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not clearing up equifax

Ok I have been trying to get my equifax and sears crap cleared up with my visa I had back in 2002. It shows on my equifax I still owe 1430.00 however I declared bankruptcy in 2002, was discharged in 2003 and the sears gave me a r9 which is the worst mark for credit, I have called several times and never get anyone who speaks just plain old english! I have emailed I have phoned over and over and nothing is getting done!
Then they called my house 1 time but at 530 in the damn morning! Never returned my call.
I want this cleared up nowand it aint happening and I am getting very mad!
Lisa tosoff

broken frame on $2500 leather sofa

I bought a Natuzzi® 'Catania II' Sofa just over 2 years ago in Toronto, Ontario. To our...

Sears-Kenmore Laundry Washers Suck! || Risking Life, Limb and Serious Property Damage

Sears-Kenmore Laundry Washers Suck! || Risking Life, Limb and Serious Property Damage

age discrimination

Last week at the Visalia, Ca. Sears, a much-liked manager named Shelley Jackson was fired for a contrived...

repair & service & rip off!

Run for the hills before you purchase a maintenance agreement with sears!!!

Contacted sears and purchased offered maintenance agreement on my maytag dryer.

Requested service 2/05/09 serviceman arrived promptly a day later with no parts for my dryer on truck. Evaluated the dryer and was told that I needed a moteor but did not have any (Or ever did) on truck. This was after I gave to model, serial number to service & told them it was already looked at & needed to orer part (Duh!) told they would order the parts and schedule return date but over a week later.

Now the technician proceeds to tell me he doesn't carry any of those parts on the truck & I would need to take off another day of work & wait the 1-2 weeks to have it repaired!!! Then of course I have to listen about his "knowing it all" about what he does, & I could call & cancel if I wnted to. That plus a whole lot more of policy, etc... Failing to tell me I still have to wait a day to cancel!!! Noiw I get on the phone to 4 different people & yes have to tell my story 4 different times (So who is really mad now!!!) & get no better service than I am an executive, call another number to file a complaint, the part takes weeks to get in (No stock on hand???) we did the best we can do!!! Our technicians can't carry all on truck??? Well, wasn't the tech told it needed a new motor, given serial & model numbers & oh yeah!!! This dryer has been worked on before, didin't they have record (Was told info was misplaced (Yeah right!) I think it is a scam!!! The original call that was made was by a service to do nothing more than sell you a service contract not not not contected to sears at all!!! The technician was ill prepared, arrogant, quasi knowledgeable & rude!!! Do not gt scammed & call your local appliance repairman, they can give you the best service of all!!! I do have 6 other appliances that was bought trough sears & repaired for 10 years (Up till now) guess who just lost a lot of business!!! No wonder they are going broke!

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[Resolved] lack of service, attempt to overcharge

We purchased an expensive treadmill from Sears some years ago. Approximately one year ago it failed and we called for service. The service man came out and repaired the machine, which we paid for. The machine failed again and we called for service. Another service man arrived, walked in the door and within five minutes looked in his service computer and announced "there are no parts available, I cannot repair this." We were expected to pay $109 for this service call in which no service whatsoever was rendered. We do not intend to pay for this and will never buy another product from Sears. If something is purchased from Sears, serviced by Sears, then they should know before they dispatch someone whether they can service it or not without expecting the consumer to pay for a useless service call.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Sears's response · Mar 24, 2009

    Dear Tony Soans:

    I am very sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory experience with Sears’ service. My name is Brian and I work for Sears. At your convenience, I would like to talk with you more in detail about this experience. Please contact me at [email protected] so that we can look for a solution that would more suitably meet this and any future needs.

    Thank you,

    Brian J.
    Senior Case Manager

  • To
    Tony Soans Mar 27, 2009

    Dear Brian,

    We have spoken about this case and you have informed me that the account has been turned over to Collection. Is Sears insane? I owe Sears nothing and will pay nothing.

    Sears has shown that they really do not care. First they provided no service, then they sent no bill just a letter from an "Audit Department." I responded with a letter which they totally ignored and just turned the account over to Collection.

    You did offer to reimburse me if I will pay the bill. No Way!! If I receive a bill I will forward it to you to deal with. Sears has so totally screwed up their relationship with me that I am now lost as a customer. Good luck in your quest to sort things out, I think the deck is stacked against you. Sears Sucks, good company gone bad. Do you really expect a customer to pay for something that they don't owe just to clean up the books that are wrong to begin with???? Go find whoever ignored my letter and feed it to them for lunch because that cost Sears a customer and may eventually cost you all your jobs.

