R Jan 15, 2020

I wanted to purchase underwear by Truworths Festivall Mall, I wasn't sure about the sizes because in the packet it looks very small, I was busy taking out one of the underpants when the sales lady on the floor immediately asked us to put the underpants back because we are not allowed to open it

We went home after buying the Small Jockey Tangas and to our suprise it was very small sizes. We went back early the next mornig to ask if we can exchange "i know the policy about underwear" and we were told that underwear can not be exchanged at all, but we were not even allowed to open the pack to check the sizes properly. When I complained about not having a chance to check the size of the underpants that is why I want to exchange it I was told by the cashier "why didn't I fit it in store (how can i fit it if i was not allowed to open it and by fitting in shop over pants is just as much a hygiene risk as by taking it home and fit it there.

I am having a R250 debit on my account and to small underpants that I still have to pay for and the pack is still sealed and not even fitted

Please give urgent feedback


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