I made my usual stop to the Wendys Restaurant near my office to grab a Frosty and a salad. While waiting to hand the employee my money he and a co worker were saying very inappropriate things about me. "I would steal dose' glasses" isn't exactly a hospitable thing to say to a customer. As I was driving away and after having my quarter tossed at me, the one employee decided to yell "GAY BOB" as I was putting my car into DRIVE. I will never eat at wendys again. I have tried to email the corporate to complain and on the website it says that the complaints are down for maintenance. I tried calling the store and asking for the manager but the guy said he was the manager. I recognized the voice, how am I supposed to complain if the person who you are supposed to complain to was the one in question!

If anyone checks the wendys website and says it is up, please tell me. If nothing is done about this, I have no problem going to a lawyer with discrimination.


  • Ev
    evelyn & sidney ginsberg Aug 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    8/26/07 My husband and I came from a doctors appt. to get a simple meal to go at Wendy's. He orderded a hamburger with cheese and a coke. I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich with no mayo and a salad. We also left our change for the clerk. When we arrived home my husbands coke was not there. We havn't eaten Wendy's for about 2yrs. We are not fast food people. I remember the spicy chicken sandwich to be much bigger with more spices. It tasted terrible. It had no taste. I ate the salad. My husband ate most of his burger which looked like mush to me. Well that evening his stomach ached. I had to give him pepto bismul and a heating pad. I got sick the next day. I had the runs and felt miserable. We vowed never to go to Wendy's again. What a change after 2yrs.

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bug baked on my potato

I ordered a baked potato and some other food,I was eating it and when I turned the skin over there was a bug that had been roasted with the potato you could see the legs and the antennas. I showed the manager and he said he couldnt be sure if it was a bug. I asked him if he could be sure that it wasn't and he said no and then he gave me 1.20 to cover the cost . and that was it.......I did not cause a scene in front of all the other customers, but I could have especially after the way I was treated. I dont think it should be taken lightly when a customer finds something so discusting in their food.

  • Nm
    N M Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience tonight in Ottawa Ontario Canada - ordered a baked potato at the drive through window and when I had eaten about half of it at home I saw that there were two "bug like" things on the bottom. Needless to say, I freaked out, threw up (I was so grossed out) and called the Wendy's to tell them. We're talking about 1-inch long, black-brown color, looks like antennae and legs, a head and a body. The shift supervisor told me that it could possibly be the potato "veins" that maybe weren't scrubbed off before the potato was packaged and sent to their store.

    I'm going to show a public health inspector tomorrow just for my peace of mind. If it turns out to be a potato part, then it's not a huge deal (although, for good customer relations they should really make sure that those things are not going out looking like that). If it turns out to be two bugs - I'm going to freak out.


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poor service & food!

Recently, my husband and I stopped in for a quick dinner. We both ordered single combo's. I should begin by saying... up until this point Wendy's was my favorite fast food restaurant. Well, we ordered and sat down. I looked at the fries and they looked horrid. And tasted the same. Kind of mushy and had some kind of crumbs all over them. Never had this before. So I opened my sandwich and discovered it to be cold and it looked like it had sat there since lunch. I took the meat off and looked at it and the middle was semi-warm... like it sat on a hot plate, but the edges were hard and dark. I sat trying to decide if I would just eat it and not complain, when my husband decided to take it back. He told them it was cold and old and could we get a fresh one. They took it back and a couple of minutes later gave him another. Well, it was hot, but something made me take it off the bun and I couldn't believe it. It was the same old burger... they just microwaved it to get it hot. And this made it even harder. I couldn't even eat it. So my dinner consisted of some yucky fries. We just left then, because I just didn't feel like getting the same rude and thoughtless kind of behavior... not to mention what I may have gotten in the next burger.

This was in Thomasville, NC on Juian Drive.

you'll never catch me at a wendy's again!

Tonight I decided to run and pick-up Wendy's (Mint Hill North Carolina Store #58) for a late night...

4 comments Mint Hill Food

uncooked skin on grilled chicken sandwich!

I just purchased a grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy's today. I noticed the sign said new sauce. Well the sauce was unnoticeable, but the fact that the skin was still on part of the piece of chicken after I had taken several bites was not. Now I am hoping that the chicken was cooked! The size of this sandwich was about half it's size originally, maybe they should say "mini" grilled sandwich. I was very disappointed, I love Wendy's and especially their chicken - but I want it: skinned and completely COOKED!!!

Dee Tate - Sugar Hill, GA.