    Thank you,

    Tony Soans

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  • To
    Tony Soans Mar 30, 2009


    Thank you for notifying me that Sears has done the right thing and credited the outstanding balance for the non-service provided.

    Tony Soans

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  • Se
    Sears is the worst Apr 05, 2012

    I purchased an expensive PROFORM treadmill from Sears in 2007. Your service man arrived, walked in the door and within five minutes looked in his service computer and announced "your treadmill is a boat anchor." I am expected to pay $109 for this service call in which no service whatsoever was rendered. My appointment was supposed to be Saturday 3/31/12. No one showed up. I called and they said someone would be out on Thursday 3/5/12. They said someone would call BEFORE they came to my house. I was at work, and could not get home. I missed the call, but the guy came out anyway, leaving a message saying "he was at the house".
    A friend happened to be at my house at the time, they called me at work. The VERY RUDE Sears repair man said my treadmill was a boat anchor and would be $600 to fix. He Demanded his money for coming out and said "he can't leave till he gets it"! I told him that I am at work and can't leave, HE THEN SAID HE WILL COME TO MY WORK TO COLLECT THE MONEY. I don't appreciate someone coming to my house like that and I feel this is VERY POOR SERVICE!!!
    I fully expected this "repair" to be fixed. Not your service person telling me after 5 min.s being there that my Proform treadmill that I bought from Sears is junk.. and possibly don't know how to deal with it.
    Sears was our go-to on appliances. No more I will never purchase anything from your store and I will NEVER use your service again! I am VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS!!!

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[Resolved] Dept of energy agreement does not compensate me properly

The us department of energy reached an agreement with lg electronicis in reference to sears trio & elite...

no refund on washing machine part that did not work

Our washing machine stopped working two weeks before Christmas of last year. I called Sears and scheduled an appointment for repairs. After waiting an additional two weeks, the technician stated that the problem was the water pump. He then installed the water pump and he was making sure that the pump would work. The machine did nothing. He then said it was the transmission and said it would be in excess of $500 to repair. I stated that I could get a new machine for that price. I asked him to remove the pump so that I would not be charged. He stated he could not do that. I called the home repair number back and reported the useless pump and a need for a refund. After three weeks, I finally received a phone call from Sears saying they would not give me a refund. Talk about cheated!

service not done according to what I paid for

I had an oil change done at Sears automotive n 12/27/08 and part of the oil change service is to have the oil replaced, filter replaced and a 24 point inspection where the customer is notified if there is some sludge build up. Well, I did have some sludge build up and apparently that is the reason why my vehicle broke down n 1/18/09 after 14oo miles because sears and their insurance (which by the way will never call you back no matter how many times you try to get a hold of them) say my oild was burning. I have my car a 2004 Toyota Matrix at a nearby Toyota dealership and the mechanics there tell me that I should have been notified about the sludge that who ever changed my oil should have notified me per the service that they are supposed to provide. I have tried calling several managers and have asked to speak to someone in corporate yet Im given the runaround and do not get any call backs. I just sent an email to KGO channel 7 on your side and am waiting to get a response to them because I will go public with this. I need to have Sears reimburse me for some of the damages because they did not provide the service that I paid for. It is very apparent that my vehicle was not given a 24 point inspection. I need to speak to someone in coporate and am tired of getting the runaround. - Hugo Barrientos

  • Ex
    ex-mech-manager Feb 09, 2009

    I was in the Automotive Service Management field for over 14 years and chose to no longer be in the business due to customers like you. Sears should not be responsible in anyway for your vehicle. 1400 miles AFTER they change the oil, your car breaks down? Give me a break. Very rarley can it be determined that you have "oil sludge" when the tech removes your drain plug and oil filter when performing an oil change. It would take the removal of several components of your engine to determine this. Generally speaking, oil sludge is caused by a couple of things, the most common is neglect, i.e; infrequent oil changes. It sounds to me as if you are the one who is scamming Sears.

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  • Ng
    ngiddy Jun 13, 2009

    I agree with the other person posting a comment. There is no way to tell if there is an extensive amount of sludge build up by just removing the drain plug and oil filter. They can check and see if your coolant is holding it's properties, and make sure your transmission fluid isn't contaminated, but you cannot expect them to take apart your engine to determine that there is sludge buildup. And even if there is sludge build up it is most likely your fault for not maintaining your vehicle properly.

