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65" samsung tv

I called Aaron's store on western ave in Sioux falls three days ago and asked them to come and get the tv I'm renting; however the guy I talked to was very rude and disrespectful to me. I told him the day I'll be off work and he said those days doesn't work for him and the days he gave are days I'm at work. I told I won't be home those days and he said he don't give a [censored] I should do whatever or bring it in myself. I don't think that's good customer service. My cell phone number is [protected] and email is [protected]

laptop computer

He Arrins store here in Toccoa/Eastollee Georgia 30577. Well heres how it happened my well my 8yr old sons HP LAPTOP computer crashed or whatever so I took into the store here inToccoa for them to look at and the manager at the time said they would have to send it sumwhere for servicing now mind this was just last year they said it would go out the truck that thursday after christmas they said it would only be week or two before they got it back and here it is March 9th 2020 and they saying it still ain't came back in. now I am excuse my language getting pissed off I have been renting from them for over ten years now I am fixin to get on facebook Twitter instagram and any where else and post what these so called employees of the arrons store here in toccoa Georgia is doing the laptop should have already been back to in by now and plus our little boy uses it for his schooling we homeschool him and now because of it he is way behind and also if possible get a laptop that is of equal value because right now I am paying for something I ain't even got just like they did me last year with washer machine please help and get this [censored] under control I am about to go up there and settle it myself or send sum folks to do. it for me here is my name that is in the account Melissaq S Schlink home address is 318 Old Mize Road Toccoa Georgia 30577 if ya need anything else feel free to contact me or steven via email [protected] [protected] or phone # [protected] ask for me or steven carter I an about to go to my lawyer just to let ya know so let us know something pretty quick thank and god bless Melissa Schlink and steven carter

predatory contracts

Kerrville, Texas

Specifically inspired by the store in Kerrville, Texas. Just don't do it. Aaron's contracts in my opinion are predatory. They only serve Aaron's. I don't know what's better - send your money to Nigeria because you won the lottery or sign your life away with one of these contracts. I would never deal with Aaron's again and will encourage anyone for the rest of my life to never deal with this corporation as they operate today. They need new leadership.

I urge everyone to search settlements of lawsuits with the FTC where they installed spyware on rented computers. Also read the National Law Center documents on the Rent to Own Racket and more. Not to mention Consumer Reports. Buy you a used appliance from Facebook marketplace. You will thank me and be forever grateful. My experience with customer service is poor to none and I hope you never have a problem. I don't want to talk about management but beware and proceed with caution If you sign a contract with this store good luck and Godspeed.


I purchased this refrigerator about 2years ago at store # c1527, 209 superior avenue bogalusa, louisiana 70427 about the last 6months I started having problem with it leaking water in side of the veggies bins. Each time I go in to make my payment, I was told that a work order had been place. But till this day february 16, 2020. I have purchased a lot of merchandise from aaron's but I guess my business is not of value to aaron's. I paid off my refrigerator account and end tables and coffee table account. I am very upset with this company. I was award the aaron's gold star preferred customer award. But right now I am very disappointed with them, I am considing t aking my business elsewhere. I went to purchase a riding lawnmower but was told my account is locked. But the next day I received a call from the store asking if wanted to get anything, they was running a sale. I don't think I want to be buying anything else soon.


The Aarons in Jasper, Texas has had my refrigerator for over 2 months. They have been giving me the run around about it and now when the last payment is due they are calling non...


i got couch called day firt pymt ws gonna be due as had something come up and called Aarons in Burlington iowa to come pick it up and not charge my card for the whole month he refused and said i couldnt get refund and would have to just keep it til the end of the month then call to have them pick it up told him didnt want to keep it for another month finally gave up does no god and they are good liars there say if have something come up they will work with you yeah i got ocen front property right here in Illinois for 2 cents a acre soon as they get couch im done will go to rent a center if need something not going back to Aarons and them liars name IS Troy Joned can be reached at [protected] i called on January3rd as talked to them about the couch when black friday ad was going on so no payments til jan 2020 they said delivery be soon as got couch in but waited til mid or later part of december even though they left their paperwork as 11/29/2019 Mr Douglas J.Herdliska is one i talked to i was also told my pymt would be around 107.00 a month it was 117.00 some odd cents i called back asked told itt was a etended warranty for when i got couch paid off i said i didnt get asked you just assumed what crap well keep it for another onth and we will credit you10.00 back off net payment no thanks they best get here get this or all helk gonna break loose.


On January 3, 2020, I called the store at 3364 Cental Ave, Hot Springs AR. I spoke with a lady to ask about fixing my french door refrigerator. the handle on the freezer part came off. She informed me that after you pay off the item that aaron was only responsible for 60 days once it had been paid off. She then told me that it was still under warranty and someone would be out January 8th. I call the store today(January 8th) and a man name Anthony explain to me that they took me off the list because it was not under warranty.
No one called me to tell me that they had canceled the order to come out to fix the refrigerator. I stayed home all day waiting. I responded with why and I became very upset. I have a very loud voice and it may seem as if I was screeming. He begin to scold me if I was a child. I explain to him that I had spent over $3000.00 dollars in that store and you mean that you won't honor your contract. I have never heard of a aaron's club until today. The point is that I paid off two refrigerators on time and everyone was nice except this person. I told him that I would never step back in that store again; to sum it up he was very rude and never should he talk to anyone like that. I am 75 years old and I demand respect. It is the principal of the matter, that every customer be treated with dignity.

