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Complaints & Reviews

Change fee

My husband was booked on a flight to Germany on March 14, 2020 booking reference SFNMDO ticket number [protected]. We were afraid of loosing our money so we booked a flight for December 2020. They next day they cancelled the change fee, we paid $200 and his flight was cancelled.
Under the circumstances of the Coronavirus I would hope you would understand our fear of loosing our money.
I am requesting you refund his $200 change fee!
Thank you for your cooperation, stay safe!
Mary & John Bowers

Improper Treatment of Passenger — Unjustified accusation that Passenger was inebriated, therefore refused to serve alcohol for Business Class Seat traveling from LAX to Singapore

Singapore Airlines Captain Chia, In Flight ManagerJem Choong & Ground Staff Bremen Clarke - Flight 37 on 18 March 2020 - departing LAX @ 11:30pm made the statement that my colleague Mr. Richard Habin had allegedly consumed too much alcohol prior to boarding the plane. This accusation was unsubstantiated, was not justified and was a disservice to Mr.Habin. I, Bill Lorance, traveling with Mr.Habin, from Phoenix earlier in the day, had not seen any inebriated behaviour that would justify refusing service. Both Mr. Habin & Bill Lorance are Gold Members of the Star Alliance for many years, and have traveled many times, to & from, the USA, along with many European & Asian destinations. The Singapore Airlines Staff identified above should be reprimanded for such judgemental and discriminatory treatment of Mr. Habin. Mr. Habin never raised his voice, never was abusive or discourteous, but was subjected to rude and unjustified behaviour from IFM Jem Choong. Both Mr. Habin & myself will consider other Star Alliance Carriers on future flights.

Contact non existant — Need confirmation of Sq 317/323 19/[protected]

Tried website (useless) phone (worse waste 25 minutes) customers respect poor. Need to know flights Sq317&323 OK for 19/[protected]. Advice needed ASAP.

Being unable to make contact to speak with a consultant

Colin Edgeley, Kris No [protected]. Wanting to discuss cancelation of my flight SQ224 10/8/20 as we are uncomfortable about leaving Australia due to the coronavirus. When I try to use the forms available my effort is not accepted when it asks for my booking ref. The ref is SD1982 but it says this is invalid, but when I book in with my Kris No the manage booking accepts it.
My phone numbers are:


SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019


I have adressed ( 21.11.2019 ) a complaint to Singapore Airlines( ref:S-[protected] ) related to the flight above on Novembre 23rd, 2019.
I received an answer from "[protected]> on December 9th, ( email on 2 pictures attached )which was absolutely not satisfying at all.

In the answer was mentioned :
Of course this complaint will be conveyed to our head office in Singapore. We assure you, that this kind of critic will be taken into account immediately by the Singapore Airlines Management.

I replied the same day, and haven't receive an answer until now, ( almost 3 months !!! ) this a complete lack of respect to your customer.

Please contact the customer relation in Germany which did answer me in order to get my original email with pictures,

I trust you will consider my email a serious matter, not like the customer relation in Frankurt, and will provide me an satisfying answer, which would be the seat fee refund as requested in my original email.

J. Perrinjaquet

SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019
SQ346 ZRH-SIN Date 21.11.2019

Ticket Refunds due to Coronavirus Restriction Travel to Singapore

Dear Officer,
I bought 2 airtickets, Booking Reference: RUA73A (TONY FOO) & RTX2ZW (WU XIAOXUE), with my Debit Card (Pay Pal) [protected] Tony Foo Jong Meng.
We could not travel to Singapore as I am a Singapore Citizen working in China and will be quarantine and my spouse is a Chinese in restriction for entry to Singapore. I made various effort thru email and hours of international call communicating for a refund of both of the above tickets. After finally manage to get a customer officer to manage my case and was replied that I will have the full refunds of the airtickets in 3 weeks time. After checking my statement I found that four transactions were credit by Singapore airlines 3 X RMB68 and RMB14.
I again made various international calls with every calls holding at least for half hour without getting anyone to service me. I remember my last call was on 24th Feb and managed to get an office to service me. I have gave the details for two tickets and only got a reply for refund for Booking Ref: RUA73A, whom is myself as I am a Kris Flyer member: [protected].
I have to go thru hell in international call again and managed to get an officer which he said that he have transferred my case to the ticketing department and someone would contact me 24hrs. I received a missed call on 25th Feb ( +65 [protected])at 8.07pm with message informing me that they will contact me later. I am now in Chiangmai today 26th Feb and still did not get any call to settle the above matter.
Please help me in getting the refund for my spouse Booking Ref: RTX2ZW (WU XIAO XUE) .
I may be contacted at:
+86 [protected] (Tony Foo Jong Meng)
Email: [protected]

Flight - Lounge availability

To the CEO of Singapore Airlines

I have been informed by your Airline a few days ago that my business class return flight from Zurich Switzerland SQ 207 was rescheduled to SQ217
on 13 May 2020 - with the consequence to have a lay overtime in Singapore of about 3.5hours and returning to Melbourne 20:35 instead of 17:10.
Accordingly, my Travel Agent has requested that you provide for me access to your First Club Lounge in Singapore in order to improve my back and health condition while waiting about 3.5 hours of my flight to Melbourne.

To our great surprise Singapore Airlines has declined to offer me a voluntary access to the First Class Lounge.

I am using your Airline for more than 10 years and flying at last once a year business class to Europe.
I do expect a better service from you in particular by considering the above circumstances.

If you are not interested in doing business with me please advise and I will book all my airfares in future with your competitors.

Kind regards
Dr Guenter Gerlach

K- Membership nr: [protected]

terrible meals for vegetarians/vegans on board singapore airlines!