  • St
    Stockbridge Georgia Jan 25, 2010

    I'd like to first say that I love Wendy's, not AS good as they used to be, but then again who is these days?. Had the Grilled Chicken sandwhich and was not very pleased. It tasted like it had been cooked in the microwave for a space shuttle trip. Watered down and watery..not worth the cost, maybe closer to a buck 99. Tptally agree with it being cooked or not. hmmm?

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racism by employees toward customers.

A black female clerk/cashier/server at the I-49 Store in Many La. walked away from white customers, after...

bad service and bad food

I visited wendys drive thru to order over $20.00 worth of food for our office and was treated very rudely by the person taking the order by saying gruffly "what else' after everything i said. "next window" no please or thank you. You feel like by the time you have your food thrown at you, why bother to go there. The rudeness happens at every visit at this wendys in delray beach, fl on east linton blvd after this visit i am not going back. My taco salad was soured. The tomatoes and the lettuce was so bad i threw the salad away.

poor customer service

I had not been to wendys in years so I decided to take my two children there. We were eating our food when...

very poor service!

On August 1 2007 I purchased two Southwest salads from Wendys on Tyndall Parkway in Callaway Florida. I drove home (approve 6-8 miles) to discover that my chili for the salads were not included in the bag.

I called Wendys talked to the manager who explained that I could drive back 6-8 miles to pick up the chili or come back anytime to get the chili. What really got me about it was he (the manager) stated that he noticed the pick up window attendent failed to give me the chili.

Also the next day I made special trip to Wendys to pick up the chili... I ordered two more southwest taco salads to go as I did the day before.

I let the manager know what I was told the day before ...that I could pick up the chili anytime... she looked on some clipboard and stated she couldn't issue two chilis because there was no proof of the phone call or a note from the other manager.

I even produced the receipt from the day before and explained that yes I received the salad but not the chili that is supposed to "make" the salad. At that point I was embarrassed and made to feel like a deadbeat or criminal fro even asking for what I paid for the day before.

Well today August 3rd I finally received the two chilis by sitting at the order speaker until a manager via speaker said he would issue the two chilis. I guess if the police were called I could have been arrested for trespassing?
Maybe that is the answer to fastfood restaurant complaint resolution!... hit em in the drive up lane!

But I do not like being treated like a criminal for something that I paid for and was not issued due to a mistake by an employee then snubbed by not one but two managers!

The money paid was the least of the problem the chili was the next least problem the major issue is the treatment of the legitimate customer's complaint.

I will return to this Wendys only under a real dire circumstances such as the earth stopping and my vehicle crashing into Wendys by the inertia of the earth stopping on it's axis!

  • Bo
    Boo You May 17, 2009

    On May 16 2009 I purchase a order of Nuggets and an order of Fries from Wendys in Baton Rouge La on Flordia Blvd, when I was given a half of box of Fries and some Nuggets that taste like they been fried in the same grease from that morning through drivethru.

    When I discover the half of box of fries I went back to the window and inform the manager about the fries. He then took the fries with attitude right in front of me throw the fries down got more fries, remind you that it was raining, and handed them to me in the rain and not in a bag, and didn't say sorry or anything.

    I hope something can be done about, because I love to eat at Wendy's and I would hate to stop my business and a lot of others as well because of the bad attitudes and bad customer service.

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  • Wo
    Work in Sales Jun 03, 2009

    I went through the Wendy's, Walker, LA location last night and have NEVER been treated so RUDELY! It took us about 10 minutes in drive-thru to place an $8 order because the lady kept talking to someone we couldn't see (we could see her). We were the ONLY ONES in line. Finally about about 10 minutes of starting and stopping and confusing the order we were asked to drive up. The food was "chunked" at us. No receipt offered or in the bag. The 10 pc. nugget wasn't put in the nugget box but a large french fry box. We had to ask for a second straw - we had ordered two drinks. We had ordered a dressed burger from the $1 menus and received ketchup with a little bread and meat (which was hard and old or overcooked). We went drove around the building back to the window to report the error - the burger was snatched and a piece of lettuce and tomato thrown on it - I had asked for mayo...guess they were out or something since it wasn't added. Then the burger was thrown back out the window at us and the window slammed shut...no, thank you, have a nice night, or anything. Don't intend to go back...Sonic is across the drive going into Walmart and the $1 burger from their menu is MUCH better, fresher and the service 2000% friendlier!

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extremely poor service!

