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coupons issue

I went to Walgreens today .I had some manufacturecoupons and some store coupons .None of them were expired .When i gave them to the cashier one of them beeped .The cashier called the manager .The manager was an old lady who was too loud .She looked at my coupons showed some attitude & said ITS SEEMS SHE IS A COUPON QUEEN.

She didn't even know that we can use store coupon with the manufacture one on the same item.I had one huggies manufacture coupon and one huggies walgreen activity book coupon .She said i cannot use both because walgreens is itself a manufacturing company.This didn't make any sense to me.At the same time she said i am still trying to make it work .I said its ok, dont make it a big deal I will pay.But she kept trying to make me feel bad.I don't understand why the Walgreen managers and staff is not coupon friendly .How come she is a manager when she doesn't know the coupon policy.Secondly her attitude made me feel awefull.

I will never gonna go back to this store again.And request the Walgreens corporate to train their staff specially the managers and make the learn the rules and manners please.I don't think there is anything wrong about using coupons.

refusal of service

The Pharmacist in charge today February 6, 2017 at 10:30 am central time, refused sale of "Plan B"...

unfair employee

I watched Oprah. She said Walgreens would do free glucose testing. I called first to find out which Walgreen...

employee rudeness

There is an older man with a full head of white hair and a full white beard working in the pharmacy dept. of...

rude employee and racism

I visit this walgreens regulary, overall the employees arenot friendly includind the Male manager last name...

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shortage on prescription

My doctors (for the 1st time) prescribed my 60 Kolonapin to take twice a day. I had my orderd filled on Tuesday. THe order seemed fine and i didnt count the #. 3 days later, i took my recommended dose and noticed the pills looked short, so i counted them. I had 26 of 60 left. There is no way that i took 34 pills in two days and no one lives with me and no one has been of over. I took the bottle to the pharmacy and explained the issue but they said it was counted twice and since its a controlled substance, there wasnt anything they cand. I was told that the pharmacy manager would be back on Monday and can try to take it up with her. What can i do know? HELP!!!

stay away

For all the advertising on TV about the great prices and service on prescriptions I had all my scripts transferred. I was treated rudely and nearly didn't leave the bottles for refill. When I went to pick up the filled prescriptions I was horribly upset to discover they charged MORE than anyone else on all but 1 of my medications. No answers or explanation of sky-high prices and rude service. Walgreens lost me as a customer. They can SAVE it.

  • Gu
    Guest This 222659 Feb 05, 2010

    Yes I use to patronize Walgreens. They are so bent on trying to restructure they lost complete sight of customer service. Although they lost sight of their employees as well. The slogan "Rewire for Growth" is set for "Rewire for Failure". My ENTIRE FAMILY and all FRIENDS have pulled every RX to Osco and CVS. You know we are all happy we did since we are treated nicely, get accurate RX service UNLIKE Walgreen's. Smart Choice to pull away from Walgreens.

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Put me down as another frustrated walgreen consumer who tried to enter your monthly cash sweepstakes and ran...

a guy named john

Hi my name is Frank, and I would like to complain about the Walgreens Pharmacy in Massena N.Y 13662. There is this guy name John that works at the Pharmacie behind the counter. I was there to drop off a perscription at the drive through, and I guess there is a buzzer that rings off when you go through it. Well I did'nt know that at all, I pulled up to the window to ring the buzzer because it tells you to, so I did.. And this guy name John I don't know his last name because he would not give it to me. He said to me " Yea what do you want " Well any way I droped off the perscription and I came back an hour or so to get it.. And when I pulled up to the window I pushed the buzzer again and he came to the window again, and started yelling at me. Saying that I seen him standing there and everything, and I asked him what his problem was and he kept treating me like crap. I know one thing, I had a massive Heartattact almost 3 years ago now, and he had me shakeing so hard and my chest started to hurt me. I just don't want this kind of stuff to happen again, and would like it if you's could take care of this matter. I Truly Appreciate It.. Thank You..