Flight no: SQ317 10.55am from London to Singapore 25th December
Flight no: SQ322 11.45pm from Singapore to London Heathrow 12th January 2020.

I am writing to submit a complaint about the level of food service on the two flights listed above.

I am a vegetarian and when I booked my flight I checked a box to say that I would like a vegetarian meal on both flights.

The flight from London to Singapore was on time but the meals supplied I couldn't eat, so I got off the flight feeling terrible.

The flight on the way back from Singapore was delayed 4 hours due to a technical issue with one of the engines.

We were given a food bag with peanuts and nut bars and a bottle of water and tea.
This was pretty much all I survived on for 17 hours due to the lack of decent food on board my flight home.

Singapore Airlines don't supply a separate meal for vegetarians and vegans.
This is a major problem, the airlines don't understand the nutritional aspect and differences between the two types. Both need protein in their diet without a doubt.

On both flights I was given a printed menu card which had all the meat and fish dishes, but didn't have any mention of the vegetarian or vegan options, that was one very strange thing.

I asked if I would be supplied with a vegetarian meal considering I had ticked the box when I booked my flight, they said I would.

The meals I was given were absolutely awful, I couldn't eat any of them.
There was no protein, just a bowl of hot vegetables in a nasty tasting oil!

One hot meal that came I couldn't describe, so I asked one of the cabin crew to tell me what it was.
She said she didn't know! I asked her if she could go and find out, she came back a while later and said that none of the crew knew what it is was either! I was shocked, I know it was economy class, but this is basic fundamentals, the crew should know what the meals are and it should also be on the menu. I asked if I could have something else as I couldn't eat it, it didn't smell good and I had no idea what it was. They said they didn't have anything for me apart from bread. I can't eat bread because I have a wheat allergy, so I had a few cubes of fruit, a small piece of bread and some peanuts, that was all I ate for 13 hours! By the time I arrived at Heathrow I felt very unwell from lack of food. I had extremely low blood sugar levels and was shaking and close to passing out.

I just about managed to get off the plane with my cabin bags, but felt like I was going to pass out on my way to passport control. I asked a family to stay close in case I did.
I finally managed to jump in a cab to take me home.
As a result of this, I will never fly Singapore Airlines again, it was totally shocking and unacceptable.
When I complained to the crew, they treated me as if I was completely alien to them being vegetarian.
I noticed that I missed out on eggs and cheese as a result of the airlines only supplying one meal for both vegetarians and vegans, this is not acceptable. Vegetarians eat eggs and cheese usually, most people nowadays know this, especially if you are providing a public food service!

Whoever puts the menu together needs to re-think what they provide to both types.
Protein must be supplied without doubt! You cannot let customers fly long haul with no protein in their diet! I spoke to others who have also flown with Singapore Airlines and have experienced the same.

Singapore Airlines need to get a nutritionist and chef who understands vegetarian and vegan diets to provide a menu and make sure that the options are written on the main menu with everything else, so it doesn't make customers feel alienated.
I would like a refund for the flight as it caused me major distress!


Hello, a group of my friends and I have planned a trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Due to the corona virus outbreak in the region, we do not feel safe traveling in that area. Although the main outbreak is in China, there is many in japan. I have called customer service over 6 times and over 3 hours of hold and phone time they refuse to refund or credit me for my flights.

How can such a big company like you not care about your passengers well being. I we'll be filing complaints to as many boards as I can and to the aviation consumer flyers.

All we want is a refund of possible or a voucher.

staff didn’t care

Unfortunately I had a panic attack due to my irregular heart condition after extreme turbulence and I kept it very quiet as the lights were off, my mother in law pressed the button for water when the seatbelt light went off for me as we didn't want to get up and make a fuss, she told them I was having a panic attack and they didn't say anything, they just went back behind the curtain and never offered any assistance or any kind words of comfort, never came back to check and just ignored the whole situation.
If this is the type of customer service they offer then it looks like this will be the one and only time we use them.

check in

I was travelling from Singapore to Perth WA on flight SQ 0215 on 21st January 2020 with my daughter. We arrived 2.5 hours beforehand to be checked in and do some duty free shopping and have a massage. At the checkout we were asked if we were interested in being upgraded to business class and have a hotel and meals paid for, or $400 cash each, if we flew in the morning, as our flight had been overbooked. I accepted the offer and said i would be happy with either the cash or the upgrade. We were asked to wait nearby while this was arranged. After waiting for half an hour I inquired with the check in clerk when we would recieve our new booking. He sent me to the information counter to talk to another Singapore Airlines staff member. The woman at the counter told us that they no longer needed us to change flights and that we could check in again. She offerred us a meal voucher of $15 each as compensation. She was very rude to us. We were then given seperate seats on the plane and had to wait to see if they could ask another passenger to swap seats so that I could sit with my daughter. This was done just before boarding. My complaint is that we were left to wait with no information about our booking, we missed doing any duty free shopping, or massage. We didnt even have time to use our meal voucher as we had to head straight to the gate after all this time waiting. We were deeply disappointed that we had been offerred the upgrade and had it reneged. We felt used by Singapore Airlines to have us wait in case they needed us to help them out, and when we were not needed they stuck is in terrible seats without an apology. In fact the information staff person was very rude, and got terse with me when i complained. I feel that Singapore airlines should aplologise for doing this to us and make restitution for the way we were treated.

poor service of flight stewardess

On 25 Dec [protected]@ 00.12am, my wife and I were on board SQ 602 from Singapore to Korea. The flight stewardess was serving breakfast to the passengers . When she served the breakfast to us, we have requested for coffee . She replied that the coffee wa not available now and she will follow up later . After we finished the breakfast the stewardess still did not bring over the coffee . Not long after that, the same stewardess came and she took away both of our empty cups and informed us that she would be back soon with the coffee. We never received the coffee till end of the flight . My son was seating at the other side and he told us that the passenger seated next to him requested wine during breakfast and the stewardess also never come back to the passenger at all .

