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Amazon store card, jcp credit card, sweetwater credit card, guitar center credit card

I have these four accounts through synchrony bank, and have been paying on time since opening these accounts. I have even recently paid the guitar center card off, only to find that they have reduced my credit limit on every one of my cards, sometimes bringing it down to the remaining balance, effectively leaving me with no available credit on these accounts. I am not delinquent on any of these accounts and often make more than the minimum payment on these accounts. It is now reflecting on my credit and my score has been steadily dropping. I have good credit that has now dropped to the fair category because of my rapidly declining credit limits, which then increases my overall credit usage. I cannot find a contact number to speak to anyone in person over this either.

Stop sending stamens for months, caused fees and interest when my count was almost paid off.

Synchrony Bank stopped sending account statements a few months before Feb. 2020. By not have a statement, I was unaware of the promotion expiring. I was making payments thinking my account was in good standing. However, I receive a statement in July 2020 for the first time in months. This was when I became aware that my account was not in good standing. I had been making a $50 a payment each month. My balance went from $300 to over $1000. A statement would have alerted me to pay that balance off before the promotion ended. Although they acknowledge not sending statements, they refused to correct the situation. They also reported me to the credit bureau without giving notice or an opportunity to get the account paid. I have two accounts with this company, Hank's and Furniture row. I have received statements on Furniture row but not the Hanks account. I receive an email as well as a paper statement with this account. I think that someone within the bank purposely stopped my statements. I had always paid promotions off before they expired.
Had I received a statement, I would have done so again. My account set up to pay automatically through my bank. I should have been notified that my account was not in good standing. Instead, they allowed interest and late fees to accrue for over five months without any notification. They allowed me to make late fee payment and never called, sent an email, or an e-statement to notify me of what was happening with that account. If you look at my credit history, you will find that I pay my bills on time. This is the first time I have ever had anything against me on my credit. I did not know that the account was not in good standing. They also told me that I could not file a dispute with the bank for not sending statements to me. I think they should wave those fees and interest because they did not send out a statement for months nor did they give me a proper notice that my account was in good standing before they sent my account to the collection and reported to the credit bureau.

Closing my account that has be paid in full for every that was never late this had a effect on my credit score.

I received a letter today say my account has been close due to many revolving account. None of which have every been late. This crazy you got a person that can pay during the pandemic and they close your account. This second time company that try this with me and I won and got my account back. This is poor customer service to it highest. You guys have some many complaints that it un real. You company needs to make this right. Bad customer service.

  • Mo
    Monica Renea Melvin-Conway Jul 25, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This just happen to me this weekend July 25, 2020. They closed six of my accounts where I paid on time paid before the due date and paid double the amount that was due. If they are looking at these complaints please look up me James Conway Jr.

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Paypal collection procedures

The harassing collection robo calls are so old school. The calls start one day after due date. They are continuous, non-stop and annoying, until you turn off the answering machine. They don't even wait for their mail to arrive. When you pickup, its a recording. These annoying calls will not make the payments get to them quicker. Only cause a person to file a complaint. Other decent companies are more considerate during the pandemic.

Closed my accounts during pandemic for no good reason

I had credit cards with Sweetwater, Mattress Firm and Amazon. They closed both and left my Amazon card alone and said they had the right to do it at anytime and referred to my credit report which was over 600. They also revoked online access to my credits cards to make further payments using the Synchrony app as well the mobile website. I called customer support and they told me since the accts are closed I could no longer access them online and that I would have to make phone payments from now on. I immediately asked to talk to a supervisor who then told me the person I spoke to before was not completely correct and that I could still access my acct from my web browser on my computer but no longer mobile. I've been responsible with all my accts with them for years and made all my payments on time. Closing those accts caused a negative impact on my credit. I will never be using Synchrony in the future.

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Canceling of a credit card during a pandemic

I have been a customer of Chevron for over 10 + years. My parents and family for close to 40. I had three payments returned do to the fact that I can not stop overdraft payments due to bank of America not being open. It can not be done online.

I owe less than $700. I am a teacher who if not for my gas card would not have been able to get to work rarely, but it saved me.