Brendalyn Henry Jacobs

I very un pleased with the lies I was told from one of your rep

My son is a college kid looking to order a bed room set because he live with me the rep ask will I be willing to just go down seen I own the home ahe will not be credit checking or doing anything with my name it will just go down now he gets a call that they cant deliver him anything do to me owning something that's been reported close out on my report in all the supervisor at the store in bloomfield lied twice to me in when I approach him he got very defensive in rude on the phone his name al he works out of bloomfield I will not like to see work or deal with customers he stated they didnt run social he check name in order to get ports they had to run my name I just got marry never put anything under odoms it was under ports so their for my social had to be ran in iam very inpleased in if nothing done with him I will take further actions he also said he didnt care if I reach out to corporate or anything I was a work with a room full of people for witness I dont care what the situation is customers service a must I need to be contact immediately [protected]

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rental of my washer and dryer

Hello, I am currently paying a monthly payment of $134 for my washer and dryer.. it was originally set up for the 15th of each month but with financial set backs I have had to spread out payments... I find it frustrating that Aaron's doesn't allow you to pay half and half in their website or even when you call in. Customer service at the Boise Idaho location is disgusting... if I'm one day late they call 10 times a day!!! And when you try to explain that you are not backing out on payments you just can't pay that day they are very rude about it and threaten to take it... I have about $800 left to pay and it's unfortunate that they will lose a customer over terrible service that could be corrected with a more realistic outlook. I make my payment every month... I was also told I could skip a payment if I needed to .. that they allow one.. but when I try to use that they say that's not allowed. So frustrating

broken refrigerator

I am buying a refrigerator and a stove for Aaron's on the east south blvd in Montgomery AL. I paid down on the applicants and they brought it out the next day. It took all night for them to get here. When they did came one of the worker was I guess trier he tried everything around to get out putting in the refrigerator. (O we can't get this in we will have to bring you another one tomorrow, one of the men who brought it here). A couple days later my food started to smell I was wondering why. The deep freezer works wonderful, but the refrigerator?? I don't know so I had brought milk and it spoil I brought more not knowing the refrigerator was out. So I call Aaron's and let them know my food is spoiling and to check my refrigerator. So the one of the young ladies said what to put the refrigerator on -38. So when I close it it went back up on 60. They came out I took my frozen food out and I had to through all my food I had brought with my money in the trash! I ain't going to lie I am a little upset. So the manager gave me the distance manager number. So I call him and he was talking about we don't reimburse food. I feel like that's my money in which I am paying Aaron's every week to keep my food so it wouldn't be spoil! My money gone down the drain. That's not fair! Now they got me with a loaner until they get minds fix . Hell it been almost a month now I haven't heard from them I have to call them. The manager has a very very very bad attitude. She don't know how to conduct business. You can't work with the public and with a attitude like she has! I am kind of angry with her. I feel mistreated. Myself and Mr. Holcombe .. We shouldn't feel neglected we pay our bill every week we suppose to have what we pick not to have no a loader. It has been to long we are not paying for a two door refrigerator we pick a side by side refrigerator. I am very unhappy about this situation. I am not trying to be nasty but i am getting impatience! Something need to be done about my food that was lost and the way the we have been mistreated with Aaron's staff on the east south blvd Montgomery, Alabama.
Eddie & Contrina Holcombe
Please reply

bedroom set and clean up

I've been a customer w/Aaarons furniture for almost 2 years. Towards the end of my lease on my living room set I received a letter from Aaron's saying that if I purchase another item, they would pay the last payment on my living room and the 1st month on a new item. I ordered a bedroom set. It took almost 3 weeks to receive the bedroom set and when they brought the set it was missing the 2 draws that go below the mattress. The guy said that they didn't order the draws. I don't know why you would have to order the draws separately, if the bed is supposed to have 2 draws under the mattress. Also they damaged the night stand. But told me it was broken. The night stand had a deep gouge on the top of it. Also I'm complaining about the cleanup that never happened. They left cardboard, Styrofoam and plastic all the way from the elevator to my front door which is at the end of the hallway. The mess was all over the doors and matts of 5 of my neighbors . Which I had to clean and vacuum up. I'm disabled and I shouldn't have to clean up after a delivery. In addition my bed wabbles and shakes every time I move on the bed. They didn't tighten up the screws and I didn't feel safe sleeping on the bed last night. I'm very very disappointed and want a resolution ASAP. I do have pictures and a video of the mess they left and a video of how my headboard and bed moves wen sitting and laying on the bed. My name is Daniel Gaines and my # is [protected]

bedroom set and clean up
bedroom set and clean up

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    Two words: They Suck

the service of aarons in neosho

They have over charged me on my payments. They called today and wanted a payment today. I explained that I would make a double payment on the 27th because I have to replace parts on my vehicle so I can go to work. The guy was really rude and said that they was going to be in town today and that he would come pick the washer and dryer up. I said I was not going to be home and that the washer and dryer had things in it and I would like to keep my things. The last time they had to come get a new dryer to be fixed I had a blanket in there and they never brought it back. I would like someone from district to contact me at [protected], ASAP.

