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Complaints & Reviews

know this, no mortgage to foreigners who reside in spain! also, worst "expert" ever!

We had applied for a mortgage with my husband and they denied us. Ok that can be if they can give a plausible reason but our "expert" didn't even read our messages properly and kept responding but not to our questions.in the end, working since the day you arrived in spain, have been working isn't enough and on the other hand, they don't even know my possesions in my country and they don't care, which is their loss. But they can't even properly understand anything, even though it's all in spanish, or pay attention to what you're saying! Terrible service!

my money got stolen from my bank account and the bank don't give me any answers

I was traveling in Spain when my bag got stolen, i tried to run to catch the thieves but was to far away. I called card stop. But the thieves still could take 500 euros out of my account. I went to the police to make a file repport.
I went back to Belgium and tried to contact the bank, they never answered me. After 3 months the manager of frauds contacted me and said that they cant solve the case, because they dont know how the thieves stoled my money and that maybe was me that did. I had people around that saw my bag fot stolen, i have the file repport from the police.
How can i solve this case? The email from the bank is: [protected]@ing.be
The number of my case is : FBE [protected]

it services and customer service

I'd like to escalate you a high complaint about ING Spain. Its IT services are totally crap, having lot of problems to use them and its customer service over the phone is also bad. Do you think is acceptable to have to call three times to this service, wait for 30 minutes to get response from an agent and finally, hung up the call because nobody is responding?. I'm thinking, like lot of people in Spain to leave this bank for its horrible service, specially I/T. I've sent some comments to ING Spain about, but they have been totally ignored them. Please, change the management in Spain!!!. They are incompetent and useless (Sorry for being so rude).

[Resolved] made mistakenly transfer

Hello sir/ma'am,

I have just realized that I mistankenly made a transaction. This is my receipt. I would want my money back.

I am a victim of fraud sir and after verification I found that I transfer my money to fraud person.

Please find attached proof of payment if you need more information I will give you.

I hope I will get my money back as soon as possible.

Airbnb helps me a lot for this kind of fraud.

Thank you very much
Hemal Bhatt

made mistakenly transfer
made mistakenly transfer
made mistakenly transfer


Pay my money back

improper treatment of international customers

I am a researcher and do not speak Italian. I have a bank account in Ing bank in Italy. They suddenly blocked...

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insurance is sooo slow

I have home owners insurance. Well I have almost all you into insurances on my account. Recently had a...

problem opening a bank account

I have applied to open a bank account at 4 of September 2019. It has been 20 days since then and still they haven't opened me a bank account yet. I have visited the office in Rotterdam twice by now and they are telling me to wait until I receive a mail and they try to excuse themselves by telling me that, there are many applications at the moment, but that's not true because I know people that applied after me and they already got their bank account in the first week. I really need the bank account to pay my rent by the end of the month but they don't do anything. If it was a Dutch citizen they would have opened the bank account immediately without having to wait until the mail arrives. I also have a BSN number by the way, but they still told me to wait until I have the mail. This is really troublesome and they don't try at all to fix it, and now there is a risk to pay oustanding fees because I will not be able to pay my rent through the bank.

problem opening a bank account

ing direct bank account

To whom it may concern, 2 years ago, my ex partner stole 6500 euros from my personal ING Espana Cuenta...

the trouble in opening a business account in bucharest

Good day.

My name is dr dan harary.

I am an israeli romanian citizen.
I am specialized in endodontics dentistry and I tried for more than six months to open an account for my firm in bucharest romaniai have an euro account to in your bank.
The procedure is taking more than 6 month!! Since I first came to open the account and until today, I am still not working with you!
My firm is: dr dan harary endodont and the ing bank agency I am struggling to open the account is :ing piata iancului bucharest first there was a minor problem with the business registration forms, my lawyer talked to one of the employees and she corrected it and I brought it as she (the employee) wanted and I was told to wait.
Nothing happened! I went to the bank they had no answer, I called the call center they told me they would call me back that same day with an answer still nothing and nobody returns a call.
I want to mention that I am connected to another israeli company (msolutions is its name.. Https://www.M4sol.Com it is a company that deals with smart home and video solutions) which I want to extend our business to romania and may do business with you I ask my self if it wold be possible to work with your bank when things are going as I described you here.

Best regards

Dr dan harary

My tel nr is :[protected]

My mail :[protected]@gmail.com

I was scammed by your customer

Good morning ING Bank,

I'm a citizen of Japan.

