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+1 866 259 3767 (Education Refinance Loans)
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+1 888 514 2300 (New Mortgage Applications)
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Complaints & Reviews

Citizens Bank — Manager refuses to provide me services I paid for

I Chave a checking Account with Citizen's, Garfield Plaza, Cranston RI. The manager is Jennifer Camilo...

Citizens Bank — Refund of $200

Went to the ATM at Citizen Bank in Lower Burrell, PA on 8/2/2020. Tried to withdraw $200 it did not give me...

Lower Burrell

Citizens BankDispute department

I had submitted a dispute with Citizens bank CC department and they sent me a letter informing me of their review. I wanted to get more clarification and provide additional information so I called back. I spoke at some point to a rep that said a manager will call me back but never heard back, this was about 3 weeks ago. Since then I called back 3 times asking for a contact, each time the rep said an email is sent to the dispute department and a manager will return my call. There was not a call back. So is there still a dispute department at Citizens Bank? I am inclined to think maybe they were closed for good that is why nobody called me back, I cannot believe the service could be as bad as they ignore multiple call back requests from a customer.

Thank you.

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    Citizens Bank — Checking

    I closed this account have a receipt of 0 balance. An automatic withdraw was made within minutes of closing...

    Citizens Bank — Rude service by branch manager

    5/9/2020 Approx. 11:00- Pulled up at the drive thru window and was waited on by the Branch Manager. I asked...

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    Citizens Bank — customer service

    Customer service is a joke, phone customer service number required account info just to reach a person mad...

    Citizens Bank — Bank Teller

    I do a lot of business with this location & everyone in there is so nice except for the one bank teller...

    Citizens Bank — Disrespectful, abrupt, rude, poor treatment by Manager, Lisa West at Citizens Bank

    03/17/2020 Re: Invoice #: 918931 Citizens Bank One Citizens Drive ROP 210 Riverside, RI 02915 I called...


    Citizens Bank — customer service

    I went into the branch on 1/31/2020 between 10.00 and 11.00 and a old white male bank teller told me "...

    Citizens Bank — unauthorized bank auto withdrawls

    January 18, 2020 Citizens One P. O. Box 42113 Providence, RI [protected] Re: UNAUTHORIZED AUTOMATED BANK...

    Citizens Bankclosed my account

    My husband and I have an account together. We are trying to close several weeks and we failed. We are in Florida, where there is no agency. and from here we will return to Brazil.We cannot reset the account because it does not and does not receive a transfer. and it is impossible to withdraw 0, 05. yesterday we managed to pass this amount on the card and the account was reset.We requested account closure and there was no response. To our surprise today the 0.5 cent value has returned.I need to close the urgent account. I need a solution. when right at the agency the only thing I hear is that they can do nothing.I need to close the account.

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      Citizens Bank — unsatisfied customer of over 25 years

      I Mark Golshan Busines owenr of Doyonda Auto Sales I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that I...

      Citizens Bank — lack of notification of loan discharge payment owed in order to close loan

      I paid off my mortgage (they called it a Home Equity Loan) in June 2019. For 5 months, Citizen's Bank ha...

      Citizens Bank — Complete run around. Bank manager / home equity department not knowledgeable.

      We received info from citizens bank on home equity loans. Went to speak with seraphina wentworth ben... And...

      Citizens Bank — customer service

      I have a complaint about the manager Renee Arbor. Every time I have gone to that bank it has been busy. I go...

      Citizens Bank — your staff need to be drug tested,

      Over and over asked multiple staff Mgr to stop sending me your flyers, along with my many complaints, l have...

      Citizens Bankservice

      I have been absolutely distroid with checks that were not authorized by me and hundreds of dollars in over draft fees because of this, and all I get is a huge running around when I call to try and fix this. I do not have the time to sit on the phone for hours on end to try and fix something that shouldn't have happened to begin with. I'm tired of dealing with a bank that doesnt care.

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        Citizens Bank — regional manager not willing to give me supervisors name or contact information

        On 9/17/19 my wife tried to deposit a bank check which was rejected by the teller at the Raymond NH branch...

        Citizens Bank — 1920s cold banking

        Opted out of overdraft fees. If funds are not available transaction is supposed to decline. Tuesday september...

        Citizens Bankfraud department / debit card

        I was notified by citizens Bank on Thursday 22nd of August that my card was used fraudulently so they shut my card off and the gentleman I was talking to said he would Fed ex one and 1t will be there by Monday by 8 on the 23rd of August I called up so they could turn my card back on so I could get money out of the bank the lady I spoke to said that it was no regular mail and I said that I was promised I was going to FedEx so she said yes it is going FedEx and will be there Monday by 8 so on the 26th of August at about 6 at night I called again because I had not received the card the gentleman I spoke to said that the card would be there by 8 that day it never showed so I called again today on the 27th of August and the guy that I spoke to said that it went out regular mail I'm just wondering I would love to know if it's common that the fraud department lies to the customers not by one person not by two people but by three people I am definitely on the verge of getting rid of this Bank I would like some feedback on this thank you

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