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VodacomCancelled account but still is active

We phoned 4 january 2021 to cancel cellnr: [protected] we received sms to say its cancelled ref nr: [protected]
It said that 31-01-2021 it wil be over wil receive nothing.. But today the cellnr: [protected] received 5gig data.. So we wil receive a bill yet again

Id nr: [protected]

Plz help

Cancelled account but still is active

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    Vodacominsurance claim

    I was updating my mom's phone for me to take a new phone on the 3 November 2019 so here is the problem during the upgrade the sales consultant told me that regarding the insurance it will automatically upgrade with the insurance that I used previously with the phone I am upgrading to, therefore 15 January 2021 when I went to Vodacom to claim to fix my phone they said they will not fix it because the phone that I am using I did not insert the simcard on the insured phone on it and which that was never explained to me, the problem with sales consultant they quick to sell but not explain fully with clients now I cannot claim n I have already paid since 2019 till today .but my contract proves that I have insured the upgraded phone the only problem is the simcard, i went to IPHONE store were i upgraded my contract to assist me with these matter but no luck, I even called insurance company the only answer they gave was "there is nothing they can do" with an attitude. what I am asking is either they refund me my money or fix my phone.

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      My name is Rudzani Makwarela
      This my line:[protected]
      Order number:[protected]

      On the 28 December 2020, I made a purchase of a SMEG TOASTER on your Voda bucks store. The price of the toaster was R2899.00.I paid it through my credit card. I didn't include any Vodabucks.

      Since then I have been waiting for at least tracking number or some kind of information about my purchase.only my bank notification that the money was deducted.

      I have made numerous calls to customer service from the 6 January till today, no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer regarding my purchase.obviously I am no longer interested on the toaster, I just want my money back at least.

      Please assist me going forward. I was able to get this email from one of the consultants.

      I have attached copies of my bank notification and screenshot of my vodabuck store proof of purchase.this are my only guarantees of the purchases.it have been over a month and the least I should have gotten was assurance or Some kind of communication, but I am the one trying all the revenue to recoup my mother.
      I have also made a request to FNB to dispute the payment since I never received the item I was billed for, they currently working on the case from today.

      Any input regarding my money will be appreciated.this is coasting me more money than I was trying to save by purchasing online.having to seek legal and banking sector to get my money back is already money from my pocket that I do not have.and my sanity is mostly affected.

      Thank you, I look forward to a productive response.


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        VodacomSuspendid Account on line no-[protected]

        My data line no-[protected] was suspended on 26/01/2021 due to so called no payment A recon was done by my wife and proof of payment was confirmed.Email was sent to ceo and monies were allocated to correct account.
        It is now 15h03 on 27/01/2021 and my line has not been reconnected.

        Can you please help solve this problem as i am connecting on talk time converted to data time.

        I am a senior citizen with diabetes and Get a state pension.

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          VodacomFibre reallocation and bad network

          18 November 2020.

          Ref : SR200811- 575523
          I requested my fibre line to be reallocated to my new address in November, till today nothing has been done. No one has phone me instead I get phone calls that I owe Vodacom but when Vodacom has to fix my Fibre, no one phones me. I already spoke to more than 10 consultants without any assistance. I am so fed-up with Vodacom. Nothing from Vodacom is working. My phone network is not working when I am at my house and Fibre dololo. No one wants to take responsibility. I need answers that if it cant be resolved, they have to be honest with me cancel the contract so that I cant find another service provider who is willing to give me the services.

