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burger quality & time

Hi, I just got my food from the Dayton, Ohio location and I am very let down by the quality of the burger and the time it took for me to get it. It took me 20 minutes to get 2 burgers& 2 fries which is completely unacceptable. The burger was so burnt it is not edible. I drove to 4 different drive thru's to get a quick bite to eat, and the one that I find was not even worth the drive. I am very let down, and I am hoping you all can fix this problem.

Thank you, alyssa

burger quality & time

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises


My family and I went to Steak n Shake for my husband's mothers birthday. We put in our order and I asked for my patty to come on the side, a birthday shake and a soup with my meal. The soup never came and the birthday shake never came. My patty was also not put on the side like I asked. Our waitress seemed distracted, as if she were having a bad day. We had to get up and 'hunt down' our waitress whenever we needed something (a refill, to ask for the birthday shake we ordered, and for my soup. I received my soup after I had finished my meal and we had to hunt her down to give us our shake we ordered, we were ready to go (I asked for the shake to come out with the food and it never did). I was in a good mood all day until this experience. I'd like a member of corporate to contact me, please. This isn't the first time I've had a bad experience here: there was a time so bad that I just walked out because we were sitting for 30 minutes waiting to even be greeted.


I am once again complaining about the service at your Fox Valley Mall location.
I pulled to the drive thru last night and sat there for 5 minutes and no one came to the speaker even when I was saying hello are you there?
I drove to the window and blew the horn when a girl came to the window to notify me that they are not doing drive thru tonight because it was just her and another girl in the entire store.
My wife went inside to get her food while I drove to pick up my son from work and she finally got her food about 25 minutes later.
This store is notoriously slow but this is uncalled for.
I think management needs to be replaced or the store needs to be closed, I have literally waited 30 minutes for food before and yes I know it's made fresh but they didn't have to slaughter the cow to make a burger. Please get the store some help and real workers.

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    icemanfist Nov 21, 2018

    Maybe people will take you more seriously when you learn the difference between girl and adult. The worst part about all of this is you are the one acting like a child.

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    Chris1977 Nov 21, 2018

    I think a 2 year old would be more mannered than you appear to be.

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drive thru service

We visited steak & shake tonight to get dinner. The drive thru was busy, but moving. We were maybe 7 or 8 cars back when we arrived. It's a new restaurant, so that wasn't too surprising. We placed our order, and moved up. Then the car in front of us got to the window and that was it. No movement for 25 minutes. Seriously. 25 minutes. In the drive thru. We finally gave up because there was nothing happening. When we pulled away, I was shocked to see that several employees were just standing in the drive thru window looking out the window at the line of cars backed up.


My wife and I took our granddaughters to Steak N Shake #412 in Cape Coral, Fl today at 3:30pm. The food and shakes were excellent. The mens restroom was absolutely disgusting. It had obviously been neglected for some time. The smell of urine was overpowering. The urinal was splattered with drops of urine as was the sticky floor. A filthy toilet bowl was not flushed and overloaded with feces. There were no paper towels in the dispenser near the sinks and the garbage can was overflowed onto the floor. The entire floor was filthy. This did not just happen, this was long term neglect. We had not been in this same restaurant in over a year because of this same situation. I made a complaint at that time, but obviously nothing was corrected. Your customers deserve better than this. Tomorrow I will call Cape Coral's Health Dept. to make this same complaint.

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    icemanfist Nov 20, 2018

    No human being except for a disgusting person like you should have to clean up someone's urine. You do realise it is pig customers like your grandkids that leave the urine on the seat right? Why are you blaming them because pigs like yourself do not flush toilets. Why not apply for a job cleaning up urine and feces from washrooms since you have no issue thinking it is someone's' job to do that when the urine and feces is not theirs.

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the whole place and the food

Come in at 215 waited to be seated. Only one person in the table areas working. Their was another lady that sit and stood around. No manager present. Spills on the floor not cleaned up. Waited 15 minutes before every being waited on.
When ordering food, the sandwich did not say that mustard came on it. When sandwich arrived it had mustard on it. Waitress never came by until we asked for more drinks. Fries was cold and only received a very small amount. Ordered milkshakes for here and came in small to go cups.
Still didn't have drinks. With food.


We went to Steak ‘n Shake in Apopka, Fl tonight. We got there about 10:45 and didn't leave until about midnight. Service was god awful slow and our server was preoccupied with some other guy who works there instead of tending to her table. We waited over 15 minutes for a milkshake just for her to come back and say sorry the shake girl left. Absolutely unacceptable service. Then when we went to leave, she told the cook to move because she didn't want there to be a bigger problem. We frequent Steak ‘n Shake about once a week. We tip very very well. This was the first time I have ever tipped less then $3 on any amount. Terrible service = terrible experience = terrible tip. We only went to this location because the location next to my house on hiawassee and w colonial was closed for some reason. No sign on the door or anything. Locked up with all the lights on but no one inside. This was a terrible experience. It will be a while before we go back to Steak ‘n Shake

  • Updated by Reneesica · Nov 19, 2018

    It wouldn’t have been so bad had we not been completely ignored by our server. She started off strong and everything was good. Then she neglected our drinks, forgot something we ordered, we didn’t get our cookies for our meals, had to wait to get more drinks, and waited a long time for the one milkshake we ordered. She was rude and disrespectful with her comment at the end. “Move John, before this becomes a bigger problem.” If you don’t like your job, DONT WORK THERE. It is that simple. If you don’t want to be a server, DONT. You’ll make more money somewhere else with that poor attitude for your own mistakes of neglecting your tables.


