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I will put plain they burned my ass good they did good job and made money doing it they it in 2018 I got sick...

Money being stolen out of checking account

I have a restricted account on 322020 Wich money was deposited in it anyway I want action taken against the...

Checking account outrageous fees

I had $ in my account and they charged $34 twice resulting in my account being overdrawn by $68

This is pure blackmail

As if you don't pay, not only your credit is negatively impacted but also you are forced to pay them

This is not fair

They need to be sued again

Chase Account

My account was closed without warning. I can't access my funds or anything. I was never given a reason why. I called chase to see if I could get this issue resolved and they instead gave me the run around and told me I most likely will not be able to open a chase account again. I am not sure why or how still and now I have to go to a chase bank to try to get my money back :/

Bank theft

I had a CD at JP Morgan Chase bank. They closed my account and stole my $10, 310.84. Three chase executive...

JP Morgan Chase Bank

chase auto finance

Auto loan payment that was scheduled posted on Tuesday Feb. 25th after the vehicle had been repossessed. When I asked the supervisor why the payment was processed if the vehicle was repossessed she responded ‘that's money that you owe us. You will not be refunded'.
Immediately after that phone conversation, I logged back onto my Chase app and my auto-loan account was no longer there. Prior to the phone call it was visible and I was not locked.

Did not receive any notice in mail or email of the repossession.

Was treated very badly by and harassed about my work history and income (making very inappropriate statements) by several Chase Repossession customer support and a supervisor of the department.

Would not accept my off to pay (in full) the past due amount of $1019, the repo fees and the next months payment of $509 in advance.

Supervisor made the comment that she believed I will not be able to financially be able to continue to pay the loan in the future.

Only option I was given was to pay the entirety of the loan (around 24, 000)

Have not been able to retrieve personal property that was inside of the vehicle.

chase auto finance

personal checking account

I had my personal checking account open for two days and was waiting for a 375 dollar deposit to be settled. I went to sign into my account and was told to contact them to unlock my account due to suspicious activity. They than told me they were closing my account and i stated how when i didnt even get to verify if certain charges were authorized or if i needed to dispute charges and .ow my account it says is on hold and my 375 deposited is non accessible. My phone number is [protected] and my email address is [protected]

chase mortgage

If you are looking for a mortgage STAY AWAY from Chase and Meredith Spence. The service is terrible and slow...

Chase Mortgage Meredith Spence

withholding my money

On 12/20/2019 was told my Bank account is restricted because of a Check I deposited to my account it was the cashier's check for the amount of $225.00 At first I was uneasy about accepting the cashier's check but I thought it's better than a personal which bounces get stopped, etc. And with calling BOFA to verify it was a good, and it was signed over to me the party assured me I would not have a problem receiving the cash into my account I took a leap of faith and deposited it. Well, it was only $225.00 but with me working only part-time getting paid once a week. It's about the same value, And with me being low on cash awaiting payday I needed the extra cash for household supplies and groceries went low because party endorsed the check as payment for staying three weeks with us. And now that my online connection is being restrained and I can't even call or get online to obtain access of my available balance which I feel should be illegal I truly didn't see harm with the deposit for $225.00 all worked easily with a 20.00 check I deposited a few days before. A few days before. I knew their would be a hold, but I felt that everything would be ok I verified the check it was and properly endorsed I knew the party who presented the check to me as a well-respected individual I felt all was ok all banks placed the holds on new accounts. Now here is where I get Frustrated my direct deposit came in on Friday and It didn't become available not even all that weekend now Pissed my [censored]ing deposit that's my money I repeat my money I worked for I even called and the Chase Agent and asked why wasn't it available and what could I do I asked could I walk into the bank to withdraw she told me nothing can happen until they communicate with the person who issued the check for the amount of $255 the operator informed me all they had to do was to talk with the person who signed the check. I gave them the number and the operator informed me to find out when would be an appropriate occasion to call I did find out and called back but that evening I called back the operator could not authenticate me for some reason and I gave him everything listed on my account correct, so I waited until today Monday to call the risk department and of course in was authenticated for that call the operator informs me my direct deposit will be accessible the next day fishy I think I begin to tell her the situation and when it would be a perfect moment to call the endorser she takes down both numbers places me on hold and says the numbers were not verified I become confused, this individual has had the same number for like 3 years after talking with the representative more she exclaims another reason it couldn't be authenticated was because it was prepaid meaning metro boost etc wouldnt work I even offered her to call him while he is at work.So, Chase bank wants me to advise him he needs to set up service with AT&T or Verizon and his metro phone bill with his name on it is not going to work. At this point I'm pissed I cannot get my money can't walk in and close the account with chase ok them chase bank I'm going to exploit you for the dirty [censored] Bank you are im going to post and let everyone in America see why bits not a good idea to bank with the WITHOLDING KNIVING BANK you really are and at this point I'm done tired frustrated and really will never bank with Chase and refer anyone who reads this to discontinue your service before the bloodsuckers take and withhold what's legally yours too. Middle finger goes up I'm not very book smart and all, so I'm working to report this to every high elected official name I come across on the web never in all my life Banking did a branch say I could not receive what was available in my account!

