Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesall american burger

C Sep 14, 2018

Just read this SNS FB Page - NOTHING but complaints !!! only .3% are any kind of -good-. THis store needs to be CLOSED if you guys can't get them on track !!! If you don't CARE - CLOSE the DAMNED Place !!! Us Locals who give them one more chance are DONE !!! Maybe it will close from just NO BUSINESS !!!

My report is from 14 Sept 2018. Why dont I copy and paste - lets SEE if you CARE to READ IT !!!

  • Updated by Carla Snook · Sep 14, 2018

    You FB posting link is ERROR 404 !!! Stinks and GOOGLE don't go thru either !!! ptooey on Y'all too !!!

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