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Last August, we ordered a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator at a price of around $2000. We live in a rural community and had to pick it up in a nearby community ourselves. The fridge was extra wide so we ended up taking the doors off to get it into our house. In the process, we lost a small washer on one side. The effect is that the doors are not properly lined up.
We wanted to correct the problem and discovered the part online in the U.S. at a price of $1.50. Unfortunately, the company did not ship to Canada so we contacted Sears with the part information. The cost of the part in Canada was $6.00 with a $6.00 delivery charge. We suggested Canada Post would be cheaper but it was not Sears policy to use postal service. The part arrived but it was the wrong one so we took it to the Sears store in St. John's, where we had purchased the refrigerator in the first place. We gave them the part since it was not the one we needed. They indicated they would send the washer free of charge but we have not heard from them or received the washer. That was about a month ago.
Since buying the fridge, we have also bought a dryer ($1000) and a snowblower ($1200).
Our complaint against Sears is this: We are paying top dollar for top of the line merchandise but have not received the quality of service we feel we deserve. We moved to rural Newfoundland last July and Sears provided a convenient way to shop for quality products. We have no complaint about their products but we also expect high quality service. Sears may not be at the top of the list when we consider future purchases.

parts and repair service

My less then one year old Kenmore Range stopped working on Saturday Dec. 6, 2008 and I called to schedule an appt. Sears could not have anyone come to service the Range until Wed. Dec. 10 thats not a problem. So when the 10th comes a technician comes and says that the clock timer needs replaced that is why my oven was not working. He rush ordered the part necessary and tells me the part will be shipped to my address and he scheduled me for Dec. 16th. That day comes and goes no part, no phone call, nothing. I called Sears again and they said I wasn't on the service order for the day, they tell me to call back when the part comes in. I wait until the 20th of Dec. and check on whats going on, they said it looks like they had to reorder the part sorry for the inconvenience. I checked on that order on the 22nd of Dec. I was told the part will be delivered by the 26th. I was called back by a technician on the 29th and he had me scheduled for 8-12 that day, he called to say he was on his way at 8am and I have no part for him. Finally UPS delivered the part at 12:45pm, now I'm the techs last repair today. Needless to say this is unacceptable, its the holidays and I have had no oven for the past 3 weeks. I would feel that more then "sorry for the inconvenience' is necessary!!!

bad associate

I went in to the Sears store in Jefferson City on 12/26/08 to purchase a stove and dishwasher. This was a big deal for me and had saved up all year to be able to this. I had done all my research and knew exactly what I wanted to buy, had the model number in hand. I asked my Dad to go with me so we could use his truck. Here is where my problem started. I asked my Dad to find an associate and Gary came back to talk with us. I was asking him about the grill accessory and he wouldn't look at me. He was ignoring me and my questions. I stepped in front of my father and told Gary that I was the one buying the unit and asked him to please speak to me. He threw a fit and told me it was customers like me who make his life a hell and that I was rude and inconsiderate. I could believe it and asked to speak with his manager. He paged his manager and walked off. I was stunned and on the verge of leaving the store when another sales person, Deana, came up and asked if she could help me. I purchased the stove and dishwasher for just over $1, 500.00. Deana called for the manager several more time and finally Mark, the manager, came over. I told him the whole story and was told that this was not like Gary and that he would speak to him. I hoped that this would make me feel better but it hasn’t. I have had people come up to me since this happened and say that they saw the way he treated me. They said that Gary was also talking about me to other customers and staff. I feel very mistreated and am contemplating canceling my order and going somewhere else. There was no reason that this should have happened, especially at Christmas.

delivery status notification

I ordered an inversion table (large piece of fitness equipment) as a Christmas gift for my partner. He has a bad back and I wanted it to be a surprise. Unfortunately the one I saw a Costco was way too big and heavy for me to transport so I decided to order this online via Sears for an additional 100 dollars and a shipping fee of 50 dollars. I was then asked to pick a day of delivery and that was December 24, 2008.

Now if they weren't able to accommodate, then I surely would have figured out another way of purchasing this item to be under (or beside) the tree for Christmas morning. His back has been so bad I new this was a gift that would bring him much needed relief and could be incorporated with the treatment and exercises he's doing to improve his condition as much as possible.

