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Citizens Bank Complaints & Reviews

Citizens Bank / service

Sep 27, 2019

I have been absolutely distroid with checks that were not authorized by me and hundreds of dollars in over draft fees because of this, and all I get is a huge running around when I call to try and fix this. I do not have the time to sit on the phone for hours on end to try and fix...

Citizens Bank / regional manager not willing to give me supervisors name or contact information

Sep 18, 2019

On 9/17/19 my wife tried to deposit a bank check which was rejected by the teller at the Raymond NH branch. There was no branch manager available to talk to. My wife and I then went to the Derry, NH branch where there was no branch manager to talk to. I asked who the branch manager...

Citizens Bank / 1920s cold banking

Sep 12, 2019

Opted out of overdraft fees. If funds are not available transaction is supposed to decline. Tuesday september 3 I was hit with numerous overdraft fees etc. Nothing with citizens ever posts same day, live nor instantly and with labor weekend it was more delayed than usual. I was hit with 4...

Citizens Bank / fraud department / debit card

Aug 27, 2019

I was notified by citizens Bank on Thursday 22nd of August that my card was used fraudulently so they shut my card off and the gentleman I was talking to said he would Fed ex one and 1t will be there by Monday by 8 on the 23rd of August I called up so they could turn my card back on so I...

Citizen’s Bank / Bank teller - keith (there on temporary basis)

Aug 15, 2019

My Name is James Burton. Account # [protected]. I visited Citizens Bank on 8/15/19 at approximately 4:45 p.m. I went to the Bank to Deposit $200.00 in rolled coins. I had a Deposit Slip from my Checkbook. The Teller, Keith who informed that he was there on a temporary basis, was rude...

Citizens Bank / it wasn't no air condition in this particular branch and for the customers and the bank tellers

Jul 27, 2019

Greetings, I will get directly to the point on 6/27/2019 and at 12:39, Branch #594/Bank#060 Teller No.J058875 and at this particular Bank and here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and at this particular Branch and their was no-Air Condition/it was so hot even through and they had Several...

Citizens Bank / 1 year cd maturing 7/13/2019

Jul 16, 2019

I opened an online 1 year fixed CD with a maturing date of 7/13/2019 with Citizens Access. About 1 month before the CD matures I wrote in an internal message to move my funds when the CD matures to my online savings account with them. On 7/13/2019 (a Saturday)I went online to check and...

Citizens Bank / branch manager

Jul 15, 2019

The manager at this bank is a racist, bigoted representative of Citizens Bank!! She should be investigated for her interactions with her customers as well as her employees!! She has engaged in unethical behavior that warrants termination and corporate executives should be made aware of her...

Citizens Bank / online banking

Jul 06, 2019

Citizens made errors on my account and place portions of my account in a holding account of their own. They refunded the money but the timing disrupted the transactions on my account. I asked them to place my account on hold or to freeze for all transactions until this was sorted out. It...

Citizen Bank Springfield MA / customer service misleading info

Jul 01, 2019

Angela Ali [protected] I recently opened a bank account and I am awaiting to deposit my retro lump sum in my account. However a one time $7.00 overdraft is costing me hundreds of dollare now to oay bank. I was told when I opened this account there is a one time fee of $35. per month. My...

Citizens Bank / fraud

Jun 20, 2019

I've been with citizens Bank five years $29.95 was taken out of my account 14 times they assured me it would be fine and it would be refunded now I'm being told it will only cover up to 60 days yesterday I was told that the deposit was pending for today so essentially citizens telling me...

First Citizens Bank / checking account fees

May 13, 2019

I opened my account @2 years ago. At the beginning, I was told about the mobile banking app . "Just set up your account through the app and there won't be any charges" Sounded easy enough. Until I tried to register a password. It wouldn't let me log in. I call the local branch, and they...

Citizens Bank / new checking account promo

Apr 30, 2019

Opened A NEW account back in Dec based on a promotion of $400 after 90 days. Today nothing, called them and they said you have to make a direct deposit vs me walking into a bank and handing them a $25, 000 check. What difference does it make in either case money is deposited into the...