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            VodacomAftrekkings vanaf bank nadat kontrak reeds gekanselleer is

            Goeie middag

            Verlede jaar Oktober 2019 het ons kontrak met Vodacom verval en het ons die nodige dokumente gaan teken by Vodacom Oudtshoorn. Einde Desember het daar n betaling van R345 afgegaan nadat die kontrak reeds verval het, die 29ste Desember 2019 het ek na die Oudtshoorn kantore gegaan waar die vriendelike dame my gehelp het om te skakel en die probleem te verduidelik. Vodacom het gese dat daar n epos na escalation gestuur is om die bedrag te betaal, dit sou binne die volgende 3dae gebeur het. n week later het ons weer geskakel, geen betaling is ontvang nie. n week later het ons weer gebel. gister die 27ste Januarie het Vodacom weer R345 van ons bank rekening verhaal. Ek was vandag weer na die Vodacom winkel in Oudtshoorn waar hulle gebel het om die probleem te verduidelik. Die personeel aan die anderkant was egter onprofesioneel en nie behulpsaam nie. Ek wil graag my geld terug betaal he vanaf Vodacom wat hulle afgetrek het vir 2 maande (R345 x 2=R690). Ek het nog nooit sulke onprofesionele personeel gesien soos by Vodacom se call centre nie, en sal ek nooit weer van julle gebruik maak vir n kontrak nie. Die kontrak was vir n 10gig data package en die nr was [protected]
            My kontak nr [protected] Mev Wolmarans

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              VodacomWe have lodged several complaints regarding no signal reception in the Birch Acres area.

              After several complaints lodged and every time receiving the answer problem resolved nothing has changed. We have zero signal especially when it is clouded. This has been the case no for months. What is wrong with you people expecting monthly payment with no service provided?

              Please do get your service up to scratch
              [protected] and every body else when at my house


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                VodacomFibre and Interim LTE

                I have ordered fibre on 18 December 2020 - To date no installation. Vodacom just gives me new Service Request numbers.
                Original request : SR201218-984943 created Opened [protected]:47:44 PM after complaint and 21 days passed Service request SR210118-079410
                Opened. 18-01-2021 9:55:39 AM
                Coming to Interim LTE - I have loaded 10GB data to the cost of R469. It does not appear the call centre informed me to forward an email with proof which I have done. Received Vodacom: Service request SR210123-104203 created Opened 23-01-2021 9:04:08 AM after followup email where first SR was given a new request: Vodacom: Service request SR210127-120277 created. Opened 27-01-2021 8:47:59 AM.

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                  VodacomCell and date contract

                  My cell phone contract with Vodacom has been suspended as it shows that I am in arrears due to Feb 2021 invoice not paid. It is now the 26th Jan 2020, how can I be in arrears? I tried contacting them several times through the cumbersome process of dialing 082 135 and going through all the steps to get to a living being, just to be cut off everytime as soon as the consultant starts talking. No one returns my calls and there is no email address I can contact to have this resolve. I have missed an important meeting as a result of this.

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                    VodacomEmail address that does not work

                    Good day,
                    I am Jakkie Pretorius. My deceased husband had a vodamail email address that I used up to November 2020. He, unfortunately, passed in 2016. I paid the monthly required amount as this is the only email we used in our household. From November on, I am unable to use it as no password is correct. All of a sudden it says that this email address does not exist. I have extremely important emails that came after this happened that I now am unable to access. We did sent in my husband's death certificate, requesting that everything must be transferred to my name. Everything is still the same. Yesterday I went to our local Vodacom shop where the lady informed me that I must not switch on/use my laptop now. This does not make sense, and it is my opinion that the staff is not well trained as no one is able to assist in this matter.

                    As a loyal Vodacom client for many years now, I am truly extremely disappointed in the level of service I am receiving.

                    Do contact me to help me get this sorted A.S.A.P. please?