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  • St
    stuffwearsout Dec 29, 2011

    how ironic... you have your oil changed and 1400 miles later your car breaks down. And you think that its their fault becuase they didn't take your engine apart to look for sludge?? Wow... you want your oil change done in 10 minutes but you also want your engine taken apart so they can tell you if there is sludge impossible. An oil change includes removing the drain plug, so that the oil may drain, removing the filter, replacing the drain plug, installing a new filter, installing new motor oil, check all fluids, and topping off windshield washer fluid. The only way to find this mysterious sludge you speak of is to remove the valve cover...which Im sure you didn't pay for. Get over it. You have an old worn out car. Just go buy a new one.

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We brought the kenmore elite trio in may 2017. The first week after we plugged it in the ice maker had to be serviced. The latest problem is, that my children went in to get something to eat before school and every thing in the refrigerator was hot. The lights were melting out of the top of the refrigerator. All of my food was spoiled. It was so hot in that unit that i feel like if we would not have opened the unit that it could have caught my house on fire. I had to quickly disconnect the lights and pull the harnest out. Sears gave me the run around about this . Sears told me if I have not had four complaints about this problem in the past year, there is nothing they could . They wanted to put a new bulb and cover in the unit to cover up where it had been burnt by the lights.. That was there Answer to my problem ... ha ha ha on sears...Now after serious conversations they will replace the refrigerator.. With my choice of replacement.. Thank god for the extra warranty that was brought...

  • Ja
    Jack Wann Jul 21, 2009

    I have been a long time Sears client, but no more.
    6 years ago I remodeled my house and bought several Sears products, Frig., counter top stove, oven, dishwasher, etc. On 7/09 my stove top controls shorted out and caught fire. I called the Sears 800 service and repair number. After spending most of the day trying to talk to someone I fianally got an appointment set up for saturday 7/11 between 12:00 and 5:00pm. At 5:35pm the service guy calls me and tells me he's not going to make it and that I would have to reschedule (this was after repeated calls trying to find out where he was).
    I must ad this was the last day of my grandkids visit who were from out of state and we would have more rather spent the day doing something then wait for a repairman that did'nt show. On Monday 7/13 I called to complain with a manager at the 800 service and repair center, they set up an appointment that following Wednesday. The repairmen came out and identified that the electrical harness had shortened out. He than ordered a new one. Today 7/21 another serviceman came to install the new electrical harness and he found that the last serviceman had ordered the wrong one. It is now 12 days with out a cook top and no end in sight. The current repairman says if the part is in in time he will come out on Saturday 7/25 and istall it. My wife has a baby shower scheduled for our daughter this Saturday and it looks like she will have to rent something cook on or cancel this event thats been planned for some time. What a horible experience, I know that Sears have had problems and have come close to goinng out of business, with service like this I can understand. I am so upset that I plan to post this on as many web sites as I can. Bottom line I'm sure that at one time Sears would have recociled this situation but I doubt this is ever read. "BestBuy here I come"

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  • Bi
    billsw Mar 31, 2013

    As with many of the other responses I opened my Kenmore Elite refrigerator this morning to discover the interior was warm and the sockets around the lights were burned brown. In addition the mounting brackets for the light assembly had apparently melted and the entire assembly was loose. I have had my refrigerator since 2017 so longer than most, but this has happened at least once before and i assumed I must have left the doors open by mistake. This time I know the doors were closed and I had no open door alarm. Apparently Sears has no intention of fixing the problem so I'll probably just buy another refrigerator. You can rest assured it will not be a Kenmore.

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product does not work & sears refuses to do anything about it!

I bought the above mentioned item and have never used it. It is a portable power source (Charger) which is to...

repair service /customer service

Run for the hills before you purchase a maintenance agreement with sears!!!

Contacted sears and purchased offered maintenance agreement on my bosch dishwasher.

Requested service in november (Two weeks prior to thanksgiving) serviceman arrived promptly a week later. Evaluated the dishwasher and was told that I needed two parts, control module and pump. Told they would order the parts and schedule return date.