I remained at my home all day on the 24th and waited. Waited and waited. I dutifully checked the status of my order on line which did not indicate any delay or reason for this item not to arrive at the agreed upon scheduled day.

As the afternoon progressed I decided to call Sears customer service. I was on hold for at least an hour before I had to take other calls then call back. When I did call back, the recording said the business was now closed for the holiday. I could not believe this. Up until 8pm, I was sure they would come but it didn't.

I was mad, and I dont' get mad easily. I would have been satisfied if someone from Sears called me to let me know this item was not going to make it. I felt it was particularly crucial considering it was Christmas Eve and a gift. So I drafted a strongly worded email to the customer service line, demanding a call when they did open to provide me with a proper explanation, exact time and date. I didn't get that call so at 9am so I call customer service. I did recieve an indifferent form email from Sears with no indication of the information I was requesting.

I didn't get the chap's name who took my call. I was more indifferent than the email. I asked him very simple, justified questions that I deserved answers to. Instead I get this crap:

Me: Why didn't the item arrive?
Customer Service answer: Oh, what location was that supposed be picked up yet?
Me: Um, it was supposed to be delivered to my residents. Where is it?
CS answer: Hold on (he then seems to looking maybe). Um it's on the truck.
Me: What? What truck? On my account it indicates "order completed". What does that mean?
CS answer: Well it may very well be on route and arrive sometime today or tomorrow.
Me: That is not good enough. You need to look into this and give me an acceptable answer to my query.
CS answer: (in a bored indifferent tone) I'm sorry, we don't have that information ma'am.
Me: OK, so you dont' iknow and it sounds like you don't give a *(O&*&^9
CS answer: That's not true ma'am. It's being shipped by UPS.
Me: (thinking now I'm getting somewhere) I'll contact them then. I need the information to track this.
CS answer: Oh they can't do that.
Me: You mean you don't care and are unwilling to help me.
CS answer: That's not true ma'am...
Me: (I hung up) and continue to wait.

  • I can tell you right here and now the problem with your order not showing up on time was the fact that;
    a: It was being shipped by UPS. Who ever ordered this for you chose the wrong ship code.
    b: The reason the associate could not help you is because the associates are no given tracking numbers or anything for these orders.
    c: Sears hired contractors to do everything. This is the #1 reason for the ### service you receive at the hand of Sears. There is no accountability for the people who are hired to deliver stuff to the customers.
    d: Sears Canada is owned by an American subsidiary of Sears Roebuck who are owned by accountants. These idiots have seperated the company, sold off piece by piece of it, like the Sears credit cards, and made policies to suit the lining of their pockets. They dont care about your satisfaction, they just care about your money.
    e: 99.8% of Retail Sales Associates don't give a damn about you!! Beth in Whitby On is the only one I have seen call Customer Service for updates on her customers' orders when there is an issue and that is when she is at home or on vacation. But most of these store associates, as soon as they have your money, and they will lie through their teeth to get that sale they dont care. They wont even do anything to help fix it. They have their commission. Oh well. Sadly.. again there is no accountability.

    There is a way you can get back at Sears.
    You see.. there is a new initiative happening right now.
    Any large item you purchase ie.. fridge, stove, fitness equiptment, furniture that is delivered and damaged the associates have to try to make you keep it damaged.

    Yeah.. pathetic isnt it.

    Well it worked for me. I bought a $699.99 fridge on sale, reg.949.99. It had a tiny scratch on it, I blew it out of proportion so I could get more money from them. I got $300 back and there really isnt anything wrong with it.

    They dont ask for pictures., they dont sent a technician to check. So as far as I am concerned SCREW SEARS!!! Take 'em for what ever you can get, because trust me, you cant get a $949.99 fridge anywhere else for $399.99.

    I wouldnt be suprised if they are not belly up in a couple of years.

