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Vodacom reviews & complaints

Vodacom complaints 3532

Vodacom - Horrible bad service

Your service has been absolutely horrid since July 2021 in Kwa Zulu Natal Hibiscus coast town port Shepstone suburb Umtentweni. This issue has been reported locally everytime we get told it will go to head office and nothing sorts it out. As I am typing this message it did it again can't believe that me and my family are spending easily R2500 on you with mobile contracts and a home LTE modem and this is the very bad service you give us the thing disconnect and does not provide any internet for several minutes we left Telkom to you guys but now I see you are just as bad as Telkom I can't wait for our contracts expires then I am going to pull out all my contacts from you can't wait to get the hell away from your bad service. I can't believe the great Vodacom has fallen so you have always provide great service but guess those days are done well. Sincerely go take your bad service and shove it where the sun don't shine congratulations on losing R2500 and a very loyal customer

Desired outcome: Nothing just want to get away from their bad service while telling as meny people as I can to stay away from them

Vodacom - vodabucks store

On 26 Nov purchased was made at vodabucks store order number [protected] with amount of R737. Status show - complete and amount was raised on bank card. Enquiries was done at Vodacom and no order can be traced. Requested for refund but no consultant can assist
I tried to phone 082135 with no answer. Only available number for Vodacom. On 01/12/2021 I phone again and consultant again advice that no order can be traced. Proof of order attach and the status

Desired outcome: refund

Vodacom - Deleted my number

In October 2021 Vodacom deleted my number with no warning, no sms, no call before, alot of people have been struggling with this pandemic and couldn't make payments on most of their accounts, I refuse to pay them until I have a definite answer that I will get my number back, they sent me from pillar to post and so no one can help, they are all useless there and don't know what's happening in that company

Vodacom - New contract application

I applied for a new Vodacom contract online on 22/11/2021. Received a call on Tuesday 23/11 telling me that my application has been approved and that I will receive my simcard either on Thursday or Friday. It did not happen. When I called them this morning I was transferred to 3 different departments. The short version is that the confirmation department did not finalize my order so it was never sent to the warehouse. Then they tell me that this department does not have an outside line so I can not contact them but they will contact me. The reference I received via email just told me that my my application was approved with reference number [protected]. This was a Black Friday special so I can not reapply for it does not exist any more. Why do Vodacom give such bad service. Always blaming the next department telling me that they can not fix it there. I spoke to Ayanda at after sales who was suppose to be a supervisor. Nothing has been done.

Desired outcome: Fix the problem. Put the application through and give me my simcard.

Vodacom - PayD vodacom express Midrand ZA

This PayD vodacom express has been deducted R20 and R20 out of my capitec bank I don't know how but I would like you guys to stop that since I am not even using vodacom!!

I suspect someone is using my vodacom SIM card to buy airtym there number is [protected] pls check if they bought airtime with any card coz I don't remember if I once's liked the sim to my card

I will be grateful to hear from u guys soon

Desired outcome: Unlink my number to my card

Vodacom - New Contract Applications

I have applied for a new contract on 23/11/2021. Message said they will contact me shortly to finalize my application. Did not happen. I call them the next day to finalize. Said that all is ok i should have my device hopefully by Friday. Got a messege again saying I need to contact them. I did so, they said that verification deprtment will get hold of me shortly to complete?? Thought that was done on Wednesday? Nobody still has call. Today is Friday no messege from them as yet decided to call and find out what the hold up is. Was on the line for about an hour and 20 minutes holding on after speaking to a person there. Got thru to a new person had to repeat my story again and was told they will call me with in 72 hours after application was on it has been more than that now and I am still waiting.

Very bad service. Hope that i can get sorted out soon. The excuse I am getting is that its Black Friday but Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday was not Black Friday.

Desired outcome: Get account sorted out and device delivery ASAP

Vodacom - Business fibre - illegally rolled out - plettenberg bay

We were approached in April 2021 during the Octotel Fibre rollout in Plettenberg Bay by Vodacom to get connected. Salespersons came to our business practice to sign us up. After business wa...

