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Turkish Airlines Customer Care Service

191 Reviews

Turkish Airlines Inc.

General Management Building Investor Relations Department, 9th Floor Yeşilköy Mh. 34149 Havaalanı, Cad. №: 3/1

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 750 849(Australia)
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+1 800 874 8875(USA and Canada)
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+44 844 800 6666(United Kingdom)
6 3
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+64 383 185 100(New Zealand)
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0 0
3 0
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+31 204 059 636(Netherlands)
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0 0
+41 848 444 849(Switzerland)
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0 0
+852 28 613 111(Hong Kong)
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0 0
+60 320 531 899(Malaysia)
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+966 114 009 995(Saudi Arabia)
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+65 65 439 215(Singapore)
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+27 861 887 547(South Africa)
0 1
+82 269 250 026(South Korea)
1 0
+66 213 420 724(Thailand)
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+54 115 984 2758(Argentina)
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Turkish Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Turkish Airlines / Hell in istanbul !!!! and losted luggage

Nikola Kralj on Sep 22, 2018

My Name is Nikola Kralj I was flying from Zagreb-to Abu Dhabi Over Istanbul. In Zagreb i got only one ticket and they told me that i should take other in Istanbul. And here started hell for me because i lose my flight to Abu Dhabi, because Turkish Airlines or Later on Etihad Airline...

Turkish Airlines / damaged luggage

Jamal Islam on Sep 20, 2018

Was in a Turkish Airlines flight flight on Sep 17 from Istanbul to Houston. On luggage bought just before traveling on Sep 3 to Istanbul and Rome, was badly damaged. Airlines denied claim for replacement of luggage. Reason shown was that we were suppose to show the luggage in airport before...

Turkish Airlines / luggage

Rorymaria on Sep 20, 2018

Hello there, I traveld from toronto (on sept 17, TK 0018) to Ekaterinburg( arrived on sept 19, tk 475) even though the over all experience of the flight is quite good ...there was one unpleasant side effect ; when one of my laggage arrived to ekaterinburg the extendable handle was broken ...

Turkish Airlines / manager on alexandria airport

Sharaf Rakha on Sep 18, 2018

First of all, traveling with Turkish airline was great in everything but I will not use it again in my round trip because of the idiot manager at Alexandria Airport. Stay away from Turkish airline if you will travel from Egypt to anywhere even if round trip. The manager is jerk and say bad words in front of my kids, fighted with women say f words.

Turkish Airlines / reservation cancellation

Yousuf Turkmen on Sep 16, 2018

Gentelmen of the Turkish Airlines... Greetings. I have made a reservation through a travel agency called Altayyar (Almusafer) located in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. I made the minteioned reservation ten (10) days ago. The next day I went to the office of Turkish Airlines in KSA, Madina infront of...

Turkish Airlines / about my experience with turkish airlines

Kazi Alom on Sep 15, 2018

Assalamu alykum warahmatullahe wabarakatu-> to be honest with you I don't know how and where to start from I had fly with the airline from jfk to Istanbul to Dhaka, my family got worse service, luckily one of the flights attended was great she handled it at the end my experience I share...

Turkish Airlines / turkish airline service desk

simon216 on Sep 13, 2018

Good Morning! from Cleveland, Ohio. I wanted to let this airline know that we had a problem when landing in Boston from Istanbul we took flight TK-081 on August 20, 2018 at 2:35pm got to Boston, MA USA August 20, 2018 at 6:30pm. When we got to Boston our baggage was supposed to be checked...

Turkish Airlines / handicap help between terminals

bigmoma on Sep 13, 2018

On Sept 5th 2018 my husband and I travelled from Atlanta to Istanbul on Turkish flight 32. Both my husband and I have handicap issues. My husband Malcolm Joel, has just undergone a hip replacement and is in the recovery stages after his surgery. He also has many residual back issues due to...

Turkish Airlines / turkish airlines do not served to passengers with kids

Ege Tekinbas on Sep 11, 2018

For our 26 Sept - 6 Oct return flight to Toronto we bought our tickets directly at the Turkish Airlines Ticketing Office in May. I specifically asked for a baby cot while purchasing the ticket and the sales person affirmed me couple of times that the cot was attached to our ticket upon our...