The Steak N Shake on CR 580 in Dunedin, FL has the absolute worst wait times. No matter what day it is, the minimum amount of time you will sit in the drive thru is 15 minutes. I have lived in many areas of Pinellas and Hillsborough county and been to a lot of Steak n Shakes & I have never experienced the type of wait that I experience at this establishment. I don't understand how a restaurant can work like this honestly. I continously watch people get out of the drive thru line and leave because the wait times are ridiculous. You're losing a lot of business. I've tried to give them numerous chances and every time it's always the same. They need to get it together.


My boyfriend and i went to a local steak and shake. We odered 2 meals 1 with onion rings and on sandwich with no raw onions. I was waiting in drive thru for my order. I get it and i have 2 fries and my burger had raw onions. I tap on the window and tell her the order was wrong she apologized and had us pull up. We waited about 5 minutes and they came out with new sandwich and onion ring. Sandwich was still wrong and now missing a fry. I was not pleased with my visit.


Your restaurants in Elkhart County, Indiana have to be about the worst I have ever seen. Visited the on on ST...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises

drive thru wait time and got order wrong

On 11/17/2018 at 1:55AM my boyfriend and I got in line in drive thru, now I realize u make orders as you go, but it took 30 minutes for anyone to take our order. After 20 minutes we realized that your employees were taking 1 order at a time. Then when we did order it wasnt exactly filled the correct way, we ordered 2 burgers, fries and drinks. One of the burgers was not supposed to have any tomatoes but it did, the other was fine, we were asked if need salt, pepper etc. of course we got no salt so we had to throw fries away, they were awful without salt. As for the drinks one was coke and the other was to be dr. pepper, nope I got root beer.

i'm complaining about the service.

I never thought I'd complain about your company, but today was a awful experience. My family waited for 5 to...

terrible service, awful quality, and staff lied to my face

I hate to be just another member submitting a complaint to Steak n' Shake, after it is evident that their...

customer service

On vacation October 14th i stopped in your location 1101105 (n. Glen Location) in Springfield Mo. the manager...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises


We all seen the terrible video of the poor gentleman refused service and not even allowed in your...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises

locations not close enough

I am writing to tell y'all that we need a Steak n Shake here in White Settlement. The closest one is 15 minutes away. Please consider my request and build an oasis of sweet burgers and shakes that Brewer Bears can be proud to dine in. The location I believe would be ideal on the northeast corner of Silvercreek and W 820. The high school is right there and it would be a perfect location for a Steak n Shake. Please build us a Steak n Shake.
Aaron James

poor service drive thru

I have been to the 86th street and Michigan street and have some complaints.

1. really slow to0k 20 minutes that is after someone finally answered. it seemed like I was bothering them. Nov 7

2.. the place had all the lights on and I was told that they were closed. it would have been nice to have a sign to say that. Monday Nov 12

3. need to be a little more friendly, very rude at times

needless to say I will not be a guest of any of the steak and shake for very long time

service and manager complaint

Tonight I decided to take myself and my kids to steak and shake. I was meeting other family there, but went early because my son had basketball practice. I arrived at 5:45pm there were only 2 other table there at the time which already had their food. The waiter sat me and my kids down and walked away and didn't come back for over 10 minutes to ask for our drink order. I told him we were ready to order at that time. My kids both ordered milkshakes with their orders. It took another 10 minutes for us to get our drinks after he took our order. Still only the same other 2 tables were there. About 10 min. after that our food came. When we got our food my daughter ordered the macaroni and cheese meal, the mac and cheese was not even half full and she gotten only a few fries. The other half of our party came and it took him another 10 min. to come get there drink order. Meanwhile he never brought us silverware or napkins. It took him a long time to bring there drinks to the point they wanted to leave and my daughter was in tears because of how little the food was. Not once did he come back to ask if we needed anything or how our food was. Meanwhile after being there for 50 min. we still didn't get my kids milkshakes. He finally brought my bill and said they were coming, But other tables that had come in after us had there's. I went to pay and she said it was more than what my bill said. I paid it because I had to get out of there to get to my sons basketball practice. I finally asked to speak with the manager. He REALLY UPSET me. He told me that there was nothing he can do or say to his servers service. That I should have spoke to him before I paid my bill. What kind of people are you allowing to manage that place. I will never go there again. The manager also seemed to think it was funny and said he only has one server and can't tell him to go faster. Well maybe he should be out there helping his staff instead of hiding. When I asked why it took 50 min. for our milkshakes he didn't have an answer. I got NO apoligy just a well when it happens next time let him know before I pay. I suggest you have someone from corporate go to this location and have a serious training program with the whole staff. The place was disgusting dirty tables sitting for long periods of time. I understand being understaffed but they weren't busy.


I was recently in the Countryside FL location - Clearwater, FL
This had to be the filthiest restaurant I've ever been in, the white tile floors are black with grime - I couldn't even guess the last time they were washed. Tables had food on the floor after the tops were cleaned (multiple - not just one or two.) The roof obviously needs to be replaced there are stains on almost every ceiling tile. The bathroom smelled so bad, not bodily odors just a sour dirty smell.

I am going to contact the board of health...this place is that bad.

coupons being honored

I visited the steak and shake at tiedeman road in Brooklyn Ohio - presented my coupon that is valid thru 12-31-2018 - and was told corporate printed those in error. I was so taken aback and speechless- did not want to cause a disturbance because there were families dining- but that is the most inconsiderate un-customer service like thing I have ever experienced.
I just could not believe it. If this is true or not - I anxiously await your response
Thank you

coupons being honored

Steak and Shake