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Vodacom - Poor service in cancellation department and customer care

Email to Vodacom Customercare: I was finally told that my account eventually after 5 months of phone calls and emails that it has now been made a prepaid account. However, I am now being...

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Vodacom - Service and accounts

Accounts and service complaints

It with great disappointment that I am requesting full refund of monies deducted as well as termination of my number from VODACOM. Amount R1500.00.

After no notification received of funds by yourself yet receiving invoice of nil balance on my phone. My bank account has never been changed.
On the 21st October I got the following SMS
Hi, your services are due for immediate deactivation on Vodacom acc N30335470. Call 0821946 urgently for payment plan or pay R 8741.95.
I sent a message on 23rd October 2021 back on my return from my vacation
Please send me all details and information regarding this matter. I am unaware of any omount owing. Please email me [protected]@gmail.com. Thankyou
25 October SMS
Hi, your services are due for immediate deactivation on Vodacom acc N30335470. Call 0821946 urgently for payment plan or pay R 8741.95.
No response even tried calling and no luck phone was put down on me several times and following days. Eventually on the Monday 25th then arrange debit order of R1500 to be deducted monthly from my ABSA account. The phone will be reconnected in 7 days
On Saturday 06 November 2021 went to Vodashop Vereeniging and made payment for the full amount of R8589.81 the payasyou go amount was deducted from the total owing.
Cashier 3-MOREBANEN01
TAX INVOICE IN0045T004038497
DATE: 06-11-2021
Was the told it would take 1 week. Still waiting for cellphone to be reactivated - still waiting.
Spoke to Zondile on Monday 8 November and was given reference no [protected]. She said thet the service would be reconnected in 3-4 days.
Today 13 November debit order of R1500 deducted off my account even after paid in full.
I am not impressed with the service received from Vodacom.
I would appreciate immediate of R1500.
Due to bad service you have forced me look at alternate providers for cellphone connectivity. It is sad that after years of dealing with Vodacom (frominception 1984) to receive such bad service
Kind regards

Corrie Wuestenenk

Vodacom - False reference numbers from Vodacom

Customer care gave me a reference number which does not exist. I am convinced this is a scam to stop me from cancelling my contracts which I have trying to do for over two months. I think this is a deliberate scam to continue charging me each month for contracts which I do not want. This is now the 5th time I have been given a reference and told my contracts would be cancelled in 4 to 7 days. Every time when I follow up they say they cannot trace the reference.

Desired outcome: Contracts cancelled

Vodacom - Move my router

Hi I've been calling for the past 30days with no clear solution to this issue, I have requested to cancel my contract/subscription with vodacom as I feel I am not getting any help and I've lost half of my income from not working as I don't have internet access.
I have been told 100 stories by different agents and that makes me worried.
I have asked to cancel however I am told about 30days again
I had SR that were closed with no communication.

I need to get working and my service provider has failed me now all I ask is cancel so I can get a provider who can help

Vodacom - Cell phone service provider

With all intention to cancel my contract in June 2020 Vodacom's retention department flattered me with an amazing deal to keep me with them. The packaged they offered was 1000 free min and 10Gigs of...

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Vodacom - Fibre

Vodacom Fibre and their technical support staff are USELESS when it comes to providing a service that has been paid for. They are super efficient in taking your money but absolutely lethargic in ensuring that you have the service you have paid for. We have now been without Fibre for a week and our service request has been escalated on a daily basis and we have yet to see our Fibre link repaired. Even customer care showed absolutely no desire to resolve the complaint. In my opinion, they are the WORST service provider in the mobile technology and if I could rate them at a minus 10, I would.

Desired outcome: Public awareness.

Vodacom - Cancellations

Good Day Vodacom Account Number N [protected] My e-mail Address, [protected]@hbinternational.co.za I have 3 contracts with Vodacom at the moment. Two is 2 5 GB contracts and one mobile...

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Vodacom - Data contract

I took out a data contract nearly a month ago. The connection speed and service was terrible. I contacted the help desk who turned something on but that didn't help. I called again and was told to wait. A technician would contact me. I'm still waiting. When I tried to cancel the contract Vodacom blocked my number and said I must call another number and pay R2 a minute. Eventually when I could call the cancellation line, they said the can't cancel the contract anymore. I have had to make other arrangements. Countless complaints and calls and I still have no solution from Vodacom.