    So, a lot of times it is the people selling who screw stuff up. Sadly the people in Customer Service have to hear all the yelling and screaming and complaints every day and the company does not give them the resources to properly assist you. How do I know. I have a friend who works in customer service.
    These associates get ### on every day by their managers. And yes, they do have managers, but they will not take a call. These associates have to answer questions for all catalogue, retail store and internet orders, they have to have knowledge of the parts and service warranties and screens, they have to know how to set up a medic to come out and look at your furniture, determine if in warranty, convince people to keep damaged stuff (associates have been fired because managers did not think they were trying hard enough to keep an item sold).

    No longer in Sears Canada is it "Satisfaction Guaranteed". With the delivery sites used, it should read "Guaranteed Damaged!!".

    So buyers beware with Sears Canada. If you order products, ensure you screw them out of some money on large ticket items. Keep your receipts files away, because the company will no longer replace them for you if you need to return something. And always document who you spoke to, what day and what time.

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terrible customer service

I scheduled a repair five days in advance. I had to stay at home to wait for the technician to come out...

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sears won't deliver

I was second in line on Friday to purchase a Kenmore Front loading Washer & Dryer set for $599.00. My...


After reading these complaints, I am shocked that Sears has not recalled this range. The same exact issue...


5 year old Kenmore range oven has problems lighting, smells lioke gas and then lights with a loud boom. Has been happening for a year. Now all of a sudden it smells like something is burning inside the unit. I called Sears to have someone come out immediately as we are dealing with gas and electricity. They said some one could make it out in 4 days. When I told them that I was afraid that something was going to catch on fire - hge said to call the fire department. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM AT SEARS. They hav the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I am so suprised to see all the complaints on this site pertaining to this product.

bad service resulting in blown engine

I trusted Sears auto center with my Jeep. I first went in for general maitenence and tires. Was pleased with...

charging w/o my knowlege

The customers must be aware since Sears is working in a campaign of 0% of interest in your sears card for 12 months. But they are monthly charging you a credit protection fee and if you do not pay it, they charge to your account $35.00. In September 2008 I bought a tractor in $1, 612.00, sears sent the bills to a wrong address and now they are charging me $1722.32. The quantity increased more than $100.00??
Customer... please be aware!!!

sold me a broken gas oven

OK, we went to the Sears Outlet store in Franklin Mills, PA and bought a new range. It was a few hours from home, but we thought that Sears was a national store and that if there was a problem with it, we could return it locally. The price was OK, not great. They said that it was valued at about $2000. and we got it for $1267. In retrospect, the technician that looked at the oven said that it was last year's model and would not be valued at $2000.00. We could have bought a brand new one for that price. Ennyhoo, the salesman said that it works, but it just had cosmetic damage. One little ding in the side. I could live with that b/c it didn't show when I put it in between two cabinets. If there was anything else wrong, the salesman said we could call for service under the one year warranty and if the technician can't fix it after three visits, Sears will replace it. Well, when we turned it on, the knobs got really HOT! My husband thought something was seriously wrong with this thing. We called for service and the repairman said that the whole oven cavity was bent and the door won't close all the way because of the way the oven is bent. The repairman didn't offer to take it and replace it. He told us to return it to any Sears for replacement or refund. We went to the Local Sears store and they refused to let us return it. Then we tried the local Sears Outlet store, and they also refused to take it back. We called the national number and they also didn't honor the Lying salesman's warranty. Additionally, we couldn't return it to the Sears outlet that was nearby. We had to drive it all the way back to Franklin Mills in Philadelphia (3 1/2 hours away) to get rid of it. I cannot believe that they lied to us about all of this and put us through all of this trauma trying to return a range/oven!! I will never set foot in another Sears store again, and you should not either.

  • Ra
    Rachael Roman Jun 20, 2009

    First of all YOU HAVE stepped foot back in a Sears store and bought a bunch of clearance and discounted items and walked out. If there were a penny for every customer who has ever said that someone somewhere would be verrrrry rich. The outlest stores are not BRAND NEW PRODUCTS. They have some NOT all. You had a warranty then you should have called a SEARS service. if it was a valid complaint they would have given you a replacement which you could have picked up from ANY SEARS OUTLET store. How do I know this? I was YOU once and have been through the schibang! ALL OF IT. And why did you go to a place 3 1/2 hours away to shop again...??? Could it because you were looking to get something for nothing...and when you so the item to purchased your eye balls turned into big dollar I about right??? When you self educate on shopping smart you wouldnt blame the salesmen. SALES PEOLE are not GOD! Be smart have a definite idea of what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. Remember if you ask for dropped down prices and shop outlets you can get great bargains dont blame everyone but yourselves you didnt do the appropriete things to redeem or exchaneg your purchase. You should have shopped a yard sale or a buy me ad - instead of going to some outlet store.

