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airtel sim access error

I have switched off and on my phone and since then i am unable to use my Phone. I try switching it on and off again, reset my network settings and i have done factory reset also but all goes in vain. I try putting the sim in my Airtel dongle and it is working there. Sim is working perfectly in my Airtel dongle. Please try to solve the problem ASAP. You can contact me on [protected]

airtel fibre internet connection

Beware from Airtel Scam

We have applied for Airtel Fiber connection at our Pitampura Premises,
One of Airtel Employee Mr. Daksh, Sale ID - DB2C41001, Mobile no., [protected], came into our office on 10th OCT 2019, for Airtel Fibre connection and book our connection, and told us that our connection will be installed without payment as got waiver and commit that connection will be activated within 2 days.

We are adding CAF screenshot for your reference. The CAF number is [protected].

He collected all the necessary documents from our office, but after completion of 40 days, still, the connection is not installed on our premises. We also have the SMS as improved where the OTP was generated against The CEF which makes us believe that connection has been gone through and everything will be done by tomorrow.

Daksh has told us to disconnect your previous internet connection (Spectranet) and install Airtel Fibre connection within 1-2 days. Who will pay for this loss?

We need to get a connection installed at our premises as soon as possible, without making any payment as we have been told by Daksh this commitment and waste of our 40 days time on this.

What action should be taken against Daksh to get delayed on our connection installation?
How much time needed to get our connection installed on our premises.

The also have the conversation and the footage of video as the cameras installed in the room in which the papers were signed and all the meeting was happening regarding the connection.
Is Airtel is a Fraud Company?
DO they have do not follow their commitment?
We have no response yet from Airtel People? People help us?

my landline phone and mobile phone number

I made a complaint about a month back about slow, interrupted and poor connection service, but I am told, it...

airtel postpaid number automatically disconnected without my consent


I'm airtel postpaid customer from last 6 years. Since I traveled outside India I requested my number to be put on to safe custody since December 2018.

But to my surprise airtel has decided to disconnect my number without sending me any notification.

I have never missed a bill payment, my entire family is airtel postpaid and customers.
My number was a fancy number and without my written consent how can you decide to disconnect my number?

This is completely unacceptable, I want my number to be and activated effectively immediately.

I have my Adhar, bank accounts and credit card linked to this number. So it's very important that I get this activated soon.

I have sent many emails to Airtel customer care none of them are understanding the issue. No one is trying to resolve this.

I also tried going to Airtel office and when they tried activating my number it's showing "Not same circle" error(You can see the screenshot attached). This is complete negligence from Airtel.

Thank you

airtel postpaid number automatically disconnected without my consent

Airtel data pack

I cant be able to use my data from date 12-8-19 and my daily limit is 3.4 gb. In my area i am facing only slow internet issues due to which i cant be able to use my full data. My all data gets wasted everyday. I have also complaint to costumer care but they say issue will be resolved within 4 hrs. But they are making us fool from 4 days. Today 15 august 2019 and still i cant be able to use internet. I wasted my money on airtel.
If you want to help me kindly call at +91 [protected]

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श्रीमान, मैं लंबे समय से ऐरटेल कंपनी काे साथ एक संतुष्ट ग्राहक रहा हूं। मेरा मोबाइल नंबर है [protected] मुझे...

exorbitant amount of money

Respected Sir/Madam, This is regarding the crazy amount of bill generated for the 4th time.I am airtel...

airtel cross connection to a different individual

Hi, I have been trying to contact my father's Airtel number [protected] from my Airtel number [protected]. It...

airtel prepaid service

I was using Airtel for about 10 year recently about 8 month I was not able to send any messages even toll...

barred outgoing calls to other networks

I have been using Airtel for over 2 years I purchased unliminet 1000 on 5th December.everything seemed fine until after one week when I started experiencing anproblem with the Airtel line when trying to make phone calls to other numbers of different service providers. I have now called the customer care more than 12 times and my issue has not been resolved.i was told to top up my line which I did but the problem still persist. I am really frustrated as my calling minutes of unliminet 329 all expired unused and was told I can't be compensated.still even after the expiration of my subscription of unliminet 1000 and having topped up my line I still can't make calls.i don't know what's wrong. I went to Garden City Airtel customer service shop physically on Friday 4/01/19. Told all will be okay after 24hrs now it has been more than 48hrs my line still has a problem.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

my sim has been allotted to someone else

I have been using my Airtel sim from last 7 years and have traveled abroad. I was always recharging it. But...