very poor customer service displayed a ground staffer

I wish to report an incident that occurred on the 29/11/2019, during my check in in by a ground floor staff member of Singapore airline. I do not have his name because he either intentionally hid his name badge or was not provided with one by the management.
I booked an economy flight to Ghana and was one of the first in a queue of about ten passengers waiting to be served. There were only two counter clerks, a male and a female who were supposed to look after us. When it came to my turn to be checked in, i handed in my passport to the male counter clerk and that is when my worst nightmare started to unfold. As i already said, that i do not know his age but would be of middle age between 55 to 60 years old. Firstly, he scrutinised my Australian passport over and over for several times and as if he was not satisfied with his assumed role as an immigration officer, started bombarding questions at me. For over 20 minutes this man held me at a stand still and those passengers behind me had to make a detour to the female counter clerk next to him.. Some of the questions he asked are too embarrassing to unveil here. His questions were so personal, rude, bigotry, prejudicial and plain racism.
He gave my passport back to me after a 20 minutes dissection fully humiliation and despaired. This gentleman who supposed to act as the gateway to Singapore Airline diplomacy, turned the occasion into a job interview. I am an Australian but of African descent who has been living here in Sydney for over 30 years and to be subjected to this treatment makes me wonder if he is well schooled to be in the forefront of Singapore Airline customer service. I strongly believe that i was profiled due to the colour of my skin and will appreciate if this can be fully investigated. I am ready to avail myself for any interview or investigation pertaining to this experience
May i conclude that i am not happy with the shame and humiliation this grey haired staffer unleashed upon me and will attempt to share this experience with my fellow Africans who live here in Australia and will want to travel in future with the airline.

Deborah Ocansey
Ticket No. JUKBGQ

raw uncooked chicken and batter in chicken pizza served to me gave me gastroenteritis

On 29th Dec flight number SQ245 I flew from Singapore to Brisbane when I was served a Chicken Pizza as part of the afternoon refreshment menu. I ate a couple of mouthfuls but soon became aware it was not properly cooked with most of the dough soggy and raw /undercooked. I complained to a flight attendant who then made a written note when I told her it was soggy and undercooked. She then asked me if I wished something else instead, which I declined.
Five days later I suffered an acute attack of Gastroenteritis. I was very unwell with diarrhoea for 3 days. I obtained a stool test as I was not improving.
The results are attached; Campylobacter infection, a bacterial infection contracted from poorly cooked poultry.
I wish Singapore Airlines to be aware of the infection I obtained from their undercooked chicken pizza and act on it as I have also heard of other individuals on a similar flight acquiring this infection with Singapore airlines who also ate the chicken pizza.
I am 79 years old and I am lucky I was not hospitalised for this illness.
My daughter is a doctor and was able to care for me.
Please send me acknowledgement that this complaint has been acted upon.

Mrs Barbara Rogers
Email [protected]
Krisflyer number--SQ KFLY [protected]
Ticket No.[protected]

raw uncooked chicken and batter in chicken pizza served to me gave me gastroenteritis

wheelchair assistance

We have requested wheelchair assistance when the tickets were purchased for two elderly parents. However they received this service partially at singapore airport (transit) and at the destination, Melbourne passengers have not received wheelchair access at all due to unavailability. Officials said they have not got enough wheelchairs and if it's really needed we would have to wait a long time.

Passengers were patients and struggled to walk far. The service was very unsatisfactory.

Passenger names:
Thuppahi baduge Ranjith De Silva
Merennage saroja salgado

Flight sq469 and sq217, Colombo to Melbourne
On December 9 2019.

We have relied on the Singapore airlines to provide the much needed service but we're disappointed with what happened particularly at the Melbourne airport.

flight cancellation - mi415 from kathmandu to singapore - 25 november 2019

Hi, I would sadly like to express my unhappiness with a flight cancellation that occured on flight MI415 from Kathmandu to Singapore - 25 November 2019.

On Monday 25 November, 2019 we waited the three hours as advised at the Kathmandu airport, we then boarded and prepared for takeoff. After some time we were then informed that the plane was not going to be flying tonight. We were all taken off the aircraft and after 2 hours of confusion about what was happening we were taken to a hotel (which was lovely) and accommodated for the night. We were then bought back to the airport the following day and eventually flown to Singapore arriving more than 12 hours later than scheduled.

My main unhappiness was the loss of a full day in Singapore. Our work only allowed us to have 3 days in Singapore to explore the city, now it was only to be 2 days. My other dissatifaction was the lack of communication about what was happening and why. As you can appreciate we were very anxious about what was happening at the time and we weren't getting clear communication about the change. It saddens me to write this complaint as we travelled on Singapore airlines/Silk Air from Australia to Nepal, via Thailand and back again, and have nothing but praise for the professionalism and efficient staffing that you have.

I would like you to consider my complaint and offer compensation or an alternative accordingly.

