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Resolved harassment/discrimination

I was just recently harassed by the store mgr., then because of the harrassment, I became distraught, upset. I told the pharmacy mgr. that I was leaving to go to the doctor and why. I also spoke to employee relations to file a complaint on the store mgr. for harassing me at work. I had a severe anxiety attack at the doctor in which I was transported by ambulance to the hospital. I also have a note from the doctor. The following day, I was told on the phone by the store mgr. that I was fired for abandoning my work and that he went to the proper channels and not to show up to work on monday. I worked at walgreens for almost 8 years. I never got sick and not had a doctors note and this is what corporate did to me and my livelyhood. Not one person investigated or tried to help me from corporate. They only believed the store mgr. Justice will prevail.

Resolved why do we have to pay for a flu shot?

I don't understand why they give the pharmisist the flu vaccine for free but make there technicians and...

Resolved whimsical refills of prescriptions

I recieved a prescription from my psychiatrist for Xanax (60 pills month, take twice daily) with 2 refills. I also get Celexia (citalopram) for depression. Recently I was going on a cross country trip and called my Xanax refill in two weeks early, leaving a message. I tried to call to explain why I needed to get them early, but lo and behold, they filled them without a fuss.

I have no insurance and pay cash.

Since I have a refill left, and my money only comes sporadically, I would like to get them early again(15 days) just while I have the money (plus I can only transportation on 1 day of the week, and that's unreliable.

Anyway, I don't wnt to cause a fuss, but are drug stores allowed to refill such medication as benzos and anit-depressents under less stringent rules than narcotics? That is, . did I just get lucky, catching someone in a good mood? I don't want to call and be embarrassed or sound like some junkie. I don't need them, but does anyone know what the restyrictions actually are, or does it depend on the store, pharmacist, state, or whim of the pharmacists?

No biggie, but I was surprised they filled them after only 14 days with no questions asked.



  • Be
    berzett Feb 11, 2010

    Walgreen's in Athens, AL had a $4.00 register reward for the purchase of Cryostat. The manager was quite arrogant & refused to give me my register reward.

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  • Ka
    K A Mc Feb 23, 2010

    I went to Walgreen's today and purchased a prescription for $45.00. I was given a receipt that said I could enter a month cash sweepstakes for $3, 000.00 if I completed a short survey. There is no such survey available. There were numerous other individuals that have complained also. Why has this not been corrected? I was able to call the 800 number and do the survey. Walgreen's needs lessons from Petsmart regarding on-line surveys.

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  • Ge
    Gerry Jul 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rowdy customer in store annoying people at checkout. I had to admonish the person to "Behave." I suggest you do the same.

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  • No
    NO NEWS Apr 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got hurt from this company back in 2007
    Still haven't recvd my disability from their insurance
    company called sedwick mgrs have since been relocated
    to other walgreen's currently i am suing them

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  • Ma
    Marieshoenfelt Aug 01, 2013

    Pa state law now only allows refills 3 days in advance with Xanax I am not sure where you are from but I just found this out today so it could be all of US or just where I am from I don't know. Also insurance or no insurance since Xanax is a controlled substance watch getting refills done to soon before they are due or your doctor will get a letter reguarding your refills after the pharmacy tells you they won't refill them and you could be taken off your meds and moved to something else or just not have refills n get a 30 day script and that's all. I only know that cause my x husband traveled a lot and when I could i went with him and you can only transfer a script to a different state once so I was getting them refilled when I could while I was in pa n sometimes it was 10 days early. That caused a huge fuss! I was able to get my doctor to understand but was told if the issue came up again I would never be put back on Xanax again it forced me to stop traveling like I used to and I just stayed home :( good luck to you hope my rambling helped

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Resolved return

ay buy medicine 20 minutes ago wen want return manager say wen you pas dis dor no return or no many back is estore rules bay

Resolved rip off

I ordered triad insoles. they said they came in packages of 1 or 2. I ordered 3 packages of 2 expecting 6 pairs. I received only 3 pairs. When i questioned them they said i got 1 right and 1 left in a package. Duh! all over the counter insoles come in pairs. Further i paid almost $10.00 a pair plus shipping. I have since found them in most stores for $4.50 +/- a pair. when I complained and they gave em this ridiculous answer i was appalled. i thought they were a reputable company. Wrong!!! save your money do not buy anything on the Internet from them.

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Resolved personal space

i been employed at walgreens for over a year and a half almost two tears and i always done the resets and the...

Resolved prescriptions

Im not sure if the pharmacy department of this particular Walgreens is to blame...or if it's the...

