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United Airlines reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 17, 2006. The latest review Lying to me on the phone and not taking my bike on the plane was posted on Jun 14, 2021. The latest complaint ua cancelled flight with no regards for passengers on board already or compensation was resolved on Nov 30, 2014. United Airlines has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 140 reviews. United Airlines has resolved 60 complaints.

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United Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Jun 14, 2021

United Airlines, Maui OGG — Lying to me on the phone and not taking my bike on the plane

I called United Airlines days before my flight to make sure they had a way to take my bike on the plane. They...

United AirlinesFlight UA2008

I was on UA2008 from Tampa 12:35 to Chicago 2:30, I Catherine Keneipp was sitting at 29b I was originally suppose to be in 29A but united switched my seat, so the passenger sitting next to me had to use the restroom and I figured I use it also at this time not to bother my husband who was sitting in the aisle seat, so at the moment we both got up the woman passenger who was sitting in A seat went ahead of me to use the restroom and I followed at that moment the seatbelt light went on the passenger sitting in A was able to go in but the flight attendant would not allow me to go in she told me I had to return to my seat, I'm a Hispanic American woman I feel the flight attendant was racial profiling. I can't tell you her name because she didn't have a name tag but I think she was a flight attendent supervisor she had dishwater blond hair short and older and stocky, as a paying customer I feel is unacceptable. I have been thinking I might post it on yelp. I hope you give your flight attendent better social relations training, I'm just glad I didn't have to use the washroom bad, I'm a very athletic healthy woman, but just what if I couldn't hold my bowels would a flight attendent really want to clean that mess, but I'm just glad that I'm in excellent shape and in very good health and don't have problems holding my urges to use the facilities. But I do think you need to investigate this and retrain her. Please feel free to email me at [protected]@gmail.com I hope United will look into this matter. Catherine Keneipp

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    Mar 20, 2020

    United Airlines — The passengers were needlessly exposed to the coronavirus

    Mr. Tony the stewardess on united UA299 flight to LA from Houston. 50% of the plane was empty yet everyone...

    Mar 15, 2020

    United Airlines — Flight tickets

    Hello everyone, My name is Bianca Petras I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I both a flight ticket from Las Vega...

    United Airlinesmistake on travel certificate

    ATTN: ANGELINA (if possible)
    Hello: Re: my sisters (case # [protected]) flight certificate has a misspelled name on it & I know the correct name is important when traveling. I know on previous correspondence with you re: her flight experience I had mentioned that her name was not spelled right but now it's also incorrect on her certificate. It should be KELLEE ROSE. I would appreciate a reply re: this. Thank you so much for your help. Pls respond at [protected]@gmail.com

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      United Airlinesflight # 1020

      Today October 26/ 19 i took i flighy from San Antonio Tx to Houston and then from
      Houston to Cancun at 4.35 pm before on the 21st of this mont i flew from Amsterdam
      to Houston and it was a very nice flight almost 10 hours and then to San Antonio the crew very nice and that is why i an loyal member of united airlines and my last Frecuent Flyer member ends with 511.

      The flight i flew was # 1020, in Premier seat 1A, in the beginning flight departed on time
      and after 20 min. I asked for water ( unusual since they offer juice or water even before the plane takes os ) so this " Gentelman comes to me when i press the button "And he apologice for the delay in the service and I UNDERSTOOD " 25 minutes later he comes by with my dirink and said thank you, there was a very nice lady that served dinner witch i denied, and beverages that she gave me nice and gently but
      40 min before landing to Cancun i whent to the bathroom and then i asked the gentelman in charge of premier seat # 1A to please bring me water and he did in a smoll platic glass and 20 minutes later i ask him for more water and he comes by
      and he blows a bottle of water on to my SEAT and my reaction was to throw it back
      to him and the bottle hit the floor.

      Any way he gets very mad and angry so he had a chat with the other attendant and told the captain of the airplane that there was an isue with a passanger on the pane
      so when we landed in Cancun they called the police ( for me ) and no body was able
      to come out off the airplane untill the federal police would take note and see what to do with ME and that took at least 30 min, with all aboard so finally this mexican guy i think from United asked if i could fallow him and i did.

      Outside the airplane he asked me what happend and i told him what the hole thing
      was about and he could not belive it so he said we have to call the police and i said yes, so 15 min later the police and captain and crew talk to the police with a ridículous versión off the facts ( i am sure they have videocámaras on the plane ) speccially neer by the main cabin.

