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#2653512 ticket ref : pm7blk

As a group we had flights booked to Sri Lanka via Doha to But due to covid19 any access to Sri Lanka was blocked by their government for any UK citizens, we have been only offered a travel voucher even though we applied for a refund as this was an option that appeared against our booking after our first request, also we have been told the travel voucher went live as soon as it was sent to us about 6 weeks ago even though we have no option for travel now or for months probably so how is this an option please could this be looked at as a matter of urgency please thank you Kevin Slee

I'm complaining about qatar airways supervisor in Tehran airport

I had a flight from Tehran to Montreal on 5th of April 2020 with my pregnant wife and her emotional dog. my Email address is : aliakbari.[protected]@gmail.com
My wife suffering of disorders of severe GAD and MDD. Therefore she needs supportive environment including her dog and it is necessary for her to be with her dog, otherwise she might have panic attack.
that's why we called qatar airways and ask your agent to put a request for emotional dog a few days before our flight and we brought all documents to the airport. but your supervisor in Tehran didn't allow us to take our dog to the airplain, i know that cargo live animal has restriction because of covid-19 and i saw that on your website, but thre is no restriction on emotional dog.
any ways we couldn't bring our dog to Canada and we were obliged to leave our dog with my friend in Tehran.
My wife is really upset and nervous and she is crying since then. I'm really scared of something bad is going to happen to my wife and our coming baby.
please do something for us and tell me what i have to do for bringing my dog.
I would appreciate a response as soon as possible.

I'm complaining about qatar airways supervisor in Tehran airport
I'm complaining about qatar airways supervisor in Tehran airport
I'm complaining about qatar airways supervisor in Tehran airport

Qatar Airways

Ground staff

My two children teenagers were mistreated not allowed to fly last night . Both were so distraught - the ground manager did nothing to help nothing to calm nothing to manage - shame on Qatar for this Mr Alinejad. He just be made to answer . iKA airport - at such sensitive and scary times . These are people with complex issues about authority.

I followed every protocal for these kids to board this flight but they deliberately made excuses in order for them not to travel . Of course many people were ready for standby. People of a closer nature . Who holds these people accountable for our heartbreak, our danger - the trauma to my children . The cost of not going the stress of driving many miles over snd over again . Shame on QAtar airlines for such poor management. Am sure Mr Al Baker does not like this type of poor management amongst his personnel.

Ground staff
Ground staff

Qatar Airways

luggage allowance

157-[protected] TH3VCL

Raymond and Maureen Midgley

In a confused state about our luggage, on booking we were told the allowance was 30kg.

This week Qatar customer service (United Kingdom) told us the allowance is 23kg.
Our travel agent spoke to Walid yesterday at 13.26 and had the allowance confirmed at 30kg.

Today the allowance when we asked for an email to confirm this when we check in we were told the allowance is 23kg.

Obviously yesterday's call was not actioned.

Today we were told by Qatar Airways that we have to ask the Travel Agent to reissue the tickets.

Not very acceptable.

baggage mishandling

Dear I flew last night from Doha to Brussels on flight QR195, and arrived at 6.10 in Brussels.
When I took my luggage I saw it was damaged and they told me to file a complaint online.
When I try to file the complaint it is telling me that I had to do this at the airport.

I would like to know now where I can complain about my luggage.

I thank you in advance for your reply.

Hilde Martens

baggage mishandling
baggage mishandling
baggage mishandling
baggage mishandling

Qatar Airways

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qatar airways airport staff at islamabad airport

My name is sohail ahmed and i was scheduled tk fly from islamabad to doha at 3 am FLIGHT QR 633 on 29th Dec 2019 bit instead due to bad weather flight got delayed for 10 hours. No accommodation was provided by qatar airways staff nor was any staff present at airport to assist people. Most of the families with their children spent the night out at airport in extreme cold weather. Need a complete refund for myself and families who suffered. Looking forward to hear back from u.

complaint on a cabin crew

This is related to the cabin crew member who is working for Qatar Airways for 3 years his name is jai kishan...