Resolved awful place

This is a store that needs to be carefully monitored. On several occasions, my wife who suffers from Alzheimer's has been verbally abused, her prescriptions not filled, laughed at, and humiliated. The last instance occurred when she was trying to get her prescriptions filled, and the pharmacy refused, unless she could tell them all the medications she was taking. Of course she could not, because of her condition. So the Manager/Pharmacist refused by leaning over the counter, as my wife was too sick to stand, and was sitting on the floor, and laughed at her.

I am a health care advocate and have been for several years. On each occasion that the abuse occurred, I have either spoken to the pharmacist personally or by phone. On each occasion they have promised to correct the situation, only to commit the same or similar offense shortly afterward.

I'm writing this to try to prevent this form of abuse from happening to other chronically ill patients.

  • Me
    Melissa L Sep 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why don't you go to the location WITH your wife. I mean if she's having this much trouble with them, go with her then especially with this situation where she was too sick to stand! You might be a health care advocate but your certainly not helping your wife out much. Next time, be with her, or even better let her go get her meds and stand a ways away so you can see if the pharmacist is mean to her or not. Bring a camera, so then you'll have proof!

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  • Ab
    a.b.springfieldmo417 Dec 01, 2009

    i went into walgreens in springfield mo on 11/30 and they ingored me and helped someone else first when questioned i was told it was an employee so it was diferent and was yelled at by the pharmacist and the cashier. i was also told that i could complain if i wanted and nothing would be done. so here is a scary thought they have my name social date of birth address and place of employment. and to melissa l i am healthy and didnt think about video taping every move i make no one should.

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  • Wa
    Wags Useless Jan 13, 2010

    I am sorry for you. I have my own nightmare with Walgreen's. They are the absolute worst company out and clueless as to what is going on.

    I have just reported them for INSURANCE FRAUD. They continue to bill for items that should not be billing for.

    Take your business anywhere else.

    I would not wish a Walgreens experience on anyone. Walgreens "The Pharmacy you Trust". NOT HARDLY!

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Resolved would not fill a refill

This is the second time this has happened in the last 6 months. Tonight I tried to pick my class 3...

Resolved pharmacy harassment

Our problems continue to be with customer service and demeanor from the pharmacy end of walgreens. My mom has terminal medical conditions and suffers immense pain 24 hrs a day for years until recently the last year. My mom's new doc had worked for 2 yrs to find a pain control regiment that works for best quality of life and it works well with minimal side effects. It consists of very large mg doses of narcotic pain meds and something like 3 different kinds for instant relief, extended relief for bedtime and breakthrough pain.

The doc prefers she use only walgreens to fill meds and many times she is judged and harassed by pharmacists, lied to on two occasions and today the pharmacist flat out refused the monthly refill. The guy took it upon himself to decide that my mom does not need her refill this month since she has other pain meds. The guy even said that she has too many pain meds and he; who has never even met her, doesnt know her illness or anything about her... alters her doctor's prescription regiment after years of trying so many other treatments and meds. the current regiment would not be in place if it wasn't needed or if there was some other method or if my mom and her doc hadnt exhuasted all other means.

The pharmacist told us that he would give her one day supply until he contactcs her doc who isnt in for two more days. He actually told my mom she didnt need the refill and I told him the script is lagit and has been for some time and we always fill it there. The man said there is no since arguing (as if we were) that she go home and he will call her doc to verify why she needs so many meds and he sternly said not to call him either just to wait for his call. Upon our efforts to complain about past harassment, i learned that walgreens policy is that all prescription fills are at the discression of the individual pharmacist so they are allowed to refuse for any reason.

Further, the pharmacist filled a one day supply yet printed on the label that he filled the full quantity over 200 pills so we called to tell him knowing the importance of medication label accuracy and the guy said it was no problems and makes no difference and hung up on my mom.

We have complained to the doc before about walgreens but the doc really preferred we stay with them but this next vist we are going to demand a new pharmacy on the pain contract.

As far as i know, a pharmacist is not a medical doctor and has never treated my mom for her illness. I do not understand how he or any pharmacist has any right to make adjustments my mom's treatments. We are tired of her being humiliated almost every time she gets her meds just because they are pain meds and she gets 15 other scripts from them as a huge revenue source they are about to loose but dont seem to care.

This pharmacist was the pharmacy manager so we will start by talking to the store manager after she gets her meds. Anyone know of another source to file a complaint about bad customer service knowing we cant dispute the decision not to fill a script.

  • Si
    sickandtiredeveryday Aug 22, 2010

    Get the hell out of Walgreens. They refused me medication when my state insurance approved it. I am doing the same thing, am going to try CVS and see if they are any better..