I was at work and my husband went through the drive thru at Wendys in Newburgh, Indiana to get some lunch to bring to me. He ordered a Fried Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, tomato & extra mayonnaise and a small chili with extra onions & cheese. When he got here ( which is 3 min. away from Wendys ) my sandwich had nothing on it and the chili had no extra anything, to top it off, the chili was cold (not cool, cold). These are restaurants that claim to have great food, fast and good service. I called to get this taken care of and the manager was very nice, however, she asked me for the recipt. It was not in the bg so I called my husband and he said they did not give him one. I called her back and she said she could not find the order on the computer at all. I aid " well, I have the food right here but I am at work and cant get it back to you at this time. I told her she 0robably ought to watch her employees because my husband was charged $5.07 for this order and it should be on the computer". She told me I could pick up another order after work but that did not help me for lunch at work. My complaint is " Hire more responsible people in restaurants ".

  • Ir
    Irene Rodriguez May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    5-6-2017 8:45P.M. I was coming home from my daughters award ceremony at school and she wanted a chicken sandwich from Wendy's 79th Bridgeview, IL 60455. I ordered 2 strawberry milkshakes and a number 6. I got to the window and paid for the order. The drive thru lady gave me my milkshakes and said have a nice night and closed the window and walked away. I can see thru the window the manager and another staff member holding my order and saying who does this belong too. I could not believe the poor service given, They finally figured out it was my order and opened the window. I stated to the lady how could you take the order and not remember the order. It was not like it was busy their was no one in front of me nor in back of me. She got an attitude and rolled her eyes and closed the window.When I did not move from the window the manager came to the window and said she was sorry for the mistake but it was not sincere. I felt she was just trying to get rid of me. I want your restaurant to know that without customers their would be no Wendy's. I will not stop at that Wendy's anymore. I have a Mc donalds, White Castle, Taco Bell, that would be eager to take my money. I hope you train your managers and staff to better classes in customer service.

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  • Da
    DA Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If it was a 2 window store the person handing out the order may not have know your order and working at a fast food restaurant is not an easy job. When you paid your money did you only pay for 2 milkshakes and was it at a different window? The main issue is did you get what you wanted before you left the store?How do you know the manager was not sincere? Being a manager and trying to make every customer have a perfect visit every time is a difficult job and very stressful. The manager did say she was sorry for the mix up and you did get what you ordered. So why would you not revisit this store or any other Wendy's?

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  • Ka
    kass May 12, 2009

    I went to Weny's on Jackson and Mckee (san Jose) on my lunch. I ordered a Ceaser Side salad and a couple of other things, While I was eating my salad I saw a dead fly in my salad which grossed me out, didn't felt like eating anymore i felt sick to my stomach felt like vomitting...I beleive the employees should clean the salad very well before packing it, wansn't quite happy about my service. I also didn't like the workers attitude wasn't very pleasent, She also didn't ask me if I wanted anything else. I just told them I wanted my money back. She was a little bit rude at first, when i brought back the salad. And I also called back to get the restuarants # they hung up on me twice, I called again they never picked up.
    My overall experience was completely bad and the worst ever... Would not go back there again...

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  • Ch
    christina01 Sep 20, 2011

    Went inside at the Middletown Wendys... NO line..I was the only one...got my entire order wrong. I ordered three combo meals...and got a different sandwich for each!! I didnt check it being that it wasnt busy and how could they possibly mess up my order! I will think twice before I decide to go back there again. And having to feel bad about the orders when i got back to the office... and being told this isnt what i ordered.

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spoiled food, or poor employee hygiene!

My husband and I were traveling from DFW airport to SFO airport on 6/29/07. We were traveling out of...

Non employees entering kitchen area

My family and I went to Wendy's after a softball game, it was about 10:00 pm. There were no other customers in the dinning area at that time. We ordered our food, and while we were eating (a girl that did not work there) went into the kitchen area. I saw here go in and did not think anything of it at first. Then my 5 year old son yelled "OOOHH there kissing'!!" I turned around and the girl that had entered the kitchen was making out with her boy friend right where all could see!! My 9 year old daughter turned around also and was saying that is soo gross!! I was shocked that the manager that was on duty at the time had nothing to say about it at all and acted like it was no big deal!!

wendys service is bad!

I went to Wendys on my 30 minute lunch break to try to get a quick bite to eat. I was in the drive through for about 15 minutes before I get to the window to pay for my food. When I get there, I hand the lady my debit card, and she says that their debit card machine is not working. I tell her that I do not have any cash on me. So I can't get my food, and my lunch break is almost over, and I still have to go to another place and get something to eat, stand in line AGAIN, and then I was late getting back to work. If the machine didn't work, a sign should have at least been posted on the drive through. I was really upset about this.