Your company sent me an email on April 24th, 2020 reminding me to pay. I thought I had my direct deposit from my district coming and the $1200, but the district had to move the date of payment and I still have not received $1200. I lost two of my teaching tutoring jobs and we are getting through a lockdown and pandemic.

Then I receive your form letter dumping another customer. I was shocked in. your methods and tact. You did this to me with my Home depot and lowes card without notice those times. I had those accounts for more than 10 years too. What is wrong with your company. You lose customers for businesses than help. Shameful.

To top your banking humiliation, I received that cancel the letter of my advantage member card on April 30th, 2020, BUT it was dated April 20th, 2020. That was four days prior to your nice little email to remind me to pay the bill on time.

What is wrong with this, it is called wanting to be paid, not losing customers.

Multiple credit cards

Over the period of the last couple of months, synchrony bank has systematically closed down every single card I have with them. Mind you I have years of excellent credit history, never a late payment, ever. I keep my credit utilization very low - under 8%. My last fico score was 813. I'm fully employed, own my home. This is absolutely insanity. They will give me no explanation only to say they have sent me a letter explaining. It's pure bs. I will never do business or apply for another card that they service. I pray ge retail services - (who they really are, with a name change 5 years ago) gets sued and goes bankrupt. During this scam of covid -19 they close accounts most needed-sam's club, care credit, amazon, for things we need.

Multiple credit cards

Unauthorized Change to My Account Preferences

I signed up to get the Amazon Prime store card to earn the 5% back in January 2020. I received my first paper bill and paid the amount in full on 1/29/2020. Time went by and I got busy and next thing I know I'm getting notifications that I'm late on my payment for the next billing cycle. Wait a minute. I never received my paper bill like I did last time. I call today to get this worked out and tell them I didn't receive the bill in the mail. They tell me that I signed up for electronic billing. This is a total lie. I never registered my card on their website. I only added them on my online banking center and paid through my bank without choosing e-bills. So, who gave them the authority to change my billing preferences? I was on the phone for one hour with them. First, I did get them to reverse the late fee, but they wouldn't reverse the interest even though it was their fault. They completely denied they had anything to do with it until I inquired about the details I stated above. She just responded rote what she was trained to say, so I told her to tell me what I owed and I was canceling my card. She sent through the payment, then reversed the interest finally, and then asked if there was anything else I needed. I said, "Yes, I want to cancel my card." She asked why. I told her it was because they made an unauthorized change to my account and that she was incredibly difficult to work with. So, the issue was solved, but I will never do business with them ever again. However, I now have to call them back to request a paper statement to make sure they didn't make any fraudulent charges before canceling my card.

all credit card accounts

All 7 of my accounts were abruptly shut down on 2/6/2020 without any notice. Every account was in good standing, never in default, no late payments, every account on time 100%. Some go back 7 years. I was given multiple credit line increases. Two of my cards were fairly new, ebay mastercard was opened in september of 2019, and ashley furniture was november of 2019. Other than that, the rest were about 5 years and older. I'm not submitting this complaint to reopen the accounts. I will never do business with synchrony ever again. I just shows was asses ge capital was and still is, the name change didn't help.
If this has any negative impact on my credit report I will file a lawsuit forthwith. My credit utilization has always been very low, even after synchrony pulled their shenanigans i'm still less than 6%.
I suspect that synchrony being the low life company they are, they're more than likely having financial troubles. I hope they go out of business; for good!

paypal cashback mastercard

This company has serious problems that they will never admit to. I have a new account open about September 23rd . About 22nd of October I received an email about amount due so paid it through the app. Easy made another payment in November on December 26 I was informed my account was delinquent. So called talked 7 different people. They my account was out cylce and I have extra to make it current. They also stole my rewards. I complained and said it was there fault and it was unfair. I told them the PayPal app told pay was due and so payed. They lied or made up that information and synchrony bank has control. I told them it was. I told that the account will go into default and I will contact Washington state attorney General file a lawsuit. This will the third account from synchrony bank gone in default for unfair and deceptive practices. And possibly a 4th, Amazon account

credit card canceled

Good afternoon. I have been a Chevron credit card customer in good standing for over 30 years. Earlier thi...

