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Turkish Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Turkish Airlines / delay flight

Angeliki Vlachouli on Apr 15, 2018
Flight from IZMIR to ISTANBUL TK 2337 21:50 - 14/APRIL 2018 delay 3 hours !!!Due to tecnical problem. I miss the connection TK 1841 1:00 15 April 2018 ISTANBUL to ATHENS.. so I stay to airport waiting the next flight TK 1845 7:15 more than 7 hours. The flight TK 1841 delay almost 2 hour...

Turkish Airlines / flight delayed more than 3 hours

Brane S on Apr 14, 2018
My name is Branimir Skokan . My wife Mirjana and two kind Luka and Lana were flying from Houston to Zagreb via Istanbul using Turkish Airlines Below is the details of my booked flight to Turkey, Istanbul and also to Zagreb, Croatia. Boarding pass is attached to this complaint, as well. ...

Turkish Airlines / seat which I buy

Arijana Jobst on Apr 12, 2018
I buy seat 9B for flight 795 Turkish Airlines from TelAviv to Istambul on 12.04.18 and got at boarding card 10 D which was standard one. Your cabin crew did not want to solve this issue on boarding so I am complaing regarding payment dor seat that i could not get it. I am requesting my...

Turkish Airlines / regarding baby baissoinate seat

Sanchita khadka on Apr 8, 2018
Hi I been travelled through Turkish airlines on 11 th jan on flight no tk 727 from Kathmandu nepal to London heathrow through Istanbul .It was a long flight over 9 hrs .I was traveling alone with my 8 month old baby and they haven't provided me any biossonate seat for my baby . According...

Turkish Airlines / poor customer service

MGALI123 on Apr 7, 2018
Flight TK099 from Medina to IST was delayed by 3 hours on Wed April 4th 2018. Had a connecting flight TK we missed back to SFO. Got to the gate 2 secs before they closed the gate right in front of us. Security refused to help when we explained the situation and told us to go to gate 215 to...

Turkish Airlines / about turkish airline staff

nuzhat maqsood on Apr 4, 2018
Dear Most Kind and Benevolent Turkish Airlines Customer Service Staff Member, I am writing to you with the hopes that you may take mercy on me and afford a little sympathy for me because I was quite ill and had to postpone my confirmed flight from Lahore, Pakistan to Germany. My flight wa...

Turkish Airlines / flight delay, customer service and lost/delayed luggage

LeonBaskovic on Mar 12, 2018
Low quality of service of Turkish Airlines staff at the Transit Desk at TK Lounge at Ataturk Airport (Istanbul), flight delay compensation and lost/delay luggage ... I was traveling with Turkish Airines from Zagreb to Istanbul then Amman 08 March 2018 at 2000hrs. and there was a delay on...

Turkish Airlines / luggage was not accepted

Gida1986 on Mar 7, 2018
I traveled December 4, 2017 from washington Dulles and I was going to istanbul as a transit for 5 hours and then a flight to Libya. I had 5 Bags 50lbs each and I wanted Turkish airlines to link them to the following flight that I was going on within arriving in Istanbul in addition the...

Turkish Airlines / no wheelchair assistance

Abu Sayeed on Mar 7, 2018
hello, I would like to make a complaint about the wheelchair service. my e-ticket number 2355796884798-799. I flew from dhaka, bangladesh (tk 713) to istanbul. I reached istanbul on march 07, 2018 and didn't find any wheelchair service which I booked for the whole trip (from dhaka...

Turkish Airlines / damaged baggage

Agl22 on Mar 6, 2018
I flew to Mauritius on February 10 from Toronto Pearson airport with a stopover in Istanbul. When i picked up my luggage on February 12 in Mauritius, I noticed that the top right side stitching of my Heys suitcase, that i had only used twice before and was practically new, had been ripped...

Turkish Airlines / customer service/passenger treatment and accommodation

Yusuf Alimi on Feb 25, 2018
I was on the Turkish Airlines flight TK0012 from New York to Istanbul on Friday 23/2/18 that arrived in Istanbul on Saturday 24/2/18 at 17:45. My connecting flight is to Lagos International Airport on Sunday 25/2/18 by 15:50 which means I have a 22-hour transit time. I got to Customer...

Turkish Airlines / complain against one of the turkish airline serves office in belgrade...

Barasi ahmed on Feb 23, 2018
Hello. I wana submit a complain against one of the Turkish airline employer in Serbia (Belgrade). she was very rude and unprofessional and made me very stress. also she was very mean. and speaking with the customers with very bad language... I was trying to cancel / change the time for...

Turkish Airlines / additional cost on a turkish airlines flight from george bush intercontinental airport, houston, texas.

T van Rooyen on Feb 19, 2018
Booking Reference# RUUEM5 My flight on 11 February 2018 was from: San Antonio - Houston - Istanbul - Entebbe - This flight was already paid for and confirmed - I contacted the Houston ticket office to depart from Houston and not San Antonio. On the same flight and booking #. - I wa...

Turkish Airlines / compensation for a ticket I was force to buy after missing my transfer flight

Metu on Feb 17, 2018
Paul Dikobe Am Alfredusbad 5 45133 Essen Germany February 5, 2018 Turkish Airlines Service Department Dusseldorf International Airport Flughafenstr. 120 (Terminal C) 40474 Dusseldorf Germany Dear Turkish Airlines, I recently had a problem with your service and I am writing to obtain...

Turkish Airlines / service

Km001 on Feb 11, 2018
My son decided to send my husband and myself on a holiday to Turkey As my husband was diagnosed with Cancer and is going to bave major surgery once we return home We flew from king shaka aorport Tk43 on 8 Feb 2018 @ 4pm Seats 32 J abd 32 K Its the 1st time we flew with turkish airline...

Turkish Airlines / customer service, delay of flight

Hibahajj on Feb 5, 2018
To whom it may concern, My name is Hiba el hajj, i am a doctor working in Brussels and i take every two weeks a flight to go see my family in Lebanon. I took the flight from Brussels to lebanon, round trip(departure from Brussels February 1st, return from Lebanon February 4th) When coming...

Turkish Airlines / delayed luggage

Karibia on Feb 5, 2018
I flew with Turkish airlines from Vienna to Muscat with a change in Istanbul. Our flight from Vienna to Istanbul was late because of the bad weather conditions. So they decided to leave my luggage in Istanbut and send it with another flight the next day. Since I didn't have anything with...

Turkish Airlines / my vehicle shocks missing

Chaudhry Khurram on Feb 2, 2018
I traveled on Turkish Airline from USA to PAKISTAN and booked my luggage and payed $420 but when I reached Pakistan and collected my luggage that was under weight but tagged of 32 kg slip and when I opened my luggage my vehicle shocks were not found in it all proof are attached here so it...

Turkish Airlines / delayed flight

Denisa Milucka on Jan 26, 2018
Dear Turkish Airways, I am writing to express my absolute dissatisfaction with the flight on 20/01/2018 flight number TK1972 to Istanbul and connecting to Hong Kong flight TK0070. Both of these flights were delayed, with the TK0070 flight clocking up 5hrs delay! This has resulted in u...

Turkish Airlines / baggage delay compensation

ahmedrah on Jan 25, 2018
Hi there, We are a team of 11 passengers who were travelling for only 4-5 days to attend the martial arts Euro Cup in Sicily, Italy. The trip was on 14-December-17 (Kuwait-Istanbul-Rome-Sicily) and back on 18-December-17 (Sicily-Rome-Istanbul-Kuwait). On our way there all our luggage wa...


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