    Outlets are meant for ppl who are shopper savy. You are great at writing bad reviews why dont you go right a good one for every time someone has given you exemplery service! Disgusting!

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sears would not hire me because of a background check

My name is Louis SMith a 46 year old white male from Hattiesburg, MS. I was offer a job in the visual...

washing machine is a lemon!!

I bought a top of the line Sears Kenmore Oasis washer and dryer 7-31-06 and paid cash $#1684.64. We have had...

Covington Department Stores

bait and switch

I hope anyone who is sold heating or cooling equipment by Sears In-Home Home Improvement (SHIP) gets to read this before they purchase.

To make a long story short "Sears Screwed me". I purchased a new hot water heating system from Steve last month. I will say that I needed a new system because mine was not working. I paid in full $7, 000 when Steve had me sign the contract. He told me it would be installed on Wednesday and today was Monday. Fair enough.

It has been 3 weeks and I am still waiting for my heating system. I have called the Manager ( Brad ) and all he has been doing is blowing steam at me. My next stop is the Attorney Generals Office.

  • Bi
    bigal May 06, 2009

    We did a Kitchen remodel with Sears in Portland, OR. PLEASE BE ADVISE... stay as far as you can from this Guys... Manager Ken, Regional Manager Marmol. They are just a bunch of scammers. They installation was horrible. The quality a joke. The installers came to our home wearing t-shirts with MARIGUANA legends on it. Unbelievable. They scratched the front of our brand new dishwasher and never take any of my calls. The product is not what MARMOL showed us on the day we get our demo. The installer installed all crooked and I have to forced them to re-installed the cabinets. Not only that when the people from the counter tops were ready to install the cabinets were so tilt they refuse to installed the counter top.


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  • Me
    Meli272 Sep 17, 2009


    On May 1, 2009 I purchased an air conditioner from Sears Home Improvement. My salesperson Mike Cunningham sold the product with a $1500 gov tax credit, $300 Carrier Cool Cash Rebate and a 12 month no payment, no interest offer. He did not state it was an either/or promotion and advised me he would return during installation to complete the rebate processes. He never showed up during installation.

    I called Mike several times, leaving messages when after the 5th call he advised me that he no longer worked for Sears. I contact Sears at 602-337-2780 to speak to Mike Foster as advised by Mike Cunningham. I left several messages for Mike Foster and never received a call back. I called again and asked to speak to Jim Poole the district general manager. He advised me he would look into the matter and call me back. Finally in August I received my information needed for the $1500 tax credit but still nothing on the $300 cool cash rebate. I continued to call and leave messages as the rebate information is due by 9/30 and did not receive a call back. Finally today I called and was transferred to Terry who looked up my order and advised me that the promotion was either the no interest promo or the $300 rebate and since I did the credit promo I was not eligible for the rebate. When I told him that was not how the product was sold to me he said there was nothing he could do and refused to take any further action.

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  • St
    Stevie178 Sep 23, 2009

    Hey, looks like sears got you as well with there B.S.!!! I also purchased a brand new hot water boiler from them thinking that since they have been in business so long that this was the best way to go for an investment in not only my home but my families well being. I also paid for it up front for a little more of a discount but when it came time for delivery and installation well I will tell ya what a disappointment. The boiler did not go in for over 8 weeks but my sales guy says " We have these in stock" famous last words, so thank god my old system held on long enough for the time it took to install the new one. The problem with delivery was that I lived so far north (aprox.1 hour to Canada's border) but this was never revealed at time of signing the contract. The installers are not to blame Sears is, as they did a fantastic job with the install and were very polite and respectful and answered all my questions. Sears had them drive over 5 hours away with 2 vehicles and 3 men, so my question is why sell something that you have to put the owner through such hoops ? I would rather hear "Sorry sir, we currently do not provide sales/or service to that area at this time" now that I would respect and honor but hey now lets just tell the customer what he needs to hear and make the sale. Also I purchased the Master protection agreement with my new boiler and now have to be at the mercy of Sears service men to "get to it" when they can but also I'm being told that I never purchased the plan in the first place and am responsible for showing proof and faxing over a copy of the contract agreement. Well I strongly suggest that anyone thinking of a home improvement not go with Sears and look locally cause it is a lot less grief then dealing with this nonsense !!! I try another call today, only been trying to get my unit serviced now for 2 months, Thank you Sears !!! Think I'll go grab some Preparation H since my ### is been killing me !!!