  • Sh
    Shantae Sam-Arias May 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Wendy's last week in Euless,Tx. going to get dinner for my husband and myself. When I arrived at work I found that there was a fly in my chili. I called the corporate office and was told that someone would get back to me within 24 to 48 business hours. Such luck!!! That was 168 hours ago. I gave them my address, cell no, and e-mail address and still no contact from them. They have lost a valued customer. Maybe I should go to the media because I was informed to keep the order and it's still sitting in the fridge. Any suggestions?

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  • Sa
    Sandy Shanks Jul 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband left work and stopped at Wendy`s to get dinner for the two of us and our 2 grandkids. He had his hands full with 6 drinks, so one of the workers brought 2 bags of food out to his truck for him. Gets home (it`s a ways away) and find out that there`s NO food for the kids-no burgers or fries and there`s no dressing for the salad. I called the store and could hear a woman in the background saying that yes, she did pack the kids food. I said NO,they got their drinks and that`s all and now they will have to go hungry, and what are you going to do about it? She said the only thing she could do was to have us drive back out there and get it (yeah-right $8 worth of gas!). NO apology whatsoever... and I don`t give a damn attitude to boot! I said you will not get our business again... no reaction.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Shanks Jul 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh, yeah... no forks or knives for the salad and baked potato, either! My daughter works at In and Out and she says this is inexcusable!

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  • Ju
    justin Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, sometimes ### happens and lines get cut, or theres no lines in the store working that day, or maybe the machine was broken!

    And when it comes to service times, sometimes theyre short handed and one person has to run 2 to 3 positions.

    Maybe you should work in a fast food place for a little while to get a better understanding.

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  • Anon Apr 04, 2009

    Sometimes machines break down. It's not the fault of the people who work there. I'm a bit confused, though, that you think someone should put up a sign. Where would the sign be placed?

    You should always bring a little cash with you, no matter where you go. Even if you have a debit card, you still ought to be prepared for the worst.

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  • Our credit card machine goes down at random intervals usually when the register is overloaded ( from 40 and 30 dollar orders such as the six drinks and 2 big bags of food as described above) when we put signs up on the menu and speaker box you'd be amazed how NOBODY READS THEM!!! they just pull up order and then act surprised when we say "I"m sorry our credit machine is down, will that be a problem this evening." the purpose of the LCD screen is for you to confirm your order to make sure its right before! you go to the window, but if your not paying attn. then you wont see it.

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they stole my credit card!

Wendy's Restaurant in the Bronx located on Boston Post road two blocks away from 222nd street. I was a customer at this restaurant on Monday May 7th 2007 at their drive thru window. I had only a $50 bill when I noticed a sign that says they don’t accept any bills larger than a $20. I asked the cashier if I would be able to use my debit card, she said yes and I gave it to her.

My card was never handed back to me, I did not realize this until two days later when I wanted to buy gas for my car, went to my wallet there was nothing. Completely emptied my bag to check if it was there but I had no luck. I began to retrace my thoughts and there it came to me "Wendys." I did not go to wendys right then it was only 7 in the morning and I had to drop my daughter at school then head off to work myself. At around 11:45am on Wednesday May 9th while at my desk at work I decided to check my bank account at chase to make sure everything was ok. To my surprise it wasn’t, I had a negative balance of $730.26 approximately $354.73 over the amount I had in my account. I decided to look at the list of my transactions to my surprise someone went on a mini shopping spree with my debit card, buying things from a metro card, to timberland boots. By this time it was around 12 mid day which happens to be my lunch hour. I went to chase with whom I had the account spoke to a manager their and was told what to do to ensure my money will be returned to me. I did as I was told.

Later on that evening I decided to go over to Wendys. I ask to speak to the manager on duty, first a lady came out which was a bit sympathetic but later said at the time I made the purchase she was not present. Another manager came out who knew all about what had happen. He told me the cashier girl gave him my card, this is when I thought he was a little crazy, he said the card was already picked up by a man claiming to be the cousin of the person that’s me, who left my card. This is when I said to him how could you give a card to someone without asking for a picture ID to make sure the names match he started getting nervous and saying more things that really did not make much sense to me. Now I need to know what further actions I should take as I know this is an easy case to solve as these store are equipped with cameras all over.

  • As
    asdfwqe Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    su them (in all seriousness). i believe that would b a legal lawsuit

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  • Je
    jeveuxlesoleil Mar 20, 2009

    Did you give them your debit or your credit card? Your title contradicts your statements...

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poor and rude service!

Our personal driver assisted us in getting lunch from our favorite place to eat Wendys. We gave him our order...


