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This new walgreens that was just opened a few months ago was thought to be the greatest thing that...


Good morning, Not sure if a refund is possible however I felt it was worth the effort. I purchased a phone...

pharmacy gave personal info to a doctor without my consent told the doctor everything about me

The pharmacy techs are rude and very lazy had to wait 1 hour for me meds.And one of the techs gave out personal info about me to a doctor without my permission i think they are very rude but Kurt Butts and Stepanie are very nice and get my meds right away with no wait, also i was given the wrong meds a couple of times from the other techs.Thank you something needs to be done here

  • every pharmacy tech here needs to be trained all over again to be polite to consumers and not to give out personal info to doctor without my consent they need to stick to the hippa act which they do not do on anyone

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terrible/horrilbe customer service

I went to this Walgreens store for the first time in a long time because I live two blocks from the Cedar Mill Walgreens. I went there with my mother because we had to do some shopping at a sporting goods store for my brother. I have been unemployed since August of 2009 when the call center I worked for in Downtown Portland shut its doors and relocated the center to a state that has its own very low minimum wage lower than the national one and that effected 189 of us and the call center will never return to Portland ever.Since 2000 it is the 20th call center to do this and leave to go either off shore where the minimum wage is $1.00 or lower and hour. So it has been hard and money is hard as heck to come by. The actual unemployment rate in Portland and Oregon is running around 22% because so many people have fallen off the rolls and quit lookingfor work such as myself. I spent 82.29 that I did not even have so my family could have some type of Christmas. Walgreens gave me 5 sacks that all busted out completely and stuff went everywere. I am disabled and have to use a walker due to severe severe osteoarthritis and I DO NOT qualify for SS and can not get it and have been trying since 1998. I put a complaint on their website and all the details and the store manager "STEVE" called me at home the day after Sunday 12/20/09 and sounded 100% like PEE WEE HERMAN. He had a horrible attitude and kept trying to assume his persona while talking to me. He was a total jerk and DID NOT CARE and said "what do you want me to do about it." He said my sacks made it out to my mom's car and they did not at all and he knew they did not. He said their cameras told them they did. He violated my rights of privacy by looking at me in the camera without my knowledge. They have to tell you legally they are filming you in their store. He accused me of lying and I was not. If I was lying then why did he have to call me to ask me questions on Sunday 12/21/09? How can someone trying to sound and act like PEE WEE HERMAN even have a clue how to handle customers or even give a damn about handling customers. Needless to say when he called me at home Sunday 12/20/09 to discuss me being so angry he had this "I do not give a damn attitude" and acted like I was a liar and did not even say thank you for me and my mother spending over $240.00 between the two of us that we DID NOT HAVE on Christmas. They are one of the few stores that all these years do not have scooters for the disabled and does not AT ALL care about the disabled. If they did they would have the scooters for them like Winco, Thriftway and Fred Meyers does and has had for years and years. Steve was a total 100% ### and jerk and why did you call Steve if all you were going to do is imitate PEE WEE HERMAN and act like you do not give damn. I have read online that 95% of store managers do not care and are this way for sure. I hung up on you Steve because you did not care at all and by how you talked to me on the phone like disabled people are not your customers and that disabled people do not matter. So far in 2 weeks I have told 10 people about my experience and according to the laws of customer service those people will tell 10 more people and those 10 people will tell 10 more and so on. In 2-3 years Walgreens will be OUT OF BUSINESS due to your non-caring of the disabled and your non-caring of ALL your customers and giving them sacks that are cheap and crappy and all bust out and that is not your responsibility of how you treat them. If you and your workers are so unhappy and are so stressed out of having to work on Christmas day and over Christmas TAKE SOME TIME OFF. Do not blame your problems on other people or your customers. It is so wrong. I will never ever ever go back to Walgreens ever ever again and plan to tell more and more people about how HORRIBLE THIS manager "Steve" was and his piss por attitude. You are nothing like PEE WEE HERMAN steve. You need to quit Walgreens and take a year or more's worth of customer service classes to learn about to handle customers and their needs. Disabled people DO COME TO YOUR STORE. They deserve to be respected. Steve you have disrespect for your customers and yourself otherwise you would not need to assume another person's persona. I HATE YOUR GUTS WALGREENS. I plan to never go back to a Walgreens ever ever again based on how HORRIBLE I was treated in your store. You do not give a damn and hope you will be OUT OF BUSNESS BY 2012. The way you are going you will be by sure by your horrible and piss poor CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Rg
    RghtBkatU Dec 27, 2009

    First, you are immature in your complaint.

    Second, stores have security cameras to prevent thievery.

    Third, paragraph breaks are free. You should use them.