      Any way so pólice shows up and asked the crew gentelman what the charges or crime i had comited and he said that i went to the bathroom many times ( i am 61 and went 3 times ) and that i hit him with a botle of wáter and the pólice asked him are you harm or wound in any way and he said no, so after 15 min or so he said well
      i think my glasses are damaged and the pólice just told him…..you want tp press charges on that grounds you can but we can not arrest Mr. Macouzet for that !!! in case i broke his glases witch i dis not so any way all of the pasengers weare very mad regarding the hold up for this issue and out of the plane i apologice to end the situation, i fly a lot and work for the tourist ind. and also Tryp Advisosor level 5 and
      you can see my revieus and they are all positive.

      This gentleman told me in my face that i woud be banned to flight Unites Airlines again !!! lets see what happens when this mail go to the news and dont want any thing in return just to let you know how they treat your loyal costumers.

      Any doughts you can contact me, i am in you file etc.

      thank you

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        United Airlinesdelayed baggage

        [DKJWJF---itinerary #; IAH74013M--claim # for missing baggage] After all passengers and luggage were boarded/loaded onto UA225 on 6-30-19, they announced the mechanical issue with a tire on the aircraft. All passengers had to disembark, and they said all luggage had to be removed. Two and a half hours later, everyone was re-routed to another gate and a different aircraft, and we were told that all luggage had been transferred. Instead of arriving at IAH at the scheduled time of 9:33am, we got in around 12pm. Two out of four pieces of our luggage were on the carousel almost immediately, and after an hour or so, we learned the other two were still in Newark. One rep told me "those two baggage tags weren't being recognized, but not to worry as that was just inside United Airlines lingo". The online emails/texts indicated that the luggage was delivered to us by 10pm on 6-30-19, but that never occurred. Instead, I called the local Houston number which was always busy, so I finally called the 800 number from my desk at work on 7-1-19, and was literally on hold for 60 minutes before someone answered my call. He assured me that the luggage would be delivered no later than 2:30pm, but it did arrive at 3:38pm. Everyone I spoke with at the airport and on the phone kept discussing the buildup of weather-related delay issues piling up over 6 days, which had nothing to do with the mechanical delay involved with our case. The woman at IAH even told me to focus on the joy of my journey and not on the frustration of the situation at hand. Bottom line, due to having a 12 hour 5 minute international flight from TLV to EWR, this last leg of our trip was not pleasant at all from the standpoint of the 2 1/2 hour travel delay followed by the baggage delay. It is unfortunate that the mechanical issue wasn't diagnosed prior to passengers/luggage being entered into the first plane. A satisfactory resolution would be for the two of us to receive an ample number of points to be used toward future RT tickets. This was the first time that our routine travel between IAH-TLV allowed us to book on United Airlines, based on cost and length of total travel time, and, overall, we were extremely happy with this choice with regard to the quality of onboard service, appearance of the interior, and so forth.

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          United Airlinesj5ngw1

          I purchased ticket from you with confirmation #: J5NGW1 but to my surprised i was told by one of your agent that the Lagos flight was delayed by 2hours and that Lufthanza airline is taking charge of my reservation. Your agent hang up the phone. I want to tell you that my children are so young to have them on a long flight aith longer days. This is not healthy and fair. You have to compensate me, This is not right ! my family are placed on unplanned very long trip. This is child abuse. I might take a legal action against United Airlines. I paid your company for this trip not Lufthanza.

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            United Airlinesit malfunctioning system accidentally cancelled my flight and i'm suing my new flight tickets cost

            Not sure I've enough words to express the brutality and the humiliation that I had experienced due to United's own mistake.
            I Believe the majority can be heard via the call recording at the Customer Support Center on last Saturday, March the 9th.
            Exe Summary:
            I had an award tickets reservation from United (#M1594D) that was carried out by Turkish Airlines.
            On March the 9th., I'd approached the Turkish Airlines check in counter in order to check in and had been told that my reservation had been cancelled by United!!! Having approached their supervisor's office, I'd been shown that indeed United had cancelled my reservation mistakingly and the only thing left for me doing, is call the United Call Center.
            On that call, after a very long waiting when the plane is about to Departure in 1hr. And the check in counter is about to close, I'd been told that indeed United had made some mistake but now the scheduled flight is already full and I was offered a different itinerary with about 7.5 hrs layover!!! Double checking United's claim, it had been found out that there're seats on the original flight on Business Class cabin but the United Rep. refused to make this reservation.
            As can be clearly heard in the phone call, I've informed the Rep. that United should bear the responsibility for its own mistakes and put me on this flight. In case it will not be done, I will pay to the Turkish Airlines counter and will sue United for the full reimbursement and here we are.
            My clear demand: full refund of the paid Travel Tickets in accordance to the enclosed invoice.

