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Giant Food / Giant of Maryland Complaints & Reviews

Giant Food / Giant of Maryland / giant kitchen bags - drawstring

Oct 24, 2018

The Giant - Kitchen Bags (13 Gallon Capacity) have now had a defective manufacturing issue with the drawstring for months... when you try and pull the drawstring to tie up trash bag, it actually tears the top lining and does not allow the drawstring to tighten. I have noticed this for month...

Giant Food / Giant of Maryland / expired/stale food

Aug 20, 2018

Yesterday I went to Giant, 2145 York Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093. I purchased some items to cook dinner. One item in particular that I had an issue with was Dole Spring Mix Salad. When I got home, I discovered that the salad had leaked brown juice into the market bag. I looked at...

Giant Food / Giant of Maryland / deli deluxe sharp cheddar slices

Jun 18, 2018

Your website directs you to giant food stores for this product, but they do not have it anymore. What happened to it. I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked at several Giant stores, Walmart super centers. But none of these stores even has a place for them anymore! This is very...

Giant Food / Giant of Maryland / store appearance

Feb 28, 2018

I visited the White Oak, Maryland Giant Food yesterday, Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018 in the evening just to pick up a few items. I was very disappointed in the appearance of the store itself and also the bathroom facilities. It's obvious that management does not consider this a priority for...

[Resolved] Giant Food / giant 249, I got hired, and did orientation. where's my employment?

Jan 11, 2018

Costumer service doesn't send my messages to the manager, I've called seven times and they won't even ask for my number so the manager can call me back. "What about a better place to shop, a better place to work"? This ridiculous, and strongly unprofessional, I feel this giant 249, i...

Giant's Food Grocery Stores / dairy

Dec 2, 2017

I as a explicitly decent customer, without any negative attentional attempt to harm myself or any others, with intentions of grocery purchasing, walked into the Giant's Food Stores, P.G. Plaza location, Hyattsville, Maryland on September 16, 2016, where at no fault of mine became a victim...

Giant Food Stores - Exton PA / beer garden

Jun 25, 2017

Beer garden and eatery at this store is horrible. Manager in this section is rude, never open on time, and when you complain to the assistant store manager he is even ruder, acts like he is doing you a favor for opening that section of the store. Posted hours say open at 7 AM, never ever...

Giant Food / The attitude of employees at this store!

Jul 13, 2016

This store is absolutely unfriendly! Especially the deli dept.! Most of the time they do not have what you want! I feel that they are doing. E a favor to wait in me! Also when it is time to check out, the cashier is not friendly at all. I try to help bag my own food! Today was the worse...

Giant Food / Wrongful Termination

Jan 6, 2015

I was actually fired yesterday in a harsh uncaring manner by my bosses that I thought were so “down-to-earth.” The problem in this situation was that I was scammed by a professional con artist that was, apparently, made aware of by the Giant Corporation prior. We employees were...

Giant Food / abysmal service and incredibly rude staff

Oct 8, 2014

The pharmacy #310 at the Annapolis Road location in Bowie Md is absolutely abysmal. The entire pharmacy staff are incredibly rude to customers, completely inept at their jobs, and made shopping at the store unbearable for me. Today 10/8/2014 I arrived at the store shortly after 5pm to pick...

Giant Food / Overcharging

Apr 24, 2014

Giant Food Stores has developed a pattern over the past 8-10 months or so of overcharging at the cash register for items purchased at their grocery store. The scam works as follows: 1. Unlike its competitors, Giant does not guarantee scanner accuracy at the register. If an item scans an...

Giant Food / Smelly Store

Jan 22, 2012

I have always shopped at Giant Food stores in Virginia. I happen to love food and over the last four years or so, I have put on a few pounds. Specifically, I stand at 5'3'' and I used to weigh about 150 pounds. Today, I tip the scale at about 320 pounds. Prior to losing the...

Giant Food / store manager

Nov 18, 2011

Jerry Reinbark is a very rude, ungrateful and very disrespectful to his staff. He has taken items from the shelf and thrown them on the floor and expected the staff member to pick them up because he felt that they didn't know how to level the shelf properly. Jerry has talked to hi...

Giant Food / Stay away from these guys

Oct 27, 2011

I brought in a prescription for a refill. This was an early refill, (last fill was on 02/16/2010 at another pharmacy (CVS). The medication was Xanax, a controlled substance. I had just come from my psychiatrists office, and due to the nature of my personal prohlem, she authorized an early...

Food Giant / Bad customer service


Food Giant Customer Service in Columbus, MS is very unprofessional! Some customers are ignored, while others are favored and are tended to first! Employees are slow to respond to the needs of customers, and the dining area of the grocery is very unclean! It is very unfair for customer...

Giant Food / Intolerable service


Giant Food CONFIRMS Company Policy is to SICKEN ALL CUSTOMERS with SECOND-HAND SMOKE, by stationing SMOKING employees near ENTRANCES. I have sent over 20 complaints about Giant Food Employees smoking around the entrances to Giant Food by filling out comment cards, entering them on their web...