Over a week later, parts did not arrive. To sears credit, I did receive multiple calls asking if my parts had arrived. Consistently, my answer was no. At approximately two weeks, I received another call asking if my parts arrived. Again, my answer was no. I was then told that their records reflect that the parts were delivered. I walked around my home to each entrance and was told that I did not have the parts. I was transferred to the indian parts department. There I was told that they would no longer ship parts to me due to it being a potential liability as the parts are expensive. I asked if they could have been delivered to the wrong address. I was told it stated that the items were placed in my garage. Again, I told them I have no parts. I reminded them that for them to ship such "expensive" parts without requiring a signature was their discretion not mine and I politely requested them to reship the parts and require my signature. I was on hold for almost and hour and a hal[censored] After being transferred many times, I was told that the parts department would have to file a track package request with ups and will get back with me. Ugh

Weeks passed and I received no parts and began to december, my neighbor returned from an extended winter vacation and walked over to my home with... My dishwasher parts which he stated were in his garage!!! I immediately called sears, requested the parts department (No one available as it was late). I then called ups. I was told that no trace had ever been placed on my packages!!! I called sears the next business day and told them the packages had been delivered to my neighbor's home instead of mine. They told me someone would call to schedule service.

In the interim, a duplicate set of parts was delivered (Without signature confirmation mind you). I january, I received a call that a service man would be at my home to install the parts on january 15th. He installed the parts and my dishwasher continued to not function properly. He then informed me (An epiphany occurred from 10 feet away) that my main motor was leaking and I needed a wiring harness at the cost of almost 400 dollars out of my pocket. I text messaged my husband who called customer service. During that time, I disputed the motor leak and asked if the bit of water could have come from him draining the dishwasher. He stated no. I told him I wanted the 500 dollar voucher and would not pay for any additional repair. The tech manager then called the serviceman while he was in my kitchen. The tech manager told the tech to go ahead and order the parts and that the repair would be comp'd. The tech apologized for the confusion and told me he was ordering the parts and would return on january 22nd. Awesome, I thought.

I received my two additional parts on january 21. I received the automated call confirming receipt of the parts and relayed that my window for my repair was...8am-5pm! I took the next day off and waited. I waited until 10 minutes to 5 and still had not heard from the serviceman. I called into sears service and was told that he was at another location and he would be at my home next. I informed them that when was I going to be contacted about this??? I had waited all day. The indian gentleman who while was trying to be polite but spoke very poor english, told me he would page the technician and have him call me as to an approximate time.

At 5:50 I received a call from my service man which began "mrs. Bush, I have bad news"... He then informed me that the couldn't come to my residence without my paying $385 for the repair as his manager forgot to comp the repair in the system. And the manager was on vacation for a week. He told me that he told the duty manager that the repair was supposed to be comp'd but that they would have to wait until next week until the manager returned. I was beginning to feel as if this was a scam to prey on desperate consumers who just want their crap fixed!

After 2 hours on the phone that evening, I was told the tech would be out the next day and I was a priority. I took another day off and after 12 noon, my serviceman called again and said. My company has decided we are going to give you the voucher towards a new dishwasher and not repair it. I was stunned. I reminded him that the parts were on my counter and that I was told the repair would be comp'd! He said there was nothing he could do. Again, I began calling. After more hours on the phone, I was upset to learn that this company who is contracted by sears, and represents sears, really isn't accountable to anyone. There was not one individual who could assist me in holding this repair company to their word. I reminded one of the customer service specialists "if they had no intention on repairing my dishwasher, why did I have the parts currently in my possession and a tech scheduled to come out to my residence"??? This seemed to make sense to a few of them however after repeated phone calls, a second day off of work, a broken dishwasher, I decided I wanted my money back that I paid on my maintenance agreement and I would purchase a new dishwasher from another company entirely. Ha! I was then told the service company would prorate any work they had done!! I reminded them that my dishwasher was still broken and I have been inconvenienced and deceived. Not to mention waiting for over 2 months!!! I was told that there was nothing sears could do in that regard huh??? She gave me the number to the tech manager of the service center. She said she spoke to him and he would explain the situation. I attempted to call him and was told by his secretary that he had been out of office all day...

I called the customer service line again and told them I don't want the voucher. I want a full refund or I want my dishwasher repaired and the repair comp'd just as the service manager had stated. She told me that the tech manager wanted to send a tech to retrieve the new parts. I told her do not send anyone out unless they are going to repair my dishwasher.

My dishwasher is still broken, I have had no additional phone calls and frankly don't know where to call. I will never purchase an appliance or another maintenance agreement through sears. I will purchase from a local company who is not so large that they don't have an adequate customer service system in place. I will gladly pay more money rather than deal with being scammed and not treated as if I am a valuable customer.