Kind regards
Jolene McLellan

no main course provided

Flight no SQ856 Seat 19A Mok wing hong
[protected] Tel [protected]
I had an unhappy experience in my return flight.The reason for choosing your airline with expensive fare is because of high reputation.However the return is not correspond to what I paid out, it is unacceptable for missing main course in serving breakfast without notice. I request for your reply with compensation

cabin crew

I travelled from Heathrow to Singapore on airbu sA380-800 --SQ317 on Oct 29th, service was great. I had a 12 hour wait at Changi for my flight to NZ and as you can imagine I was extremely tired especially after the long flight from Heathrow Lpus the 12 hour wait . SO I was so looking forward to my Business class flght and a good sleep back to NZ. on AIRBUS A350-900 . I asked a hostess for a blanket as i could only see the cushion that was on the seat, not like the bigger plane where they were positioned in the corner. She reached up and dropped a blanket in my lap!!!, I could not use the TV, at 80 I am not technology proficient, I was also starting to hullucinate as I was so tired. I tried to get comfortable In the cubilcle I had but slept fitfully on and off all night. It was not till the lights came on for breakfast I saw the guy across from me fold up his Bed!!! Nobody told me or showed me how to do this, When I questioned the hostess -she said I could have seen it on the video!!! As I could not work the TV -How would I?? As I am 80 this was my last long haul flight Hence I treated myself to Business class, What a waste of money, I have flown this route each year for the past 4 in premium economy and had much better service on different carriers. I also told the Purser, I believe thats what he is called? he admitted see-ing me trying to get comfy and thought thats how I slept !!! I would not recommend this carrier to anyone . Also an elderly lady in the row behind me was also in a similar position to me . I feel you took Business class money from me under false pretences---- Shame on you !!! As I understood it you treated your elderly people so much better than the treatment we had.
Have a nice day G.Biscoe NZ

flights, seating, overcharging, lost luggage etc.

Below is the text of a letter I sent to Singapore Airlines on their 'Contact Us' form on 9th October. This was followed up on 17th October. To date I have received no acknowledgement / communication from the company. I am disgusted that a company, held to be reputable, should treat it's customers in such a fashion:

Sandra D Horn - Locator / Booking Reference: S2Z6LQ & Ticket No: [protected]

The tickets for my recent trip were purchased in January and I was surprised to find, from such a major airline, that selecting one's seats incurred additional charges.
When web check in opened for my outbound flights I selected seat 74G for the PER - SIN leg and paid $22.30 for selecting the same seat on the SIN - LHR sector.
I checked in online but despite numerous attempts was unable to download my boarding passes.
I arrived at Perth airport early for check in and was given a boarding pass for seat 42J for the first sector and nothing for the SIN - LHR leg. The check in assistant was unable to give me any explanation but advised that I should go to their transit desk at Changi for my second boarding pass. She also asked if I would like my baggage checked through to London. As I was transiting directly through a major international hub (SIN), it was not a question I had expected to be asked.
The 42J seat was extremely cramped and uncomfortable. I have travelled on budget airlines that have provided better seats.
At Changi I explained my situation at the desk and provided my documentation. Again, the assistant could offer no explanation for this procedure but did produce a boarding pass for my second flight. Fortunately, the seat number of 60C on the new boarding pass caught my eye. This was after having presented the payment receipt for selecting seat 74G. When I queried this, the assistant was unable to give me any information other than that the boarding pass was for the seat allocated to me and that she could help no further. I was very annoyed that knowing the boarding pass was for a seat other than the one I had paid to sit in, your assistant did not have the courtesy of making mention of the change. It appeared obvious that she had hoped I would not notice until I was in the departure lounge!
It later transpired that the seating configuration provided by your website, when I selected my seat, did not match the aircraft in service on the SIN - LHR flight.
When I checked in online for my return flights to Australia, I selected seat 71H for the LHR to SIN sector and 57H for SIN - PER, which I paid for. There were no issues with online check in or printing my boarding passes. However, when I returned home it was to find that the fee of $14.80 for seat selection on the SIN - PER leg had been charged to my account twice. I have spoken with my bankers who have assured me that the duplicate charge is not an error on their part but that Singapore Airlines are responsible.
Lunch and breakfast were served during the 13+ hour flight from LHR to PER, which was hardly adequate and I am not a big eater.
On arrival at PER and having cleared immigration, I waited at the appointed baggage carousel until it was switched off. My luggage did not arrive. A report was made at the desk.
Terminal 2 at Heathrow is not one that I am familiar with and given the procedure there, with check in clerks handling multiple airlines and flights, I am not surprised that baggage is mishandled. Also of note is that it is a pointless exercise to be at terminal 2 for check in 3 hours before one's flight because of the way that check in procedure is handled. Another point is that it is necessary to wait and see if one's airline comes up on the boards, which turn slowly / periodically to display all the airlines that the bank of desks are handling.
When I arrived home, it was to find an email timed at 4:15PM (on 29th September), with a copy of my lost luggage report, which did not match the description I had given at Perth airport.
At 5.51PM a message was transmitted to me in which it stated:
We have located an item similar
to yours, when this is confirmed we will inform you.

At 4:36 PM the following day, a "DO NOT REPLY" email was received regarding my lost baggage (File Ref: SQ39402) advising of "a baggage delivery order created by PER - SINGAPORE AIRLINES." It included the text:
Once your baggage has been picked up by the courier it
will be delivered to the address provided. Please be
aware that this can take a variable amount of time
depending upon the number of bags to be delivered as well
as the time of the day.

