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Turkish Airlines Customer Care Service

219 Reviews

Turkish Airlines Inc.

General Management Building Investor Relations Department, 9th Floor Yeşilköy Mh. 34149 Havaalanı, Cad. №: 3/1

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 750 849(Australia)
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+1 800 874 8875(USA and Canada)
3 3
+44 844 800 6666(United Kingdom)
7 5
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+64 383 185 100(New Zealand)
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3 0
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+31 204 059 636(Netherlands)
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0 0
+41 848 444 849(Switzerland)
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+852 28 613 111(Hong Kong)
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+60 320 531 899(Malaysia)
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+966 114 009 995(Saudi Arabia)
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+65 65 439 215(Singapore)
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+27 861 887 547(South Africa)
0 1
+82 269 250 026(South Korea)
1 0
+66 213 420 724(Thailand)
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+54 115 984 2758(Argentina)
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Turkish Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Turkish Airlines / refund for my ticket

goanga on Nov 13, 2018

Hello, I complain for the fact that I did not receive my refund for my ticket. I paid my first ticket on November 5th--$959.08. The ticket number was 2357267839970. Due to an error with the name I have to submit a feedback form TK-1585188 with a name correction. I was advised to buy a new...

Turkish Airlines / lost bag and rude customer service

Noha Bahgat on Nov 10, 2018

I am coming to you as a last resort after I have exhausted all options with Turkish Airlines. The behavior they have demonstrated is sufficient to grant them a warning on how they treat passengers and the generally on how they conduct business. Below is a summary of the current situation...

Turkish Airlines / flight cancellation and delayed

Mohamedhamdy on Nov 8, 2018

I'm actually complain about the delayed for the flight number TK80 November 06 as it supposed to arrived Istanbul at 18:10 but it arrived at 18:35 till we landing and for sure I missed the flight to Cairo TK946 Wednesday November 07 at 19:10 and they close the gate and we have to waited...

Turkish Airlines / unacceptable attitude / damaged luggage

Maran Behman on Nov 6, 2018

Dear Team, On 4th of November my parents had a flight from Dusseldorf to Istanbul then Istanbul Cairo. They purchased a brand new luggage from Germany but Turkish airlines totally ruined a brand new luggages (2 ) with EUR 250. This totally unacceptable, dealing with the customers'...

[Resolved] Turkish Airlines / ticket mismanagement

Adamah10 on Oct 30, 2018

William Paul 6255 Softshade Way Columbia, MD 21045 October 30, 2018 Subject: Turkish Air Ticket #KIJHB8 On October 20, 2018, I had 3-way conference call with a Turkish Airlines (TA) representative and the ticket agent Travelers Help Desk (THD) to make reservations to go to Accra Ghana with...

Turkish Airlines / connecting flight from manchester to ercan had taken off before we landed

ELAINEWILLIAMS1011 on Oct 29, 2018

Dear sir/madam, i wish to raise a complaint and ask for compensation for my party of 5 people who were travelling with me on flight tk1996 sunday 7th october departing manchester england at 16.30 and arriving in istanbul at 22.30 then on to a connecting flight tk964 to ercan at 23.55 due...

Turkish Airlines / aviation management

MS DK on Oct 29, 2018

In reference to below email trail and filed complaint number # 1539619, please note following  It was not a NO-SHOW on flight TK780/21OCT19, I was there IN-LINE but TK staff refused to accept me to board the flight.  today 28-oct-2018 Turkish airline Doha office is asking me to pay...

Turkish Airlines / my flight tk 1672 on october 27,2018

emad ghonem on Oct 28, 2018

its a flight from cologne to Istanbul which delayed more than 2 hours in cologne and my bag lost and didn't reach the connecting flight SV 264 to Riyadh it makes for me big troubles specially that my medicines was in it this why am asking you for compensation... waiting for your immediately...

