Tata Docomo Complaints & Reviews

Tata Docomo / please provide balance service on 8267810593

Jun 15, 2019

i recharged rs. 97, today just 5 or 7 days over but now there is calling facility available to me. the problem happened again and again with me. in the last month similar case happened to me and i recharge two times within a month. i am very bored with this irregular service. i am very...

Tata Docomo / sim blocked... asking for puk code

May 31, 2019

Hi my self anita jena and I am using a Tata docomo number -9658663079 and by mistake the sim has blocked and asking for PUK code... how can I get my puk code without calling to Customer care bcoz o have only a docomo sim... please help me through it... u can revert back my email I'd...

Tata Docomo / puk problem

May 19, 2019

My mobile number is 7207440304 tata number is blocked because of wrong pin. Now my sim is not to get the puk code with airtel number for tata docomo sim.Please send puk code for it to airtel number7337044520. Else provide customer care number for tata docomo, so that...

Tata Docomo / puk number required for 8143384941

Apr 19, 2019

My name is Siddharth Mehta from Gujarat presently based at Hyderabad. I need PUK No for my Mobile No. 8143384941. It was locked due to incorrect phone lock pressed multiple times by my kid on 15-04-2019. I have tried to contact docomo customer care but nun of my colleagues have docomo no...

Tata Docomo / prepaid

Feb 26, 2019

Hello, My docomo number is 8090266169 and I am afraid I cannot access to any service provider in the UK, because Tata docomo's International Roaming alliances are expired, and you have not extended the IR Services. My docomo prepaid number previously showed a validity until Nov 2028, but...

Tata Docomo / I want to get puk code of my number.

Jan 16, 2019

Sir i have blocked my sim card and the mobile is not functioning so how can i gat my PUK code. Please help me it is very important. Sir please provide it soon its my primary number. I mam not able to do any function on my phone it is constantly asking for PUK code. Please provide it...

Tata Docomo / tata docomo photon

Dec 25, 2018

Hlo, sir my tata docomo sim has been locked and now it requires a puk code to unlock it. 10 attempts were given to unlock it but i have uswd my 6 attempts in guessing the puk code but unable to open it and now 4 attempts are left with me and i want that you should provide me a puk code for...

Tata Docomo / puk code

Dec 20, 2018

hello sir, i have blocked my sim mistake while going through the security settings of my handset . now its asking to enter the PUK code.. can i please get PUK code number . my mobile number is 7669314602 Will you please help me to unlock the puk code of my tata docomo sim. Please send code...

Tata Docomo / puk code needed

Dec 11, 2018

Hi am ranu my phone no is 7415277987 My sim got blocked and asked for a puk code . Can I get that code pls I first checked my network not available so I got about to settings where I locked my sim card I was asked thrice to enter some pin Unfortunately I entered it thrice. And then asked...

Tata Docomo / sim puk process

Nov 28, 2018

The website provides no clear instructions to get puk code for a tata docomo sim.They ask us to call 121 (customer care) and then get puk.When i calll customer care i am given numerous options but none to get puk.I need it urgently to unlock a phone so pls guide me through the process.Keep in mind that the phone with the sim does not have internet.

Tata Docomo / recharge activation rs 160 on 8976430888

Nov 04, 2018

Number 8976430888 is registered under my wife Shobha Dubey I recharged above number with Rs 160 on 28th November got the confirmation from Docomo as well as the Google pay Same evening I called some relative To my horror balance showed Rs 5 instead of 165 Immediately after that I mailed to...

Tata Docomo / mobile no deactivated all in sudden

Oct 16, 2018

I was using a mobile no since 11 years. But my Contact no 8087018464 got deactivated all in sudden. When I reached out to customer care, they said because of non-usage for 90 days and balance less Rs 20, my no got deactivated. But they never told conditions like this. Neither they informed...

Tata Docomo / mobile network support

Sep 02, 2018

Hi Docomo Team, I want to permanently deactivate the mobile number 8807577003 immediately . This is very important number, this is linked with many transactions. Please support to deactivate it and then I will get the same number in different networks Reason :: Two months back, I had...

Tata Docomo / sim puk locked

Aug 18, 2018

Hi am Harmeet my sim no. is 9031668700 My sim got blocked and asked for a puk code . Can I get that code pls I first checked my network not available so I got about to settings where I locked my sim card I was asked thrice to enter some pin Unfortunately I entered it thrice. And then asked...

