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Aaron's Complaints & Reviews

Aaron's / a tv that's in my name that I didn't purchase nor did I authorize anyone to receive one on my account

Bennie Carr on Feb 21, 2019

I Bennie Carr have not purchased nor authorize for anyone to get anything on my account. Aarons store allowed someone to walk in their store and purchase a tv without my signed signature or my authorazation. I talked to corporate when this problem occurred and also the store manger and I...

Aaron's / was told one thing and they did another

Becca1982 on Feb 7, 2019

The deal with Jan 11th till Jan 15th no payment due till February 15th is a lie because Norwich ny is trying to make me pay 2 weeks early. I paid my$till February 15th and was going to pay weekly. But the manager said that I had to pay monthly and had to do audio pay. I didn't want to pay...

Aarons Inc. / absolutely horrible experience

Alton Alexander on Feb 5, 2019

Manager of this location "ART" is extremely rude. My girlfriend and I was going to get a 2, 000 couch set at the Broadway location. I was calling another location to look into a washer and dryer set. The manager then stated "we could go somewhere else!" He was very unprofessional and...

Aaron's / queen bed

N_H on Feb 1, 2019

I tried to return a queen bed I was renting and they wouldnt take it. They said they saw a bedbug on it but I do not have bed bugs!!! They would not take it! Had to have my landlord come out and look and spray for them just in case I got them from the mattress. What do I do??? I have saw...

Aaron's / pre leased mattress

Mandea2767 on Jan 31, 2019

A month and a half ago I recommended Aaron's to my son who resides with me for a bed. So he went to Aaron's for a mattress he went through the process and he got the bed delivered a few days later. So a month goes by and my grandson starts bumping up and itching we looked at it and we...

Aaron's / service department not responding

una1690 on Jan 30, 2019

I have issued a complaint and have a complaint number it is: HSC0330964. I issued this complaint on Monday January 28 2019. I am buying a double oven range from the Waterville Maine Aarons store. I have been paying on this stove for close to 16 months. In the first week of November 2018 I...

Aaron's / giving out my personal information

Chinasa on Jan 25, 2019

I have been having problems with this location since we started. We had an agreement for auto pay. They will run my card when they please. Even if it's not in the due date. Then they called my mother and my brother in law telling them about how my card got declined. Gave them the balance...

Aaron's / fridge w ice, black

C. W. Koontz on Jan 25, 2019

Paid for a new fridge with delivery, when delivered doors scratched and dented. Store manager said had another one at store and would replace both doors. Will see what they look like. Could not take unit back for a replacement. I will refuse the unit if the replacement doors are scratched!...

Aaron's / undelivered merchandise

Betty Jo Bearfield on Jan 24, 2019

On December 13, 2018 I did an application for a washer and dryer. The confirmation email said it was scheduled to be delivered on December 24. On January 2, 2019 we received a call saying we were late with the payment for January. My husband told her we weren't making a payment on...

Aaron's / unethical behavior/treatment

CM1200 on Jan 23, 2019

On Thursday, January 17, 2019 @ 6:05pm, I pulled up in my car into my driveway. After gathering my things, I reached up for the door handle and started to open the door when this man ran up out of no where to the front side of my car near the front driver's side tire. He scared me so bad...

Aaron's / harassment from employees once the manager has already spoken to customer

Francesca Mcclendon on Jan 22, 2019

I'm a customer in Quincy fl and I was working with the store manager Mr. Cliff on my furniture bill and I was still getting harassed by another store employee. He suppose to be a sales manager he's and African guy. My grandma was funeral was today and I still was getting calls. I paid on...

Aaron's / very rude manager at lapeer aarons yelling at me and being disrespectful

isamar ramirez on Jan 17, 2019

He works my case in lapeer michigan arrons with a person like this being so rude doesnt even want toake me reccommend anyone and give really bad reviews very disrespectful employee i been trying to make payment i was late and he was yelling at me like a child and keeps denying our...

Aaron's / service at the lancaster, tx store

Tamesha Brown on Jan 12, 2019

I need someone in upper management to contact me ASAP. I have been waiting on Regional Manager to contact me and I have not heard anything yet. This all began when my husband and I went into the store on Dec 22 to order to Kinberly sectional. We submitted our paperwork and the District...

Aarons rental / overdrafting my account

Tleasure on Jan 10, 2019

Customer service opportunity HSC0318145 needs your attention. Please utilize the link below to view the opportunity. Click here to view Opportunity: HSC0318145 Ref:MSG11585119 I want my money put back in my account all of it cause I tryed to make it right they screwed me over so I want...

Aaron's / trying to over pay and my neighbor saying they came and was trying to kick my door down

Tonyparker1283 on Dec 27, 2018

Hi. My name is Anthony Anderson and I have recently talked to one of the corporate office agent on November first where I paid her $150 for my payment then the store called me back 2 weeks later talking about I owe them money I told him I paid the lady then I just paid for December on...

Aaron's / furniture and employee attitude

keepitreal33 on Dec 17, 2018

I was on the black friday and I ended up getting a different bed... So I was scheduled to be on the 19th for my delivery they ended up bringing it 6 days later and it has not been a month so I get this disturbing call from one of the employees that was very rude to me and was just going...

Aaron's / wrongful treatment

Rebecca Robinson on Dec 17, 2018

I got a bed from Aarons and we were very pleased.i live in Somersworth nh and I had dealt with aaron.i am not ok with the way he treated us.we had a promotion for 5 dollars down and then no payment till th next month.we tried to pay the 5 dollars and they had told us to give it to the...

Aaron's / 55in tv

Chris Firmestud Sandoval on Dec 11, 2018

so the delivery guy came to my house to drop off the tv and ps4 and when delivery guy was puting it in my home he hit it aganst the door and droped it on the ground not like fully droped but like it sliped well he said if i wanted him to set it up the tv i said its up to u if not i can...

Aaron's / living room and tv

Veronica rodriguez on Dec 10, 2018

You people suck all you do is take advantage of people that can not afford to but what they need in cash so you sell crap as much money i had spent you need to fix what i bought at arrons on Fredrick rd in san Antonio texas you people should be investigated to show people how you do us you...

Aaron's / beautyrest bed

Sara and Anthony Fowler on Dec 10, 2018

I leased a softer bed due to my back problems. Herniated disk, and fractured tailbone. I leased it and after a month of having it give or take there would be a divot or a large indentation where I sleep. I toss and turn at night due to my back problems and as I toss and turn I am assuming...