Qatar Airways

food during the trip

I've been travelling with Qatar Airways for 15 years; The service on the flight is very good and...

check in staff bangkok airport

Flight - Qr838.
Time- 19.35.
Date - 31-12-2019.
Flight reference R5CVY4.
Mr David Francis Short.

On arrival at check in for flight I was refused by your awfully arrogant and down right disrespectful check in staff booth 19 at Surranavoon airport Bangkok to return to the uk with my uk born children as they were travelling on there Thai passports with there mum who had uk residency and myself their father uk born citizen, we travelled from Manchester with your airline with the same documents on the 11th December. (Please see attached)The check in refused to allow us to fly and left us stranded in Thailand during the public holidays. They were so unhelpful and would not accept our documents. We even were asked to provide copies of their British passports which were out of date. A friend had to go to my house in Manchester to take photos and send to me at the airport, which your staff asked for, once we provided these, we were informed that the uk immigration had been contacted who were saying we could not return. My father has spoken to uk immigration who informed no contact took place and there was no issue with our documents. We even provided birth certificates in English and Thai which were ignored. My wife a business woman in the uk became really upset as the staff were extremely rude and arrogant to our issue. This alerted Thai immigration and Thai airport police who spoke with my wife and stated there was no issue and why could we not board your plane home. Staff said they will be fined if they let us board, but had no compassion to our situation. Why on earth did your airline not allow me to return home and if there is an issue I can speak with my own authorities. why you refused to fly us home. I am now stuck in Bangkok. I was due to work as i am a social worker who protects children and I felt so embarrassed and my children are traumatised by this as uk residents. How can your airline do this to us. I need a refund of the return flight so i can book with British airways who are happy to return us home on the 17th Jan at the cost of 1000 pounds sterling. If this is not sorted. I will be informing as many social media and media outlets at my disposal. This situation is an absolute travesty. Can I also inform you I wrote this e mail 4 times on the quatar website and each time it lost my information, page not found. As your Airline is a very affluent company, the least I expect is a refund of the return journey cost and a gracious payment towards my further costs to remain in Thailand until flights prices reduce to a level I can afford. I was due in work at Manchester City Council on the 6th Jan I now cannnot return to my job. My children were due in school on the 6th Jan and I will be fined for there non attendance. Also I need evidence from your airline for Manchester education authorities. My wife's business remains closed during this issue and she still has to pay the rental to Manchester Markets Please reply as soon as possible. I will be sending this e mail to Manchester evening News and the BBC in 2 days if no reply.
Yours sincerely.
Mr David Short.
Uk resident.

staff showed racist behaviour

Hi . I am Dr Nafisa and I was travelling from Birmingham international to Doha along with my 3 years old kid and my husband. When we went to staff desk for check in, the staff ( Kate Jack ) told me my luggage is up by 2 kg and I have to get rid of it . As I was with my little kid, I asked her the option of paying for extra kilo or buying any extra luggage or upgrading to business class. She said that only option is to buy extra luggage which we agreed. She also said if you can not make it within half an hour you won't be able to travel and after you come back you have to stand in the line again!!! It's difficult if we have to unpack and take the cue again. However, I bought an extra luggage. We moved to a place she showed us. Then we bought an extra luggage and start reshuffling our old luggage. My baby was in her stroller. She suddenly came and very rudely said you can't do these here you need to move everything from here now. I am a chest specialist and my husband is a Surgeon and we both are working under NHS, UK.We know what Racist behaviour is!!! She was clearly a Racist!!! The other staff who was checking passports also agreed that it was not right.
She has no right to speak with me rudely, nobody has any right to speak to me rudely!!! I am the customer you should respect your customer!!!
It may not make any difference to your company if my whole family including my relatives and friends never travel in QATAR airways but it would definitely make a huge difference if this KATIE JACK (the other staff mentioned her name) continues her racist behaviour in future!!!
Unfortunately, I have to return again by the same airlines!!! That would definitely be our last Qatar Airways travel!!!