withholding my money

chase bank protecting bank thief

4 Days ago, I got an email from Chase that my account was over drawn $8, 000.00! OK, so I thought this wa...


Two mortgage payments were taken out of my checking account for several months this year, until I was notified by my bank that I had $25 left in my account. One was taken on the 1st of the month and then the second one was taken in the middle of month. Spoke to someone at bank and was supposed to receive the second payments within 5 working days. Got letter (see below). Went second time to bank saw Shawn (see below) and was told that I would get a check within 5 working days. Was told, loudly, that it was a mortgage problem. Called mortgage dept., will get check within 5 working hours. But, instead got the letter below!! Do you send employees to lying school?? Very disappointing!!


got scammed by a company chase didn’t help

I was scammed on december 6 by mall kiosk workers called chase the next day since it was shady I told them my situation I was minding my own business when they asked me to buy their products I refused wouldn't take no for an answer and the dispute claims people didn't do anything to help shame on you guys for not protecting people especially when they need your help from these scammers

  • Updated by Lulu568 · Dec 08, 2019

    I called the dispute claims department I was upset since I had to pay 69.88 for a product that I was tricked into buying by a mall kiosk place called introstem a shady place that forces you to buy their products and doesn't allow returns but they don't tell you that until after you purchase their product called the dispute team the guy that picked up said if they said they can do refunds we can help otherwise we can't do anything I am going to leave chase bank I thought they cared about protecting people but no they are worse than the Shitty mall kiosk people at Tuttle mall

short term disability

My name is Sally Bryant, standard id# R002682, dob 02-22-1955. I have Worked for Chase for 16 years come mid...

my account restricted then closed.

My name is Juan Monsivais. My email address is [protected] I live in San Antonio Texas. I opened my account in Sept 6, 2019. I applied for a loan at Speedy Cash Loan which was given to me by my advisor for a educational loan. Next thing I know is that I get 2 deposits into my account but I have to return the money back. They said my credit score was going up but come to find out they were using my own checks in my name to get the money... I had no idea until my boss told me. I verified the deposit amounts and they are exactly what the checks were. I never signed the back of the checks, they had someone else signature... I dont know what to do... I desperately need help..I didn't know anything I just wanted to apply for a loan.. Please help me... My phone number is [protected]...

manager and assistant manager

I have been a customer for 15 to 20 years and because I got upset when trying to cash some checks the manager...

unwillingness to cash a christmas check from my elderly aunt

I was at the Chase Irvine CA (13128 Jamboree Road) branch and was not happy with the service I received. They...

atm service & parking

This is regard to an incident that occurred this morning October 25, 2019 at you Chase bank branch located at 2301 E. 1st. Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033.

At approximately 6:15 a.m. I parked my vehicle adjacent to the ATM device in the rear of the bank, since there were 2 other customers ahead of me I decided to use the ATM at the front of the bank along 1st street. After completing my transaction and as I was walking back to the parking lot I saw a man lifting my vehicle and getting ready to tow it away. I bitterly approached him and demanded that he lower my vehicle and asked him what the hell he was doing. He replied read the signs and accused me of not being a patron and using the ATM, he apparently did not see me at the front of the bank using the ATM. It must have only taken me 3 minutes to complete my transaction.

The reason why I'm contacting you is that my vehicle was damaged in his attempt to tow it away and your establishment is liable for the repairs, furthermore, I drive a BMW X5 and these vehicles cannot be towed in that manner without seriously damaging the transfer case transmission. Lucky for your establishment, he did not proceed to tow my vehicle and cause serious damage.

I called the bank to speak to your branch manager, Erma Perez but she was not in the branch today.

This firm that you've hired, Sandoval Towing, to basically harass your customers with this sort of negligence is going to be the cause of a major law suit, one day.

According to the law of this state, because this tow truck driver left the scene immediately without regard to the damage he caused, it is considered a hit and run.
Expect to hear from my insurance company regarding this incident.

home refinance

My fiance applied to chase for a refinance on my mortgage. We paid 500 in Good faith application fee. Well they turned us down for a credit problem they knew about before we paid our 500.00 The loan officer said we would get our money back, But we havent received a dime back. Ive called and written the loan officer with no replies. And to top it off we went to a different company and were approved for a refinance, They said they didnt understand what the problem was. I guess Chase bank just takes peoples money . I think it is a scam!