Thank You,


I rented to own a GE washer and dryer because I have alot of itching unknown cause I had that but Today November 9 2019 Aaron's were out hiding in truck to grab the washer dryer, I am deaf individual I was driving back and forth to Phoenix to do work to pay for washer dryer but Instead one of my neighbors called me said hey Aaron's truck is hiding over here and said someone looked in my car told I am going to report this illegal activity they took it and I am goi g to let people on social security benefits do not rent from Aaron's because of this will.happen to.them too same way bad people and illegal business snooping in my car I bet looking for money I will report this I dont like the store horrible just rude people I dont trust them anymore I am on retirement benefits enough is enough

unethical behaviour

My name is Deanna Cobb i have been renting from arrons stores between your somersworth nh and your biddeford store. I think i have be used very unfairly granted that i admit i did put my part into it but i think anyone would and now either store will rent to me. I have said sorry to them and still it has not work i would like to have something done if there is anything that can be done to be able to rent again it not like i have destored any of your items.

1. I rent a bed from your biddeford store which was supost to be new and when i received it it looked like it was till i had a bed bug problrm in my apt i contacted them about it which i understand that u couldn't take it back and ask what to do with it and no one could even be bothered with me when the find out about the problem. So i got rid of the bed because that is what i had to do because of where i lived.
I understand what they was say about no taken the bed back but they could have been a little more helpful. And then found out when i took the bed apart that it had been repaired so to me it was not new.

2. I called your somersworth nh store and rented a love seat from them i didnt have it very long when my aunt passed and i was given one from her so i turned it back they were very rude because i did that .

3 i called to rent a computer from your nh store and only had it for a short time and had them come pick it up because i ran into a money problem just because i had them come and get it they again was rude to me and giving me a hard time in renting again

I think as far as i go and again i admit i have been upset to about this that they will not rent anything to me and like i said it is not like i have destored anything of yours

I even called your nh store and talk to bill and said i was sorry for all the trouble and admitted that i was wrong to and should have not said things to.

So now i tried to call your biddeford store and was told they would not rent to me i think this is poor business on their part. I am sure i am not the first person that they have gone threw with this i could see if i had destored something but i haven't and i feel that i should be able to rent anything i want and if there comes a reason that it needs to go back i should be able to do that and not be treated the way i have been with both stores.

So if there is anything that anyone can do so i can rent again fine but if not at lease i can say i have tried

Thank you
Deanna cobb
6 st ignatius street
Sanford maine 04073
P.S please contact me as soon as possible thank you

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replacement tv

At the beginning of October I called the Arnold location about fixing my TV. It took them another call and two weeks to take my TV and replace it with a temporary. I was told it was temporary untill my TV was fixed. I called for three weeks about the TV and at the end of October I was told by Mike that I would get a new TV because my TV couldnt be fixed. Today, is the 4th of November, my normal payment on the 1st. I of course got a call about my late payment but nothing about my TV. I asked for the manager, he informed me that we would have to keep the "temporary TV", that was smaller and a different brand than our original TV. I told the manager I would pay Monday. He informed me I would not get another TV untill I paid and that he still would not know when the new TV would be brought to my home. Also, that we would not get a new TV but another used one. Which is OK but he could have atleast let me chose what TV I would have to pay monthly for not him. I thought about the demeanor of the manger and told him to come and get the TV . I no longer want to have this TV nor do not want to be treated rudely and unfair.I am A LOYAL CUSTOMER, Everything in my home all the way to the washer and dryer has been from your company. I have never had a problem before. I dont mind making my payment but to not know when the product will arrive is a problem for me but the company wants their payment. THE MANAGER TOLD ME TO GET THE NEWER TV I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FIRST. I had maybe 13 payments left so Im upset that I have basically lost my money but I will not take UNPROFESSIONAL treatment . Will I get any refund? My name is Robin Harris, I live in St.Louis, MO. On Delmar ( you all can look my account up ) The location was the Arnold, MO

customer service

I am rent a complete bedroom suite from Aarons here in Sapulpa Oklahoma, I had a stroke on October 5 of this year which put me out of commission to be able to work. I have called and spoke with Chris and Keith both and explained the situation I have had this furniture for almost a year and have never missed a payment until this happened. The extended my payment for a couple of weeks but if anyone knows anything about strokes a couple of weeks to get back to working is impossible. So on Friday November 1 Keith called and asked me " so what are you going to do about this". I told him that I was trying to get back to work but it isn't that easy and that I might have to file for disability. Keith said " we'll we have worked with you as much as we can we can't do anything else to help you" I said I'm trying I don't want to lose my furniture I said but if you can't understand that I had a stroke and can't give me anymore time then come and get it. He said ok we will.
Now what's disturbing is that I didn't plan this and my payments have never been late so I'm only October behind which is one month
They act like I'm lying and they could give two [censored]s about my condition they just want their money and they don't care. I don't want to lose my furniture or all the money I have already paid please help me. Here is proof that I have a medical condition

customer service

hp laptop

To whom it may concern:

My name is Teresa McDowell, and this is about my 5th time trying to contact someone from this company concerning the issues I'm having with a HP Laptop I purchased from Aaron's Rental in the Marble Falls, TX store. While the laptop was still under the manufactures warranty through HP, I contacted them due to some problems the laptop was having and the HP technician told me to return the laptop back from where I purchased it to receive a replacement and they would verify that when the store contacted them about it. They sent me an email to verify this as well. I took the laptop to the store and the manager of the Marble Falls location Andrea said she could fix the issue no need to return the laptop. I said no HP said it was a hard drive issue and they would exchange it for another one that's what I want to do. Andrea said I am a computer goo roo I will have this one fixed in a few days. I told her I wanted it replaced. A few days later she called said my laptop was done and ready for me to pick it up. The only thing she had done to it was factory reset it and deleted all my photos and saved items I had on the computer off the computer. She also deleted all the HP programs off and never installed any of them back on the laptop the issues it was having it continued to keep having. I'm still getting the hard drive error message all the time and then the computer shuts down and I lose all my stuff. I've purchased many thousands of dollars of items from your business and I feel I'm entitled to have this dealt with properly by someone other than the person claiming to know how to repair computers out of the store location in Marble Falls, TX.
I could have factory reset the laptop had that been the problem but it wasn't and resetting it didn't do anything at all but delete all my daughters wedding photos and my business documents. Now my laptop is not covered by the warranty it's since expired and I've had this laptop taken back to that store several times with many different issues concerning it. This last time was the final straw for me though. I asked Andrea to contact HP concerning the laptop she refused, insisting she can fix it. I told her and Andrew another store employee no she can't fix it if she don't replace the hard drive and HP said to exchange it for a replacement and that's what I want to do. Andrea said she wasn't allowed to do that even though the manufacture said to do it.. 

A complete bunch of bull is what she was telling me. I have been more than patient with Aaron's Furniture Rental concerning this issue and now my patients has run out as far as waiting to hear back from someone goes. I plan to contact an attorney over this issue and I will also file a complaint with the BBB concerning it as well. 

Why she insisted on something so minor turning into something so much more than it had to be is beyond me. This could have been fixed many months ago had she listened to the manufactures recommendations pertaining to their equipment. Complete laziness at its finest is what her actions represent.

Someone may feel free to contact me at 

[protected] if they'd like but honestly I feel like the customer service is lacking with your company at this point and time.

Best regards,  

Teresa McDowell 

freezer and mattress protector

Millie from Wv I've been with Aaron's for long time and never been late with my paments, I always paid them off before the dead line, I bought a deep freezer and it was on sale when I ordered it, then the lady Tina didn't order it til the next week and it went off sale, I told them it was on sale when I ordered it and they gave me it for that price, and while I was making Paments on it they was suppose to fix it to have the regular price the one that was on sale, they never did, so I got it paid off and then a couple of months passed and they called and said my paments was late and I told them that I already had paid it off, so they said they would take care of it, then I wanted to order a mattress protector and first they told me that it would be $200 for it and it was only $53 dollars so why was they going to make me pay 200 for something that was only 53 dollars, the. I called them back and then they told me they couldn't get them in ever again, and they didn't know when it would be available again, they lied to me . So I called Clarksburg Wv and they said yes they can order it anytime, they didn't go out of stock, so I called Elkins Wv and they said yes they can order it anytime I wanted it and it was only $53 dollars, so why was the lady in Buckhannon trying to charge me $200 for something that was only $53 dollars .plus saying they didn't have any more and they can't order them ever again, why are they being so mean to me, I've never done any wrong I paid off my bills every time, and never late and then get treated the way I did, so that I know they don't want me back in their stores again . This is unfair and I feel unwelcome, so what can I do about this, can I go to another store beside the one in Buckhannon, they say that you have to go to the ones that in your city, but when they don't want to do any business with you what do you do, from unwelcome person


i been with arrons for a long time even paying off items am all way makin sure i rent things weather i need it or not but under new managment twice i one month i get call about a payment thats not even due yet well am goin take two things back and pay of the computer and frezier cause its all most paid and the am not walk in that store again see i work 3 [censored] and i was sleeping when they called me my name is david fuller and then they say am sorry where new here lol

service/ employee

I received a phone call from the Perth Amboy Office for payment. The women that called was very rude and nasty and when I yelled back she told me to go see her in the store to fight. I have never dealt with such unprofessional people in my life. I called back requesting a manager a Alex answered and when I asked for corporates information and her employee Id to make a complaint. He refused to provide me with any information.