synchrony bank hsn/ hudson's furniture/ qvc

I have had these credit cards going on two years now. Synchrony obtained these accounts via a handoff as my Hudson's card was originally in-house and HSN's accounts used to be owned by another company. QVC, however has always been owned by this bank to my knowledge. Like many complaints on this thread, when I did not use my 2k limit credit card for a few months, it was dropped to 250 out of the blue... which dinged my credit. Then, after NEVER MISSING A PAYMENT since I obtained it, my HSN card 1200 limit was cancelled when there was an error in the system with the new autopay I set up following Synchrony's takeover. No call, no email, just a cancel of the card. And we know what a card cancellation will do to the credit regardless if it is by the issuer or the user. I am now seeing similar shenanigans with my QVC card, another one I have never been late on might I add. Fees are also mysteriously appearing to put me over my limit. NOTE: I am purposely not using it so if I see activity I can call it out. I think there needs to be some apologies and some accountability held on the Synchrony side.

old navy credit card

I opened a synchrony bank old navy card October 2018..I never missed any monthly payments. I never went over my spending limit. I was so proud to pay my card off, so I can use it for the upcoming holidays. To find out they closed my account, The sneaky, unprofessionalism of this company is out right disrespectful I never felt so belittled over a 300 credit limit, I feel like a peasant. My credit was in the same condition it was in prior to applying, actually its better now. The nerve of this bank to give you a chance, and then turn around and drop you like a bad habit. I Would like my account Re-opened and an apology for pre judging people based on there passed behaviors.

Extremely Disappointed :(

Shantavia Wims


customer service

I always have issues with the payment system. I always have to speak with someone to run the payment. My payment was due on a Saturday and when I tried to make the payment, it wouldn't accept my routing number, it transferred me to a person but they were closed. I called again Sunday and it took my payment no problems. I see there is a $30 late fee but I pay it anyway. I call when they are open to talk to a supervisor about my issues and see if we can set up a different payment option since they have been telling me online payments will be available for more than 3 years. I get a supervisor named Savannah and wow! Instead of a respectful conversation with options or understanding, I got talked down to and got to hear her opinion on how my practice on making payments is not smart. I should not wait till it's due, I should send a check way before it's due (mind you, I have been late twice in 3 & a half years). I call back 3 times because I was told by a Mimi that there was another supervisor available by the name of John and each time I'm transferred back to Savannah. I ask her for a different supervisor or her manager and she informed me she was the only one and sent me to a voicemail. I never asked for my late fee to be removed but I was treated as such. So unprofessional! I called for help and I get belittled! Never again will I use this company for any loans. Paying off my care credit also and cutting it up asap.

lowes credit card issued by synchrony bank

Paid off current purchases on credit card only to find out "computer" added the amounts back in and took off deferred payments for next year, then added interest in on an account that was paid off. No one can help. Several agents on the phone said they will forward the complaint. Forward to whom. No phone numbers or names to contact and follow up. Is this a scam to collect interest on already paid off purchases? How does the computer over ride people? When you allocate your payment on the web site it never goes to the correct bill. According to their website the current, non promotional charges come off first, then the next promotional charges until all are paid, but that's not what's happening. Looking for someone to suggest a way to get them to fix it.

bp visa credit card

Attempted to advise of travel plans for the next 3 months, including 2 trips in October to Florida. Additional trips to Florida after purchasing a vacation condo. The customer service reps were unable to add a second address or add travle plans beyond 30 days. meaning each time when traveling to our vaction home they must be nofified. This inclues extended stays.
Exxon/Mobil and Gulf were much more accomidating and added a second address and several months. When ever possible I will use those other cards. Gladly giving them my business.

Credit Card accounts serviced by Synchrony Bank

The last three months we have had a problem with payments we made to several of our credit card accounts being sent to the wrong account, not credited to the correct account where late fees were charged to us and a negative reported to the credit bureau.

It first started about six weeks ago with my wife's JTV credit card account ending in 1228. For whatever reason they applied our payment through our bank to account 3712 with a zero balance instead of to account 1228 with a balance which we have always used. The payment from our bank was sent to account 1228 this was verified. Customer support told us my wife had two open accounts, we were not aware of this and my wife always used account 1228, she never used account 3712. It makes no since to use why my wife would have two open accounts, or why our payment was applied to an account with a zero balance instead of to account 1228 with a balance. This has never happened before. They waived the late fees and corrected the negative report to the Credit Bureau.