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  • Oo
    oo3screwed Nov 04, 2009

    I wish I could of had told you about there boilers before you paid. Mine was installed 8/2007. Hasnt been anything but a headache since. I to purchased the Master protection plan. Yea right !! Ive had no hot water since this past September. The problem trying
    to get a tech here then finding out Again parts have to be ordered due to inproper installation !!! Today November 4th and still no parts or hot water. I was just on the phone again for over a half hour and again getting no where.16th call, They tell me to call a repair contractor, pay and then send sears the bill. YEA IM SURE THEY WILL PAY me back . I purchased the protection plan to avoid this.
    I have called sooooooooooooooo many times. I get disconnected, The"ll call back in 24 hours ( 24 hours of what date in what year ?)
    I dont know what to do Ive talked to Managers, so many managers. Like many I put my trust in sears and got totally screwed out of $6.310.00, It makes me so sick . So as your out getting the preparation H for your ### I am going to get bandaids for the inside of my stomach. OH YEA check the unit you buy cause after it is installed they tell you It is the one you purchased even though its not also they tell you that they change the valves to make it that one. Watch and READ THOUROUGHLY the papers you initial and sign cause when your reading the sneaky son of demon ( THE SALES MAN FRANK OTTO )will distract you with an appealing conversation about the boiler to take your mind off the papers. YOU DECIETFULL SONS OF ### !!!

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  • Jj
    JJ in Marcellus Dec 05, 2010

    On 9/19/2008 I signed an agreement with sales person Art of Sear's Home Improvement to replace my boiler that was about 45 years old. I also paid for an extended service agreement that included maintenance and repairs. The boiler is a Dunkirk sold as a Kenmore 105K BTU PWX series (Plymouth Extreme). I was assured it was a very good boiler. The installation was to take place on October 3, 2008 but ended up being a two week ordeal with a person who did not seem to know what he was doing. I checked in on him once and told him he installed a valve the wrong way, and he disagreed, well guess what it was, and water was all over my utility room along now with all the garbage from the previous boiler that he failed to pick up floating in it. After leaving and making sure the boiler was working I asked for a manual. He gave me a pile of paperwork related to everything except the boiler. He said he would look in his van one more time, and said one would be sent to me. By this time it is mid October, and this guy was well not very professional in dress, or demeanor. I asked to be shown how to relight the pilot light etc., and he said that next year when they did the service they would take care of that. Then I found out why. He left, and my utility room still had garbage from the old boiler water everywhere and the front the boiler was bunt form his torch there was a leak at the joint just above my expansion tank. We cleaned up the mess ourselves. Also he never had me sign a completion agreement. He JUST left.

    Round two: I want the leaky pipe fixed. After several phone calls in which it was explained to Bruce s, Tom, Steve, Laurie, Susan etc. I was told same person would come back to fix the leaky pipe, and I requested a different person. This finally happened some time in December as it was not a top priority. Finally someone came, but no manual and they put a sticker over the burn on the front of the boiler, how cute. The season ended and still no manual. I had to find one on the Internet to figure how to shut the system down.

    Round Three: I call to ask for regular service in September 2009. In third week of October someone came. Person was very nice told me to leave pilot on all summer to keep burner from rusting.

    Boiler works for winter season 2009.

    Round Four: Call for service in September 2010 early, someone comes and services, and everything checks out OK. Days later boiler fails. I call and they told me sorry I have to wait a week. No heat, and outside temps near freezing at night. Technician comes and says he has to order parts also says it is not the boiler so I should pay. It is the overload shut off electrical short. Huh, the boiler does not run without it, it can but it is unsafe? So he says OK you don't have to pay, but I will need to come back next week with parts because of no openings. Finally boiler is working again. For a while.

