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Stop & Shop - incorrect order and issues with online pick up


I am writing to today to express my disappoint and frustration in my recent shopping experience.

On 1.28.24 I placed an online order for pick up at your Reading MA location on 25 Walker Brooks Drive. I arrived during my scheduled pick-up time, opened my trunk, and awaited my delivery. When I returned home and removed the 6 bags from my trunk, I was shocked to find that only half of my items were there and half of someone else’s order. I Immediately called to the store to have them rectify this and I was told “sorry we are busy today; you can bring it back” This is not something that as a customer I want to hear. That they are “busy” I too was busy yesterday and the convenience of doing a curbside pickup in which I was charged $3.95 for to only have to drive back to the store for a second time. I arrived and again waited for them to bring my items to my car. I spoke with the employee and said the items left in the trunk were the incorrect times and needed to be brought back. When I returned home for the second time, I was shocked again to find that there was still a bag left of someone else items. Now as I have no use for the items I have since donated them, but this means the person who items it was also impacted when they arrived to the store only to find items from their order missing. I should mention that BOTH times I arrived at the store, parking in the designated area and awaited my items that not a single other car was there picking up their items in what the attendant said was a “busy day”.

Once finally home and inside unpacking my items I noticed that I only received 1 of the 2 English muffins that I had ordered. As I was not going back to the store for a 3rd time, I decided to cut my losses. This morning I noticed the “not ripe” avocado that I purchased. Please see highlighted receipt for your reference, was in fact very ripe. So much so that the entire inside was brown and uneatable. Fine. I can chalk that up to a mistake and shame on me for having someone else pick my produce. However, when I went to enjoy my orange juice as I do each morning to my surprise when I took the cap off the seal was broken. This is not safe or sanitary, so I had to dump the entire bottle out leaving myself with no juice. That now is 3 items that were either missing, tampered with or in correct after having to drive to the store location twice. I could have saved myself time, money, effort and the aggravation of not having my items this morning had I went to Market Basket. Which in fact has a closer location then yours, but I was taking advantage of your pick up program and I could not be more disappointed in my experience. I now for the 3rd time need to make a trip to the grocery store in order to complete my weekly purchase.

Also worth mentioning is if you are going to charge for brown paper bags then employees should be told not to put one item per bag to jack up the number of bags and the additional money to be tacked on to the bill. This just becomes a nuisance when having to rearrange and consolidate items / bags to make carrying the items into my home easier and without having to make several trips because of all the one item bags.

Desired outcome: I want a credit, id appreciate a response, be better.

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2:04 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Stop & Shop - Pricing

Discount/Deal pricing @ Reading, MA store advertised at the product/shelf is not applied at checkout:
I shopped today and bought several items based on pricing listed on product displays that were not applied at checkout: For example:
Russet potatoes 5lb - listed as buy one, get one free - charged $4.99 x 2
Mini-sweet peppers - listed at 2 for $3.99 or 1 for $2.00 - charged $3.99 for one
Bagging service:
When I bring my own bags and request that I be allowed to bag my own groceries - this is not respected and baggers often interfere, and I have to rearrange my groceries afterwards (simple things like: frozen products with frozen products etc.). Bagging is not a service that I want, when I have brought my own freezer and non-freezer bags - I just want my groceries rung up at the correct prices applied.

Claimed loss: 6.98

Desired outcome: Refund

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