As my phone number had been requested when the lost baggage report was made, I could not understand why all messages came via email. I do not have the internet permanently connected to my phone and only use the facility on odd occasions. When at home, unless I specifically check for incoming emails on my computer, I am generally unaware of them.
Because of the lost luggage notifications by email, I checked for new messages on a regular basis, whilst waiting to go out. Eventually I had to leave, but with concern, lest my luggage arrive while I was not there.
Your courier called my mobile while I was out, advising that he was en-route and of the approximate delivery time. It would have made perfect sense for me to have been advised that I would receive a call prior to my baggage being dispatched, to ensure that I would be at home to receive the delivery. You may like to note that a simple call to this effect would be likely to avoid further inconvenience to your customers.
In all, my experience of travelling by Singapore Airlines is not something that would currently engender recommendation for using your company.
Your comments would be appreciated, together with a refund for the service not provided and the overcharge to my account.
Yours faithfully
Sandra D Horn

flight delayed by 7 hours on 23rd october 2019 london heathrow to singapore

Dear Sirs,
We wish to complain about our flight SQ317 being delayed by 7 hours on 23rd October 2019. The flight was suppose to depart at 11.25am from London Heathrow to Singapore arriving at 7.30am, but instead it departed at 18.30pm therefore we lost a full day in Singapore. We were very disheartened as we were only going there for 3 nights and had planned our itinerary in Singapore in advanced as it was our first visit there, but instead we arrived in the evening and could not do anything as planned.
We hope that you can provide some sort of compensation for the inconvenience caused and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Waheeda Bungsraz and Roshan Bungsraz
Email- [protected]
Tel - [protected]
Mobile- [protected]

stolen item in the airplane ref:s-[protected]

Upon getting off the plane (business class) in Singapore with two children and my husband who is disabled, I realized that I left my backpack behind. We were the last ones to leave the plane due to my husband's condition. He is paralyzed and had to be placed on a special wheelchair in order to fit through the narrow corridor. I informed the Singapore Airlines staff about having left my bag inside and was told that my bag would be brought over to the business lounge. I was under a lot of stress with the kids and my husband's condition and didn't insist on returning to get the bag. My bag was brought over but my laptop and cash was stolen. I informed the authorities who made me fill in endless forms and treated me as if I was at fault for forgetting my backpack (attached is the police report). It has been 4 months now. I received an email from the police stating that they have "exhausted all their resources in search for my stolen item". Singapore Airlines isn't willing to compensate as I did not have travel insurance. My Laptop and Cash got stolen inside the Singapore Airlines airplane. I paid a lot of money for those Business Class seats. I didn't lose or left it outside the airplane. It is the airline company's responsibility to provide a safe journey. I do not think that I need travel insurance to cover for items that are stolen inside the plane by the staff that the company is hiring.

I would like to be compensated for my loss by Singapore Airlines.

stolen item in the airplane ref:s-[protected]

lost items

Lost my wallet on my travels with Singapore Airlines. After finding the lost and found (an extend affair trying to find it) the lost and found number never answers. Sent and email.

Later had a phone call from Singapore Airlines Australia saying the had my item and it would be returned upon my return voyage which it was.

Lost and found team finally and subsequently responded from "Lost and Found Team". (Love the personal touch). Advising my item had not been found.

The whole SATS Lost & Found Team experience was exhausting. If you can find a viable contact method as the phone number is never answered. Not that I would suggest contacting them is purposefully difficult. Impersonal, unhelpful and in the end a redundant exercise.

Kind regards

Jon Taylor - an actual person.

food service

My name is vanna lim (my phone number [protected]) I took flight from melbourne to singapore on 27 oct 2019 my flight no. sq238 my seat no. 32e...
The flight attendant did not serve me the hot tower for the first time... and second time she did not serve me the food again... she did not pay attention to me as I took out the tray and waiting for her to ask me what food I want... but she did not ask and look at me at all... this is my first bad experience with sia since 1995... (I always flight singapore since 1995) in the air I went to complaint the gentleman name himself as the manager told me that, she (the flight attendant) jsut start work today... the first day of her job... this kind of excuse is not acceptable for me... I am not very happy and very disappointed with this service, it is really pain my heart... I might tell that I am very angry...

refund approved may 2019 still not received

My husband son and I were booked to travel in June 2019 to UK with Singapore Airline from Perth Australia to Manchester his Singapore. Unfortunately my husband had to have urgent triple heart bypass surgery in May and so we sent Singapore Airlines a letter from his surgeon and Singapore Airline approved us for a refund straight away due to the medical emergency. Since that time we have been engaged in a continuing chain of emails and phone calls to both Singapore Airlines and eDreams (the agent) to try to get our over $5000 refund or to rebook new flights for June 2020. This has been so stressful and the worry of loosing all that money which Singapore Airlines is still holding is keeping me awake at nights. I am so worried qe may never get this money back. Please Singapore Airlines will you just treat us like valued customers and assist us to bring this issue to a resolution, we just want to book flights for next year and take our severely disabled son on the holiday we promised him to visit family in the UK. We are retirees and cannot afford to just write off $5000. It's a small fortune to us. Please please help. It just takes one person in customer service to make this their sole responsibility to bring this complaint to a satisfactory conclusion. Please don't make this go on indefinitely. Kind regards Hughes family, Perth Australia

cancellation of flight number sq6899

I booked this flight from UK to attend an important conference of Peadistric Anaesthesia in Brisbane on 16th of October.
I booked this flight for me and my husband to attend the conference at 8.30am. The flight was scheduled to leave at 7am from Melbourne and was cancelled without informing us. We came to the airport at 6am to catch the flight and we were asked take 10am flight even there was an another flight at 9am to Brisbane. We missed the best part of the conference as we reached at 12 pm. We paid $1800 to this conference from UK. This is very unsatisfactory and we need to be paid compensation as we could not be in the conference at 8.30am. There was no courtesy to inform us by email or text that flight was cancelled. I really appreciate if I get an reply as soon as possible.
Dr T M Peiris
Consultant Ananesthetist
Luton and Dunstable University Hospitals
My Mobil [protected]
Email [protected]