    Round Five: Yesterday boiler gains fails. Same symptoms. Call Sears, and woman on phone gives me an appt of Friday, and says I can call Monday and every day to hope for a cancellation. It is 22 degrees out. I have no heat. I told her I will call someone else, and she tells me it will void my agreement if anyone else touches it. No heat in Central New York in December????? I call around and discover:

    Sears is known for poor installers, no names on trucks, subcontractors.
    Dunkirk is one of the worse boilers sold---this model was discontinued the year I purchased it. Art said it had a 20 year warranty---but failed to mention as I found out yesterday doing research that it is only for one part of the boiler.
    That the original leak although very slow has continued enough to leave a rust circle on my expansion tank, which may or may not eat all the way through--future problem?
    No one told me to turn my thermostats off including the woman from Sears on the phone who said I don't know why your pumps are hot. Turn off the electricity to the boiler. Real plumber on phone told me turn off your thermostats.

    So back to the boiler situation and the service agreement. I want to be compensated for the repairperson who will come on Monday because he said he will have to get parts to fix it and all these places are closed on Sunday, (reason being he doesn't keep Dunkirk parts with him, and likely none of the other places in our area do as they don't carry them because they are bad reputation boilers) and the balance of the service agreement all three years. In his opinion I was bamboozled and ripped off. I have completely paid for this boiler, so no recourse there. I want a new expansion tank BEFORE this one fails, and the leaky pipe fixed again. I wish I had a full refund for the boiler. I have been up since 3AM freezing.

    Plus what if my pipes freeze and break.

    Overall in my opinion Sears should be ashamed of themselves as a company.

    Freezing in Marcellus.

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poor system

For the first, and maybe last time, I purchased an item from for pickup at the Cross County Sears on a Friday around noon and a couple hours later I received an email confirmation that my item is ready for pickup with my order #, etc. I called the store customer support to ask how long they hold items and told me three weeks. The next day I received a voicemail stating that my item is out of stock bla bla sorry for the inconvenience. I don't know what that tells you but to me that means they sold the item that I paid in full with my money or their system is #$%^ so why would I want to buy from them? When I purchased the item it clearly stated on the site the item was in stock plus I received the email confirmation the same day.

I called the store customer support and they told me the item will be in stock 8-10 days after I purchased the item. I then emailed Sears customer service to complain and the same day I received an email that they will contact the store coach. A couple days later I received a phone call that my item is ready for pick up, which was before the 8-10 days. Now whatever is going on Sears needs to work on their system because it's just not good business. I never had any problems ordering online from Best Buy or other stores but that is just my experience. The only reason I ordered from is because they had a great price on the item at the time which I can also get from other stores with a little patience.

  • An
    AnnaLise Dec 10, 2008

    The Sears in-store pickup system is flawed.

    At each Sears store, there is a computer system that lists the number of items in stock. It is this system that you are accessing when you see on your computer that an item is available for pickup at your local store. The problem is that this system is not always accurate.

    Let's say the item you ordered is a hand mixer. When you order it for instore pickup, the computer is told that there are three in stock, so your order is put through and you receive an order confirmation, without anyone physically checking that there is an actual hand mixer available for sale.

    The computer system says your local store has three hand mixers in stock. One of these is the display mixer, which may or may not have the box, instructions, and all the pieces, and may or may not actually work. The department manager is technically suppossed to go through and delete all the display items from the computer system (changing the in stock total to two), but in practice, this rarely gets done, especially around Christmas.

    So one of the mixers isn't really available. Now, your local Sears store has a problem with retail theft, as many stores do. Let's say that at some point one of the hand mixers was stolen. The person who stole it shoved the entire box under their coat and walked out. They were not caught, and since there is no empty package left behind, there is no evidence of the theft. If the box had been left behind, an employee could update the computer system, but most thieves aren't considerate enough for that.