I'm begging for your authority to please investigate my case . I was scammed recently, using your bank. I don't have a bank account in your bank yet.
I have already reported to the bank here in Tokyo were I sent the money that I was scammed.They told me that the bank account were I sent my money has many complaints filed before me. As I thought i will have a bank account with your bank, terrible thing came up, the scammer didn't make a reply to me anymore, the last email i received was, she is still asking for money for Anti terrorist and International certificates, i started to think that i was scammed as there is no such papers exist. I have verified thru your bank that the account were i send the money already received the amount of money from Sumitomo Bank( my bank i used to transfer my money).
Please help me get my money back from the culprit. Help us, victims who are being abused by criminals using your name.
I'm begging as I worked hard for my money and was just stolen from me. The money is big
Please help me back my money back to me.
I already done all the legal procedures here in Japan. From the police and the bank.
But the final verdict will be yours.

I know your bank has a name to protect please don't let criminal people use your service to deceive people.

Your response to my email is highly appreciated.

  • Hh
    Hhero Hhero Dec 17, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ING will do nothing to that.the fraudster is their customer. They defend their customer

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account to close : [protected] : france account


I have sent the closure form by La poste dated 13.07.2018 but you have not closed the account. I have tried to contact from india and does not work out. My friend contacted to Customer care france but they said only i have to contact them.

Request you to please close my account. I warned you and remind you to close the account as i have returned back to india. i am no longer using your services and not able to pay the debit amount to you as i already closed the account.

I am adding the documents again for your reference.

If the account will not closed, i will not be responsible.

Best Regards
Dhiraj Barapatre.

account to close : [protected] : france account
account to close : [protected] : france account

change of contact details/mobile number

I have started using my ING account after a few years and I absolutely need to do a bank transfer...

Rome Banks

im selling iphone 6 64gb

Im writing this because i encounter suspicious transaction coming from Balbuena Leonida, i post on olx that im selling my iphone 6 64gb and she inquire about my ads on olx that she willing to buy it as a gift to her son and send it to nigeria address, and the transaction would be i need to ship the item first before the payment has completely credit to my account we are having conversation and i explaining to her that i cant handling the shipping first since its really expensive and in my mind also im not 100% sure that after i ship the item the payment would be credit to my account it will be big loss in part of me if the transaction was scam. She send to me a confirm email that a payment confirmation but its really suspicious since im aware also about fraud online scammer. Can you help me if this is a legit email confirmation from ingbank? Thankyou

im selling iphone 6 64gb
im selling iphone 6 64gb

  • As
    AshleyPC Jul 17, 2018

    Hi, please share the email address of the bank from where you received this confirmation email. Also did Balbuena Leonida communicated with you from the following email id: [email protected] ?

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I cannot access my account

Almost20 years ago, I opened accounts with ING bank on-line. I forgot about the accounts because they were CD's. Now, when I go on-line, I cannot access the account because they want my telephone number that was associated with the account. I don't remember the account number I had back then. Because ING is located in Australia, I don't know if there is anything you can do to help me, but I'm hoping that there is something you can do because there is a lot of money at stake.

customer's right to receive his own financial records

Hello, I believe ING (Netherlands) has neglected my basic rights as a regular client. I hold an account for 2 years, and for the last month I have kept my balance high and steady so I could pay for my PhD in London.
Now the UK immigration office asks me for an official record of all my bank transactions for the last 28 days as financial evidence for my VISA application. But the ING refuses to provide me this official record - even though it is true I have a regular account. What can I do?

ing stole $8,500 from me!!

I opened an ING Electric Orange bank account 4 months ago, along with a savings. I transferred $50 from my...

ing is not a good banking service

I have been an Ing direct costumer for years. I have not had issues until recently. A couple of months ago, Ing asked me to change my password for security purposes. After that I had forgotten the password. After many attempts, I was locked out. I asked for a pin to reset my password. The first pin did not arrive and then I requested a second pin. Which also did not arrive. I have contacted them many times. I even asked them to send it another way or by priority mail. They refused. They were not at all helpful. They left me on hold for more than 30 minutes. I had to freeze my account and wait again for the next pin to be sent to me. They told me to ask my mail service and file a complaint. I did but I let them know since they are the ones who has chosen to send this important information through the US Postal service then it was up to them to find out what has happened and get the information to me. I am left with very little options. I have not been able to get to my account that holds more than 18, 000. They told me to wait and the matter should resolve itself. I am now looking at legal services to resolve my situation.

security - or lousy reps?