no audio entertainment where we were seated

I was on flight Dec 20th from Iah to Doh and was assign seat number 27J, 27K, and 27H. As soon as we were seated we turned on TV to watch movie. Found out audio was not working so we notified air hostess. She went back and got 2 new audio set but still couldn't hear properly or hear volume from one side only. We notified air hostess again and she reset all 3 TV sets and waited 10 mins and still wouldn't work. We told same air hostess that I have 2 teenagers with me and flight is for 12 hrs and they want to watch movies during the flight. She told she can give another seats but are not together and I declined. She told me she will report to the supervisor and that's it she never came back to check on us regarding the volume issue. I paid lots of money for 3 tickets to fly to india and having no entertainment during my 1st longest flight time is unacceptable. I would like to hear back from Qatar regarding this issue to how they can accommodate me. Please call or email me at your earliest time before I take further steps. Thank you.

[Resolved] infidelity

As a Qatari local I want to ask for the dismissal of one know Sarah Maria Farla a cabin senior working for...

didn't notify any flight changes when check in

Wasn't notified when check in at Heathrow Airport about the opening of Langkawi Airport. Landed at Langkawi Airport and was seated inside the plane for 3 hours while crews was doing cleaning and dusting .Is that what we called hygiene???? Then myself and other passenger was asking for some drinks and was rejected by the cleaning crews .Is my first time flying with Qatar Airlines and felt really disappointed and dissatisfied?? Family was waiting at Penang Airport for 3 hours out of notification as flights was supposed to arrived at 15.00pm instead of 19.30pm Frustration and tiredness for the family on waiting Please do tell inform passengers in advance if there's any changes on flight details or schedule Thanks

didn't notify any flight changes when check in
didn't notify any flight changes when check in

Qatar Airways

customer service

Hi my name is Abdul Moiz Gaddi ([protected]@gmail.com). On 12/3/2019 I called Qatar airways to add TSA pre (United States pre security line) and the customer representative will ask 5 questions including the name of the travel agency, the date of ticket issued and if you are not able to clear security (I guess because if any of the answer is incorrect) they do not have a process in place to have an alternate question or a way to facilitate this customer service experience. The only answer they have at that point is to contact travel agency.

This is a pretty horrible customer service delivery and unexpected of a 5 star airline.


valuable box lost

Dear sir

I kindly inform you that one item of my luggage which is a valuable box tag no-QR772208 got lost in Madrid airport, when arrived on flight No QR1139 from Muscat/QR151 from Doha on 26 NOV 19, Complain was made vide no-MAD1989189 on same date 26 NOV 19 at Madrid Airport .please note that till date I have not received my luggage. Note that my claim was handled by Ibera Airlines- Aeropuerto De Barajas Madrid and I had lodged the claim to them. I have contacted their office many times on [protected] .always replied your file on the table of Qatar airways DOHA. when Item received will be delivered to you< but nothing received until now.

With best regards
Amur Alkhaldi
File reference number: MAD1989189
Bag tag number-QR 772208
Ticket number- [protected]

Date of travel-26-11-2019
passport no-CY5206336
email: [protected]@hotmail.com

valuable box lost
valuable box lost
valuable box lost
valuable box lost

Qatar Airways

excess baggage fees being charged at airport

I boarded a flight from Amritsar on November 25, 2019 for 3:50am to Doha with final destination as Halifax. I was told at checkin counter that I can either take my cabin bag(roller bag) or my laptop bag as only 1 piece is allowed. Agent at the counter was very rude and adamant that he won't let me take both of them even when I tried explaining that both the pieces are allowed in my flight from Halifax to Amritsar which was also Qatar.

So, to avoid missing the flight I paid excess baggage fees of Indian Rupees 4893 by putting my laptop bag in one of my check-in suitcase which I completely don't understand.

Then later when I reached gate they were saying to deposit the cabin bag as well because of space in the aircraft . At that point of time asked the agent why I was not allowed to bring the laptop bag when all other passengers have two items with them at which she said sorry.