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  • Pa
    Pat Kelley Jan 06, 2010

    I realize I did a horrible job typing this in the computer. Thank you for noticing but it still does not change how I was treated. Walgreens store Managers Do not care according to people I talk to everywhere and that is how ALL of them are. I am not a thief and the should not consider EVERYONE a thief. They should not be giving out crummy sacks to people that spend money in their stores. Never at any place of business here in Portland have I ever got sacks this bad. If they gave a damn they would of tried to care when they called me rather than having someone call me that was assuming the persona of someone else so he did not have to care about my problem. I still hate Walgreens guts and ALWAYS WILL.

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  • Pa
    Pat Kelley Jan 14, 2010

    Most store managers of these type of stores are jerks and DO NOT CARE. I happen to know that Fred Meyers, Winco, and Safeway and even Wal Mart do have scooters for the disabled and do care about these type of clientel using their stores. Walgreens has a reputation according to what I know where the Store Managers are this way when they call you up to try and resolve a problem. I had this happen and the store manager of a store that did me dirty was a jerk and did not care about me as a Customer at all and I will never go back to that store to this day and NEVER EVER WILL GO BACK. I agree 100% with this persons comments about Walgreens because their store managers are Jerks and do not care and never will and they have had disrespect for the disabled for years and years and that is why they will never carry scooters for the disabled and why if you have a problem they will get a store manager who is an ### to call you and not at all attempt to help you solve your problem. I hate your guts Walgreens you jerks. I have not shopped in your store at all in over a month and NEVER WILL AGAIN because of your disrespect of the disabled and ALL CUSTOMERS.

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  • Pa
    Pat Kelley Feb 16, 2010

    I know that Walgreens is this way towards the disabled. I had a problem with them once about a return and the store manager called me like he called you and said he did not have to do anything for me and was an ### like he was to you and I ended up hanging up on the jerk. He said his name was Rick. Never will I shop there again at Walgreens. they suck bad.

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  • Iv
    IvyGarcia99 May 11, 2010

    WTF does Pee Wee Herman have to do with anything...

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  • Pa
    Pat Kelley Aug 05, 2010

    It is their falt that the bags broke because those are the bags being supplied by Walgreens. Just so ou know the unemployment rate among the disabled is 14% times the Real national rate of 29-30% unemployment if you count all the people who have given up looking for work and have fallen off the unemployment roles. That would mean the unemployment rate among the disabled is over 350%. I am looking for a job and if you hurt 24-7 and had osteoarthritis due to a bad car wreck maybe you would feel the same way I do. It was not my falt my call center I worked for outsourced to another country and closed the center and almost all the call centers here have done this leaving thousands and thousands of innocent Oregonians out of work not to mention the thousands of manufacturing companies that have outsourced and closed and left oregon leaving thousands and thousands out of work here. Maybe if you had this happen to you you would feel the same way.

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  • Ig
    ignorantpplsuck11 Mar 13, 2011

    well i hope this lady finds peace and gesser your a major [censor].

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  • En
    Engineerswife07 Apr 04, 2011

    You do realize that you are filmed in every store that you go into on a daily basis right? And that most if not all stores have signs up someplace telling you that very thing, although it is not required for them to do so. When you walk into that store you are walking onto their property. And if they walked up and personally told everyone in the store that they were recording them, it would defeat the purpose of the cameras. Geez seriously?

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false survey

Received a receipt 12/24/09 3:08 pm for my precription. It said enter our monthly cash sweepstakes. Thi...

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poor customer service

My mother called in for a refill at 9:30 am and was told it would be ready by 11 am. Last month when we went...


HI I will be honest, I do not shop at Walgreens that much as it is out of my way but every now and then when they have unbelievalbe circulars I go there. UNfournatley I am always dissapointed, they do not have the product or only had a few of them to start with. ON my visits manytimes NO clerk knows where the product is? THIS complaint is MINLY about the reciept.
I feel it is very difficult to read. I bought almost everythiing on sale an dI honestly cannot tell if I got the sale price. Other drug stores like KINNEYS and Rite AID have much easier to read reciepts and Iknow when I leave theri stores that Ihave gotten the sale price.
I hope a very important person at WALgreens gets thsi complaint and does something about it.
THEY can contact me at my email [protected]@yahoo.com. A dissatisfied customer. JEAN EMERY

  • Gi
    GirlieCat Jan 04, 2010

    I work for Walgreens but I am not a "very important person"; I am an asst. manager in CA but I read your comment and wanted to respond by first saying, I am sorry you have had that experience. I am proud to work for Walgreens and yes, we have many opportunities to listen, change and improve. I hope you will come back to this site to check for any comments because I care and I want to thank you for taking the time to tell us your feelings and experiences. It's customers like you that help us see what needs changing. If you want a very important person and I say this with sincerity, call your local district manager or email this concern to the corporate office. Not every complaint can be immediately corrected or changed but unless the decision makers know there is a problem there will be no changes. The receipt problem is something I have heard more than once. I hope you come back to us.

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  • Ca
    captnspaulding Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you web site"walgreensfeedback.com", does not come up.