service and everything

Fm booking of tix to boarding plane was all mispresented. I paid SQ price for my Biz trip but I got budget treatment. I chosen SQ to Air China cos I rather paid high price for SQ.SQ5136 was mispresented, I was at departure on 17/10 & showed MI936 not SQ5136.plane was small, hv smell. Lunch only porridge as no other choice. Youtiao was oily &hard, porridge not hot. They are served us hospital food .When my fren asked for biscuit as she didn't take the food, crew say no biscuit. This is bad.Why I paid SQ price and get worst than budget treatment. Ask for tea, came w/o creamer n sugar. Asked n came later, then w/o teaspoon. Ask again, crew didn't bring to me. I drank the tea w/o creamer n sugar fast as tea was not hot.The crew was not happy when ask 2nd time for creamer n sugar.this is the 1st time I gotten very bad experience for SQ. Pics SQ but worst than budget treatment. I'm complaining for mispresentation when booking tix. Refund my fare for return SQ5135return on 20/10.air China is better if I compared this kind of treatment with SQ.i paid SQ price but worst than budget treatment, the hospital food, crew service n plane. The worst plane I ever took.

service and everything
service and everything
service and everything

compensation for unpleasant travel from singapore to delhi flight sq 403 on 13th oct’19.

13th Oct'19

Customer Service Manager
Singapore Airline,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Compensation for unpleasant Travel from Singapore to Delhi Flight SQ 403 on 13th Oct'19.

I traveled on flight no. SQ 402 from Singapore to Delhi, seat number 53 A, I was given very discomfort travel experiences due person seated next to me with twin kids. Starting journey from Singapore itself I put a request / complaint to aircraft crew members including Ms. Rachel & her team to either change my seat or do some arrangement to have my comfort seating.

During my compete travel I did not seat comfortably on my seat & travel without having a dinner due to so much of disturbance from person seated to me on 53B, 53 C.

Due to long & discomfort travel I fallen in seek & would be needing time to recover. I missed to attend important event with my family on Sunday due to bad health.

I experienced physical as well as mental strain due to this travel experiences.

I am lodging my protest both for unprofessional treatment and my claim for financial reimbursement of my Air Tickets cost from Singapore to Delhi.

The copy of the boarding passes is enclosed. Your earliest response and action on above will be appreciated.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Baban Kumar

compensation for unpleasant travel from singapore to delhi flight sq 403 on 13th oct’19.

stroller broken by singapore airlines

I recently flew from San Francisco via Singapore to Coimbatore on 9th October 2019,

On arriving in the Coimbatore, my stroller was broken and non-functional.

I believe that ever since it had been in cargo on your plane, it is completely broken and believe it was damaged by the airlines handing and damaging my stroller.

Please could you advise of my options for this complaint and forward this email to the correct avenue if this is the not most appropriate complaints line.

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

Kind regards,


I requested our ticket for Manila going Heathrow and back on May1 2019 to be rebooked for April 25-May8, 2020. However, when I called your ofc, resa said dates chosen do not appear yet on your system so I was asked to call back end of May 2019. When i called the 2nd time, still said dates are not yet appearing. And so It slipped my mind and only this OCT i remembered calling. Resa said our tickets are FORFEITED.
This is just so unfair because I was making the booking and it was your system that failed to open the dates i requested. I hope you can review my case and give consideration. I have very high regard for this airline but now, I am completely frustrated at how you treat your customers. I paid 78k for these tickets.


damaged luggage

On 19 June 2019 I arrived in Singapore by SQ37 from Los Angeles to realise my Rimowa Salsa Air 32 inch luggage was indented n broken near the wheel.

I filed for a claim and was told the luggage cannot be repaired and the compensation is $500 and I cannot take my luggage back after the audit. Since the day I filed for a claim, I had been seeking high and low to get this same Salsa Air model luggage. However I was told this model Salsa Air is already discontinued. Moreover my luggage is the biggest size of the Salsa Air and I can never buy back the same luggage. I really like this luggage a lot as it is light and big.

Finally on 30 Aug 19 I made a difficulty decision to accept the compensation. On 3 Sept I called SAT to ask for direction to collect $500 cash in T2 from SATS lost and found department. At the same time I told the staff over the phone how I wish I could get my luggage back after the audit and she told me to write an appeal email to saa_feedback which I did immediately. She even gave me the marketing company's contact no to ask about my luggage.

On 6 Sept I sent another email to remind to look into the matter. However on 8 Sep I received a call from the same staff that gave me the email address to appeal. She told me that my luggage was being disposed. I wrote another email to express my disappointment and sadness that my favourite luggage had been disposed even when I was still waiting for a reply from SIA and that I have not even claimed the $500 cash.

In my 8 Sep email I asked if I were to claim from insurance company, I wonder if they would also compensate me and throw away my luggage? But no reply from anyone. I decided to call the marketing company on 25 Sept and was told by a lady staff that from the system my luggage was not audited yet. I was pleasantly surprise and that gave me hope that I could appeal to get my luggage back.

I decided than to make a trip to T2 SATS lost and found department on 30 Sept. I thought I could get my $500 first and in the meantime they could check the whereabout of my luggage. But was told I need to sign the indemnity form before I can get the compensation. I decided I would not receive the money since I was told the luggage was not audited yet. As I was about to leave, the staff informed me that my luggage was disposed by the marketing company and asked if I wanted to collect the cash. As my husband was waiting for me outside the terminal hall and he was rushing for another appointment, I decided to go back first. The moment I reached office, I called the marketing company, this time a gentleman told me it could be in the storeroom and he told me that he would give me a call back after checking. However, the staff from SATS called me instead to inform me that the marketing staff may have made a mistake. On that same afternoon, I received an email from SATS to inform me to complete the Release and Indemnity Form before SIA can process the payment and that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for payment to be process upon receipt of the completed form and the damaged bag will be retained by SQ.