            Kindly note that in case my complaint is not going to be handled within few days or going to be declined, I do intend to do anything within the law to get my money back and tell the world my story as well as approaching the StarAlliance top Mgmt.

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              United Airlinesflight ua522 depart from newark airport to west palm beach on feb 1, 2019

              Flight UA522 depart from Newark airport to West Palm Beach on Feb 1, 2019 changed gate from 132 to 70 at the last minute. No boarding announcement was made. Nor was the gate change announcement. I ran from gate 132 to 70 as soon as I found out about the gate changes. I got to gate 70 at around 7:45 pm (the flight was scheduled to take off at 8:00 pm). I asked the staff if I can board. She replied the gate was closed while I saw two other passengers were allowed to board and walked past me. She told me to go to customer services at gate 90 to seek for options.

              Prior to boarding, I received no email alerts which I signed up for informing me of gate changes, no boarding announcements, no gate change announcements, no reminders of last boarding calls. United airline failed to deliver basic services to their passengers to keep them informed of flight status and changes. I had to forego one night of my prepaid hotel stay at West Palm Beach, instead staying at the airport over night to catch the next flight in the early morning. Not to mention the major delay to my entire travel plan and one night time wasted at the airport. I heard the boarding call for Tempa numerous times but none for West Palm Beach. I was very frustrated. Therefore I ask for a full refund for the flight and compensation for one night of hotel stay.

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                United Airlinesus customs and airline cancellation.

                We booked a break to Detroit to fly into Newark New York 12/08/18 the flight was 30 minutes early allowing us 2hrs to catch our flight to Detroit we were held up in customs our bags went on without us.We were told we couldn't get a flight till 15.15 the next day meaning we had to pay for a hotel in New York. We returned the next day to find the flight cancelled and after queuing for 2hrs (again)United got us on a Delta airlines flight from another terminal for 19.30 the flight didn't take off till 22.30 we got our hotel on the 14/08/18 at 01.30, losing a night in our hotel and a tour booked for 09.00.Our 5night break had become 4.I must add we had 2hrs in between return flights at Frankfurt and made the connection easily.

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                  United AirlinesBaggage information

                  I booked the round trip with Orbitz for me and my son from Sacramento to Ufa.
                  Travel dates: May 24, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018.
                  Itinerary #[protected].
                  Ticket #[protected] (Elena Aklanova), [protected] (Stepan Aklanov).
                  Booking ID RMJGR4.
                  We had 3 checked bag and 2 carry-ons.
                  It was said that, If your trip includes more than one airline, baggage fees are generally determined by the first carrier on the ticket. I also called to Orbitz and United Airlines to doublecheck this information before my trip, and they said that is correct: I have to pay $100 for second checked bag and nothing for carry-on.
                  I paid $100 for second checked bag in Sacramento. But in San Francisco during boarding to Turkish Airlines I needed to pay $195 for 2 carry-on bags

                  Baggage information
                  Baggage information

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                    United Airlinesunexpected baggage fees

                    I booked I round-way trip from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale for myself and my daughters.

                    For some reasons, the tickets for the way to Fort Lauderdale were a different category than the tickets for the way back. Apparently, the tickets on the way back were Basic Economy and therefore, the airline charged me an extra 75$ (3x25$) to bring back the carry-ons that were included in the ticket when we got there.

                    It was not clear at all on the Expedia website that the airline would charge my money for those bags. Had I known, I would not have bought those tickets or I would`ve packed differently.

                    I feel I`ve been scammed by United Airlines and Expedia for not making it extra clear that the carry-ons were not included in the tickets for the way back. Looking back on the ticket, I could only see that:

                    The airline may charge additional fees Opens in a new window. for checked baggage or other optional services.

                    I would like a refund of 75$ for those carry-on fees

                    Thank you

                    Genevieve Patry

                    Itinerary #
                    NMIZLZ (United)
                    Ticket #
                    [protected] (Genevieve Patry)
                    [protected] (Mathilde Racine)
                    [protected] (Beatrice Racine)

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                      United Airlinesunited airlines customer service

                      Please see letter below to united airlines. All the information of my complaint is in this letter. Horrible experience.