I am currently an Airtel customer and I am getting numerous calls and messages saying that I have bills pending from my previous operator, but before porting I have already paid my outstanding, but such cheap services from Airtel that they are not ready to help me, they only want to add new customers but are not willing to take care of the existing customers, it's a shame when Airtel claims they are no. 1, it's better to port out from Airtel when they can't help us.


  • Updated by Aditya001 · Dec 04, 2018

    I have earlier had a Vodafone postpaid but due to the dissatisfactory service I switched to Airtel, but before porting the Vodafone people gave me an outstanding amount which I paid and successfully ported to Airtel, but now I am again getting numerous calls and messages to pay bill from previous operator, how do I even believe even if it is legit? Even the Airtel people are not willing to help, what is this kind of service being provided by operators, Airtel is only focussing on addition of new customers and not taking care of the existing ones, cheap Marketing skills, shame

for massage not out last one year

dear sir
Kindly inform to you that I indrajeet kr I have written complain many times in airtel Regarding the message not being sent The compilation that is being taken without feedback is closed by your Becant team and our problem has ot been shot out despite compliant from the last one year.
But no any action.

our complained number is — CLSMS-[protected] BY Mr subham ji 14/10/18,
Refrence number — [protected] — 13/10/18,
Refrence number — [protected] — 12/10/18,
Refrence number — [protected] — 16/10/18

Thanks& regards.

airtel secure

Was using airtel no [protected] since long back.

however unfortunately I have taken airtel secure services with my IPhone. unfortunately my mobile fallen on road during taking call and got damaged accidentally.

I have register the claim, however being rejected by saying mishandling. As per IRDA rule any damage during usage of article got damaged will cover.

I got frustration from airtel secure team for settlement of my claim, though claim amount may not be high, however its matter of ethics. i will go consumer forum and judicially to claim harassment given by Airtel.

The irony is nodal officer given same statement and not listening customer.

I request everyone to quit Airtel service and use Vodafone

I think Airtel filled with business not caring customer
Shehzad Ali

mobile tower installation fraud

With reference to the Indian Express Newspaper dated Sep 23, 2018 stating that, Airtel 4G Tower installation in Tamil Nadu requires vacant land for the installation purpose. Also, the advertisement mentioned that, if the land has been shortlisted, the land owner will receive a sum of 30 Lacs (INR) as an advance and the rent will be fixed as 23k (INR) every month as the rent with the lease duration of Ten Years.

Contact Numbers mentioned in the advertisement : [protected] and [protected]

Based on the advertisement, the above mobile number [protected] has been contacted, the person received the call mentioned his name as Surya and requested to send the copy of Land document with Aadhar Card to the E-Mail ID: [protected] As discussed over phone, the documents has been submitted to the above mentioned E-Mail ID, on the same day.

Following up to the details provided through the email, on the consequent day, an email has been received stating that, the land has been shortlisted for the Airtel 4G Tower Installation on Airtel company's Letter Head (Attachment has been enclosed). Added to that, they have requested to pay a sum of 2750 INR as the processing fee for documentation. Consecutively, an amount of 25k has been requested for the Tax purpose, as there is an huge amount will be deposited in the bank as advance. Added to that, on Sep 27, 2018 sum of 43, 500 INR has been requested for the NOC which has to be submitted to the RBI. At last, there was an additional 1 lac INR is requested as the commission to deposit the cheque to the bank account, for which 50k has been paid to the agent. All the above mentioned transactions are placed through Online Banking and Direct Deposit from the bank for which, documents has been attached.

Details of the Bank account provided to make deposit:

The total payment made towers the fraudulent tower installation is: Rs.2750 + Rs.22, 500 + Rs.22, 500 + Rs.43, 500 + Rs.50, 000 = approx Rs.1, 40, 000 to the same account mentioned above.