  • Updated by Susan Coffey · Oct 11, 2019

    I never received a refund for my 500.00 app fee they said I would get back!

checks cashed

I have been trying to find out how two checks for considerable amout got cashed for deposit only and no one...

chase bank claims department

My wife lost her purse (and wallet inside it). She lost her driver's license, insurance ID, HSA/FSA and Chase Debit and Credit card. Someone used our lost debit card and made 3 different purchases worth $1300 on August 5, 2019 in the morning. My wife came to know about the loss of cards ONLY in the afternoon when Chase bank informed us about suspicious activity as we never use Debit card for any store purchases (5 plus years of history). Being primary account holder, I immediately blocked both credit and debit cards and requested replacement cards. We received temporary credit immediately but on Aug 19th, we received letter from Chase for reversal of credit. We then gave them police complaint number, DMV complaint and I personally went to a branch where the accountant called the claims department as well to resolve this. However, the claim is still not resolved and we have not received our lost money back. We received another letter today (Sept. 3, 2019) asking they will only partially refund the money. What the hell!!! This is extremely pathetic, stupid, unpleasant and unlawful by Chase bank.
Chase is the first bank which is not customer friendly but customer-harassing. They are treating us as liars even though we lost everything that was in the purse. Even after providing them with Police Complaint and DMV report and suffering from emotional pain, Chase seems to be unperturbed and sticking to their foolish claims policy. One of the worst experiences for me in my 12 years of Banking history in this country, I will appreciate Chase Bank to fix its claims department and refund us the money for fraudulent claims.

insurance claim check

I am beyond frustrated and overwhelmed at this entire process. I would think that the bank that claims they want to help you put your house back together would actually care and help you instead of making me physically sick in the process. We were hit with an F1 tornado on May 19th, 2019. As of today, August 23, 2019...They have released only a small portion of our insurance money to repair our home. I have been getting the run around about paperwork since a few weeks into the process. This is unacceptable and I am sure this message will go no where and no one actually cares at the big Bank. Our Insurance company has been great. We are spending our own funds, which we will soon need to borrow money to keep this project going. We are living in a motel and we are ready to get back to our home. If anyone really cares they would give us a call. Vince and Carol DePaul 120 Kline Road Denver, PA 17517. And I am sure I have not included enough details in the message.

Debit Returns/ Checking Account with Chase

My checking account with Chase has a huge negative balance of almost $850 which I can't afford to pay because...

new account

My daughter was 18 when a fraud check by a family memebr was deposited without her knowledge and account was closed ans she is permanetly blocked to open new account at Chase Bank, she is going for Densist school in Chicag where there are mainly all chase bank, they would not let her open one or let her be on my chase account either. i understand its all upto thier descression, but they wont even consider the situation. I have tired all avenues, she is banking at Wells fargo for past 3 years but Wells fargo presence is not near her campus. and we are requesting college account not business account or andy fancy one. Please look into that, and help us

I have been banned for no reason

The online customer service was so rude and disrespectful. They're are closing my account for fraud but I haven't had any problems with chase. This was my one account I was able to use to spend money with and I would please like for my account to be recovered. This has been such a downer on my day and I no longer can buy things online. I would like to speak to the highest person in charge of Chase because this isn't right.

service s

What happened is about a week and a half two weeks ago I started applying for a couple of loans because my...

tattered and torn american flag and missing finial at franklin, new jersey branch.

I posted this to Facebook: I drove by a local bank and saw this and a photo of a tattered American Flag and...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank


Your branch at 3450 Commercial St. SE in Salem Oregon has installed a new ATM that only takes one check at a time for deposit. I have a small business and bring in about 15 checks per week for deposit. The time it takes to deposit one check at a time makes this machine useless to me. I will be taking my checks inside for your staff to deposit which is inefficient for all concerned. Can you install a machine at this branch that can take multiple checks, which other Chase banks in Salem have?
Gary Field