    Best of Luck to your Mom...

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  • C2
    C2005 Apr 29, 2013

    I have used Walgreens each month for years to fill my prescription for pain meds. But today I experienced the worst customer service I have ever seen at a pharmacy. When I refill my meds, I give them legitimate scripts from a legitimate doctor, my valid drivers license, and I am in good standing in their database. But today all of a sudden, they needed to call the doctor. They could not get through, and left a message to call them back. I then call the doctor, and get through immediately. They tell me they are not allowed to call Walgreens, but are available to answer their call now. I relay this information to the pharmacy, and ask that they call now. I sit there for another 2 hours and find out they have done nothing. They see me sitting there, they know what I need, they know why I am waiting, but simply don't care. Keep in mind, this was at 10am and not at all busy. I believe this to be specifically a Walgreens issue, and will never go there again.

    Henderson, NV

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Resolved register rewards problems

I don't know what's up with these stores or their employees. Well long story short, it always seems like the employees don't know how the Regiser Rewards work. Today I went in, and I had a RR for $4. I was purchasing Listerine for $4. The cashier didn't even try to scan my RR, he said he didn't think it would work and handed it back to me. I had to ask him if he could just try to scan it. He then asked the other cashiers first. the asst. mgr was there, and he just had this stupid blank look on his face. Then another cashier said it should work as long as you purchase at least the amount of the RR. he scanned it and it worked. I don't know why they are always so difficult there. I usually don't shop at Walgreens, but each time I have been there (different locations) there is always some sort of issue. Train your employees!

  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 27, 2009

    So of course we should RAISE minimum wage to reward loser workers like this. Yep. Grand idea.

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  • Sc
    SCmn Dec 08, 2009

    Maybe stupid customers should stop taking advantage of register rewards. Customers use register rewards to get items that will print out a register rewards. So sometimes customers get items for NEGATIVE $3.00. Why should Walgreens pay customers to take their items?

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  • Dj
    DJInkers May 31, 2010

    "Why should Walgreens pay customers to take their items?" Perhaps because Walgreen's ISN'T paying the customer - the Register Reward the OP is referring to is the same as a Manufacturer Coupon. The manufacturer is the one that creates the Register Reward at Walgreen's. Register Rewards are a STORE CREDIT for a previous purchase you made. I spent the money up front to by soda, for example, and the program was I buy all the soda UP FRONT (aka paid all the money to Walgreen's) and the soda manufacturer had a promotion to give me a $5 store credit for my next purchase - aka Register Reward. So to answer the question, "Why should Walgreens pay customers to take their items?" Perhaps STUPID employees that can't think for themselves or understand BASIC math, logic and reasoning should stop making STUPID comments about customers that CAN.

    I hear the fair is hiring to tear tickets SCmn. Oh, it is moments like these I do wish the evolutionary theory of survival of the fittest was possible...

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  • Ps
    Psssh Dec 31, 2010

    You hit the nail on the head. The root of most of Walgreen's problems falls back to a huge lack of training. Walgreens expects an unreasonable amount of tasks to be accomplished with few employees and this results in no time ever for anything. Training-no time, figure it out somehow. Customers-no time, solve the problem yourself. I have been written up and forced to sign my write up to a mistake that I unknowingly made because I had terrible training. Any employee able to compensate for the horrible training should be praised to high heaven.

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Resolved being fired for being disabled

I worked for Walgreens for over 5 years. When an old injury started making it hard for me to work I wanted to put a doctors note in my file saying that I could not crawl, climb ladders or lift over 15 pounds. When I said this my manager threatened to fire me. They knew my physical condition but would not give me 'reasonable' accomadations. So after a short time the asst-managers to cover their own mistakes lied about my work and with out even talking to me my manager fired me. This is a company that says that it hires disabled people and is a work friendly company to work for! WRONG! Then after all of that at the last hour they could have said something about me getting unemployment they filed a complaint. They lied, I have it in writting, but still won and I have to pay back all the unemployment I received. THIS COMPANY AND THIS MANAGEMENT TEAM DISTROYED MY LIFE!!!

Resolved passport photo

Walgreens does not allow you to print your own passport picture -they scan all the pictures that you take and...

Resolved bulling by coworkers

At Walgreens CPO coworkers are bulling other coworkers, causing a great deal of emotional stress. workers are...