    So now two of the mixers aren't available. Now, let's say that the employee working in the hand mixers area is very kind and helpful to customers. About an hour before you placed your order, a woman doing her Christmas shopping picked up the last hand mixer on the shelf. Knowing that she had a lot of shopping left to do, the customer requested that the employee hold the product for her until she came back after lunch. The employee, wanting to provide good service, said "Sure!" and placed the item behind the register with the customer's name on it. Now there are no available hand mixers.

    So, at noon, you place your order and the computer reads that three items are available and sends you an order confirmation--despite the fact that, in reality, there are no hand mixers available.

    Shortly after you place your order, an employee from Merchandise Pick-Up recieves a message from Sears Online on his handheld computer that the hand mixer has been ordered for pickup at the store. He looks on the shelf for the product and doesn't see it. He then looks in the warehouse for the product, and doesn't find it there either. He may even ask one of the stock people from that department if they can locate it. They can't find the hand mixers because, despite what the computer says, there are no hand mixers. The Merchandise Pick-Up employee eventually gives up, and clicks the "Unable to find product" button on his handheld computer, triggering the out-of-stock email you recieved.

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maytag (atlantis)

Purchased this Maytag (atlantis) from Sears under false advertising. I thought I was purchasing an original Maytag. December 4, 2008 I had it serviced for the first time because the spin cycle and pump went out. The repair man told me that this was not a maytag and that these people who are selling them as an orignal have lied to the public. Maytags are two belt driven and will last for many years before any parts go out. These Atlantis's will only last 4 - 6 years and you need to purchase a washing machine again. These machines are not maytags. The store does not let you know that. They let you think you are purchasing an original. If I would have know this I would have kept my original 25 years old Maytag. I bought a new one because of color...Boy was I taken. Now I am $200.00 out for service and a machine that will break down in about 2 years. Has anyone looked into this yet. This is called Bait and Switch if I am correct. Whatever, I was taken for a ride and lied too. I am very disappointed in Sears.

  • An
    AnnaLise Dec 10, 2008

    Maytag appears to have discontinued Atlantis, but I have found references to it on their website.

    It's your repairman who doesn't know what he's talking about, not the store.

    Contact Maytag and ask them about your washer before you start making assumptions.

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lack of professionalism

Today (Monday 12-01-08) I visited the Sears Portrait Studio at Park Place Mall in Tucson, Az.
I arrived at 11:15 with my 2 grandchildren ages 2 and 4.
I did not have an appointment and asked if it was possible to get an appoiintment for today. The woman at the desk told me that although they had several appointments scheduled for the day, she could fit us in at 12:30. She then asked me to fill out an information sheet. So far, no problem.
I waited in the lobby with my grandchildren. 12:30 came and went and I was not called for my turn. Other people came in after 12:30 and were taken in before me, although I was told that I would be next on 2 separate occasions. At 1:30 I asked to speak to the manager and she then informed me that since I did not have an appointment, I would be taken care of when they had time. I told her that I had been given a 12:30 appointment and had already waited an hour past that. She told me there was nothing she could do for me.
I am appalled that I was told I would be fit into a time slot, only to wait for over 2 hours with two small children and then be told that because I was a "Walk-In" and did not have a pre-arranged appointment, they'd get to me when they could. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep 2 small children entertained and in "Picture Perfect" form for over 2 hrs?

First of all...if they were booked and would not be able to fit me in they should have told me so, I would have been happy to make an appointment for another day.
Second...once I was told our photos would be taken at 12:30, I had an appointment.
Third...I was made to feel that as a "Walk-In" my business is really not as important as someone who pre-books.

I left this studio and walked straight down the mall to The Picture People. My intention was to make an appointment for another day. But guess what...they told me they could take us right then. So I spent my $200 picture budget with them and that is where I will take my business in the future.

In the past, I have had several very good experiences with this Sears Portrait Studio, but obviously customer service has taken a drastic downward turn.

  • Sh
    Shutterbabe Jul 12, 2009

    ESPECIALLY when dealing with small children, it's always best to schedule an appointment. It's just common sense. If you don't think your children can handle any sort of wait, then why try walking in? How upset would you be if you had scheduled an appoinment and a walk-in customer made it to where you had to wait?