  • Da
    Daisy Mariposa Jan 26, 2010


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    Why don't you switch your prescription to another drug store?

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sales persons and managers

Every time that I go into Walgreens I to buy something I have to look for an Sales Associate and then when I...

wrongful termination

I had to start taking medication in may of 2009 and company policy is: employees have to fill their RX at...

discrimination & harassment

My supervisor, Debbie Newton, has been harassing me at the workplace. She is trying to haze me out of my job...

website feedback /#3, 000.00 cash sweepstakes

I have in the past used walgreens "how are we doing"? Questionnaire. I had no problems finding /using the...

short on medication

yesterday I filled my pain pills with my hometown walgreens as I always do every month. When I recieved my...

over reacting

Ive been employeed at walgreens for over 5yrs and on Sept. 14 I found my uncle passed away due to a drunk...

wrong medication and shortage of medication

On Friday, Jan 8th, 2010, my husband, Mark Ullenberg, picked up a prescription from Walgreens that had been...

lost prescription refill

I brought a refill prescription bottle back to the pharmacy during the time when this drugstore was very...

incompetent pharmacist

On 12/31/2009 I was dispensed a partial refill of Topamax 100mg (6 tablets out of 120). This medication is used for seizures. Six tablets will only last me 3 days, the pharmacist then told me that he would not have the remaining tablets until Monday; obviously he miscalculated and this would not hold me over until Monday and I could be in danger of having a seizure. I then called the pharmacist and told him his mistake and he acknowledged his error and stated that he would have 12 tablets available for me in the morning. I also told him that the label did not state partial and it showed as if he had dispensed all 120 tablets; he then stated that they were aware that this was a partial. Today January 3rd, my husband went to pick up the 12 tablets set aside for me and the pharmacist on duty "Keyla" was not only the most unprofessional individual I have ever met new nothing of the 12 tablets, but refused to dispense them to him and stated that all 120 were already given to me and refused to call the pharmacist that was on duty on 12/31/2009 to attempt to clear up the mistake. She had no concern of the fact that I could potentially have a seizure today and stated that SHE WOULD NOT BE LIABLE AMD DID NOT CARE!!! When my husband returned without my medication at 8:00a.m. I attempted to contact Keyla to correct the problem and she simply hung up on me. I have filed a complaint with Walgreens and have been able to obtain my medication at least for today but the issue is yet to be resolved. As a CEO of a Hospital I am appalled that Walgreens employs this kind of individual that does not take patient safety seriously. I will not stop until this is resolved but I would like everyone to be aware of this persons serious lack of consideration and professionalism.


Concerned Consumer.

  • Ys
    Ysg Jan 04, 2010

    I submitted the following complaint to Oregon Department of Justice:

    I picked up Alphagan-P eyedrops from the above pharmacy on 12/29/2009. The next day (12/30), when I opened the box, I found that the container had no security seal and there was no informational brochure which comes with the drops. By then, while opening the box, I had torn off the patient information slip that was attached to the box. But I immediately called the pharmacy and spoke to someone and explained what had happened. She told me to bring it in and that I would get a new bottle. On 12/31, at around 5:30pm, I promptly took the eyedrops (in its box) along with the patient wlip (which was torn off the box by now) to the pharmacy and asked to get a new one as promised. The pharmacist on duty examined the bottle and the patient slip for a while and without hesitation declared that that bottle was not sold from their pharmacy. She then said that I would have to take up the matter with the manufacturer and that she would not be able to replace it. I insisted on her that I had got that bottle from them two days earlier and asked her to check their system to see if she can find a cross reference to the lot # from the bottle or the barcode from the patinet slip on the box. She refused and stuck to her claim that that bottle was not from their pharmacy.

    I felt utterly annoyed at this point; she was implying that I was lying. At that point, I asked her to give me a written statement stating what she had told me. She then took the bottle and the box and asked me to wait. After about 5-7 minutes, a gentleman came with replacement eyedrops in a box and said that they had given me a new bottle.

