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The Brick review: Doesnt honour online prices - galanz 16 cu. Ft. French-door refrigerator - glr16fs2m08

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Will never shop at the Brick! I need a fridge, I dont have a lot of money so I went online and ordered the items from lowest to highest. I found a fridge listed for . It was just my luck I happened on the listing. I added it to the cart scheduled preferred delivery date and completed the transaction. A few days later I get a call from the manager that they can't fulfill the order because they would lose too much money. TOO BAD! When you make a mistake you should honour it. I did not do anything sketchy. I didn't try to buy 5 fridges and I didnt post the fridge on redflag deals or anything to make hundreds more people get the fridge. He said the fridge is available but he cant reserve it for me. Now when I log on it says order cancelled and reason given is "customer" are you crazy? why would I ever cancel the order. You guys are terrible. You are a huge company and sometimes you have to a take a loss when you make a mistake. When I called trying to get a hold of customer service I spoke to a few other Brick managers who said they would have honoured it because the mistake is on them and reputation matters. But of course the location in scarborough at 19 william kitchen road does not want to honour it at all. Ive sent in online complaints and ive called "head office" twice and noone is responding. I didnt accept the fridge at "cost value" and I dont want any other offer I want/need my fridge at the price I was promised. I don't care what excuse they might give about glitches or they aren't responsible for the wrong pricing online, yes you are! Its 2023 if you arent checking your online pricing youre a dismal business since most people now a days shop online. Messge to you all is that the Brick can't be trusted, well to home depot I go.

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Nov 16, 2023 11:25 am EST
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Update by Disappointed Shopper2023
Nov 20, 2023 12:36 pm EST

Update in case you find yourself in the same situation. A customer service agent called and still could not explain why my order was cancelled using the reason "customer". I have documentation that i tried to schedule delivery of the fridge so it doesnt make sense that i would have cancelled it. She then tried to assure me that I would be "taken care of" stating if i buy something from the brick i can get "free delivery". This is so laughable. First, why would i shop with you when the Brick will lie and cancel the order so they don't take accountability for their mistake. Second, delivery for major appliances is usually free, duh. Even the reply from the Brick is so generic. No your mistake wasnt corrected immediately. It was until two business days after my transaction went through and after i denied your offer of the appliance at cost value which is 1300$ that you cancelled my order.

Shame on you the Brick you made a mistake, you should have honoured it and for your awful customer service. I asked multiple times to be contacted by someone from headoffice. I have not spoken to anyone and I wont say you never called because it may be the case that you did call and i just missed the call, but I do not have a single voicemail saying i can call a person back.

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