Citizens Bank / rotten bankers in exton, pa branch

Apr 25, 2019

Bob Citizens bank in exton pennsylvania was sent legal documents to the manager patrick quinn. The existing poa received his notification of change on 12/27/18 his services as poa were no longer conversation with patrick quinn of this change in detail days after the new year, he...

Citizens Bank / credit card

Apr 22, 2019

Hello everyone, Please do not apply for the credit cards from citizens bank. The application processing system is very old and unsecured. They will ask the full social security number on the call, they will ask to send a copy of the social security card and they still go ahead and reject...

Citizens Bank / failed to receive bonus

Apr 18, 2019

Citizens BankI've received a mail offer which ive attached to this post and agreed to open an account based on their offer. I've also visited a local branch within 30 days after account opening to ensure i've met all of the stipulations to receive this bonus and was assured that i have and the only...

Citizens Bank / lack of customer service/replaced card without notifying card holder

Mar 28, 2019

I found out during a business dinner that my card was no good, thought it was a fluke, tried to get gas with same card, same issue. Called Citizens customer service, told that fraud department cancelled card on the 19th and mailed new one. Should have received it in 3-5 days, not received...

Citizens Bank / citizen bank online banking

Jan 29, 2019

I deposited my wife check on Saturday Jan.26, 2019, today Jan.29 Citizen bank telling me the Money will be posted on my account on Feb.4, called few times their customer service first told me the money will be available right away after few hours did not happend, called again now one...

Citizens Bank / banking

Jan 16, 2019

Several times this bank updates it apps and it fails when you log in. It begins adding extra characters that I am not typing. (Only happens on this app) and then locks me out of my account because to many failed attempts. I call customer service (India) and they ask me all my security...

Citizens Bank / student loan process

Jan 06, 2019

I attempted to fill out a student loan application with Citizens Bank and when you get to the the step where you are required review documents you cannot return to the application and need to start over. Once you fill out the application and need to view the required documents the system...

Citizens Bank / unprofessional customer service

Dec 07, 2018

Dear Associate, On the 27th of November 2018, I sent an $800 check from my bank (United Bank of Philadelphia) to my neighbor and friend Ms. Plenty's account at Citizens Bank located at 3711 Germantown Ave. Phila. PA 19140. Because I am living and working abroad, I paid an extra $14.95 to...

Citizens Bank / wrong information

Nov 24, 2018

Tried to get a loan to go to a funeral, you guys put the wrong phone number for me so nothing went through now I have to pay for a ride to go in the bank to fix the mistake y'all did money I don't have thanks a lot. Your customer service is horrible no one speaks clear English can't...

Citizens Bank / Canonsburg, PA Branch

Nov 02, 2018

I deposit $400 into an account I barely use. I call the automated and my balance is $258 with two $35 NSF charges. I then obtain recent withdrawals from debit and speak to the branch. I am reassured no more fees, insufficient paid and checks cleared. A $150 check is being withdrawn. This a.m. I...

Citizens Bank / refund

Oct 23, 2018

Citizens BankDear Sir/Madam I received a letter from Citizens Bank on 7/2/2018. The letter states that according to their records there is $44.00 due me, Lori Testut. I sent in the bottom potrion with my notorized statement. If this is a scam then please contact me at: [protected] my email address or...

Citizens Bank / bad customer service

Oct 19, 2018

I myself work at a bank, and reached out to the Tewksbury Citizens Bank and spoke to an employee Nicki (Nikki) regarding a mutual customer who just had a stroke so was not able to communicate very well. We asked about a recent deposit, and her response was "You as a banker should KNOW that...

Citizens Bank / payment issues

Oct 16, 2018

On September 17th I made an attempt to pay $300 via ACH through the website. It came out of my account and then was returned, I was notified that it was not an accurate account number. I never received a phone call about this. October 5th I received the mail stating it was returned. Thu...

Citizens Bank / atm located at cumberland farms, 137 maine street, gorham, maine

Oct 15, 2018

I went to withdraw money on 9/26. The machine said 'cash cannot be dispensed' and I never received the $140. The next day on my bank account I was charged the $140 plus withdrawal fee, even though I never received my cash. My bank told me to check with the store who told me to check with...