account management team

My name is Andrew Jones i am a customer of Aaron's I have been a customer for a long time now the account management team at Aaron's location in Cincinnati Ohio ZIP code is 45211 is a complete I have been paying on a TV since 2017 and I am supposed to have only one final payment of $64.20 but when i called to the Aaron's location in Cincinnati Ohio the account manager said that i never made a full payment in December of 2017 but that's a lie because i have proof that i paid a full payment here's the proof DATE PAID: 12/28/2017TOTAL: C1874AGREEMENT / MEMBERSHIP: 12966AMOUNT: $64.19 so I'm upset with this store I don't appreciate being ripped off either and lied too

shannon store manager in lacey washington

She gave my personal information out to a man I had an order of protection on after I repeatedly requested him to not be contacted . I did complain and after that had the expense of a move so I was late on a couple payments but made up in full. After that my boyfriend who during me coming in to make a payment was seen with me came in to purchase a coach was told no and she wasn't playing that. Not sure what that meant but he wanted to pay in cash because it was an amazing deal. A month later I got a registered letter telling me my lease was up and to pay the remainder of voluntary give back my bedroom set after paying on it over a year and was current on my payments. This is all over someone holding a grudge because I complained about something she should have never done give out my personal information.

shannon store manager in lacey washington

employees: customer service

I received a threatening message from someone who is employed by Aaron's and I'm not at ease about it at all...I feel like something needs to be done or I'll take it a step farther..Aaron's in the Metairie/Kenner area...
I called the manager or whoever answered the phone saying they would try to figure it out and call me back to get and update and still no response...Maybe it was him or he just don't give a damn about the customers but that's not right..My mom called also and they said we handled the situation and that was also a lie...

employees: customer service

rowlett texas staff

My name is Octavia Viney, I have been with Aarons for almost 2 years if not more and I have never miss my payment. I've always paid my payments. I fell behind this month due to a lot of personal situations so I did come into the office to make payment arrangements. I said I will be in by yesterday which was Friday the 25th. I did not make iton the 25th and was coming in today which is Saturday the 26th of October and before I can even get out of my bed my door was being knocked Down and I'm literally mean being knocked down so hard that my walls were shaking. the African American woman who is from New Orleans Louisiana at the Rowlett location and her sidekick was banging on my door that hard. I understand the rules and regulations but for her to bang on my door that hard as if she was the police doing a drug bust and scaring my kids the way she did has me very much so ANGRY. I am very offended I do not appreciate that. No matter what im a customer and a loyal one at that. I DONT DESERVE THAT KIND OF TREATMENT AND IM TO THE POINT I WANT YALL TO TAKE ME COURT JUST SO I CAN BE HEARD. I REFUSE TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL.
If you need to contact me please feel free to call me. [protected]

customer service

I've been a customer for 3 years and this is the second time I had to deal with the unprofessional/ disrespectful people that work on South Salina Syracuse NY it don't make no sense how rude they in there and it's not one it's all of them. I will never be a customer nor will I send people there because my experience was the worst I ever experienced with those people just unprofessional idiots

samsung washer and dryer set

I ordered my products off Aaron' pretty easy. Call the local office due to status saying pending for almost 2 weeks spoke to the store rep Sky who said my order was not in yet and as Soon as they received it they would call 2 set up delivery. So I waited checking the website occasionally to check the status of my order. Still saying pending I decided to speak to A representative who advised me the order was shipped 2 the store and contacted Aaron's in Albany ga herself on 3 wsy. Spoke to Sky who sat up a delivery date for the 16th of October. So the set was delivered to my home with out a manual for the washer machine which looked as if it it was preowned not new. Delivery driver/ Manager sat the unit up walking me thru the steps as he is googling the merchant to info me on how to work the washer. I was able to wash 1 load of clothes before the washer machine flooded my laundry room, hallway and master bedroom
Water was everywhere. I called the local office immediately to inform the rep about the issues I was having with the machine & ask if they can send someone out and also ssk for a manual thst I was told needed to be printed out for me .Sky the Aaron's rep was so set that if was my fault the washer machine was overflowing and flooding claim ing it was due to my pipes in my house and how I needed to hold down the power button and resetting the unit. So I did and again the washer machine did what it did the 1st time over flow this time water was coming from the top and bottom of the machine. So I called the store back spoke to Sky again who told me she remember me telling her about my pervious washer machine that was flooded my house and how it was not her problem. To shut me up she claimed she would call me back and send someone out to check the problem. 3 hours had went by and I nevered received a call back so I decided to contact Aaron's again about the problem I was having. Again Sky is back on the phone.I ask 2 speak 2 the manager she informed me the manager was not in and she will get someone out 2 my home in the next 2 days. Which would have been Thursday or Friday. Again no call no service tech. Taking matters into my own hands I started googling the issue that was occurring and try trouble shooting myself still no manual that Sky claim she was going 2 print out. The code 4C came up on the washer machine after all the trouble shooting done .so I called backed to inform the store again on Saturday Oct 18 Spoke to a different rep Rhianna who was informed about the situation by Sky and advised me to reset the washer machine which I have done 3 days prior. She advised me that she would put in for a service call who was a 3rd party and they will give me a call prior to coming out. So now I am fed up. Sky said the same thing Wednesday when I called the store . So now its Saturday and I still unable to wash clothes. Under a Tropical storm warning I decided to go up to the store due to the lies and attempt to schedule a pick up and go with a different rent to own copy ask to speak to a Manager again he he not available. Rhianna showed me a worked order that she just put in after we hung the phone and ask If I would give Aaron's another chance to resolve the problem. Service guy just left Oct 21st and the problem is with the washer machine not my water lines nor pipes has Sky implemented. it's internal .Pressure sensor needs replace in thw washer machine and it won't be until Thursday before the problem is fixed. Again I called the store to speak to the Manager and again he is Unavailable. What are the chances. The Albany store is a JOKE.. the only representative I would deal with is Rhianna. Sky is rude and a Liar she does not need to work as a customer service representative/ Assistant Manager if she does not have the abilities to listen to the customers and solve issues and a professional manner.