Tata Docomo / credit deducted without usage

Jul 09, 2018

Dear Docomo team, I have recently recharged my Number - 8867276388 with 500 on 20 -06-2018 and today ( 9th july 2018 ) i have been deducted with amount around 450 + for non usage of the service. Please provide an explanation for why this deduction is ?? Requesting you to refund the amount into my...

Tata Docomo / docomo sim is puk locked.

May 28, 2018

Hi sir/ma'am, I am Kalidas Biswas. I had a Docomo SIM from Karnataka circle. It got puk locked. And unfortunately I forgot my puk code. Now I'm in different state. And I don't have any access to Docomo SIM. Please help me out. It is linked to my sons bank account. For any updates please...

Tata Docomo / puk code of sim

Mar 22, 2018

one of my sim card -8603112993 is locked . i need its PUK code to unlock the sim. several times i called customer care from other docomo number but each time it said " all representatives are busy" and call disconnected. i dint know what to do. pls provide PUK for my sim no -...

Tata Docomo / sim card is not working

Jan 06, 2018

Dear sir, My name is SHAIK Zakeer basha I'd proof is my brother i have use tata Docomo 1 sim card for last 7 year-8 years. my number is +918712328121is continuously work for lat 7 to 8 years unfortunately closed my all services. my sim card still show insert sim card. and no network come in my...

Tata Docomo / cheated with me and my sim closed without any information/sms

Dec 06, 2017

Dear sir, My name is markandey Kharwar. i have use tata docomo 2 sim card for last 7 year-8 years. my two numbers is 7696272954 & 7696796071 is continuously work for lat 7 to 8 years. Many company says me Docomo has shut down her company pleae move it. then we have giving the request on...

Tata Docomo / not getting international messages

Nov 14, 2017

Jan 6, 2016 Incoming SMS on International roaming My mobile number is 7736636717, and presently I am in Kuwait. I want to keep my DoCoMo number active, hence I do recharge frequently. My complaint is that I am not getting any incoming SMS which is sent from India. Please look into this and do me the favor at the earliest. Thanks & Regards, Amith Raj

Tata Docomo / tata docomo in belgium is not receiving sms

Jul 18, 2017

Hello, I've recently moved to Belgium and I find that my Tata DoCoMo (number 9038127226) is catching network of its allied service provider "Proximus". However I am not receiving any of the SMS that has been sent to my base number. Please note, I haven't yet recharged with any of the...

Tata Docomo / photon is not being charged

Jul 17, 2017

Dear sir, My photon no 9219838267 is not being charged since 13th july. I have tried several times from my paytm as well as from my internet banking of icicibank but the same is not being charged and transactions are being reported as failed. Neither their "service call centers are able...

Tata Docomo / cheating tata docomo postpaid

Oct 24, 2016

Dear friends We two tata docomo postpaid numbers (7200008531, 7200008532) for my company and also blocked internet connection facilities by my request. Last month we are requesting to plan change for internet facility to this number 720008532. But they are unblock my internet facility and...

Tata Docomo / tata photon plus

Sep 01, 2016

I have been a customer of Tata photon plus (Photon no.9225939268) since 4 yrs and have been suffering from its poor service from the very first date. I had repeatedly called the customer care telling them about my problems. Only once a technician came to my home to check the problem and...

Tata Docomo / request to unblock the tata docomo sim-reg

Aug 08, 2016

Sir/madam, My son mistakenly blocked my Tata Docomo SIM on sunday(7.8.2016). Now I was not able to make a call.And also I am not able to find the number on the back of my sim card, because the card was scratched. So I could not contact with customer care.The details are given below: Tata...

Tata Docomo / sim card is not working in any of handset and I am in abroad

Apr 18, 2016

Dear sir / Ma'am I am Arif Alam and I was using a Tata Docomo Mobile Number which is suddenly stopped working because of some scratches on the chip. My Mobile Number is "9028720921" which is Maharashtra Number. This is my most important number as I am using this number everywhere as well a...

Tata Docomo / data pack irregularities

Mar 30, 2016

Hi Team, I had around 800 MB of 3G data and a balance of 250 bucks in my number 7204544172. After that I recharged my number with RS. 15 and added 75 MB 2 G data. in 2 days the 75 MB got consumed and post that all my balance was cleared up saying i had activated 2 G hence my 3G data pack...