Citizens Bank / I go to get on-line from home computer and get misdirected to applying for an account

Oct 14, 2018

This happened in June and continues to happen intermittently. It got so bad that my girlfriend who is also on my account could get in to pay a bill but I could not--she paid it for me. In the mean time I had to call the credit card agency and move my payment date back. They said they would...

Citizens Bank / deposit

Oct 05, 2018

I deposited a check on 10/1. I was told finds would be available 10/3. On 10/3, I went to get money and was told it was put on another hold until 10/10. When I asked why they blamed the issuing bank. The issuing bank told me funds are available and have been sent to Citizens. Citizens told...

Citizens Bank / deposit

Oct 05, 2018

My husband and I moved to a different state that didn't have our bank so we switched to citizens. I deposited a check was told $200 would be available next business day and the rest in 5 days. And it was so I deposited a couple more checks and got all my money switched over. A week later...

Citizens Bank / cleared deposit made on sept 26, 2018

Sep 28, 2018

17 hours ago 9/27/2018 I Changed to Citizen's bank a year ago, because they were closest to home, and since my branch was in a Supermarket, they were open more hours. That seemed ideal @ first. Citizen's always credited my check deposits next day, as is their policy. This week, I...

Citizens Bank / charged $7 to cash son's check who had account there

Sep 26, 2018

My Son has had an account with Citizen's Bank for as long as I can remember. He has written checks to me that I have cashed at the Colchester CT Branch before. Today I went to cash a check that my Son had made out to me and was told that I had to come inside for a fingerprint and fee of...

Citizens Bank, Framingham, MA / framingham branch.

Sep 22, 2018

I received call from a Lady/Manager Name Jyothi. [protected] Please investigate some of your Indian Origin Employees and make sure their legal status! I believe some of them are spies!! Few days ago there is a lady Name Jyothi Called me and asking some form of documentation!!! I have been...

Citizens Bank / online app

Sep 07, 2018

So I'm a day trader, I constantly have money going in and out of my account, so I usually look at my account and make sure it's at a correct balance; BUT for some reason (and this is only with citizens bank I have BOA DCU and CHASE never a problem) their app hasn't been working for over a...

Citizens Bank / my checks were stolen and forged and citizens bank cashed them

Aug 21, 2018

i found out through dedham housing that the secured box located outside of their office was broken into and that my checks were taken, whoever stole them forged my name on the back and citizens bank allowed them to cash it and the money is no longer in my account.. i called the 1-800...

Citizens Bank / $150.00 promotion during march 2018 for online banking

Aug 20, 2018

I noticed a promotional advertisement online for new customers to open a checking account during the month of March 2018. The promotion was for a reward of $150 awarded to the new customer within the first 90 days, if a one time deposit of $500 or more was successfully direct deposited...

Citizens Bank / checking account

Aug 17, 2018

Citizens BankAugust 15th 2018 I went to citizens and withdrew 30$ which left a 21$ balance and a 16.71$ available balance. I went family Dollar spent 6.34$. The next day my account is overdrawn by 1.03$. They bank say funds weren't available but my receipt says different. Someone stole my money and...

Citizens Bank / service

Aug 15, 2018

I went to the citizens bank in dudley station roxbury branch requesting to unblock my card, the lady inside the brnach told me i was allset that my card was unblock and i was going to recive my pin tru mail in the next days, But they never unblock my card, i spend there 45 minute in the...

Citizens Bank / $200 money back

Aug 13, 2018

in April I went to the castle Village branch and had a complaint that I am always having overdraft fees/etc. The women who I am now aware of her name was Joyce I believe. she said If I stayed with the company they currently have a promotion where you have to have direct deposit of $500.00...

Citizens Bank / bank commercial loan officer

Aug 08, 2018

1)I am a small business owner, doing business with Citizens for last 2 years. Had business loans with Citizens in the past. Have been very complaint, never ever missed a payment, have excellent credit. 2)Me and my husband are both pharmacists and own a small community pharmacy. We have a...