    This whole experience was very unpleasant. Despite my telling her that I had obtained that bottle from their pharmacy and asking her to check that I had been getting that medication from them for years now and why I would claim something was wrong just this once, she could not for once consider it probable that they might have given me an opened bottle.

    I wonder how they could sell me an opened eye medication in the first place. At a minimum, I would think the pharmacist should be reprimanded for inconsiderate attitude and arrogance and Walgreens be warned about such harmful paractices.

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  • Ca
    Candlegrl768 Feb 21, 2011

    Unfortunately I've had similar experience w/ Walgreens in NJ, the pharmacist act as if it's no big deal the dangers of not getting the NEEDED medication prescribed. I've been on numerous prescriptions where I had to fight/get upset by the lack of sensitivity these people have to other people's needs. I even had to chase down my own medication by calling every Walgreens in the surrounding area to find medication availability(Something they could of done for me) & then go get it..& this was right after surgery?? I've been on the same medication(fentanyl Patch) for Pain for years & know I refill monthly along with Thyroid medication why not have this medication already in-stock the week of refill?? I even called to remind I'll be refilling my prescriptions & what they are & doses...to think they'd have it in for me... NO!! Instead they rather me upset (I'm disabled from 2 different accidents) crying at the counter needing my medication NOW & THEN not 2 to 3 days later. Being on a controlled substance insurance companies are strict on the days of refill. IT TOOK ME TO CALL CORPORATE OFFICE & FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST WALGREENS FOR THEM TO HAVE MY PRESCRIPTIONS READY & WAITING FOR ME EACH MONTH. These people really don't care & until someone dies due to their actions things won't change. Why do we need to fight & argue to get what we need is beyond me. I've also been on Topamax but for severe migraine headaches I couldn't handle the drug, I was violently throwing up.

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employee health benefits

I have no use for the employee benefits. They are too expensive considering I never use them. Ever. So during open enrollment, I see posters everywhere with the headline - "if you do not enroll during open enrollment, your benefits will not automatically continue next year."
Just two weeks ago I receive a letter, happily greeting me to my new benefits which they automatically enrolled me in without my consent. And the kicker - since I did not enroll during open enrollment, I am now officially a tobacco user, even though I have never smoked. But fortunately, next year I can request to once again get my tobacco free premium.

800. Talk. Ins is absolutely worthless. They want an application waiving my benefits, and a written statement stating why I did not go through open enrollment and why I wish to waive my benefits. When asked why I can't simply get out of this mess over the phone, they pretty much tell me I am beat. When I mention the fact that every poster I have seen said absolutely nothing of being automatically enrolled against my own wishes (As a tobacco user nonetheless) I am told I received a massive book explaining this somewhere in the fine print.

I told them I never received this package. And no, it was not certified mail. Is this legal?? How can they possibly do this. My only option is to simply quit, considering paying 70 per month for absolute garbage is something I refuse to happily comply with.

  • Gi
    GirlieCat Jan 04, 2010

    Honestly I cannot understand how you could not have known that "this year open enrollment" was different and because it was Walgreens took the extra steps in everything I read to go online to the employee site, talk to your EXA or store manager but doing nothing got you an increased smoking policy. I am certain Walgreens would like to resolve all issues over the phone however we live in a "legal world" and for both sides it normally requires a signed document. I have my share of issues with Walgreens but Walgreens did not do anything illegal here, we were all informed and I was out on disability and I still made a point of being informed. Open enrollment is yearly, every year so you need to chalk this up to experience and prevent this from happening again...whether at Walgreens or any other company...open enrollment is every year and it's our responsibility to do our part. If your only solution is to quit you must not need this job anyway but for your new job you will see it's legal and similar. Good Luck

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$3000.00 contest

On Dec. 28th I recieved 2 reciepts from walgreens both advertising for $3000.00 contest for taking a survey...