[Resolved] Tata Docomo / post paid connection closed without confirmation

Nov 23, 2015

Hi team Kindly help support for this pathetic service of tata docomo 1. At the time converting prepaid to postpaid connection of data docomo . Tata docomo excutive called me offer post 245 plan 8hr voice call 3G 1GB and 500+ msg free but they are activated 399 plan that also without my...

Tata Docomo / broadband service

Oct 26, 2015

rupa mahesh doshi Reply| To: Tata Docomo Customer Services ; Mon 10/26/2015 4:32 PM Dear Sirs, Your reply is not acceptable to us. Instead of resolving our first complain by 26-10-2015 as promised from your end, you have taken fresh complain and now you are going to resolve it by...

Tata Docomo / fraud in porting my no.

Aug 04, 2015

I had recieved a call from chandigarh from a tata docomo store offering me to port my airtel no. 9779505600 to tata docomo but i refused the proposal bcz i cant switch off my no for even one hour as all of my business takes place through calling but they promised me that they would deliver...

[Resolved] Tata Docomo / automatic vas services subscription

Jan 30, 2015

On my tata docomo no. Vas services are automatically activated. Even if mobile is kept in locked mode on table the service is activated. Today i made recharge of 100. Immediately after recharge buddy chat service is activated deducting rs. 50. While i was explaining the issue to customer care...

Tata Docomo Prepaid Service / unfriendly behavior of franchisee

Jan 22, 2015

I am from Valsad, a city in Gujarat.This is a complaint regarding a Tata Docomo outlet situated on Station Road, Valsad, I am using multiple phones/sim cards, one of Tata Docomo and one of Airtel. I have been a customer of Tata Docomo since last 3 years but it seems that they lack basic...

Tata Docomo / docomo hesitated to activate my service

May 25, 2014

My Tata Docomo Number is (9894465666).Previously I have used this no in airtel and then i have ported out to docomo after my due amount and then i used in TATA DOCOMO service for more than one month.Suddenly my incoming was aborted and then i have contacted docomo customer care service...

Tata Docomo / mnp

Feb 17, 2014

Me To appellate. [email protected] Feb 15 at 7:46 am On thursday, february 13, 2014 3:31 am, parivesh agarwal <[email protected]> wrote: Sir, My cell no is 7250226310 i had applied for mnp from docomo to airtel on 21 / 01 / 14 n it got converted to airtel on 23 / 01 ...

TATA-DOCOMO / unprofessional behaviour

Feb 04, 2014

Mr. Marut, I addressed my issue in the last mail. Just 5 minutes ago, I got a call from same number which is - 7503769743 and the Abuse language was over and above the heights this time. She said - take the complaint back otherwise, I will have to regret it later along with a huge...

Tata Docomo / number barred without any prior notice

Dec 11, 2013

I am using Tata Docomo prepaid connection mobile no (8050590072) for the past 1.5 years. Suddenly on 11-Dec-2013 i got a message stating that("your services are barred on non receipt of document"), after that I am unable to call or receive any more, I was surprised and called customer...

Tata Docomo / regarding the unfair balance deduction

Dec 01, 2013

I had a data pack which was ending on 24 November of 5rs which was ending on midnightso my complaint isthat when i was using internet i was beingcharged from my balance even when i had data bal left and i didnt open any payable sites nor icalled any one then also i ws being charged 150.60...

Tata Docomo / beware tata broadband and agents are thieves in pune area

Aug 19, 2013

I opted for tata broadband agent to get a Internet connection on 01/08/2013. Agent name : Ajit Mobile No: 8856036788 I gave him 600 Rs for internet installation and all the documents. He said he will install inetrnet in 3 days. Now its almost 20 dyas i didn't get connection and...

[Resolved] Tata Docomo / refund balance

Aug 02, 2013

i am reacharg with my hdfc credit card on my tata docomo number 8866138246 with Rs.84/- my credit card balance has been debited but my tata docomo nunber not sussec fully reachag so i need refund or my balance.

[Resolved] Tata Docomo / not cared about portability

Jul 05, 2013

time and again requesting send failure and sorry we are unable toprocess yours request as the requestfor porting does not origin from the sender mdn please check request number and try again why yours company not allowing me to go urs service not satisfactory to me just bogus and false promises by urs people