  • Jo
    JOAN HOY May 28, 2008

    Where do I begin??? First of all, I have been a long time preferred customer of Sears and have given Sears a lot of busineess recently and in the past. My most recent purchase was over $800 worth of tires for my car, which ironically enough, was the same weekend that this ocurrence took place. On May 3rd, I had a repair person come out to my home to look at my Kenmore Dryer. The heating element kept turning off and on during the cycle and my clothes were taking half a day to dry a batch. Prior to Sears coming to my home, I had the airduct company come out and vacuum and clear the airducts. That cost me $100. The problem was still not fixed. When Sears came out to my house, he asked me to explain the problem to him. Without looking at the dryer, he said he knew what the problem was and that it was going to be expensive. I asked him if I would need a new dryer and he said "no" you need to have your airducts cleaned out. When I told him the company was already out the previous weekend and spent over an hour at my residence clearing the line, he said they missed something. The repair tech pulled the dryer away from the wall and pulled the hose out to show me that the dryer was hot and that it was doing what it was suppose to do. I told him it is usually initially hot but then it turns to cold air. He said the dryer was fine and that I owed him $122.00. I told him that he didn't fix the dryer so it is not an estimate. Sears website clearly states that they give you an estimate of what it would cost for the repair and you can decide to decline or accept the estimate to have your appliance fixed. The tech never even took the panel off the dryer before he determined the problem. The whole time he was at my house, the panel did not come off the dryer to look for possible other problems. I told him I would pay the $65 for his trip as agreed upon, but since he can't fix my dryer it did not make sense to pay him additional. He was insistent that because he gave me advice, that I had to pay the additional amount. I asked him to call his supervisor. He was upset, but phoned his supervisor that told him to have me pay it and I can dispute the difference to be refunded back to me at a later date. I was insistent that I had been using Sears for years and that unless they give me a quote on what it will take to fix my dryer, I only owed the the $65. He then told me I can sign something stating that I declined the estimate. By that time, I was very uncomfortable with the tech and signed the form. The tech. then proceeded to tell me that Sears is struggling and may be going out of business and that they just had a meeting and were told to collect as much as they could from the customers. Once I supposably declined the so called estimate, the technician told me that I needed to pay an additional $5 for his gasoline. After he completed his paperwork, he decided that he would not charge me the extra $5 for gas. His conscience may have got the best of him. I called the airduct company out for a 2nd opinion. The owner of the company and his technician came out and said the airducts were perfectly clear and that there was a problem with the dryer. They were pretty upset with Sears and indicated that I was lied to by the technician. I phoned Sears once again and told them my story and they said they would send another tech out to my home and I would not have to pay the $65 again. They said they would put that on the service order. I know that they did that because when I called Sears this week, they read it on the order. The tech was scheduled to come out between 8 & 12. I told them I absolutely needed to leave my home at 12. At 11:15am, they phoned and said they would not be out until 1:00-2:00pm. I was extremely upset as I cannot meet with them during the week and can only meet on Saturday. I had a very important appointment to go to at noon and did not want to wait any longer to have my dryer repaired. I phoned a supervisor and she sent a different tech out. I had asked the supervisor to make sure she told the tech that I would not have to pay a new service fee and to give him some history on how I have been treated. The tech arrived about 12:15pm on May 24th. He immediately went into my bathroom and said to me "you know this is a recall, and before I start anything you will have to agree to pay me the $65 trip charge." I told him "no" and explained to him my prior experience and that they were suppose to put "no trip charge" on the order. He said that I still had to pay since I "declined" the previous order. I explained to him that it wasn't a decline and that the tech could not fix my dryer. He said if you don't pay I can't work on your dryer and started to walk away. I asked that he call the supervisor that set up the order and he said he did not need to call the supervisor. By that time, my husband heard him arguing with me and knew how poorly I had been treated through this experience with Sears. The tech had already decided he was leaving and refused to call anyone so my husband told him to get out of our house immediately. I have to admit that my husband was very heated and frustrated and used some language at that point as he escorted the tech out. My husband had seen me in tears over this matter and could not believe that this second tech was also trying to collect unwarrented money from us. I phoned Sears to ask that a supervisor call me to straighten this out and I have yet to hear from someone. On Sunday, my husband took the panel off the back of the dryer and disconnected the airhose to see what was going on. At first the dryer was hot and then went to cool air. This is not an airduct problem. They hose was not even connected. My husband also went out and bought a sturdier hose to see if that might make a difference. The condition continued. It is definitely a problem with the dryer. Possibly the thermostat or sensor. In the meantime, I am out $65, I have had excessive upset and frustration and still do not have a dryer that works. My co-workers can not believe the series of events that I have gone through with Sears and it has gotten worse. I would like Sears to stand up and take care of this matter. I really don't want to exploit this, but I want it to be taken care of. I would also like to be reimbursed my $65 for all that I have been through. Bottom line is that I sincerely want my dryer fixed. I hope that Sears stands up and takes care of this. If this isn't resolved right away, I can no longer be a Sears customer.


