K Nov 29, 2019

My name is Kgosietsile Segopolo, an account was opened in my name, as to how that still remain mystery and only known to Truworths.

I have been to their branch and lodge a fraud complain not only against the account opened on my name, but wanted to open a fraud case against the consultant and manager who opened the account under my name without my signature, my ID, my payslip and proof of address (i think that is worst of all desperation I have ever seen in my life)

I have been to the Simmons branch and was given a phone to talk to fraud, which I did and was promised the accounts was closed, but to my surprise the account was instead handed over to MBD lawayers and giving me threats, I have called in several occasion and im promise action will be taken but the consultant cant even trace the previous communication.

I dont have any clothing account and i will never have one with truworths NEVER, i dont know what I should do against Truworth to clear my name, Im spending money chasing after them to clear my name over the own mistakes.

Legal route is costly but if need be then Im left with no choice by to go that route and Truworth will pay all the cost and pay for the harassment they have caused me and my family.

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