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J Nov 08, 2018

I completely agree Sears isn't what it used to be. I am appalled at the lack of communication between divisions, perhaps if there weren't so many "departments... We your Customers might not feel Totally neglected!
We are freezing to death! We Have been playing the Sears will call back in 24 to 48 hours, call customer service oh an my favorite we need another opinion which will take 2 to three weeks normally...for over a Month.
A Month! that's right! a Month ago our Heater went out. Jim is over 85, has Asthma and is on Blood thinners, the nights in Tahoe drop down into the low teens, 12 degree's tonight. We have been without heat or any consideration except 1 really Great Manager who's hands are tied. Even though we have stuck by Sears for 20 years with more than 1 house. Even though it takes longer and longer for an repair appointment, 3 weeks is norm. We are still freezing! It is Ridiculous!
Over 33 hours on the phone, seriously 1 hour and 33 minutes an 39 seconds this morning on one call this morning to be hung up on. Without any help. I am sick of being told they will call back in 24 to 48 hours, as they NEVER CALL BACK, that even the Protection Administration department cannot speak directly with the "Buy out" department. They have to email or chat, which 1 of your better employee's tried and was very shortly told, " send in an escalation." No consideration to to the fact it's the 5th time we've heard this, it was promised a week earlier... and we are freezing waiting.
Over 10 days after it was determined that the heater had to be replaced!, not fixed we fought that game too. Your Sears authorized repairman and his Boss said Absolutely No! it's a safety issue! Say Life or Death! We were told to get it done. Then they needed another... second opinion, or 4th at this point. Which your representative got, with lots of begging on our part and approved the replacement. Your conscientious Rep and us even got them to move up their replacement timeline for Jim's health to tomorrow! Only the same Rep was told and had to relay to us that the Protection replacement depart had to approve their approval for their hired company. They would contact us in you guessed 24 to 48 hours. That was last week. We have lost that appointment!
We tried every day this week, hours, to be told that "Buy out department " has sent a letter, snail mail... then guess not sent, it's in review AGAIN to send us a "Buy out offer? It did not say in the original agreement that they would negotiate a price! It say "replacement, so Replace it. Your own reps are frustrated at the total lack of communication that even they have and are getting .In the mean time it is going to be 12 degrees tonight and we are still freezing. like we are back to square one after a month of freezing. Though this is totally wrong as we can't even contact them.
This is the most unprofessional, inconsiderate approach to business I have ever seen. No wonder Sears is in trouble. What Customer Service? except a few dedicated employees. Definitely not the Jerk, no other word that answered the Corp number who told me "we don't have to talk to customers email us"
And we are still freezing and it really is an important health issue !

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