Turkish Airlines / racist, rude turkish airlines gate assistant

AvaNN on Oct 27, 2018

I was a passanger on flight TK2248 from Istanbul to Sanliurfa on the 26 of October 2018. The flight was delayed for some time. And finally when the assistants came to the gate they spoke and addressed the passangers and all passengers went on to have their seats. I am a foreigner and...

Turkish Airlines / inability to change within a limited time without paying penalty

Joumana Abu Hawili on Oct 24, 2018

Dear Turkish Airlines, I have booked online on Turkish airlines website on the 22 October three round-trip tickets from Beirut to Istanbul. By mistake, I booked the return flight of after midnight assuming it is in the afternoon. After I bought the ticket I realized my mistake and tried...

Turkish Airlines / no check in, no boarding

Habiburrehmam on Oct 24, 2018

Today on 24th octuber, i was traveling from lahore to havana, with turkish airlines.. i had 30 days valid tourist visa, and return ticket of 29 days.but check in counter people, did not give me boarding.although i was traveling with valid passport, and valid visa.of cuba.they had no right...

Turkish Airlines / tickets/ delay

Ahmed1122 on Oct 22, 2018

Dear turkish airlines, As per attached documents we have been transferred to transit flight via Ankara due flight cancelation again after we arrived in Ankara the flight to Trabzon cancelled. at the moment the we visited our office claiming compensation as we our lost hotel reservation in...

Turkish Airlines / unethical behavior / delayed flight / no professional service

Dina Mohamed on Oct 15, 2018

Dear Complaint department, I was treated in a very bad & inhuman way in Istanbul airport after I missed my flight to China due to late take of my flight from Egypt ( which is not my problem at all ) e-ticket# : 2352832002784 Reservation# : B3JDGG 1- I was travelling from Cairo to Guangzhou...

Turkish Airlines / claim department

Petru Groza on Oct 15, 2018

Hello, I would like to bring to your attention a case. The tracing number at the Turkish Airline claim department is 2018096727 ( There you can see the whole thread of the discussion between myself and the TA representative. I believe that TA did not treat my situation...

Turkish Airlines / delayed flight, missed connections, no replacement flight...

Ben Sokol on Oct 12, 2018

-booked flight from Brussels to Athens, transferring in Istanbul, Turkey -told mechanical problem caused delay in flight leaving Brussels -flight from Turkey was not held -landed after 1am in Turkey -not given any food or hotel vouchers -eventually told location of nearby hotel -hotel wa...

Turkish Airlines / loss of cash from hand luggage at security check

mohan Wickramasinghe on Oct 12, 2018

I was travelling from Chicago to Colombo Sri Lanka on Turkish Business class. flight from Chicago on the 25th of August.Stay in The Business class lounge for 8 hrs and then the connection to Colombo Sri Lanka.I had the bag in the locker and then security ck before boading flight to Sri... / luggage handling

0 Votes I am writing to complaint about the inconvenience and additional unnecessary financial expenses I had to bear due to Turkish Airways' inefficient handling and delaying of my baggage while travelling from Kathmandu to Houston via Istanbul on 9 th October 2018 by TK 0727 and TK...

Turkish Airlines / improper billing

Samara pi on Oct 9, 2018

the worst and DISHONEST company I ve ever got in contact On 29th of September I was trying to make a purchase on their websites regards flight ticktes form Brazil to Dublin, on the very last page when it should be appeared my transaction was concluded, the page just went blank! For the rest...

Turkish Airlines / delay flight

oshrat malach on Oct 7, 2018

our flight was canceled, our 1 year planning trip was delayed and we missed 2 days that we payed in advance. because of the delay we forced to order another domestic flight for all 6 people in the 4 kids were disturbed because we carried them for 2 days on flights. its not the...

Turkish Airlines / delay flight and and missing the conecting flight

lurdes lomba on Oct 7, 2018

Passengers: M lopes de freitas lomba fernando jose santos we flew from Porto to Istanbul on flight TK1452 on 2-10-2018, departing time was 12:15 pm. It got delayed and because of this, we missed the connecting flight from Istambul to Kilimanjaro (TK 0565) departing at 19:50 pm. Turkish...