                    Jakkie Pretorius
                    [protected] (my deceased husband's number)
                    [protected] (my number)

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                      VodacomNo fiber connection for 6 days and counting

                      Service request number: srsr200515-359028

                      On 18/01/2021 the city of tshwane damaged the fiber cable while fixing the water pipes. My call log until 23/01/2021 (I have called on the 24th and 25th as well and have send numerous emails, to no avail):

                      19/01/2021 07:09 13 minutes
                      19/01/2021 12:04 5 minutes
                      20/01/2021 07:08 6 minutes
                      20/01/2021 16:01 18 minutes
                      21/01/2021 07:59 7 minutes
                      21/01/2021 16:33 14 minutes
                      21/01/2021 16:48 38 minutes
                      21/01/2021 17:28 6 minutes
                      22/01/2021 07:10 10 minutes
                      22/01/2021 08:32 4 minutes
                      22/01/2021 09:56 5 minutes
                      22/01/2021 10:49 6 minutes
                      22/01/2021 12:05 21 minutes
                      22/01/2021 14:47 20 minutes
                      23/01/2021 07:28 8 minutes
                      23/01/2021 10:36 17 minutes
                      23/01/2021 15:05 26 minutes

                      After all these calls and emails the technician has not communicated with us at all and the call centre staff can do nothing but promise to phone me back, which they never do.

                      I have spoken to team leaders and "management". Vodacom's own procedures are preventing a solution to my problem.

                      I am working from home, not due to covid. I can not physically go to the office because my leg is broken. I should have paid salaries today and were unable, which means by tomorrow I am facing disciplinary action and my employer will lose production because of labour issues.

                      I have lost income due to my inability to complete assignments.

                      I can not believe a company like vodacom has this kind of customer service

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                        Jan 22, 2021

                        Vodacom — Not a fibre service provider!

                        Oh where to begin... I have not had one single positive experience with vodacom fibre. This fibre wa...

                        VodacomAccounts and insurance

                        Danie Smit, [protected], [protected], [protected]@hotmail.com
                        I upgraded my contract in June 2020 without insurance on handset even though they still charge me R139 a month.
                        Covid 19 the excuse why they cant reverse / refund because they work from home and the process have to be done in the official office. Vodacom shop East rand Mall logged a call on my behalf on 29 Dec 2020 to sort out the problem and now the latest excuse the turnaround time is 30 days and I must be reasonable.
                        Previous month I could not buy data because of error to try again but after 4 days the reason on the system point to arrears but in the meantime they admit the payments was not allocated, 29 days after payment was made. but they then cut off my phone for R102 but they ow me more than R700, very poor service, incompetent, arrogant, untrained, unreasonable, no understanding of professional service, ????

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                          VodacomRepeated Mobile data contract sales misrepresentation

                          Vodacom 's contractor Elite sold me a contract yesterday saying that they would cancel all existing data contracts before activating my new contract.
                          They lied.

                          The same happened on 21 January 2019 with their contractor Mondo. They forced me to pay for a contract for 2 years and I could not use the data. They refused to cancel the contract even though they admitted it was misrepresentation.

                          Vodacom's call centre staff refuse to resolve the matter or escalate to a supervisor.


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                            VodacomCancellation of contracts

                            I cancelled several contracts with was linked to my name and since July 2020 I call the cancellation line 3 time trying to resolve this matter . Every time they put me on hold at a certain time and then the call cuts. the one time they even refuse to help me because apparently the guy which didn't do his job will phone me back till now no call. I am paying every month still the higher installment but I can not afford it any more. This was also put in communication to Vodacom tech several times. please help me resolving this.

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                              VodacomInstallation of Fibre

                              My Name is Mrs Sandra Olsen - ID [protected]
                              Vodacom Sales Order SO201209-324509

