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Vodacom Complaints & Reviews

Vodacombeing billed for old handset after upgrade

I recently upgraded my Vodacom contract online after receiving an sms saying I was eligible for an upgrade. (29 May 2017) on mobile number [protected]. I now see I am being billed for the new contract and new handset as well as the old handset. When calling customer service I am merely told I will be billed for the old handset for the full 24 months of the contract. Vodacom has also seemingly suspended their email complaints section, so there is nowhere to properly complain.
If I am told I am eligible for an upgrade at 22 months, it is not considered an early upgrade. It would appear Vodacom is fraudulently trying to get people to upgrade but at no point did they indicate I would still have to pay for the old handset. (This should fall away when the upgrade comes into place). I have previously been with other service providers such as MTN and Cell C, and every upgrade I have ever done (usually always around 22 months), meant I was immediately transferred to the new contract without any hidden charges from the previous contract. An upgrade is an upgrade, there should be no surprises waiting. This seems like deliberate trickery on the part of Vodacom. I have now read through the terms and conditions again on the upgrade section and cannot find any reference to the fact that a person would still be billed for a previous handset.
As resolution to the complaint, I would like the old handset amounts to be removed from my account effective immediately and only rightfully be paying for my new contract from this date.

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    Vodacomdelivering of a cell phone contract that I ordered

    Dear vodacom
    I have oderd a cellphone (Vodaphone smart platinum 7) on your latest addition of cellphone contract on the 9th of may 2017.. It was said that the phone is not available at the moment and I should wait for the cellphone as they going to order it. It's been 3 weeks now still the phone hasn't been delivered to vodacom shop lakeside mall. I fail to understand why would you put a cellphone on your latest addition of cellphone contract that started on the 5th of may 2017 only to find that a customer wants it and you don't have it. I was patient enough to wait for a week but i'm loosing patient now. For a company like vodacom you should do better than this. I'm without a cellphone for a month now, and it's really hard to cope. I'm hoping you get this complain and you attend to it as soon as possible

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      Vodacomvodacom customer care

      Good day

      I would like to log a complaint and I would like this to be taken very seriously, because the kind of service received by my mother was putrid to say the least.
      My mother's phone was stolen a week ago, so she had to report it and have the number blocked. She was told to have a sim swap done when she got a new phone. Easy right? Wrong! She did an upgrade over the phone, with you guys, had the phone delivered and lo and behold, there wasn't even a SIM card with the phone. So she went and bought a sim, had the sim swap done and the consultant told her it would be activated in about 2 hours, this was on Thursday evening. That evening, there was no sim connection. We gave till Friday morning, still nothing. My mother called in a few times on Friday only to be told that the suspension was removed every single time she called! Saturday morning she went to one of the stores and was told the same thing, that a call was logged with tech support and that they don't work on weekends! So what did the agents do when she called in previously??? She spent the weekend without being able to make or receive calls or SMS's! This is unacceptable! Today is Monday and she called in again, the count is at 15 at this point and on the 15th call, the wonderful Janine assisted her in a friendly and efficient manner. Janine managed to at least sort out the incoming calls and SMS's. So she can now receive both. However, she is still unable to make any calls. My concern is, when asked what Janine did, she responded "I did what I'm trained to do" so in essence, you only train 1 out of 15 people or are they just that incompetent that they don't know the first thing about reactivating a line?? Pathetic guys! Seriously, for such a big company, you really need to sort out your staff. Well done Janine, but the rest, totally unhelpful!

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        Vodacom — poor network

        Hi am called katoma umar am from johansburg south rossetnvile. My strwet is daveillers streerie. It'...

        Vodacomcell phone contract

        Dear Vodacom

        I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for 21 years, I am afraid that one of your support policies have made me decide to leave Vodacom for good. You have a policy to support only single sim cell phones, but yet you sell phones that are made to utilise 2 sim cards, in order to alleviate the possibility of needing to support 2 sim cards you actually load software to disable the second slot.

        I operate with both a data sim card and a call sim card, so I was especially happy to get a phone that caters for both cards, your wonderful policy prevented me from doing this and not support to enable it was presented by any outlet that I visited.

        It seems that you are encouraging your loyal customers to buy a second handset for the second sim card, which in my mind seems rather unethical if that was the case.

        I am sorry to leave Vodacom on this note after being a loyal customer for so many years, I am convinced that these customer disgruntling practices were not part of your previous strategy and policies. I sincerely hope that you will in future change back to being the customer centric organisation you used to be, because I am afraid this kind of exploiting will cost you much business.