I can submit the excess baggage fees slip if required.

in flight seating and food service

Flight QR866 (Doha -Penang) 10 November 2019
Seat No: 28E and 28F

With reference to the above flight I wish to bring to your kind attention the following grievances :

1. Seat No: 28E - This seat could not be reclined. After take off I endured seating in an upright position until the first meal was served. After that I could not take it ( I am 5ft 10 Inches tall) and I had to ask the steward for help. After pushing and pulling he managed to recline it. The manoeuvre had to be repeated for the next meal and for landing. The flight was full and seats couldn't be exchanged.

2. My wife and I were the last to receive our meals. The provided us with salad, bun and dessert but they had no main course to serve us as everything was finished. They offered us extra buns as replacement which we refused. They said Business Class too had no meals left and they tried to get something for us. My neighbouring two passengers got children's burgers. They managed to get 2 tasteless omelettes for us.

We did not expect that for a full fare paying passenger on a World Class Airline to face such shortcomings which spoilt our travel on this flight.

We do not blame the Crew who did their best for us and served us courteously and politely. We blame the Management of Qatar Airlines.

Joseph Lourdes Salais
12 Jalan Delima
Bagan Ajam
13000 Butterworth

Tel: +[protected]/ +[protected]

  • Lo
    Louma Hallab Jan 04, 2020

    Dear Joseph

    I had the same issues as yours.
    I can't understand why a well known airlines is downgrading their food and the plane maintenance knowing that it's one of the most expensive airlines in the world.

    0 Votes

seat malfunction on business class for our flight boston to doha

I (Mr Nitin Chaudhari) traveled with my wife (Mrs Radha Chaudhari) from Boston to Doha on 5th November 2019...

denial of check-in and boarding

I tried to check-in, today 09 november 2019, at tunis - carthage airport, for qatar airways flight 1400...

service, policy and very bad and rude behaviour of more than one staff member

I checked in my lagguage. While I was dealing with the "gentleman" at the check in point he was at that time also training a new guy instructing and showing him how to manage these procedures. In the same time I was patiently waiting and holding my hand lagguages (including also two plastic bags) clearly visible for him. He found the weight of my big lagguage exciding 1 (one!) kg so he informed me that I had two options: two open my lagguage and get rid of something or pay the difference for this extra kilo. The ammount I aacepted to pay was 102AUD and I asked if with those 102 extra dollars at least I had to be relaxed to don't be in trouble at any other check point. Well, this guy told me that I was fine with weight but to be ready to have lot of other checks leaving the aircraft in Doha and boarding on the next flight in Doha.
At the time of boarding I found a nasty, rude, unhuman girl who stopped me and she was advising that I had two options: 1) to get rid of the excess (one small backpack in which I had two folders containing all documents of an injury I reported at work, one jumper and my phone, a samsung note10) and one plastic bag in which was a tipycal australian stockman hut (so easy to wear) and another bag with a spare pair of shoes. She was definitely "professional": she was so nasty and rude and after she checked the weight of the bag with documents (at that point I decided to wear the hut and the spare pair of shoes), this was 7kg. This is why she charged me extra 812 (eight hundred twelve!!!) AUD. At the end this trip costed for me: roughly 800AUD the initial ticket (with "normal" weight allowances) + 102AUD on the first floor to check in the first kilo exciding the weight allowed + the last and nicest surprise when I went downstairs to board of 812AUD to check in two folders of documents, one jumper and one phone. I left there with her my backpack and I collected with my big lagguage in Kiev with the sad surprise that there wasn't my phone anymore.
I'm still travelling but definitely I will contact my lawyer as soon as I will be in Italy to ask for a refund.
What's happened is simply unacceptable.
Unfortunately I haven't a phone number at the moment (lost in this Odissea) but definitely I will e absolutely available for any further information you may need through my email: [protected]@libero.it
This was definitely the worst experience of my life and I hope at least somebody will consider to refund me for the unbelievable price I payed for their absolute luck of comunication among staff members and the loss of my phone
This was my first and last experience with this company and definitely I won't hesitate to share as much as I can my bad experience.
I will be more than happy to provide any further detail, my personal documents, address.
Looking forward to hear from somebody from this company.
Kind regards
Cesare Zumpano

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