                              I took out a Fibre Contract with Vodacom on the 10/12/2020. This included 1 month free LTE while you wait for the fibre installation. When they delivered the equipment, the LTE did not work well at all. The signal was very bad and we struggled, eventually it did not work at all. I did phone and they said just push the reset button and that should sort it out, but it did not. So we just waited for the day the fibre would be installed. I got the sms saying I was able to book my appoinment. I did not have internet so I phoned from my office and verbally made the appointment for today at 9am. I took time off work. I was told on the phone that it could take up to 4 hours. So this morning when it was 9.35am I phoned the fibre department to see where they were. The man on the phone confirmed that my appointment was at 9am and told me to hold while he checked to see what had happened. Her came back and said that the technicians had been delayed but that they were on their way to me and that they would be phoning me now to let me know where they were. So I waited. When 11am came and no one had arrived or phoned me, I phoned again. This time another man checked and said that my appointment was at 1pm. I told him it was not at 1pm, but at 9am and that it had been confirmed by the previous consultant. He then said it was probably between 9 and 1pm. He then said they would phone me back. I phoned again at 1pm and asked for the Manager. The lady said he was busy. I gave her all the info. She explained how often there were delays and that they should have explained it all to me. She did assure me that they would be coming. I told her I had taken leave for this. By 3pm I was fuming. I phoned again. The lady said she would escalate it. And assured me someone would contact me today. Im still waiting. Quite frankly, during all this time not one person has had the decency to call me back. I wish I had done my homework first and I would have seen how many complaints there have been against Vodacom. I have so many of my friends all looking for a provider for fibre, and they are waiting to see what kind of service I'm going to get. Judging by the no of complaints you get and how many you actually resolve, I am not too hopeful. I have spend a whole day waiting for you people to come. An absolute waste of my time and no one had the decency to phone and let me know what was going on despite me phoning so many times. I have had a cell phone contract with Vodacom for many many years, but this has really put me right off this Company.

                              My cell phone No is [protected]. Can someone please call me and let me know what is going on. Otherwise we can cancel the contract and I will go elsewhere.

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                                Vodacom South AfricaFibre activation and high cost of Interim LTE

                                I'm trying to get some answers from Vodacom Fibre installation.
                                I have made numerous requests regarding the installation date of my fibre to home installation. Nobody seems to know when this will take place. They keep asking me to contact Octotel. I have signed up with Vodcom for uncapped fibre in August. The installation would be done in September. I haven't received any updates and as I mentioned, when I phone, nobody knows the situation. My SR number is: SR201211-958247 and SR210111-053718.
                                I am paying R599 for 100GB LTE, which is the same as the cost for uncapped Fibre as in the contract.
                                Please help us to resolve this issue. A phone call or email in response from Vodacom would be greatly appreciated. [protected]

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                                  VodacomCancelling of expired contract

                                  Struggling since October 2020 to cancel two expired contracts with Vodacom. After speaking to 4 different agents on 4 different occasions I received the same promise and the request will be escalated. No luck as yet and we are half way through January 2021 and I am still paying for something which I am not using. I am really disappointed in Vodacom and will not refer anyone to them for potential new business.

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                                    VodacomMisrepresentation of services

                                    Vodacom used the agent Mondo to approach customers regarding upgrades. A Mondo agent called me on the 23rd of December and sold me 2 contracts that he stated would ultimately reduce the amount I was paying to Vodacom. He had full view of all of my Vodacom account information, line numbers, usage, contract types etc. Last week, another Vodacom agent called me asking if I wanted to upgrade. I informed her that we had already changed the contracts on the advice of the Mondo agent. This advice was based on the principle that data can be shared between numbers. She stated that this was not possible and that I had been given the incorrect information. It is now up to me to manage the cancellation of the 2 new contracts that have been sold to me. Vodacom takes absolutely no accountability for this. I requested that the issue be escalated and the agent told me that someone would call me back, but no-one ever did.
                                    Interestingly, the Mondo agent also advised me against upgrading contracts and taking a new phone. He said you are better off buying a new phone cash. All in all, the agent grossly misrepresented Vodacom's services. I can't even find a complaints email for Vodacom - the last call centre agent told me to email [protected]@vodacom.co.za but that just bounces back. Similarly, if you try to rate them a 0 at the end of their call (because the voice says to rate them from 0 to 10), the 0 is not accepted and it just cuts you off.

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                                      Jan 09, 2021

                                      Vodacom — Vodabucks

                                      Hi Jesse, This is totally unacceptable that Vodacom does not resolve the issue. I have no choice but to...

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