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failure to take care of customer in the pharmacy ahead of others

I waited 45 minutes for the h1n1 vaccine while people who came in after me had prescriptions filled. I was the only one waiting when all this started. When I complained about the wait and the discourtesy, the pharmacist YELLED at me. I left, complained to the manager, and am now trying to complain to the home office. I will never set foot in any Walgreen's again. Wonder how she'll feel if I get swine flu and DIE because of her.

$3000. cash sweepstakes entry chance

At both of above sites, I received a receipt claiming a $3000.00 sweepstakes entry at...


i was in your store on 3 different occasions. the first time went up to front cashier to ask cashier about...

store complaint

In my experience, Walgreens is a a fairly common and reliable store. It has become somewhat of a symbol in many communities of quality products. It would be good to be able to say the same of the service in most cases.

I have had primarily positive experiences with Walgreens, in general. However, my experience on 11/30/09 in the Chicago store at 6315 S. Kedzie, was the worst shopping experience I've ever had in a Walgreens location.

This was literally the second time I'd been in this store and the shelves were practically bare. Items I'd normally purchase at any other Walgreens location were not there.

I went ahead and bought the couple items I settled for. The attitudes I caught by both employees at the register nearly made me drop my potential purchases and walk out.

I would have considered complaining to the manager about my unsatisfactory experience except, the dissatisfaction was with him (Pete, according to the name) the Store's Manager!

I could barely believe it, both the manager and the employee at the checkout registers acted as if I was doing them some sort of a favor by shopping there. They were just as disgruntled as they come, and acted as if they couldn't ring out my purchases quick enough, in order for me to get out.

The attitudes of these two employees were so disturbing that I deliberately went back to the store on 12/2/09, just to get a receipt to fill out the store survey online and submit how horrible these individuals made me feel as a customer.

The slight chance that I would go back to this store, I rated as a 3 and that would only be if I went during the hours that I did on 12/2 to receive service from the cashier that assisted me.

The reality is that I will never shop this particular store again. It also makes me question why service such as this is tolerated in a Walgreens. Thank you for allowing my feedback.

  • St
    Stella Bell Jun 29, 2010

    The Walgreens I go to is located on Atwells Ave in Prov R.I. Every week there is something in the flyer for sale and it is never available. I wait all week to see if it comes in and it doesn't.When I confronted the manager she was anything but nice and told me that the flyer was for all the stores and they might not get it. Well, CVS also advertises and it's also nationwide and their products are available. I feel like I am stuck in this situaton because I do not drive and Walgreen's is in walking distance to my home. I teally don't think for one minute the products are not available on the first day of sale and it is a matter of very poor mangement. Too bad for me it isn't a cvs I live near.

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time wasted

I have used Walgreens pharmacies for several years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I call in my prescriptions and allow time for them to be filled. Much of the time, as I enter the drive-thru, a person has chosen to delay others from picking up their items by presenting the assistant with their prescription as they drive up. As cars line up behind me, I'm having to wait 15 to 20 min. One of the Walgreens here in Tulsa asks persons presenting prescriptions to drive on thru - park - and come back thru the line in 10 min. I would think this would be a good policy for all Walgreens. Thanks for taking care of this matter.

  • Nz
    NZGreen Dec 23, 2009

    I have this same situation at my Walgreens. People drive up, present their prescriptions and wait. I believe the pharmacist should ask them to drive around and give them 10 minutes at least. It's really inconsiderate that some people think they are the only one waiting. Maybe post a sign that the wait time will be... whatever. Thanks.

    Walgreens does an excellent job and I'm usually there every week for something, but as they do many prescriptions, there should be a way to handle some of these customers.

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website access

I tried to enter the sweepstakes from my receipt and wanted to complete a survey about my experience (price...

cleaning the restrooms

Why is it the Beauty Advisors job to clean both the men and the women restrooms? I think that is unfair, and very nasty to have to do that, Walgreens can afford to hire a service to do the job.

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Nov 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't know, but usually at wal-mart they reserve these jobs for the diabled people.

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  • Ge
    genocide12 Jan 09, 2010

    wtf first and formost that is ### i work at walgreens and when they try to tell me to clean the ladies restroom i tell my boss hell no

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medical clinic

We took our daughter to their clinic for a strep test because it was after our pediatricians office hours and...

please hold!!!

Today at 1:40 pm I left my doctor's office to call in a refill on an RX that I was to take again. I...


I shopped at walgreens yesterday 10/06/09 my reciept and the clerk both said to go online to complete survey...

false sweepstakes

i got a receict from walgreens on october 5, 2009 saying i could go to their website &enter a contest to...

seriously overcharged

I am a nurse and have been one for 32 years. I have seen everything from million dollar transplant surgerie...

$3000. sweepstakes

I went to Walgreens today (9/29/09) and received a receipt from the pharmacy. It said I could go online for...