    Joan Hoy

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  • Jo
    Joey Rizk Feb 15, 2009

    I purchased a $4500 dollar front loading washer and dryer from Sears in November of 2017. I was told that both units had a 2 year warranty from the Salesman who we purchased the unit from. In June of 2017 the seal in the Washer broke loose from the Washer and floaded my Laundry Room and Kitchen and warped my beautiful hardwood floors. I called Sears and they sent their Repair Man out to look at the Washer. The Repair Man showed up and did not have another seal to replace it. Now the catch, he stated that particular part was not under warranty even though they sold it that way to me. Regardless, I had not choice but to pay for a new seal so I wrote a check and gave it to the Sears Repair Man for the seal. I sent Sears a nasty letter complaining I was misled about the 2 year warranty and told them I was very upset about my floors. Well needless to say the seal arrived in the mail along with my check I had written for $59 dollars. They told me via phone the part was sent free of charge but that the service from the Repair Man would still have to be paid. I called the Service Repair Man and he said that it would be 2 weeks before he could come back so I sucesfully installed it myself. About six months after service I get a call from a Collection Agency for a Sears Bill in the amount of $310 dollars. After telling these knuckleheads at theMCM Collection Agency that I did not owe Sears I started investigating the charge. Turns out Sears had billed me for the $59 seal and charged it to my Sears Card. On top of all this I never received a bill in the mail for it. I am at the point right now I am looking for a good Attorney to take my case as I will not pay those people a penny even though I continue to get ugly calls from their Collection Agency. This has hurt my credit score and I am not going to sit still for this. I have spent approximately 40 hours now on the phone with Sears to no avail. Every time I call they just keep transferring me to someone else and nothing ever gets done. I have tried to be civil but it has not worked. If there are any good Attorneys out there who would like to sue this jerks for me please call 864.221.0604.

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  • Br
    brucer Mar 04, 2009

    Unfortunately, no lawyer will cost less that $310 so you'll not save money going that route. However, you can file a WRITTEN dispute with Sears, the collection agency and the credit reporting agencies (there are 3). Send Sears a Certified letter demanding that Sears produce written proof that you authorized the repair and a record of the date and time it was performed and the technician's name. When they fail to provide that you can let the credit reporting agencies know that Sears has failed to justify their claim and the bad report will come off - by federal law.
    As for your beautiful hardware floors - well you're responsible for making the poor decision to put an appliance that uses water directly on the floor. Common sense says that you should have purchased a $30 Washing Machine Floor Pan and set the washer in it. If you haven't seen one they sell them at Home Depot. They are plastic and are about 2" deep to hold water or drain it to a floor drain if you have one.

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  • Ar
    arnold Apr 23, 2009

    Sears repair never showed up for tv repair appt.. I was told by sears I was #3 on the list in the morning. At 5 pm sears told me he was running late... He never showed. The next day I was told that he came near 7 pm and no one was home. I said my son and I were both home and she said maybe no one heard the knock at the door. I informed her that the front door was open and we were both sitting on the couch 3 feet away. We never recieved a call from the repair person and of course he did not leave a sorry I missed you note because he was never here. I am shocked that sears of all companies have sunk this low. You have lost my business but even worse than that, now you have to deal with my word of mouth negative testimony and it will only die when sears or I do.

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  • An
    ana Apr 23, 2009

    i agree with 100% i'm a former employee of sears repair and i cannot being to tell you all the b.s. that goes on there . they all lie and rip people off

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  • Se
    SEARS REPAIR May 29, 2009

    Actually I have a complaint about lowes, whirlpool

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  • Kl
    KLM01 May 07, 2012

    The gasket on my washing machine needed to be fixed so I called Sears Home Services (1-800-361-6665) to set up a repair because I trusted their company, and because they advised they will fix any machine even if not purchased at Sears. The fact that I now know their service number off by heart is a joke. Their service through the entire process was disgusting. Sequence of events:

    April 7th - Appointment for a technician to look at the machine and give an estimate
    April 7th - Sears Home called me to reschedule because many of the technicians called in sick
    April 10th - New appointment for a technician to look at the machine - he came and advised he will call us the following day to let us know how much it will cost us before he orders the part as well as how long it will take
    April 16th - I called Sears because the technician never called us as he said he would and I thought they forgot about us. We were told the part was already ordered and the promise date was April 23rd. Appointment was set up to come and repair our machine for April 28th.
    April 28th - Technician comes to our house thinking it was a first-time visit to give an estimate. He didn't have the part, and when he called Sears Repair they advised him it was never ordered. We were then told it wouldn't get fixed until May 16th.
    April 28th - I called Sears Repair to ask them to get this done this week as we've been waiting too long for this and we've been rescheduled on twice already - they booked us in for May 5th between 12pm and 4pm
    May 5th - New appointment. Wake up in the morning to a voicemail from the technician stating they won't be able to do the service call today (no reason given to us) and to call the main number to reschedule. I called the main number upset because this has taken a month and we continuously have been let down. They scheduled us in for our original time between 12pm and 4pm and the service was completed.

    I am a customer care rep myself who handles problems at my company, so I tried to be patient and understanding during this whole ordeal but my patience exceeded it's limit with Sears. I can understand rescheduling an appointment once, but what I went through was unacceptable. The service was apalling. We continuously got cancelled on and let down and there was no communication to us during this whole event. I had to call and hound them to get anything done. For a whole month I had to drive to relatives houses to do our laundry which was inconvenient enough; The terrible customer service made this experience even worse. We were going to purchase our dishwasher with Sears but after this disgusting service I have no interest in ever doing business with them again. I thought Sears being such a large company would be trustworthy and reliable and it was the complete opposite. I even had to pay full price for the repair and labour after all of this. Even the reps on the phone seemed to have no empathy.

    If you can avoid it, please avoid calling Sears Repair for any help. I have never been treated this way by any company and will ensure to spread this word around to everyone I can. Such a simple repair added so much stress to my life to the point I started wondering if I was on an episode of "Punk'd". Don't put yourselves through it too.

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lack of product, poor customer service, poor policy

This is a complaint about your policy and lack of product.

We simply wanted four gallons of one of your standard colors of Easy Living paint and two machine screws for a cabinet handle. We went to our local store in Longmont, CO. Out of stock. Oh well, we'll go to the Thornton store. Went to the hardware section. After a long search, the honestly helpful clerk there said Sears apparently doesn't carry them 8/32 x 1 machine screws. Wonderful. Where's the paint? Oh, it's on the other side of the store, near the entrance. We trekked over. No clerk anywhere in sight -- all on other side of the store. Had to go find one.
Clerk at first didn't think they had any of the color in question. He checked with several people. They finally located 3 gallons. What about a 4th? They called the next closest store. None available. Oh, then we'll mix it. But it's a standard color, and no one could find the formula for the standard color. Sigh - ok, when will you get more in? We can't get it until our inventory is down to zero (which is why we were down to three gallons). With your purchase, we're now down to zero, but it will take three weeks -- but if you order online, you can get it in two (!).
We have been customers of Sears for everything imaginable for over 40 years. We understand that the market and the economy have changed, so we have tried to remain loyal. But this is it. The policy of not restocking until a standard product is actually down to zero is inane, let alone poor customer service. Not having standard items in stock in three area is poor customer service. Taking two to three weeks to get product is poor customer service.
We're done with Sears.

customer service

I went to have 4 new tires put on my car. After an hour of shopping/waiting for my car to be ready, I...


since when do managers/leads get to make their own rules with employees.
In our dept, receiving, most work really hard and always get our tasks done.
Rarely does anyone call in sick as well. Recently, while unloading a truck, we
were told that based on a 7.5 shift, we didn;t get a 15 break in the adternoon.
Aren't employees allowed a break every 3 hours ? And if you're their for at least 5 hours, then you must take a lunch. She said, 'no ...under 8 hours of
work, like 7.5, there are no afternoon breaks ...unless the company rules have changed in writing, this seems really petty ...and never mind that it's
-10 degrees in our working area breaks for you guys well a lead or manager has the rite ask you all times where you belong ...i guess
it doesn't matter if it's repetitive ... all of this would make one wonder, what
are they trying to do here ..get everyone who make more than the starting
wage, out of the building ? if there is anyone out there that has a similar story, would like to see it ... I can't be alone on this one ...would be my guess ... are all sears stores, run this way ?

tried to overcharge

This complaint is about the automotive department at the Sears store located at the Hickory Point mall in Forsyth, Illinois.

On Saturday morning, January 10, 2009, I called automotive 3 times inquiring about tires. These calls were made between 8:30 and 9:15 am before the regular store opened. I called to be certain that there would not be any surprises because it was very slick and I did not want to waste a trip. I spoke to Sears employee Person A each time about Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires, size 205/60HR15 for my 2001 Hyundai Sonata GLS.