not accepting cash

I do not see why cash is not being accepted. That is such [censored]. They will never get my debit information because the one Card I did give them, they hit it up 3 days before the payment was due. If they won't accept cash I am going to Buddy's rent to own. I have been with Aarons many years but if this is how they treat their customers then I will be gone in a quick minute. Maxine Leonard, Copperas Cove, Texas

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    Except for the fact we are dealing with retards that charge the card 3 days before it’s due. And I didn’t ask for your opinion anyway retard

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 19, 2019

    It costs more to deal with cash than it does to be a cashless business in 2019.

    Using debit cards and checks also creates a paper trail, which is useful for a rent to own business so both sides can prove that a payment was or was not made by looking at banking statements.

    On another note, maybe stop going to rent-to-own places at all. Everything ends up costing many times more than it would have if you just saved up money and bought the item outright.

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unprofessional behavior

I have been a customer of Aaron's for many years. My six accounts are at the Aaron's in Fontana, CA. Since my representative, Jessica, no longer works at this location, it has been straight chaos dealing with this store. I pay my accounts on the 5th and 20th. Today is the 18th, WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME! I DON'T NEED SOME TWO YEAR OLD TO REMIND ME OF THE PAYMENT! I will be a customer when he (Luis) is no longer employed there. I have brought my account information to the attention of the manager. Hopefully someone will want me happy or I will close all six accounts. I am very upset at this moment and there is an Aaron's closer to my home or a RAC.

Sandra M. Beverly


I was told by "will" at the Mount Airy NC office that the total payment due by 10/15/19 would be $270.22. I received an E-Mail from you stating it would be $281.18. I DID NOT authorize the latter amount and, if the latter is attempted to be deducted from my checking account, I will instruct my bank to DENY PAYMENT AND TO PROCEED WITH FRAUDULENT CHARGES AGAINST AARON'S!!! I only authorized $270.22 to be deducted! "Will" also stated that the Mount Airy NC store does not send E-mails with payment reminders, so who sent it? I have been a long time customer of Aaron's in Greensboro NC and have never encountered such blatant incompetence!

Call me ASAP at [protected]!

Mrs. Simmons


This is the second time my dryer has went out at Aaron's and they are refusing to pick it up because I owe on my account and nothing is passed due, I'm not understanding the just of this. The manager Cynthia plays games all the time. If I'm a week late, she called more than one time a day, which is illegal in the state of Florida. I only have 3 months to pay and I got the past month I haven't had a job, yet I paid current two weeks ago and now it's the 9th of October and I owe again. They meesed my schedule up last November and I'm just fed up with Aaron's. I just need them to get their dryer and replace it with a new one.

living room furniture

I bought a living room suit from Aaron's in Marion nc. It was invested with bed bugs!!! Called corporate 9 days in a row they say they will contact regional office and someone will get back with me!! Not one call back!!! They are nasty liars!!! Do not buy anything from them!! I was embarrassed inconvenienced and humiliated!! Corporate just says they will update my complaint! Not going unspoken I promise that! I'm bout to seek legal action!!! Call the local news and blast on social media!!!

living room furniture
living room furniture
living room furniture
living room furniture
living room furniture
living room furniture
living room furniture

false ads

My sister in law wanted a bed so I told her she should go to aaron cause they have something going on aaron send me a email saying pay 0 and you don't have to pay nothing until november they told a lie they made my sister pay 113 dollars I will never tell someone to go to aaron again every since they got new people there it haven't been the same aaron need to take this ad down I been a customer there for 7 years

false ads

customer service

On 9/19/19 I received a call from Aaron store on Cicero stating that my order would be delivered on Monday 9/23/19 between the hours of 11am and 3pm and that I had to be present for the delivery because I purchased the order online. So I didn't go to work on Monday 9/23/19 and lost a day pay just to receive a call from Aaron's around 5:00pm stating that their delivery truck broke down and that my living room would not be able to be delivered until Thursday 9/26/19. Mind you I am literally 2 blocks from Aaron's. My mother just passed away back in June and on Wednesday 9/25/19 I had plan a service at my house but since my delivery did not come I had to cancel everything. On Tuesday 9/24/19 a day after I didn't receive my order I called the store and spoke to the manager Janessa (who was very polite) and she stated that she didn't understand how I received a call last Thursday the 19th when my sofas where not in yet. I told her I have proof. I have my call log from my cell phone showing Aaron's number. She extended my first payment for two weeks later. On Thursday around 7:00 my sofas were delivered by two very respectful gentleman.They both looked over worked and tired so I told them to just set the sofas down and that I would remove the plastic from the sofas. After removing the plastic I notice the sofa was damage and bad. I immediately called Aaron's and the sales person advised me to send pictures to Aaron's email. On Friday I had to call Aaron's store and the manager asked me to resend the pictures. (Mind you I was at work while doing all this and I had to cancel my mother's goodbye dinner again for the second time) After sending her the attached fotos below I was told that my replacement would be delivered Monday 9/30/19 after 5pm. Today when the delivery men arrived they brought up the L side sofa to the second floor where I live and when they unwrapped it I noticed it was a totally different design and color. The delivery man called the store manager and informed her that the order was wrong. So he took the wrong sofa back along with the damage one and will have to come again tomorrow. The store manager didn't bother to call me nor inform me what the next step was. I am so disappointed with their service and I feel so unappreciated as a paying customer. No