Resolved unfair dismissal

my name is Deana Aleman I worked with Walgreens for almost 2 years. Durring most of the two years i feel like i have been treated unfairly & crule. I am a single mom with a son who has special needs. When i was first hired on I told management that i could only close on Fridays due to his sleep apnea. The first PIC worked around that for me & i worked every Friday night. The new PIC & sr tech keep giving me attitue & tellling me that is not fair to the other employees. I brought a medical excuse form his doctor & still got attitude & rude remarks from them. I have been having problems with them for over a year. I have gone to management, & district mgr & even loss prevention, with still no help. The district mgr told me there was nothing he could do due to the fact they begged her to take the PIC position. Loss prevention did an investigation in which she did not speak to other employees & pharmasist whom have witnessed the treatment in which i was received. lp told me that she was told by the Pic, sr tech, & store mgr that they didn't like me. She said that there wasn't any specific thing just that they didn't like me. I have been trying to get transferred to another store for at least three months. They were only giving me anywhere from 5 to 10 hrs a week, so i had to go to other stores for hrs. They would not sign off on the transfer. I felt as if they were trying to get me to quit or find a reason to fire me . Their reason for firing me was that they said i didn't get along with the other employees. Also that i sold a rx to the wrong customer on 7-3-09 but i wasn't told of the incident till a week later 7-09-09. There was never a writeup or stars incident done for this event. I asked mgr to show me the video of the incident, but he would not show me. I have called corporate several times sinnce 7-9-09 & have not had anyone call me back, eventhough i was told someone would contact me within 48 hrs. There are several pharmist & other employees that witnessed the mistreatment i received. When the names were given to district they refussed to talk to these people. I feel managent both at store level & district just ignored any of the people that would speak in my behalf. Due to the fact that they did not want to upset the PIC or Sr tech at that time. Any time i tried to talk to someone about what was going on it was twisted around to come back as if it was my fault. I feel that an investigation into this will show that i was unjustly terrminated. If some of the pharmasist & employees & customers were talked to it will come into the open that i was not at fault. All i have wanted was for them to sign off on my transfer to another store. I enjoyed working the company & its customers all i want is my job back so i can provide a life for my son.

  • Th
    ThePoleCat Oct 28, 2009

    Hell yeah, I know you are a busy woman, but find the time to file a complaint, or talk to an attorney. It could be worth your time.

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  • Pk
    pkshould Feb 02, 2010

    my name is pamela shoulders and i worked for walgreens for almost six years. in the six years that i have been there i have had five diffrent store managers. i was just terminated today and feel that i was terminated because somebody didnt like me. i belive this because with the first three store managers i never had one write up for customer complaints in four years. we got a new male store manager about a year ago and i had six customer complaints from customers who have said that they had prpoblems with me every time they shopped there i felt that this was wrong because if they had a problem with me every time they shopped there than why did they all of a suddan decide this store manager was better to complain too. this store manager was transfered to another area store and we got a new store manger about a week before halloween and i thought the complaints and the write ups would stop because i had changed and felt that i was happier and alot nicer not that i hadnt been before but these same customers still complained and said that they had problems with me all the time. i feel somebody at the store or company level didnt want me there anymore because it seems kind of strange that nobody from district or even the first three managers ever got a complaint then all of a suddan i have 10 write ups in a year for customer complaints. something just doesnt add up to me.

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Resolved employee dicrimanated

I have been employee at the store #3112 Store for all most four years . I also worked the Walgreens in East arlington with mothers hours as a single mother of four children . I was on welfare . after year I had to work fulltime . Mr. Hostein was the manager . I trained employee at the register and order cigerettes at the main register for four years . I left and became a infant /toddler, preschool teacher for 10 years . Walgreens hired me 2007 . Today my boss is dicrimanate me because I call in sick because of my aniexty when I lost my health insurance . I couldn' t pay 444 . 95, 180.00, 70.00 . I couldn ' t pay for my medications . The pharmacy couldn' t give me a comple of pills free .The pharmacist said I need to pay for the pills . I did have enought money in my checking account . I felt that I needed medication to funtion . My boss decided to less my hours from 24 hours a week to 11 hours a week She said I am not dependable . I have ADHD, depression, general aniexty, Osteoarthritis . When I applied for Walgreens I told the manager I have a disabilaty . I also feel that my boss did 't care about my feelings I should not be treated like I am a child

Resolved ms freshour

Ms. Terry Freshour, terminated me under her own personal vendetta against me. She has prior complaints about...

Resolved untrained workers

I called and spoke to the technicam Rose Mary for refills to be told that there were none. In a very rude...

Resolved employee relations

My Husband and I both worked for Walgreens at different locations. They say they are a family oriented...

Resolved inconvenience and poor customer service

On 5/22 my ex called me to say that he was out of Josh's prescription due to dropping them in the gravel...