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First Gulf Bank [FGB] reviews & complaints

First Gulf Bank [FGB] complaints 316

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Refund 200kd

I went to atm for withdrawn 410 kd.
I enter 410 kd
I received only 210 kd
full 410 kd deducted from my account
my acount is showing 791 fils now.

Please refund my 200 kd back to my account.

How I will get my remaining 200 kd.

I withdrawn my souq al kuwait market atm today arround 5:15pm.

I keep calling on online number 1805805, but no one is answering my call from last 1.5 hour.

Mob : +965 [protected]

Desired outcome: MOB : +965 94451058

Dec 14, 2020

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Mortgage

I have an active mortgage with FGB. It was originally a 15 year mortgage. A few years ago I found out they had added five years on to the term due to an interest rate increase. I was not informed about it. Since then I've continued to see rate increases which have increased my mortgage payments as well as the additional five years. I am getting absolutely no where when trying to find out what is happening. What the rate increases have been and when. After months of getting no where I've now had an email saying they can't speak to me on the email I've been speaking to them on for years because it's not registered. Despite them sending data protection information just a few weeks ago. I am out of country now and beyond angry. I should have three years to pay and still have eight. I can't move the mortgage because I still owe too much. FGB won't give me a better interest rate because I owe too much despite them hiking the interest rates repeatedly through the years and adding years to the term. If this isn't a rip off/ scam I don't know what is. I cannot believe that dubai law supports this type of behaviour.


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Credit card

Despite paying a huge amount on the credit card with a limit of 16500/- aed the current outstanding shows more than 42000/- aed. No help what so ever from the collection department.. Repayment done on the credit card is 10 times more than the limit. On monthly basis the payment is done but the outstanding is increasing much more than the payment paid. The worst service ever

Sep 15, 2020

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Contact center helpline worst service

Really disappointed with their customer handling skills, Calls are being waiting in their queues and no one is answering. On top of that customer is being charged without getting any service from them.

Just now after 1 hour 20 min waiting in the queue disconnected the call.

I am quitting banking with FAB and never even suggest anyone to do banking with them.


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Collection department lady Ambereen

Collction deprt amebreen liar lady she call me py due amt which I agree 670 then I ask my remaing bal I will may instlment plan this lady ambereen agree n say pay due amt then after I will call her to make my instment plan but this lady such and unprofessional she refuse to take my call his landline nose [protected] she is fraud and no.[protected]

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - FAB Credit Card

I have FAB Credit Card from last 8-9 years after, yesterday dtd 29th April 2020 my transaction got rejected when I call customer care then I came to know that my limit is reduced suddenly. Im very disappinted tht In current Covid-19 penedemic sitation Im dependended on credit card and bank has reduced my limit. Also, when i make my utility bill payment its got approved and bank has charged over limit charges which i was not aware tht bank has reduced my limit. This is not ethical at all. I request to reverse the charged and increase my limit as per earlier.

Mar 18, 2020

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - harassment over late payments

I have a credit card with FAB and at presnt the company I work for are very late in paying salary, Up to Dec 2019 I never missed a payment and I have expplained this the bank many times. I have...

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Mar 05, 2020

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - Credit Card issue - customer confidentiality exposed

I have a credit card with FGB and have been paying consequently every moth (considering i have been unemployed since last June 2019). I have been calling First Gulf on numerous occasions and kept updating my mobile number but they havent been updating their records on their end.
FG Bank has been calling my mum-in-law in my home country (South Africa) and claiming that I've been "kidnapped" and she's "hiding" me so that no-one knows my whereabouts and that I owe the bank money and I have absconded from the UAE.
Now, I believe every client signs a customer confidentiality agreement with all banks in the UAE and now i have fallen prey to this incident for a ong time.

Not only this, i have had a specific male calling me from the bank using horrific languages at me and my husband threatening the both of us and if we go to the police he will throw us in jail because of the shortfall of my payments.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card no [protected]

I lost my job in 2017 and return back to India. That time I have outstanding amount so I couldn't settle my Card. So monthly one of my friend cleared all outstanding.

I had blocked the aforesaid Credit Card through proper channel in April 2018. During that period an amount was outstanding to be paid to your bank. That outstanding amount was duly paid in August 2018 and a sum of Dhs.3.18 is in the credit of my account. Subsequently, I had made request through email (attached) for permanent cancellation of my credit card

Please do the needfull

Encl: 1. FGB monthly statement - June, July, Aug and November 2018
2. Email send for Cancellation

Preetha K.P
(M) 0091 [protected]

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - etihad guest miles credit card

I bought Etihad Guest Miles Credit Card from FAB at 1500 AED. I was promised to be given 35000 Etihad Guest miles as joining bonus and another 35000 Etihad Guest Miles as a double joining bonus after doing 1st transaction which I did on time. I was never given the double joining bonus even after following the instructions. I have been complaining about this and asking for my promised Etihad guest miles to the customer care team of FAB since 23rd August but there has been no response. Kindly transfer my remaining 35000 Etihad Guest Miles or transfer back 1500 AED which I paid for the credit card.
Credit Card number - [protected]
Registered Phone number - +[protected]
I am traveling right now so above number will not work, please call me at +[protected]

Oct 27, 2019

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - financial case against credit card

Good Evening !