Turkish Airlines / late flight and lost buggy

Loulou76 on Sep 10, 2018

I flew with my young children from larnaca to malaga via athens last month. I booked a flight with 2 hrs for connecting flight but the first flight was delayed making us miss the flight . We were put up in a hotel till next morning where we tgen had another flight via istanbul. We put...

Turkish Airlines / baggage delay

La bruja on Sep 9, 2018

On 8th of September 2018 the flight TK1082 IST-ABV came to Abuja without a single piece of baggage. On 9th September 2018 at 6pm I went to TK office on Abuja airport and they had no information on the baggage - would it come or not that day or no. This is something that happens on a regular...

Turkish Airlines / delayed luggage

Deepa Koushik on Sep 9, 2018

Missing Baggage Details LHRTK26523 Was traveling turkish airline on 1st September from lagos to heathrow, London for 6 dsys.The luggage is not delivered and it Is 8 days now. Came for my daughter's admissions and had to buy all uniform and toiletries. Want to know procedure for claiming...

Turkish Airlines / misbehaviour by turkish airlines ground crew in delhi, india

elayarani on Sep 8, 2018

B.karthik, i have booked ticket for my brother Jeya surya balachandran. He about to board flight on 8.9.18, at 6.15 am at TK717 from New delhi to Istanbul ( where he also had connecting flight in Istanbul to Voronezh (Russia) TK481 with 1 day 13 hours layover time in istanbul) when i booked my...

Turkish Airlines / very bad service in algerian airport

Menad on Sep 6, 2018

I traveled on September 01 2018 me and my husband and my 3 kids, one a sick todler and 18 months twins. First, in Algerian airport they were very road with me, they returned my luggage in Algerian airport they said the infant allowed for 10kg I had a very expensive stuff I couldn't bring them...

Turkish Airlines / compensation requirement due to turkish airlines delay

Elsajaka on Sep 6, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam, I, Sakina Alakbarova, together with my parents and my three year old daughter, bought Turkish Airlines tickets in Baku (Baku - Istanbul, Istanbul - Salzburg) for 17.08.2018. The Baku - Istanbul flight was delayed. At first, they were waiting for a missing passenger, then...

Turkish Airlines / turkish airlines customer hotel desk at istanbul ataturk

Chau1992 on Sep 3, 2018

On 29th aug at around 12:30 am to 1 am i visited turkish airlines Customer hotel desk at istanbul ataturk airport. As i had layover of 21 hours i wanted to know the facilities like any hotel's (asked for free or paid rooms) availablity. The girls there as a representative of turkish...

Turkish Airlines / flight delay / compensation

Nedzad Hajdarevic on Sep 1, 2018

Hi there! My name is Nedzad Hajdarevic and I am complaining and e - mailing in order to get a refund for all our expenses caused by flight delay from Istanbul to Chicago on August 18th, 2018. The flight number is TK 5, (SQ 6205). These are the names and the ticket numbers of my family...

Turkish Airlines / lost luggage

Dr Kalpana on Sep 1, 2018

Very bad experience with Turkish Airlines. After reading various posts related to lost luggage in Turkish airlines it is confirmed that I would never get my luggage back which we lost while coming from Delhi to Prague with Transfer flight at Istanbul flights being TK 1771 and TK 717 on...

Turkish Airlines / turkish airlines / mishandling and subsequent loss of baggage items claim process

Poonam Salunkhe on Aug 27, 2018

I flew to San Francisco on August 9th from Mumbai International airport with a stopover in Istanbul. When i picked up my luggage on August 9 in San Francisco, I noticed that three of the wheels of my 28" bag got damaged and could not support themselves to stand on their own, it had been...

Turkish Airlines / baby bassinet

Hasnaa Diraoui on Aug 21, 2018

Hi! I was informed when I booked my ticket 2 months ago that as long as I put that I will have a baby with me, I will have a bassinet for him without having to reserve it. I called today just to reserve a seat for me, they said they have to request a bassinet, and my request was not...