        Kind Regards

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          Vodacomdata notifications

          The data notifications that are supposed to be sent to my number are being sent to my work number which is the general office number. After phoning Vodacom numerous times someone finally told me that it was because they changed servers and on the old server my work number was set as an alternative number (which I didn't say it was back then) It has to be removed manually.

          My complaint is that I have been trying to sort this out since 21 February 2017. I have phoned them 22 times. I have posted on their Facebook page 3 / 4 times. I went to a Vodacom store 3 times to fix this.

          They promise me that it will be fixed or that it is fixed and then 3 days later the same happens again. Then they promise to phone me back or someone will contact me and no one ever does. All they do is submit a service request or escalate it.

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            Vodacom — website access

            Have been unable to access the Vodacom website via client profile for more than three months. Had numerou...

            Vodacomadditional account or cell contract on existing account

            26 May 2017, 15h26
            I am attempting to add a contract to my existing account, after 7 days of trying to clarify my ITC record (which i have managed to clear up) i am told today that i have R300.00 odd to settle on a contract i had in 2011?
            What i do not understand is how this can be as i settled my contract in 2011 as i lost employment and could not continue with the payments, i was given a settlement amount which i paid and my contract was cancelled and i had to start making use of pre-paid SIM cards.
            When i asked how there can be an outstanding value Vodacom cannot tell me, when i ask how i can pay this to settle the balance so we can proceed with my new application Vodacom cannot pick up the previous account???

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              Vodacomvodacom blocking my number

              My [protected] has been with me forever. It was under a friends contract. I bought out the contract and wanted the number on my name again.
              This took numerous visits to vodacom stores and calls and emails.

              After which my number was cancelled. And I was forced to get another number as I was told there is nothing they can do.

              I still had existing data and air time on the phone. Was refunded with a pathetic R400.

              Vodacom put me the position having to get another number, when I never wanted to, but no one could call me as whats app only worked on wifi.

              Vodacom has put me through changing my number with all my suppliers, clients, policies and I am loosing business as not everyone has my number.

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                Vodacomupgrade mess up

                Please help!!! I did an upgrade on no [protected] on line.

                See invoice K0241230, 8 May 2017, things went wrong on your on line system, and only the sim was delivered, the sim was eventually picked up again on the 22 nd and returned to your depot and signed for by Sello.

                I was told by your call agent that yesterday afternoon I would be able to go back into the on line system and reorder my upgrade.

                Well its still not updated and I can not do my upgrade.

                This is very poor service and I am very disappointed by the poor customer service I have received since the error was on your side.
                Please contact me on [protected] urgently to resolve this.
                Nobody calls back on your call back requests either.

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                  Vodacomvodafone protect

                  This is very unacceptable I can't access my phone as it is locked by the Vodafone protect app I have forgot the pin and when I try to go straight to the app it says that it is no longer available, if that's the case how are we going to reset the pin, I have even tried to wipe the phone and failed please I you don't want to lose clients with your useless apps please fix it I am using sumsung neo plus my number is [protected] hope you will find a solution to my problem

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                    I have had the worst experience I can recall with any service provider. My bill has come up with 5 times the usual amount that I have been paying over the years. And to top it off I haven't received statements for both my accounts with Vodacom. The first consultant I spoke to told me that it is because I upgraded my account in January. When I told her I did no such thing then she had to put me through to someone else. Eventually after a lot of uncertainty I was told it's because of data costs from one of my contracts.

                    What a crap network. I cancelled my contracts at the same time. Vodacom is a rip off with poor service. Have even started converting family members and friends.

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                      Vodacom & Cellsureincompetent behaviour

                      Good Day

                      I have been using cellsure insurance for a very long time but i have been paying for over 3 years for my s4 mini through my vodacom insurance. I went into 2 months arrears and vodacom cancelled my insurance in January this year. I paid up my arrears and contacted insurance to find out if my insurance can be reinstated and they advised me that vodacom can reinstate it as they cancelled it. I called vodacom account and they advised me that my insurance is active. I went to Vodacom Brookside Mall and they advised me that my insurance is still active as well as Liberty Mall vodacom customer care.I have been having endless problems with my vodacom account where they are allocating the wrong airtime in the wrong sim card as i have 3 sim cards on my contract and the reason i visited vodacom was because i did not recieve my airtime allocation in the primary number which is [protected] but there was airtime allocated to the other 2 numbers.

                      I am not sure why there is a complete mix up with the different departments in vodacom where i get different stories from everyone.

                      I lost my phone and insurance now is refusing to put my claim through because vodacom did not reinstate it but assured me that my insurance is active.