I replied the email and requested a thorough investigation and explanation. I decided that I want my luggage back since the marketing company told me that my luggage could still be in the storeroom. On 1 Oct SATS staff in her email mentioned that she has referred to SIA on my request and would revert to me upon their advice.

On 8 Oct, I received a call from SATS manager. She told me that my luggage was disposed. I was very upset and I emailed to ask the staff how could the marketing company threw my luggage immediately I called on 30 Aug and would want her to explain why the marketing co mentioned that my bag was not audited yet and that it could still be in the storeroom. Moreover, she was the one who gave me the telephone no and suggested that I appeal. I mentioned to her I will not sign any indemnity form and would like her to credit the compensation to my account. Again I was asked to sign the indemnity and release form before SIA can process the payment.

My questions are :

1) Is there any right to dispose my luggage before I sign the indemnity and release form? Moreover I have not even received the compensation.

2) How is it the luggage can be disposed so fast before I receive the $500?

3) Why must it be 3 to 4 weeks to process payment when my luggage can be thrown away in a matter of 3 days?

4) Why did the marketing company mentioned in two occasions by two different staff that the luggage is not audited and that it could still be in the storeroom whereas the SATS staff kept saying it has been disposed?

4) Why the lack of response and reply despite numerous calls and emails to SIA?

I was truly disappointed with Singapore Airlines handling this incident.

damaged luggage


Dear Sir/ mdm,

I recently took a long haul flight from HK Sin Ldn and Ldn sin HK. The flight from HK to Sin was pleasant but the flight from UK to Sin, Sin to HK on 29 Sep was not very pleasant.

From UK to Sin, I sat at seat 61K, SQ319
1)The folding cup tray was stuff with trash from the previous passenger and whoever that was supposed to clean the seat did not clear the trash!. The seat next to me also had the same problem. It was not very hygienic.

2)To make things worse, I went to the bathroom before take-off and when I lifted the toilet seat to use it, I noticed a lot of toilet paper stuff into the toilet bowl. It was obvious the previous person did not flush! I thought there would be someone to make sure that the toilets are properly cleaned before the next batch of passengers board the plane. That was disappointing and disgusting. I immediately told a male flight attendant who went in to take a look but I have already poured water into the toilet bowl and flushed it out.

3)Thirdly, it was a long flight, and the crew taking care of my section were very noisy, especially the female flight attendant, ever so excited, laughing and chatting away. I really hope SQ could remind the flight attendants that with long haul flights, they need to be careful to keep their voice level down because we were all trying to catch sleep and adjust the time in Europe and Asia. She was very inconsiderate.

Flight from Sin to Hk, SQ002.
I sat at 51A. The flight attendant seemed to be very new. When i told her that I wanted the indian food from the menu, she gave me the "rolling eye look" as if I was asking for a business class meal and said no indian food. I told her it;s ok and I'll take chicken but wondered as I saw it on the menu. After a while, she came back and said yes, they do have indian selection on the menu???? How was it that the attendant did not know what food was on the menu when she was supposed to ask passengers what they want for their meal?

As a whole, this was my most unpleasant flight as I felt that the attendants were very inconsiderate and unprofessional. Though I sat at the economy seat, I do deserve some rest.


remarks from air steward/stewardess

On 23/09/2019, Total we had 4 persons boarded SQ851 back from Guangzhou to Singapore departing time on 1.25pm. We carried a hand luggage which is about 5 kg and we need the air stewardess to help us to carry the hand luggage up to the cabin.

The stewardess made a remark that since it is heavy, we should offload the items, then she get the help from the steward. He took over our hand luggage and help us to put the luggage into the cabin. We are angry that he also made a remarks that since you feel that your luggage is heavy, we also feel heavy too.

We feel that since SQ allowed us to hand carry max 7 kg up in the plane and the cabin is up so high. The flight attendance should be willing and helpful enough to help us instead of marking this kind of remarks.

From Verlyn Chee
Email address : [protected]

This is not our first time taking SQ, we feel that their service was bad. This is the bad experience which we had encountered.

lack of response from lost and found section

Submitted a lost items report on the 18th of September regarding items left onboard my flight in the seat pocket - reference: SQFP180919021291 - no response from the airline at all regarding my missing items, despite two follow up emails (has now been 11 days with no reply). I leave Turkey in 5 days and would like to know if my items have been found before I leave.

connecting flight

Flight SQ 26 from Singapore to Frankfurt departing on 27th September 2019.
Connecting flight ( planned) to Munich SG 2016.
During flight we asked several times the crew for our connecting flight. Always we got the answer it will be announced before landing. Several flights were announced but not ours.
Ground personnel did not have any further Information.
Instead we became a SMS from Lufthansa we were rebooked to a flight at 3:15 pm.
You can imagine we are not happy at all by this service (now to wait additional 7 hours) before getting home. Plus the additional efforts for rescheduling other appointments and services which were and are depending on the scheduled flights. Plus having additional cost for late breakfast and lunch.
At least we would expect an official statement plus a small compensation.
Please note the picture of the boarding passes is for me only but booking is for 3 persons.
I'm happy to provide copies of invoices for late breakfast and lunch at a later time. Would be great if you would provide a link or email adress.
My email adress is [protected]

connecting flight

quality of post-weaning meal onboard

I flew back from Incheon Airport via SQ611 on 22 Sept, 11.20am flight, with my 1 year old baby and husband.
Krisflyer number (husband's): [protected]

My husband booked for a post-weaning meal for our baby, but what arrived was absolutely shocking. The main dish of mashed potato and sole was hot and everything is fine. However, the tuna salad's egg slices were frozen solid with ice crystals.
I dont think it is something you should be heating up prior to serving as it is a salad, but surely the egg slices should not be frozen solid?