customer service
customer service
customer service
customer service
customer service
customer service
customer service

rental agreement

I just want to make it known the reason I am returning the furniture I rented from Aarons Bastrop.
My daughter rented an item from Aarons online and went to the store to pick it up. It was not delivered to my house. My daughter used my address for the rental. My daughter was not living with me she did not live at this address. When she did not pay her agreement they came looking for her here at my home. I spoke to the associate and informed him she did not live here and directed him to where she did live. After a week or two he started coming back to my house looking for her again. When he came he harassed my 67 year old autistic uncle and my uncle called me to come home. When I did I was informed that I would not be allowed any future rentals because of my daughter not paying her agreement. I have had several rentals from Aarons and always paid them off . I also have a couch I am currently renting and have been paying for. I just do not want to continue doing business with Aarons knowing I'm being punished for my daughters neglect with her agreement.

for a store that said they work with you

I will never come back to this store ever again if my friends ask me about them I will say never go their. They need to take off the radio that they work with people cause they don't she they our Lying to people when they our going though hard time and trying to get Caught up they our said if u don't get it all pay off by Friday they will come get it when u have been bring money in to try to get caught up so DO NOT EVER GO THEIR

[Resolved] manager jasmine

The Manager there is very rude!! She hangs up in my face...Cutts me off when I'm talking...I informed her to have the district manager to call me to get an extension and she informed me that she would not have him to call me...the manager Jasmine always plays victim role...She told me that she has a right to hang up in my face and that I'm not her daughter and that she does not need to apologize to me...I always apologize to her for things and she never excepts it...she minipulates you and provokes you...The manager Jasmine is horrible...Don't ask her for extensions...She gives a damn about your life..jasmine manager at palmdale AArons is very rude..I asked her if she could forgive me and she never does..I can' t stande her...just because you have a title and badge does not make your attitude right because of it...I tel her just let me speak let me talk...She makes false accusations...So myself and husband overdrafted our debit card to make her happy...She has lots of pride...So Having to write a review helps me to express myself without being cut off...I still would like an apology for her actions...Which still til this day she has not yet to do that...She also yelled at my husband when we asked for corporate phone number saying she was not going to give us the number...Lied to us about the number being on the site...District manager still has not called me because she has refused to have the DR to call me...I can't wait til all our agreements are paid off...

Aarons in Palmdale Ca

  • Updated by [email protected] · Sep 25, 2019

    The Manager there is very rude!! She hangs up in my face...Cutts me off when I'm talking...I informed her to have the district manager to call me to get an extension and she informed me that she would not have him to call me...the manager Jasmine always plays victim role...She told me that she has a right to hang up in my face and that I'm not her daughter and that she does not need to apologize to me...I always apologize to her for things and she never excepts it...she minipulates you and provokes you...The manager Jasmine is horrible...Don't ask her for extensions...She gives a damn about your life..jasmine manager at palmdale AArons is very rude..I asked her if she could forgive me and she never does..I can' t stande her...just because you have a title and badge does not make your attitude right because of it...I tel her just let me speak let me talk...She makes false accusations...So myself and husband overdrafted our debit card to make her happy...She has lots of pride...So Having to write a review helps me to express myself without being cut off...I still would like an apology for her actions...Which still til this day she has not yet to do that...She also yelled at my husband when we asked for corporate phone number saying she was not going to give us the number...Lied to us about the number being on the site...District manager still has not called me because she has refused to have the DR to call me...I can't wait til all our agreements are paid off...

  • Updated by [email protected] · Sep 30, 2019

    Why has no one responded back to me about my complaint...It shouldn't take long to write someone back...Aaron's cares nothing about our complaints as customers.