                      Dear Oscar Munoz (CEO of united airlines),

                      I want to start by saying I am very angry and disgusted for the distress and anxiety that I have experienced with your company. I plan to go to any media outlets I can with my story, and have my lawyer subpoena every call that I placed to United mileage plus in the last 6 months. FYI: our trip was from Chicago, Il to Athens, greece, with a stop in Zurich, Switzerland and return was the same, Athens, greece to Zurich, Switzerland and Zurich to Chicago, IL. (Flight lx7 and lx1830) and (flight 1843 and lx 6-correct booked flight and issue being between lx 6 and lx8). Please note: at the airport I had all my emails and correspondence for my travel but that was not good enough for united or your so called Swiss alliance that are just as disputable then united. I am taking action against Swiss as well for there customer help desk attitude and comments and harsh attitude towards me, after I was already having a panic attack along with trying to keep my 2 crying, screaming scared kids calm for what United did to me yet another time. This experience was very physiologically damaging for my family. If you have children, then you should understand that they know and sense everything. Nothing should have been surprising to me at that point in the airport due to having 6 months of on ongoing issues with my tickets due to your A+ systems, but again I was going to be stuck in a foreign county (Zurich) for hours with 2 children and 2 strollers, and on a flight for 10 hours by myself with no help. Really??? This is what you do to people. I'm very sick over this.

                      I will start from the beginning to give you the history of how this horrific encounter with you guys began. Note: The icing on the cake was not until I (- woman) was suppose to be stuck with no
                      Options in a foreign country with my 2 young children (4 and 2 years old) and 2 strollers, as my husband and moth n law were booked on a flight with a different connection then me and my children, which I was deleted from within the the 15 hours it took me from pre check in and to get to the airport (note I confirmed all of us on correct flights after my husbands ordeal) Note: my husband was deleted off the connection flight as I checked in the day before, and after hours of fighting, he was rebooked, and as I got to the airport, me and my children were then deleted.
                      Great customer service...
                      Anyway, it started within 6 months ago when my husband and I decided to take our children to greece. We had almost 4 free tickets thru mileage because of my husband trusting your miles card for over 15 years. (Great way to treat ur loyal customers). As we booked we were short of the return flight for one of us. We decided to book my husbands return flight under my fath n law's miles. We confirmed the flights looked good, and the seating was available for all us. The lady on the phone said let me book you and the children, and right away we'll book your husband. I told her we better be on the same flight, she says it should be fine. We'll we booked, and then the flight was gone for my husband. I was furious. I called and called till I reached someone in the United States (a supervisor) they tried to fix the ticket for our return, and was unable too. She assured me that it should reappear because there is seat availability, and to try again in a few days, it will be free of charge to change it. I then told her to note that In the system so I wouldn't have issues. Those few days were then hell as well as I had to think about this (again my time, heartache, and money). I finally saw the flight reappear, so I called right away, they went to rebook and tried to charge me. I explained it was suppose to be waived, and they wouldn't hear it. So I called over and over again till I found a supervisor in the United States that fixed the ticket free of charge (again my time, heart ache and money for fixing your system errors).
                      We'll, hurray for us we're all on the same flight as a family, confirmations on emails printed and ready to go. We'll this didn't last long did it??? Confirmations I guess mean nothing to u or your star alliance Swiss???
                      For a month straight, I called every week to confirm everything was perfect on my flights before departure. I was told yes, everything looks confirmed... NOT... instead u waited till I got in a foreign country to play with a families life including a big part of there health, and most of all jeopardized my children's health because of everything we encountered at the airport scrambling to fix your mistake yet again...
                      After a month long stay out of the country, I went to check in for our return flight about 17 hours before. Mind you I had plans to visit last minute family I had not seen. My plans failed which is not fair, due to your airlines yet again (my heartache, time, and money). I used my phone bill to call Swiss and then united because I was unable to check my husband in. We were on separate confirmations goin back. He was deleted it said from the system. I started by calling Swiss and they told me to call united where the ticket originated because he is not on the flight back with his FAMILY. Two and a half hour after dealing with these tickets for the thousandth time, they recooked my husband on the flight back with us.
                      I then confirmed all of our flight information, including my moth n law's, everything was suppose to be perfect. Far from it.
                      My family and I arrived at Athens international airport 3 hours before check in. Once we got up to the line, I was told me and my 2 kids were deleted from the flight, and need to leave our connecting flight 3.5 hours later then my husband and moth n law (lx8 instead on lx6 which I was always confirmed on from the start). My seats were there, why couldn't Swiss (your star alliance) put me back on the flight? I'm dealing with them as well, don't worry. Your star alliance must not mean anything because the lady at customer service wanted no part of talking to u guys, she also told me to call united, it's not her problem. Really??? What does star alliance mean? U obviously don't work together, instead you leave families in foreign country's to fend for themselves, treating them like a piece of trash. Great customer service. What to do next, with 2 screaming scared children because they were told that they will not be traveling with there father or grandma, just with there mother, which last time I checked only has to hands, but was expected to push 2 strollers with backpacks and carry ons through an international airport, then sit in another international airport for 3 hours to wait for a flight they were never even on, and in the end fly 10 hours on top of that without help. R u guys for REAL? And you think I'm ignorant and not going to tell my story? You put me and my family thru the ringer. By this time it was about 30 min before boarding. Thank goodness I had a phone card on me (again my time heartache and money) to call united mileage. I begged the man at united to connect me straight thru to mileage, and what he due, connected me to wait 30 min instead on the phone. I had 39 min on my card. What does that mean I had 9 min to get my situation resolved by myself. I begged the agent to do his job, he asked to talk to Swiss, that was a bust. He was confused, therefore he got a supervisor. They had to change something in there systems again. Swiss showed me that we were deleted from the flight. It was taking to long, my card ran out. At this point the plane was boarding, and closing check in. We gave up. As I stood there shacking, red a as a tomatoe, having an anxiety attack, (on the verge of a nervous breakdown) and trying to calm my frantic kids, God answered our prayers, and we got news that they were able to check us in with the rest of our family. Wow... how can you put people through this? We ran to thru security, through the airport, and were last to get on, but we made it.
                      In conclusion, this was one of the most horrific experiences of my families life. As for my children, this is nothing that they ever deserved for as young as they are. United and Swiss put our family in jeopardy. This is uncalled for. My anxiety level is sky rocket just writing about this days later. I immediately wrote your complaint department as soon as I got to the United States. It has effected me with my sleep and health at this point. I have not heard anything back as of yet. I am writing to you to make you aware of what your company is doing to people over and over again. You would think after being in the media so often, you would have fixed your glitches, obviously not. At this point your airline owes me a lot. We did not ask for this. I will wait to hear back from you to tell my story yet again.
                      Thank u,
                      Maria Christofilakos