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                        Vodacomsim activation

                        To whom it may concern:

                        I purchased a new sim card for my new phone as the old sim card is stuck in the old phone. I wanted my sim duplicated so that if a need to use the old phone again I have the option as the card is jammed in it permanently ( iphone4) . My tel. no is [protected].

                        This process was started Friday 12th May – it is now Thursday 25 May and I am still unable to use my new phone.

                        I Have been calling both the vodacom shop I purchased the sim from and paid for the duplication as well as the different Vodacom help lines and - e-mailed.

                        It is shockingly pathetic the way the shop instructs me to call Vodacom who in turn instructs me to call the Voda shop as both vehemently denies being able to help me and that it is the others responsibility!

                        Your automated e-mail response says it will get back to me in 24 hours, How about no response in over a week.

                        The number of man hours I have wasted in getting this sorted out is horrific! Is there any body at Vodacom with even minor common sense that can help me?


                        Ref EC-0CO5-21QNKG &


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                          Vodacom Sainternet problem

                          I call vodacom three weeks ago about my problem with my two sim cards not going to the internet and they says I must go to vodashop.I go to vodashop at
                          Newcastle Mall.

                          And another guy take my ID and my numbers he told everything will be fine after an hour until today still same says SORRY ACCESS DIENED I have calling vodacom call centre no help.Today I go back to Vodacom shop in Newcastle Mall I show the gentleman whats the problem and he call vodacom after that he say I must switch my phones and remove sim card for 15 mins and until now doing same if I dial *111# to go to Services it shows me PARENTAL CONTROL FOR CHILD IS ALREADY ACTIVATED. both numbers [protected] and [protected]

                          I have been to vodashop twice already I do not want to go there anymore vodacom they must deactivate parental control to my numbers or I must change the network because it means that vodacom is not training their stuff I m driving more than 26km to go to vodashop

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                            Vodacombad service

                            On Wednesday, 17 May 2017 I applied for a new contract at Vodacom by converting from pay as you go to contract.

                            During my application, I was advised that my approval needed to go through a "vetting" process. This "vetting' process has now been taking a full week, and I still don't have a contract. According to the Vodacom shop, the vetting process is sitting with Head Office, and they can't alter or approve anything from their side.

                            I would really appreciate feedback from Vodacom on why this process is taking so long. This is the first time, taking out a contract with Vodacom that I need to wait this long. I have given a 24 hour ultimatum to the Vodacom Tygervally Shop, Cape Town to resolve this issue, otherwise I will cancel my request, issue a HelloPeter letter and take my business to MTN.

                            Please contact me if you need any further details at [protected].


                            Elton Olivier

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                              I am gravely disappointed in your way of business conduct, I was offered WiFi by a call centre agent who explained to me it would be free because I use a lot of airtime once I run out data. But now I was shocked to learn that I have to pay a monthly prescription of R218.17 and now I was debited R486.47. I have decided to return the WiFi because I will not have funds for it on a monthly basis. Please provide me with details as to how I can send it back.

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                                Vodacomdisappearing data

                                Yesterday 22/05/2017, I purchased a data bundle at 14:51 from my bank via internet banking using my PC and my WiFi. A couple of minutes later, I received an sms saying you have less than 24MB of data immediately followed by another 1 saying you have less than 10MB of data. The only apps I had on cellular data were Contacts, Gmail and Watsapp. My ph was however using WiFi anyway. I immediately called vodacom customer care. The advisor said she would call me back since my ph activity would take an hour to show on the system. When she called back she said that I had cellular data activity on my ph for 9 minutes. I explained the apps that were open for cellular data use but that in any case I was using my WiFi at home at the time. She simply said that Vodacom's system was showing that I was using my cellular data. So, i suppose that is that and the customer will remain the liar because Vodacom's system says so. In my opinion they are no worse than common thieves since this is not the first time that this has happened to me, and from what I have been reading on other forums, Is happening to thousands of other Vodacom customers. I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for years but I think its time for me to move on.

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                                  Vodacom — service on my account

                                  Good day, I am feed up with vodacom. From the 25 April 2017 my account was debited when I asked their...

                                  Vodacomfraudulent upgrade

                                  On the 27th April 2017 a fraudulent upgrade was generated on my cell account, it is the second case in the period of 12 months. Consultants have asked me to send documents to start the investigation and since then I have never received any call or correspondence mail to give me feedback about my case. Documents were sent to the following email addresses: [protected]@bytes.co.za; [protected]@vodacom.co.za . Soon after that there was a debit on my account, and that on its own indicate that no one is attending to my case. Reference Quote# [protected] and cell-number is # [protected]

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