  • Resolution Statement

    Issue not resolved...Manager still has not called me or aplogized to me.

theft in my house

This email is for the CEO of Aaron's. I am writing this email today because my experience at Aarons at store C0040 were always wonderful never had a problem or an issue from months and months then I had a delivery done on 9/9/2019 everything was going fine until they left and I realised that my Apple Watch and the cord to the watch was gone.I immediately called the store and the gentleman who I spoke to said he was going to take care of it when they guys came back in and would call me back that night. Needless to say no calls back. I called the store location C0040 and spoke to John Blanton the general manager Needless to say again he had no clue what I was talking about I explain what happened and he said he was going to take care of it and he would get right back to me John did get back to me and said he spoke with all three men and they said that they had not taken it and I was persistent and I knew someone had taken it because it was in that room when they got there and when they left it was not there the next step was to talk to the Regional manager Tony he went way beyond anything that I could expect I was very pleased with his actions and spoke with the guys and told them that he doesn't know who took it and it doesn't matter who took it that it better be in Miss Compton's
Mailbox or front door that night I was going to work at 7:30am in the morning and just happened to look in the mailbox because I had forgotten to check the mail the day before and there is it's my watch with the charger. Now I notified the store C0040 and they texted Tony a sap and he said we will talk Monday morning to find out what the outcome will be to know that you have thieves working in your store and the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights the non-trust in people the insult to my integrity and disappointment has brought me no other choice but to get a lawyer and pursue this further I will wait until Tony calls me Monday morning to see what the outcome is going to be Yes I got my property back but for a week I dealt with The invasion of my privacy and property changing passwords calling credit cards company's Calling T-Mobile and Apple to cut the watch off and they help me block it so they would not be able to get any information they would have to jailbreak I had to do so they wouldn't get my information The fact that there was a criminal in my house working for you is stressfull and has brought distraught in my life enough that my anxiety and
Panic Attack has
The fact that Tony told the three guys that day and then the next morning my watch was in my mailbox. I am asking for is for my bedroom set to be paid off in full for the inconvenience of me having to deal with the stress and anxiety and phone calls after phone calls for this past week.
Thank you,
Judy Compton

  • SubSquirrel Sep 15, 2019

    Good luck! You want thousands of dollars because you think they stole a watch. It was returned and you went through a little hassle. You don’t deserve a free bedroom set.

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wanted to rent a laptop for just a few weeks before school start

on September 07, 2019 I entered the Aaron store in Valley, Alabama to rent a laptop. I chose one filled out the information. Was told there was a block that only the manager could release but it was not a problem since an explanation was provided, I have dealt with Aarons prior. I was told the store manager would be in around 2pm est and I would receive a call to come in and talk with the manager. Around 230 to 245 I call the store where I was informed that the manager would not be in but would talk with me Monday after 4pm est. Monday Sept 09, I entered the store asked to speak with the manager who was suppose to go over the rental agreement with me. No information was located the manager went back in his office never said anything as far as a explanation very uncaring in fact just brush me off . The clerk explained that they couldn't find the computer the clerk from that Saturday had sold the computer no information could be located they would get one from Lagrange Ga and have it brought to the valley store and give me a call when it arrive so forth so on. None of this every happened just got a call about 5mins ago from the young lady who first serviced me on Sept. 07 and a very nice apology. My My My I will advice anyone not to rent from Aarons in Valley Alabama no one takes responsible for their error, customer service is a no no, and if you happen to get the clerks who do care they are very limited with what they can do to help a customer. This store has very poor leadership and yes Im talking about the poor Manager they had on Sept 09 Hats off to the sweet young lady who gave me a call You should be a Manager in that store


We have been with Aarons quite some time now and I have been paying on washer, dryer, tv and PS4 with a payments are $340+, ive been paying on the third of each month but the due dates is on the 15th cause I didn't have to pay late charges, Okmulgee Oklahoma's Aarons store was closed down...they moved my account to a place near us and would let us know July 30th where to make our payments...but was told that I could pay my bill at any Aarons...I paid August 2nd at the sapulpa okla store, go back on September 5th to pay my bill again, they called McAlester Okla Aarons where my account is now and they wouldn't take my payment til I paid $500+ to get caught up.and wouldn't change my account to I'm upset and told McAlester to come get the damn things I have, what I'm wondering is, where is my August payment??? The guy said that it didn't show on his computer that I paid...I'm so mad cause I can't find my I have no proof but shouldn't it be on the computer or did the guy pocket my payment...FRUSTRATED IN OKEMAH OKLAHOMA

unprofessionalism by store manager

Store #C0095
I am a long time customer. I have bought items in Las Vegas, NV. and I have referred customers to purchased items as well. The reason for this complaint is to say. I have recently relocated to Dallas Texas. The professionalism or should I say the lack there of. Is none. The associate I have spoken with. His name is Wade but he isn't the problem. I have ordered a bedroom set online. The issue is that I called to find out my delivery date and to update my contact number. The Manager of the store Azi. I might be misspelling his name wrong. But the way he talked to me on the phone. Was unprofessional and he was very rude. I tried to give him the number as instructed to do so by the customer service rep for the online department. She advised me to contact my local store to give hem my new number. The Manager Azi refused. Told me you don't hear what I am saying? I can't take your number. but I will call you when your item is in the store. I told him. How will you call me if you don't have my new contact number? Then goes to say you need to send me your lease and paystubs. Which was already received last Friday and verified by Wade that they are in receipt of it. To be a manager . He does not know what is going on with the store. How do you treat a former customer this way? No customer service skills at all. I have my degree in business management. I would do a better job with managing and treating customers with respect. I have never been treated in this manner by any of my store managers. Very dissatisfied customer.