Then it happened again, our Phillips 66 gas card sent us a past due notice, tried to charge us a late fee and report us negative to the credit bureau. There was no other account we could find. We did not receive a statement in an email like we do with all our accounts and communications. Again they waived the late fees and corrected the negative reported to the Credit Bureau.

August 18, 2019 I received an email from PayPal that they have received our payment of $200.00 for account 4448, my wife's PayPal account is 8833. This is what we have always used for payments through our bank.

I contacted PayPal Customer Service with Synchrony Bank that now handles our PayPal account. After talking to several people, being transferred several times I asked to speak to a manager. The manager was able to understand what was happening and explained it to me. Synchrony Bank now services numerous credit card accounts with more added all the time, and changes some of the prior account numbers. She said we should have received a letter in the mail explaining which accounts were now being handled by Synchrony Bank and what if any new account numbers were changed. We received no such communications by mail, email or phone call and were unware what was happening or why.

We now have received past due notices on three accounts, JTV, Phillips 66 and now PayPal. Thankfully all three late fees were waived and any negative reported on us was corrected. We have spent countless hours, days trying to straighten this out

We pay all our bills on time through our bank Bill Pay seven days prior to the due date to arrive on or before the due date. We do not pay our bills late and have an excellent credit rating we are proud of. We have never had this sort of problem before. I do all our communications by email, not by mail or phone calls. We go green and have all statements sent to me in an email. Thank god for this manager at PayPal Synchrony Bank Customer Service that was able to explain what was happening.

I am still trying to contact Synchrony Bank, every time I try online I cannot get access or get registered to check on our accounts. I was told the web site is down and try again later, its been several days and it is still down. How do we contact someone at Synchrony Bank to talk about this and correct the problems? We need to find out if any account numbers have been changed so we can correct them with our bank for payments.

Max and Debra Smith
14811 Old Jenny Lind Loop
Ft. Smith, AR 72916
Max [protected]
Debra [protected]

late payment charges

Opened an account for a promotional purchase (6 months no interest). Made the first payment early, before I had received the first statement. Even though the first statement credited the account for the early payment, it showed that I owed a minimum payment by the 25th of the following month. I then set up an automatic payment from my bank to occur on the first of each month.

I made a total of seven payments, the last being before the account was due. But Synchrony now says that I owe them late charges, and that the best that they can do is write off the last three late fees. In effect, I'm being penalized for paying the account early.

I have spoken with six different people, and they all tell me that they can do nothing more, and in fact, claim that they have gone "above and beyond" by offering to forgive the last three late charges.

It just doesn't seem fair that I pay the account early, but am getting charged late fees.

  • Ri
    Richard Cranium Sep 01, 2019

    Take it as a life lesson. What Synchrony did was not out of the ordinary. You made a premature payment which is fine, but to expect a billing system to know that you made a payment for the billing statement print and that was supposed to be for a bill that does not exist yet is asinine. This is not how any bank operates in regards to credit payments.

    On top of that, as you said, they showed you the payment, and a mininum due. When you make assumptions, you make an ass out or you and..well you!

    Do not assume! That is the lesson for today.

    Class is dismissed!

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worst company ever

I:m disabled & can't get out & do things, because Amazon ships fast I opened a secure account with them so I could get a stupid 5% rebate on my orders, my mother will be 72 on 8/8 so made a payment on my card in plenty of time, I thought, to be able to order her birthday payment & get it here for her birthday this HORRIBLE company is holding my payment for a month...A MONTH so now I have my money tied up with them & no way to get my mom's present, they are horrible & treat people who don't have perfect credit like they are nobody when part of the reason for opening this account was to build my credit, I'm closing my account at least then I won't be a 52 year old child being controlled by people that are heartless!

wrongfully debited my checking account 23 times

Synchrony bank debited my checking account 23 times in one day for $50. This is fraud. I do not even have any payments due. My bank agrees this is fraudent. Be careful of this company. Do not give them your checking savings or debit card number, please! Send a cashier's check or money order! I am contacting the Illinois Attorney General Consumer Fraud Division.