It is also a safety hazard for young ones as it clearly shows mishandling of food. I shudder to think about salmonella and potential contamination that could have been there.

Subsequently, we took a look at the tangerine slices in the same bowl and were equally shocked to find out that the inside is still frozen, much like a sorbet.

I request for a satisfactory response as to how this happened. SQ has always been a trusted brand among my fellow mummy friends and this incident came as a rude shock. I dont find this baby-friendly at all.

The air crew, to their credit, was fantastic and offered to warm the salad up in the oven to thaw the egg. But we were not planning on taking any chances and hence gave up on it.

check in

Singapore Airlines ground staff is so disappointed . I flied on SQ 237 from Singapore to Melbourne on 24 September 2019 00:25 am. I have separated seat with my wife and 3 years old daughter so I ask them to check for me if we can seat together. I have told them previously to make us seat together when booked through travel agent.
The ground staff is so rude just said full flight and you can buy the seat.
Im so disappointed with your service. This is the way you serve your customer.
Luckily the stewardess is so kind and explain nicely to us.

delayed baggage

My wife and I left Manchester on 10/09/2019 on flight SQ1819 Airlinr reference JNR9XI.
Our delayed departure meant we missed our connection in Düsseldorf and had to stay overnight and be bussed to Frankfurt for our flight to Singapore finally arriving in Brisbane on 12/09/2019.

We were told in Düsseldorf that our luggage could not be found and would be delivered to our address in Brisbane. We were given a propert irregularity report ref. DUSEW54802.

The luggage had not arrived by 18/09/2019 so I contacted Singapore Airlines by Charline and Wes told tha it would be investigated and would telephone to advise me. No call was received.

On 19/09/19 I was referred to Menzies baggage handlers in Brisbane who told me the luggage would be delivered as soon as possible. On 23/09/19 I was referred to DNATO baggage handlers who investigated and called back to say they had located the luggage in Brisbane. I then had to travel to Brisbane airport to collect the luggage which was 11days overdue.

As you can imagine I had to purchase clothing and other essentials to bide me over until my luggage arrived.

I am sure you will agree this is o most unsatisfactory service and I look forward to receiving your explanation.

flight sq 0346

Hi I'm Terry Saward & I and my partner Sabina Nef want to make a complaint about our flight on Saturday 21 Sep 125am mainly concerning our seating.
We had 2 seats in the middle within group of 4 so we had a person either side of us, the person on the isle seat of my side was very sick with a terrible flu coughing and sneezing all the time and blowing her nose with dirty tissues every where.
We couldn't get out of our seats to go to the toilet or stretch out legs, I've had a hip operation so this is very important for me, we had to get flight attendants to get us face masks for the entire flight of 12hrs 50mins, the lady on my partners side was a sleep and we could get her to move at one stage I had to tell the flight attendants that I was going to have to go to the toilet in front of my seat so they managed to get the sick lady up after cleaning up her mess of tissues, this woman was so sick we were amazed that she was allowed to board, now we are in Switzerland both left with this woman's terrible flu which is ruining our holiday we return from Switzerland on 14 Oct SQ 0345 from Zurich 11.45am so we are hoping that you can assure we won't be put in a similar situation.
Regards Terry Saward & Sabina Nef.


On the 16/08/2019 my sister booked a flight for me and my daughter to travel from MEL to WLG on the 24/09/19 via BYOJET ref MRTXI4. Upon booking our flights she made an error with my daughter first name because she was using pre-saved details for her mobile number on her laptop.
In doing this it changed my daughter name Eve-Diamond to her name Emione as they both have the same last name.
I immediately contacted BYOJET and Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines directed me to BYOJET, in which I did. BYOJET requested my daughter passport which I provided then they advised I needed a statutory declaration from my sister in which I also provided. This whole process took a whole month only to be told 3 days prior to travel that Singapore Airlines will not authorise the correction because the names different

rebooking of a flight due to circuses out of our control

Hi all
A week ago I was one of your biggest supporters, however what happened over night makes me wonder if I will fly Singapore Airlines again. unfortunately my flight in October is booked already and not paying a fee to cancel.

However I want to share this and really would like to understand your customer service, especially as my background is 24 years in 5 star hotels which are all about service too.

My husband was supposed to fly on Friday (today her in Australia) from Amsterdam to Singapore on premium economy. He paid around 4500 dollar for his flight and booked directly with you. We both are krisflyer members, silver status as we fly every year to Europe.

Unfortunately he had to postpone his flight due to circumstances out of his control, the flight from the Faroe Islands got cancelled and nothing is flying out from there. So as soon as he heard he was on the phone to see what options there are.

He booked a fare that is changeable etc. the first person he spoke too told him that he can fly out on Saturday 21 sept now (in stead of Friday) but only if he pays 8000 dollar extra for business class as premium economy is full. There are seats on economy but he cannot have them it's not possible he was told. And he could only get on the flight on Monday as Sunday full as well, to arrive in Sydney on Tuesday night. Which would means he would miss two days at work which is not an option.

He tried again a bit later and got through to someone that was more helpful and changed his ticket to get on the plane on Saturday to at least make it to Sydney by Sunday night which is great, however my biggest disappointment is why does he need to pay a 500 fee for getting a downgrade?? I have never heard that before in my whole life. On top of that we all know that you would be offering someone else his premium economy seats on Friday which has now become available for a supplement pay. Please explain why it says that when you book a fare that says changeable complimentary means paying 500 dollar for a downgrade. I am confused about that.

Really looking forward to hearing from you, as i want to understand what loyalty and customer service means at Singapore Airlines.

Thank you
Marjolein Aben