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Vodacom Complaints & Reviews

Vodacom / Additional account or cell contract on existing account

GaryO on May 26, 2017
26 May 2017, 15h26 0826059552 I am attempting to add a contract to my existing account, after 7 days of trying to clarify my ITC record (which i have managed to clear up) i am told today that i have R300.00 odd to settle on a contract i had in 2011? What i do not understand is how this can...

Vodacom / vodacom blcoking my number

Bernadene on May 26, 2017
My 0726025301 has been with me forever. It was under a friends contract. I bought out the contract and wanted the number on my name again. This took numerous visits to vodacom stores and calls and emails. After which my number was cancelled. And I was forced to get another number as I wa...

Vodacom / upgrade mess up

Kim Jiani on May 26, 2017
Please help!!! I did an upgrade on no 0823288880 on line. See invoice K0241230, 8 May 2017, things went wrong on your on line system, and only the sim was delivered, the sim was eventually picked up again on the 22 nd and returned to your depot and signed for by Sello. I was told by your...

Vodacom / vodafone protect

Desiree kutumela on May 25, 2017
This is very unacceptable I can't access my phone as it is locked by the Vodafone protect app I have forgot the pin and when I try to go straight to the app it says that it is no longer available, if that's the case how are we going to reset the pin, I have even tried to wipe the phone and...

Vodacom / data

Dr Nkosi on May 25, 2017
I have had the worst experience I can recall with any service provider. My bill has come up with 5 times the usual amount that I have been paying over the years. And to top it off I haven't received statements for both my accounts with Vodacom. The first consultant I spoke to told me that...

Vodacom & Cellsure / incompetent behaviour

Nodene on May 25, 2017
Good Day I have been using cellsure insurance for a very long time but i have been paying for over 3 years for my s4 mini through my vodacom insurance. I went into 2 months arrears and vodacom cancelled my insurance in January this year. I paid up my arrears and contacted insurance to find out...

Vodacom / sim activation

Swanmed on May 25, 2017
To whom it may concern: I purchased a new sim card for my new phone as the old sim card is stuck in the old phone. I wanted my sim duplicated so that if a need to use the old phone again I have the option as the card is jammed in it permanently ( iphone4) . My tel. no is 0828282330. This proce...

Vodacom Sa / internet problem

MaxwellMM on May 24, 2017
I call vodacom three weeks ago about my problem with my two sim cards not going to the internet and they says I must go to vodashop.I go to vodashop at Newcastle Mall. And another guy take my ID and my numbers he told everything will be fine after an hour until today still same says SORRY...

Vodacom / bad service

Oliviere on May 24, 2017
On Wednesday, 17 May 2017 I applied for a new contract at Vodacom by converting from pay as you go to contract. During my application, I was advised that my approval needed to go through a "vetting" process. This "vetting' process has now been taking a full week, and I still don't have a...

Vodacom / wifi

zibula on May 24, 2017
I am gravely disappointed in your way of business conduct, I was offered WiFi by a call centre agent who explained to me it would be free because I use a lot of airtime once I run out data. But now I was shocked to learn that I have to pay a monthly prescription of R218.17 and now I wa...

Vodacom / disappearing data

Hay-ley on May 24, 2017
Yesterday 22/05/2017, I purchased a data bundle at 14:51 from my bank via internet banking using my PC and my WiFi. A couple of minutes later, I received an sms saying you have less than 24MB of data immediately followed by another 1 saying you have less than 10MB of data. The only apps I...

Vodacom / service on my account

Kevin3 on May 23, 2017
Good day, I am feed up with vodacom. From the 25 April 2017 my account was debited when I asked their consultant to change my debit order to the 25. The debit was bounced I am now having to take a charge of R25 on bank charges and a penalty fee from vodacom of R100 and no one actually...

Vodacom / fraudulent upgrade

Lodrick Mankge on May 23, 2017
On the 27th April 2017 a fraudulent upgrade was generated on my cell account, it is the second case in the period of 12 months. Consultants have asked me to send documents to start the investigation and since then I have never received any call or correspondence mail to give me feedback...

Vodacom / bad service

Anzette Oliver on May 23, 2017
I got a contract phone at Vodacom for a Hawaii P8. My phone is a year and two months old. Almost a month ago my Wi-Fi just stop working. It doesn’t pick up any Wi-Fi doesn’t matter where I am. I look up on the internet and there was a lot of people complaining about their Wi-Fi that just stop...

Vodacom / data usage

Elana koral on May 23, 2017
I have been purchasing data for my daughter's cell phone but the data vanishes almost immediately after the purchase. I can't throw any more good money after bad and I'm struggling to get a reasonable answer from Vodacom (other than "try switch to 3G instead"). Apparently...

Vodacom / vodacom: false, misleading and deceptive representation.

Karmentha Moodley on May 22, 2017
Good day, I am writing to express my severe dissatisfaction in Vodacom. On Saturday, whilst at a stop street in Kyalami; I received a Vodacom pamphlet from a Vodacom representative advertising for the new iPhone 7, as well the Samsung S8. The pamphlet clearly states the Red Select ...

Vodacom / Upgrade

Pw Botes on May 22, 2017
To Whom it may concern I upgraded on the 8th of May 2017 and they did send me the wrong parcel. Ram did collect the wrong parcel and You received it back. Im a still waiting for my upgraded phone as we are going into week 3 now! The nr in question is 0823352945 You need to resolve this issue...

Vodacom / poor service with upgrade online

Mechay on May 22, 2017
My name is Tanja Juries 0727108107 Id 7903170169088 wants to complaint regarding poor service at Vodacom Table View. I recently cancelled an contract 0713529110 when upgrade was due, to find out the contract was not cancelled. I am being paying for months for a contract that suppose to be...

Vodacom / previous autopage customer

Gerda.09 on May 19, 2017
Gerda Botha - 0845500626 I have always been an Autopage customer. Then it appears last year sometime you took over Autopage. I have not received any statements, can not log in anywhere or know when the phone is due for upgrade. The phone's debit order payment goes off monthly from my bank...

Vodacom / trying to activate my account for sponsored billing for ki account

Relita on May 19, 2017
Hi, I work for a very popular financial institution and have contacted our Vodacom liaison namely Monique Carstens to activate my cellphone number (0722333997) for sponsored billing so that the company I work for can contribute to my Vodacom account. The necessary forms were submitted in Nov/Dec...

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