Desired outcome: Cancel the contract

Vodacom - Closure of my account No.

During Nov 2018 Vodacom advertised a 2 year contract for R499 per month, which means it will expire end October 2020. I wrote an e-mail to Vodacom reminding them that my contract will finish end October 2020, they never came back that they do not agree with me, now they have listed me with TransUnion that I am in arrears for 150 days. When I contacted them Vodacom mentioned that I owe them R32-00, which is wrong because my account was closed November 2020 but Vodacom decide to keep it open, due to a premium increase at end December 2020 of R32-00 which is wrong . Because Vodacom has not closed my account properly they just add cost to a "closed" Account and now I must be punished due to their incompetence.my account

Vodacom - Site lost network coverage, no assistance from vodacom over a year

Gooday complaints board its been a 16 months since the community of Veereniging three rivers (Gauteng) are leaving without network coverage. the first call was logged to Vodacom in April 2020...

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Vodacom - Early Cancellation and Settlement.

Steven J Martin (
ID [protected]
CELLULAR NUMBER: [protected]
QUOTATION DATE: 2021-09-14
CONTRACT EXPIRY DATE: [protected]- [protected]

At the end of February i requested a settlement from vodacom( Early Cancellation )
They gave me the instructions to pay the settlement amount received via email. I then went to vodacom store (Vodaworld) in Midrand and paid up the amount that they told me is the full settlement.(R4537.50).I emailed the Documents thru to [protected]@vodacom.co.za.They then confirmed via sms to me that payment has been received and been processed, I followed up with a call a day after and spoke to someone in the account / cancellations that confirmed that my payment email and details was received and correct.

I thought great now I'm done and don't have to pay monthly anymore.
Then End of June i received a bill off 1200 from vodacom to my surprise.
When i called in to dispute this they told me that the first settlement i paid wasn't taken into account and was applied as a credit. Point number two is that the settlement that they have sent men 3 months before was not the full amount due like i asked for and was only the device settlement.

Meaning that the settlement that i paid now didn't count as a settlement and I'm back into arrears now with the following months bill coming through. So i call in again and the Accounts department couldn't assist me with my settlement quarry and eventually after about five calls they said best action would be to request the outstanding settlement amount at that point and pay that in full. That would be better than paying back the arrears and then monthly.

So then i had them give me the full settlement again so that i can close off the account once and for all and go to pre paid.

The accounts / cancellations department gave me another settlement letter with the amount of 3600 rand which was valid for 16 days, I paid that amount in full 14days later on the 28th September.

I sent through my documents just like before and again got a SMS that its being processed and that the account is not settled till further notice.

So after requesting my full settlements twice still vodacom cant honour there end off the agreement and the cash hungry pathetic company is still saying that there is an arrears.

How can there be an arrears when the full settlement had been paid twice according to their records.

I would like to be put in contact with the ombudsman so that this issue can be resolved as vodacom is unable to do a basic function as giving someone the correct payment amount, also if there was a mistake made i shouldnt be the one being punished by vodacom for this, my credit and name is being affected by this and i had to change my number to be able to do business daily

Vodacom is costing me money with their lacklustre form

Desired outcome: My number to be released to prepaid and account to be closed once and for all

Vodacom - reactivating my sim number

I have had two numbers under contract with vodacom i.e
[protected] and [protected]

I am overseas and was unaware about activating my roaming. I cant access networks and pertinent info and apps are linked to this number.

20/10/21- spoke to call centre advising open up new contract with that number as I couldnt answer questions as she had no info on page regarding my [protected].
21/10/21 - spoke to call centre agent she advised there is no chance of getting my number back.

I hope you can help.
Thanks Vashanie

Desired outcome: activating my roaming - sim abroad/advise which path to take to get my old number back.

Vodacom - iPhone 6s - entire call history deleted

Dear Sir/Madam, On the morning of Sunday the 15th of August this year, 2021, I had been swapping my Vodacom SIM card [protected]) from mu iPhone 6s with my MTN SIM card in order to load...

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