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My husband purchased a Kenmore Elite washing machine and gas dryer from in November of last year for my Christmas gift. It wasn't scheduled to be delivered until January 2, 2019.I didn't know about it until Christmas morning. I'm on my 10th service call since it was delivered. It has had a new control board, a new temperature probe and a new gas intake valve installed. It still isn't working properly. I'm on a first name basis with the repairman that come to my house. I have called corporate but haven't gotten any satisfaction. It should be replaced. It makes no sense to keep calling for it to be serviced. The last washer and dryer we purchased from Sears lasted 20 years. We only bought new ones to be more energy efficient. I have my daughters used Maytag dryer on a furniture dolly that I roll into my laundry room when my Kenmore dryer isn't working. I have to put a step stool in front of it and sit on it to reach the outlet to plug it in behind the washer because it's electric not gas. Can someone please explain to me why this dryer hasn't been replaced yet? We have other appliances that were purchased from Sears and have no issues with. I'm just done dealing with this dryer.

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Apr 25, 2019
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      Apr 25, 2019

    Hopefully I may help.

    Unfortunately, Sears is on their last breath. You'll likely find limited support through them. Whereas Kenmore is merely Sears' house brand, I wouldn't plan on a great deal of support through them either.

    Per the photo supplied, the washer and dryer are mismatched. Thankfully, Kenmore doesn't really build any of their appliances. The dryer you currently have appears to be equivalent to an LG 1901 model. As a result, you should be able to contact an LG service center and they should be able to service the unit for you, albeit not under warranty. This guarantees, at least, that you will be satisfied with the service before paying.

    Hopefully this will take you to an ultimate solution.

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