                      Sent from my iPhone

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                        Air Canada And United Airlines And Aeroplan — discriminatory and unethical behaviour

                        Re Booking Ref LJMYEA Travelling on return flight from Franfurt through SFO on to YVR Sept 7. Although only...


                        United Airlines — I will never be flying with United again

                        I booked a flight for 10/3/2017 from NY to Washington and paid $85. But today I was informed that they...

                        United Airlinescomplaint submitted on July 29 was never resolved

                        I am still waiting to hear back from United to address my concerns. I've called and was told someone would get back to me and still waiting...it will be close to a month since the incident happened.
                        complaint number [protected]
                        follow up complaint number [protected]
                        all I get are automatic responses about how much they value their customers.

                        I would appreciate someone following up on my concerns.
                        incident happened 7/29 I was calling asking about the process for picking up my daughter flying unaccompanied from Costa Rica. The agent not only gave me the wrong information but referred to me as stupid/dumb in tagalog and when I called her out on it and asked to speak with a supervisor - she conveniently disconnected my call.
                        needless to say, I was given the wrong information and was given the run around at the airport as well.
                        Yes for the $300 additional fee and paying for a direct flight - I was walking around the airport in circles and was called names.
                        Thank you United Airlines - and when I want my concerns address - I am still waiting for some response back from the airline.

                        C Knee

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                          United AirlinesUnreliable airlines

                          I'm simply shocked. For an unknown reason, they canceled my flight from NYC to Washington, DC. I didn't get any kind of maintenance and reimbursement. It's been a month and still there's no response from them regarding my refund. Thet have let me down. I had to immediately look for different ways to leave. I've heard that it's a usual practice of their airlines. They cancel flights all the time.
                          So don't be like me, read reviews before using their airlines.

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                            United Airlines — stoled my luggage with high physical and sentimental values. criminals

                            Hi, on july 02 of 2017 me and my girlfriend traveled to cancun on flight 1052 from ewr airport. my girlfriend...

                            United Airlinesblatant fraudulent scheming on baggage by united agents

                            I was traveling from Las vegas to Newark and i knew about the requirements for the baggage allowed and the charges. What happened was that i insisted at the check-in desk that i wanted to check-in my carry on bag which was small. Despite my insisting to check-in the check-in attendant assured me that i will be allowed to take the bag with me in the flight without charge. When i boarded the plane, I was told that i will have to pay $175 for the small carry on. I was forced to pay the fee despite of my explanation that the check-in person assured me i will not be charged. Additionally, my terms of the ticket mentions that such fee will be $50, so i do not know how it ended up being $175. I am guarantee that this is fraudulent activity and i am going to make sure that i make this story viral. I knew i should not had given United a chance after knowing how badly you treat your passengers.

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