Finally, after depositing nearly 1.4 lacs to the above mentioned account, the lease advance amount was not deposited to my bank account. On approaching the Airtel Office Customer Service (Santhome Branch Legal Department), I was notified that, it was a fake advertisement and Investigations are being taken seriously about this.

Details of the victim:
Name : Rajagopalan Ramaiah (Land document is in the name of)
Online Bank Transactions made through: Bhagyalakshmi Mahadevan - Axis Bank account - Selaiyur Branch, Chennai

Hence, I request you to kindly investigate the aforesaid case, and help me getting the money back as soon as possible. Also, take severe action, before, the number of victims falling prey to the Money Launderers.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Bhagyalakshmi Mahadevan
W/O Rajagopalan Ramaiah

faulty sim cards

For the past six months I have had to replace three faulty sim cards. Each time airtel charged rs. 25 for it...

mobile service issue.. fraud in bills


I am using the airtel from a long time and May 4th 2018 I port it from Airtel prepaid to postpaid.

From that time only my problem started. I moved to USA for office work and carrying my number with me here.. when I came here it was working fine and suddenly it stopped working(after 2 month) and when I reached to customer care then they told me since you are outside the India I have to have International Roaming plan activated on my phone which is not sure, as few of my other friends are using the Airtel(postpaid) and they don't have any international rooming plan on their number.

Because of my urgency I did activated the plan on my number after so many discussion, but after Airtel started charging me for the Internet here, even though I am not using internet on my phone. That phone is ideal and I am using that to receive the text messages nothings else.. but still Airtel is keep sending me the bills with internet charge.

Can someone please look into this issue:

One, do we need to have roaming pack if not then why my number was suspended? If yes then why other Indian airtel number working fine here without international roaming pack.
Bill correction.. as to me it looks like a fraud that airtel keep sending me bill for the services which I am not using.

Quick help will be appreciated. How to escalate or what is the right option to resolve this.



not getting network in prepaid mobile no. [protected]

In my mob. no. [protected] not getting network and my complaint is as under 1. No incoming and outgoing call...

New Delhi Other

recharge amount rs 99 not reflected in airtel contact no.[protected]

I recharged an airtel mobile no. [protected] for Rs 99 on 13-08-2018 online from
Airtel site through my UCO Bank debit card. But the recharged amount not reflected
in the airtel contact no.[protected] and not recharged . The amount was deducted from my UCO Bank A/C No. [protected]. The amount Rs.99 has not been refunded yet. So you are requested to REFUND my amount to my A/c No. soon.

Naresh Kumar Sahota
Vill. & P.O. Chandi,
Distt. Solan (HP)-173236
Contact No. [protected]

international roaming - charged more for no service

I have taken an International Roaming service from Airtel when i moved to UK for 2 months for a business travel. I have taken the 3999 IR pack, this pack gave me 500 free outgoing calls and unlimited incoming calls.

However, after using it for the first three weeks, my international roaming got deactivated saying i reached the limit. I called the customer care multiple times and told them that my usage limits are still within the range of my pack and i have not exceeded. They did not understand and help during that period and have billed me for the whole month, immediately after repeated calling and mailing, they extended my limit and reactivated my IR on my number. But within a week it got disconnected again.

Airtel, has the most stupid roaming software. They keep charging you for the incoming and outgoing at the normal rates and they nullify when the billing is one, so you are subjected to constant disconnections throughout. For eaxmple an incmin call for a minute is charged at 2000 INR, and as you get 10 incoming calls your bill reached 20000 INR and they disconnect. When the billing cycle comes they again remove all these and give you the correct bill.

Now, although i have disconnected my IR roaming on 17th August because the customer care is not responding to my request and are not settling this dispute. The airtel again charged me 3999 because i i was in the bill plan for a day extra.

1. They have charged excess on my bill.
2. They did not care to resolve the issue on time and reactivate my IR.
3. There is no proper response chain from Airtel to resolve this issue.

I would want my bill to be corrected and proper compensation to be paid for the inconvenience that the netwrok has caused to me, my safety and my business during the troubled period