I am manoon hasan khan. I am an indian . I have 1 credit card with limit of 5000 AED
in which outstanding payments due to job loss so I came back india. I was a good customer of your bank that time. I never missed the payment in uae.
Now i have offer from dubai . I know bank already filled the case in police or court against me. i am humble request to withdraw the case i have planing to come and start payments . I am coming in mid of november 2019. So please with draw the case against me.
manoon hasan khan
passport no # M0132455


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - profile removal request

The following content is damaging the reputation of the executive himself as well this institution thru a form of defamation. The executive has been accused of forging document signature and bribing which are absolutely not true.

As the owner of this website, we are requesting for your assistance to remove all references pertaining to the executive on this site as soon as possible to prevent further abuse and damage.


We are looking forward to your immediate response with this content take down.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Thank you.

Sep 05, 2019

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

First Abudhabi Bank being one of the top front bank in UAE had disappointing approach towards credit card users - the bloody service they tactfully enforce us to use. My relationship with the bank is more than 5 years (only credit card), and been maintaining a good credit record until May 2019 - time where my company decided not to pay salaries on time which caused the financial disaster.
Even making all the dues with FAB, late payment fees and financial charges kept following my path and reached a stage where I have to pay all these for nothing.

All this taught me to get a way out and never ever deal with these money eating monsters ever in life.

Aug 08, 2019

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - quick cash request

Request for quick cash has been taken on 4th august and after continously followup it cant be approve because the agent has offered a low interest for which bank has declined, why ur was not informed to me from begining and after 5 days when i called for followup i came ti know it is declined..if some obe can call me i can brief everything so that your service can be improve


Aug 02, 2019

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

I had spoke to your customer service person and ask them close my account I had paid everything what was pending but still I am getting messages to pay 144 your fgb staff told me all done then why I m getting this all messages I really have very bad experience with fgb it's my mistake that I open account in this unhelpful bank I really appreciate Dib bank as they care about there customers very helpful bank but your fgb bank nooo


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - wrong information sent to etihad credit bureau/not trained staff at shaham branch/ lack of interest to assist customer from the manager

Iam not eligible to take out any facility due to wrong information sent to the Credit Bureau from FAB . The Credit Bureau has already confirmed the mistake is from FAB. I have visited the branch 3 times last week (Shahama Branch) tay have taken no steps to amend this. I have been a customer in this bank for over 9 years and have never missed my payments due. Iam in need to take a loan urgently and due to FABs mistake Iam not able to do so. What is even worse FAB makes no effort to amend this I have sent emails to atyourservice-nbad no response I visited the branch and was promised they will take action and contact me but they have not done so. I do not know where else to go to receive some assistance on this and Iam furious at this point at the the customer service FAB provides.


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - lost money from atm

I am tired of complaining that my money was tampered in atm when withdrawing, balance was deducted but I didn't get any money.I call to customer service they take alot of information from me but did...

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First Gulf Bank [FGB] - met life insurance cancellation and refund

I have received a call from one of the fgb customer to promote the life insurance, initially I told him I need to review the insurance policy then I will purchase the policy but he forcefully to do the subscription and he convinced you can cancel any time this policy and given me the direct number of his fgb ([protected]) bank, after that the money deducted from my account regarding that I contacted the fgb customer care and had filed the cancellation 1 month ago, still it is not cancelled and I received the first emi for the policy which I purchased, again I call to the customer care then they asked me to wait for another 45 days. During the period you have to pay the emi and we will return the payment once the premium amount settled from the insurance company.
This was so horrible and this is the way they promote their insurance and everything dumped to their customers.
I have followed this cancellation in order to I wasted my money and time for calling them
The person who given me the direct number is not responding and he is such a horrible guy.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - not able to close my account before leaving the country

On 25-05-2019 visited the Khalid Bin Waleed branch of FAB in Dubai at 9.00 am and asked for the token for account closure. The female staff hesitated and informed that we do not close account during the last week of the month. I requested her that as I am leaving the country for good in 2-3 days please check whether it could be done. She approached one of the CRM and checked and came back with the reply that bank policy is that the account cain 2 daysn not be closed in the last week of the month.Hence I told her my account balance is zero and I am leaving the country in 2 days. So here I am to state that I should not be charged any charges for not maintaining the minimum balance though it was a zero balance current account.
My account #[protected]

May 26, 2019

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - fgb al futtaim card

It's more than 2 weeks that I am unable to receive my fgb al futtaim platinum card.
I already rasie many complaint but unfortunately I am unable received any solu.
Kindly find the msg comes from armex.
"Dear Customer, your FAB Bank shipment no [protected] is not yet received due to technical issue, kindly Contact FAB Bank, for assitance please contact +[protected]
My mobile no is [protected]

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