I am not a Chase Bank user but I have been using this atm for over 5 years.Today I entered $300 on my Visa card and paid the extra fee.The atm took my money an said that we are not able to give you cash right now.I talked to the bank manager and was told to file a dispute with my credit card, he would not help me. My card says that this will take up to 45 days to resolve.I cannot pay my rent and will be charged an extra $50 for late payment

chase mortgage

I have been trying for 8 months to have my loan transferred to my exwife per court order. I have gotten nothing but a run around. I've been told they will send me papework, then the next person saying they can't do it. Then when I say I'm filing a complaint they say, oh yeah, there are ways we can work with you and we'll send you the neccessary paperwork only to never get anything. I am ready to file an official complaint with consumer protection and the AG's office in Massachusetts for deceptive practices. I have been with Chase for 23 years only to get treated like this. They flat out refused to allow us to do any government programs and now the HARP program has run out.
John Shulda
Property located at:
19 Taft St.
Springfield, MA. 01108
Acct# [protected]

hamp hone modification

Led to believe for bed unts of money that I was behind this was actually tacked on to the end of Malone and...

very unprofessional behavior

I was thinking to open an account with this bank, but when I knew that some worker ( Mortgage underwriter, Angela F. King - location, Downers grove IL). Uses her position as and underwriter to spy on her Boyfriend account and check every move or purchase he does. And have her supervisor cooperate with this behavior and for to feel she has the power to do whatever she wants.
It violates people's privacy. No matter is you work there it shouldn't give you the right to spy on people's accounts with personal motives. Please Chase bank, control your people, so it doesn't became a drama this type of situation. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!

repaying overdraft from outside the usa

While my daughter was living in New York, I was very satisfied with the service from Chase. Now she is back in London, I wanted to use up the remaining funds I had in my account (about $600). Unfortunately in the last credit card payment I made, I overdrew by $17 because I had not checked exactly how much was left.

This has now amounted to $29.28 because of the overdraft fee. I realise this is my own fault but I have had such trouble trying to pay it back.I must have phoned the collection department 5 times already (at my own expense)
1) for some reason, you don't accept a simple transfer from my bank here in England. The collections department told me I had to get a money order. We agreed that this would not arrive until 24th June because post from Uk to USA takes 7-10 working days
2) my daughter then suggested that, to save me time going to the post office, she would pay it using Zelle and her own Chase account . But this was rejected on 15th May because you had by then closed the account, even though I had agreed with the collections department that the money would not arrive till the 24th
3) in desperation, I did go to the post office but they only do postal orders and it appears you don't accept that either

So I have now put 30 dollars in an envelope and sent it to the address Collections told me along with my account number [protected] [protected].

I am assuming this will be the end of the matter but I can't be the only person who experiences frustration at the system


Veronica Harris

credit card abuse, discrimination

I have been with Chase Bank more than 15 years. I had excellent credit with Chase credit card until my...


Case denied my claim of fraudulent charges. Someone hacked my account and withdrew all of my money. Chase does not protect and keep consumers funds safe as they state and although FDIC insured does not return stolen money to members? So sad, so confused, so hurt as a single mom I do not have but one income and the money stolen from me took a big hit on my finances. I had to close my account with chase and it doesn't feel good. I'm so in shock that I didn't get the protection that I deserve and was supposed to be given from a FDIC insured bank.

My condo was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in September of 2017. I sit here in April of 2019 waiting for the insurance check which Chase incorrectly mailed to my prior home address when every other Chase document has come to my new address. Thank goodness my neighbor saw the FedEx envelope and is forwarding it or Lord knows how much longer I would have to wait for your utterly incompetent organization to send me my check? Are you going to reimburse my neighbor for his time and postage? This is just the final piece of ridiculous incompetence displayed during this entire process.

I have had to pay out of pocket for the remaining repairs to get the condo habitable again. My insurance company released funds to Chase back in February. Inspections with the insurance company and lots of documentation were necessary to get those funds. Chase is not my insurance company. Why should 2 more inspections with Chase and an 8-10 page form packet be necessary to receive the funds? I was never told about a 90% complete rule or I would not have scheduled the inspections when I did. So Chase neglected to fully inform me of the inspection process, wasted my time with 2 inspections on 3/5 and 4/1, and I still do not have my funds. Will Chase reimburse me for lost interest in my bank accounts for the $16K that Chase has held onto since February?

I will seriously be looking to switch mortgage companies and never do business with Chase again.

checking account

Hi, my name is jerome ledbetter.. I. Banked with chase for many years at least 10yrs.. And I ordered thing...

bank tellers' negligence

My mom is a 80 y/o Chinese immigrant (now US citizen) who does not speak English. She got a threatening call...

discriminatory behavior

I went into a Chase Bank branch at 3306 Centennial Blvd in Colorado Springs at approximately 9:05am on April...

unauthorized user of checking account

I have power of attorney of my brother's bank account Steven Bayless which he is a Disabled Veteran. I have...

auto loan

Not that this is going to do anything because you guys have not worked with me nor have you done anything to...