Last year, My wife helped me open a orange checking account during their black friday sale. We were able to do this all via online, with no paperwork back and forth or any phone calls. Seemed simple enough- right??

Nov 15th i log in and see 2 posted charges, and 2 pending charges for amex which i did not take part in. I immedietely dispute the 2 posted charges and fax in the affidavit that is needed. Within an hour or so, I'm emailed asking to fill in and mail/fax in the affadavit and to call in to get a new debit card issued as mine was restricted.

So i call in, verify all of my info. My pin, address, security questions, etc. I'm put on hold to transfer to their security dept. Well, a guy then comes on the line, tells me he reviewed a prior call, and I am NOT me. Obviously, i'm me. I verified all my info, I knew my pin, mothers maiden name, wifes mother name, best friend name, street i grew up on, address, phone number, social security number, EVERYTHING ASKED. And i knew he was lying- because i had never called in. The only record of a call was when i asked my wife to call to have my pin reissued, and they told her they needed to speak to me. Being i work 10 hr shifts with job #1, and 5-7 hrs with my 2nd job, i said screw it, and kept using my debit card as credit until i had time to call in myself. Even if they listened to the 1 call with my wife, obviously- it wasnt me!

I sent a response email back to ING- telling them the ordeal I went through and that I obviously can't call in because I was told I wasn't me, what do I do now. Well- ING's response was to block/lock down my account so now I can't even log in! So theres over $700 in my checking account that I can't touch. I dont really *want* to call in again, to be told I'm not me. And knowing that ING rep lied to me about a prior call, I'm not thrilled about doing ANY business with them.

poor appraisal only looks at low property sales, charged $350 for nothing

Warning ING Direct has scam appraisals. Company charged $350 nothing. Poor appraisal would not consider recent sales in correct town.. Went to other town over 5-10 miles away/. Applied for refinancing ing did a pitiful job of appraising my home and then charged me three hundred and fifty dollars!.

I sent them comparison in my development that sold in the 2011, the would not review/. I had a realtor pull a comparison analysis and the average number was keyed incorrect which caused a bad appraisal/. No one would listen at ing, what a rip off company". would not put a dime in their bank;. Online line rip off

  • Jk
    JKDE Jun 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you ask why they did the appraisal based on the town over 5-10 miles away?

    Did the appraisal come in lower then what you are trying to refinance because of the current low housing market?

    All banks are being more cautious since the downslide. It's not just ING.

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  • Al
    Allegroman Jul 22, 2011

    Yes, if you have anything above 70% loan to value I wouldn't risk a refinance with them, unless you're willing to kick in more money or waste $350. Their appraisals come in extremely low and they won't work with the customer at all. They also didn't even give me a copy of the appraisal. Just a complete waste of time. Go with a local lender, INGdirect mortgage is like dealing with a black box.

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fund clearance certificate from the uk security and exchange commission

Our Ref: INGBN31OZ15.
Date:  06/06/2011
Attention: Beneficiary,
Welcome to ING BANK NL, Berkshire, UK branch office.

Please note that this branch has been mandated by FACE BOOK TEAM to handle your payment batch.
To proceed with your payment, you are to send us the following:
1) Fund Clearance Certificate from the UK Security and Exchange Commission containing a 5-Digit clearance code needed
for the successful transfer of $1, 200, 000.00 to your bank account.
2) Your bank coordinates (Full bank account details) for a telegraphic wire transfer.
Once the above are received, we shall quickly proceed with the immediate transfer of your grant money at 0% COT.

Be sure of our professional banking services at all times

Albert Van Hoose,
Transfer and Credits Dept,
Berkshire RG6 1RH
England United Kingdom.
Tel +[protected]
       [protected]-(Toll free for UK land lines only)

  • In
    intecs Int bv Jun 13, 2013

    The ING Bank ignored my instructions as a company director, to clear ALL payment from my company with me first. Their failure to carryout my instructions resulted in a 2.2 million euro embezzlement, which the ING bank now hold me responsible, taking my old age pension. there is also a directors agreement that the two director must approve payout. This specifically specified a Mr Alexander Khoo, accounts manager, he had NO banking authority at all. But he embezzled the 2.2m Euros. The ING BANK are fully responsible for this loss by failing to follow my instructions as the company director
    Signed John Page, director Intecs International bv, bank with Dordrecht Branch, manager Mr Cor Steijsiger
    email; [email protected], telephone; 0044 (0)427 787650

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