I worked for these folks for many years!!! I began as crew and grew into the company until I became General Manager. I ran their stores for several years. The years passed and I never got a formal sit down review of my performance. Generally no review means no raise. I wondered how other managers kept getting raises. The pattern was that the majority of them were women. The funny thing was that if they were not women they were gay males. Now don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against gay people. It's their personal choice, and I'm not bothered by it. The thing is that gay people were seemingly being favored over straights. Here's what was taking place. The district manager that goes by the name of Carmen Caro is well known to be lesbian. She is also notoriously know for partying with "her" managers. She has openly maintained personal intimate relationships with several of her subordinate managers. These are people working directly below her. (and I don't mean that symbolically) She first dated a manager known as Mary. Later, Mary got dumped for Perla. Perla was actually straight at some point, but left her husband and moved in with the district manager. That's right!!! A lower level manager living in the district manager's house and holding a conyugal relationship with her. Does anyone see anything wrong with that? What about the rest of that cannot compete with that. I mean who in the right mind would compete under those conditions? Well, Mary wasn't going to go down without a fight, and that's exactly what happened. Mary and Perla went at it during an altercation over who would be the rightful district manager's lover. Perla won. Soon there after, Perla was given the highest salary of all managers by a lot. Some mumbo jumbo was made up about some GM so that her store could be taken away and given to Perla. I came across some reliable info from someone at the central office that stock transfers were being made to favor Perla's store and hurt someone else's, like mine. All stock transfers have to be approved by the district supervisor so that if a stock tranfer has the supervisor's signature on it, it is a done deal. This way the supervisor made Perla's numbers look better than what they actually were. Perla is a person who can't hold a conversation in English but here she is making the highest salary after being a manager for less than two years only because she sleeps with the supervisor. On the other hand are we the dedicated, hard working, English speaking, nine year veterans with the company that have not seen a raise in five years being affected by this situation. I kept an accurate log of all my transfers. I knew when, where , what, and how much I had stock transfered eveey time, but I kept getting discrepancies when the monthly reports came out. I got a hold of a company transfer report. This is a reports that details all transfers between all the stores. Surely enough, there were several large made against my store benefiting Perla's. I shared this info with the owner only to be reprimanded for having "confidential" reports. I was told to stop being jealous of Perla's great performance and start focusing on my food cost issues. The supervisor naturally found out and made it a personal mission to go after me. She would show up at my store and complain about the smallest of issues like "this mandarin ckn salad has three too many mandarin wedges" and stuff like that. After about a month of continuous persecution, she told me that I could voluntarily step down or that she would find a way to make it happen. There was an incident at my store where two employees were kidding around and one of them fell down. It is company policy that any incident requiring an accident report need to be announced to the supervisor. I did my job. I wrote up the employees involved and I called the supervisor to ler her know what happened. She told me to fire one of the two employees. I did. Two days later, the employee called human resources up at corporate stating that I had wrongfully terminated him. The supervisor came to my store with the owner to let me know that the incident was "a clear indication that the store was not being handled in the best of ways" so that I was to be relieved of my position immediately. I protested intensely stating that I had been instructed to terminate the employee by her. She denied this and I was again reprimanded for making up such stories. She then suggested that I be sent to Perla's store so that I could be re-trained on how to run a store. Can you imagine the humiliation. I had more that four times the amount of experience and speak English. I was devastated. I began work at Perla's store were my fabulous retraining was reduced to spending ten almost uninterrupted hours running the grill five days a week. I seized to perform all managerial duties. I was forced to work under the care of incompetent shift managers that had months if not weeks of working with the company. How did they become managers so fast? You guessed it! They were gay. In fact, Perla's team consisted of six managers out of which five were either gay or lesbian. Her crew also consisted of an unusually high number of gay individuals. During the weeks at Perla's store, she came in late often, she left early almost on a daily basis and she called in on at least three occasions. I called in sick for the first time in years and got a write up for it!!!! On a rough day when Perla had called in, the owner paid a visit and the store was not running right. I was put on probation because "I was the senior manager on hand and had done nothing to correct the situation". Remember that I was only a grillman working under the command of a futile shift manager. I finally landed a job that paid comparably to the one I was hanging on to. I finally stopped showing up without notice. The day I went to pick my final check, the owner told me that he was deeply disappointed that I had left without letting him know. I replied that I was infinitely more disappointed in the way he had allowed his company to be run. I am not the only that suffered the same fate. At least three other GMs were hunted down around the same time that I was. I am happily employed now and only wanted to share my experiences while working for these people hoping that it might change someone's mind about working for this company.