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  • Ke
    keymay Jan 05, 2010

    Shouldn't matter if she was a walk-in appointment. The policy with Sears Portrait Studio is "Just say Yes!" Even if we are booked we are told that you still have to find a way to get that appointment in. I feel that it would just be easier to let you know that we have availability on a different day but then again, CPI is too concerned you'd take your business elsewhere... Guess what? That's exactly what happened by running it with the "Just say Yes!" Policy.

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  • Ok
    okcgal29 Jan 12, 2010

    Let me get this straight. You had no appointment, you had two children with you at lunch time, and you decided to get pictures made as a walk-in during the busiest season of the year? Do you have any idea how many people want their pictures made in the middle of November? And most of those people called ahead to make an appointment. Were they supposed to boot out those appointments in order to pacify you on your spur of the moment whim?

    Some people want the sun and moon to revolve around them.

    t's called, wait your turn. With no appointment, to only wait 2 hours is not bad during the middle of the Christmas rush.

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  • Sp
    SpeakYourMind267 Mar 16, 2011

    okcgal29...Well said!

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sears bait and switch

Do yourself a favor and buy your appliances at yard sales before dealing with Sears! Purchased a new refrigerator on-line since the in-store service is no longer appealing but would have liked to have continued my 25 year relationship with the company. However, apparently "next day delivery" means different things to the consumer and Sears. Shopping online, purchasing online and scheduling delivery went smooth as could be. The only problem is that they didn't deliver. After sitting home all day waiting for the truck to arrive, the phone rings at the last minute of the "delivery window" only to say that they're not coming. Uh, really? Didn't need the call to know that. Best yet, they have no idea when the appliance will be available but will call back in 24-48 hours to try to reschedule. Tried to call Customer Service - what a JOKE! Spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone mostly on hold, being transferred around endlessly and actually hung up on TWICE! In two cases the "customer service representative" wouldn't even provide their name or employee number - and one of those was a "supervisor". Out of frustration I asked for a refund only to be told that Sears refund policy requires "7 to 8 business days" to process. How can they process debit transactions instantaneously but credits take a week? Sorry Sears, never, ever again...

ridiculous credit card

I had just moved to a new state for college when I went to Sears to find a cheap new shirt to wear. Of course the cashier waved around the discounted price of the shirt if I signed up for the Sears Credit Card. Foolishly I was tempted and signed up. Though they needed my drivers license to process the application, the address of my license was still the one from my last college residence. Of course I had updated my new address with the post office. Yet I got my first statement in the mail a few days later than the first billing due date due to the rerouting of the mail. I called Sears to immediately pay my card over the phone and I was astounded to find my little $15 charge increased to $86, due to their enormous late charges. After much dispute with the rude customer service lady I was still forced to pay the $86 and I immediately canceled that card and haven't shopped at Sears since.

  • Tr
    Trecee Mar 02, 2009

    Sears credit card is the worst credit card ever...I hope anyone reading this will think twice about opening a credit card through Sears. I have been a Sears credit card holder for over 15 years--never late, until recently. Sears have a habit of changing thier billing cycles on a month-to-month bases. I thought my bill was due on a later date and upon going online to pay the bill, I found it was due earlier (4 days earlier). I immediately paid the bill, including the enormous past due amount, and paid extra on the account. I was very surprised to see that my interest rate increased an additional 5.17% which was due to the late payment. I immediately requested a reduction of the interest rate, which they denied. My credit is good, but they denied me anyway. Needless to say, I was soooooooo upset over this, I closed the account and will never ever shop at Sears again.

    Today, Sears has lost a loyal customer!!!

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  • To
    Totally Wrong Jan 04, 2010

    This just happened to me. Apparently SearMastecard sent out a letter to let people either opt to close their account to remain at the same interest rate or the rate would be raised to 25.24%. This notification apparently came to my PO box not in the typical bill. I pay my card on line so I don't get paper bills. i never received anything about the changes. i called to see if they would close the account and lock the rate. They denied this because the time frame to do so according to the letter (which i never received)was over. i even pay twice what they want per month and pay on time. my hands are tied. All they say is sorry you should of responded to the letter (WHAT LETTER!!!).


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order cancellation policy

I ordered a vaccum part on line. Two hours later I found that the part was not needed. I called to cancel the...

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