Person A was very helpful in telling what tires were available and quick to respond when I asked if the store matched Internet prices. She said yes and to bring in the print out of the price with shipping charges. I also asked if the store accepted Sears coupons and again the answer was yes. In addition to the aforementioned paperwork I also brought a list of tire charges from Wal-Mart hoping Sears would match them also.

I arrived at the store about 9:30 am and I was the only car in the lot. Upon entering the store I was met by Person A. I showed her the paperwork and she began the estimate for the tires. The tires with shipping were $60.22 each. Tire disposal fee of $2.00 each. State environmental fee at $2.50 each. Valve stems at $3.99 each. And Tire balance at $12.25 each.

I presented the Wal-Mart pricing and found out that the service charges could not be matched. Next, I presented 4, $5.00 off $50.00 or more coupons because the tires were over $50.00 each. Person A said I could only use one $5.00 coupon per purchase. So I asked her to split the order into 4 parts and she told me she could not because sets of tires could not be split up. I then asked her to check with some else. She walked into another room and spoke with someone who reiterated what she said.

Then, I asked for the automotive manager. So a page was made to Person B. After waiting for a few minutes Person B came back to automotive and went into another room with Person A and another person. Person A and Person B came out and I was informed that the tires had to be sold as a set of four. I questioned Person B and informed him that I should be able to buy tires in any number that I wanted because I was the customer. This did not make Person B happy.

Still seeking satisfaction, I asked for a store manager and was told that she was on vacation. Person A then informed me that Person B instructed her to add a tire mounting charge of $8.50 each. So, at this point Sears was going to charge me $24.74 in service charges (no road hazard) for each tire that I was buying. I thought my head was going to explode since Wal-Mart would have charged $7.50 for these services. I then asked for the district manager and they would not give me the name or phone number. They didn’t offer to have anyone call me at anytime. It was at that point that I fully understood why the store was not busy.

I went home and called another Sears store and was told to call corporate relations at 800.549.4505. I was on the phone with Person C for 36 minutes. She took down my information and called Person B. I asked Person C who the district manager was and she couldn’t help me. She said the Store manager would have to help me. So I would have to wait. Rather than waiting I’m sending this in hopes of warning others to beware of Sears Automotive in Forsyth, Illinois.

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    95eclipsers Apr 12, 2013

    What we actually have here is NOT a problem with Sears, but an unreasonable customer who was trying to abuse policy and the employees. Sears is a company, and it's purpose is to make money. Obviously matching Walmart, AND using 4 coupons, AND matching internet prices brought the sale to a level where the company was not making any money of the deal! Why should the company lose money? This customer wanted to use price matching ON TOP OF COUPONS, and 4 coupons at that. Asking the person at the desk to write 4 orders to accomodate 4 coupons. Really? I don't know any shop that would do that, it's too much hassle for such little profit, and on top of that multiple orders like this are hard to track when it comes to warranty. Then this customer pulls the "because-I'm-the customer" card. To the complainant, I would recommend you stick with Walmart next time. Sears is too high-end for you.

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    95eclipsers Apr 12, 2013

    This comlplaint is a double posting.

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roof leaking

We had our roof done by Sears, this summer of 2008. On December of 2008 It was a mild day and the ice wa...

poor communication/customer service

Jan 2 purchase garage door opener w/Sears Credit Casrd. 2 hrs later decided to have Sears install Called the number on sales slip. Order taken - told I would hear from installation people . No call. Same day called same # to ensure order was in process since I hadn't heard within time I was told. No record of my order. Reordered installation service again on Jan 2. with my Sears Credit Card
Called Jan 5 - order was not processed. Finally, I'm put in touch w/credit card dept. Told card was not good even though the expiration date is Feb. 09. The date of the order for the installation was only 2 hrs after I made the purchase of the garage opener. Finally, no one had the courtesy to call and indicate that there was an issue with my card which I still don't understand - it's all adding insult to injury.

[Resolved] fire

Our 5 year old Kenmore Elite Electric Range (model 790.9911) caught fire last night and we were very...

incompitent customer service

In the summer of 2007, I realized that my Sears card had expired, so I called to have a new one sent. Weeks and months went by, so I called back, and they said there was an error, and it was accidentally not sent out. They said they were submitting the request correctly, and I would receive my card in 7 to 10 business days.

It became a bit of a routine: I would patiently wait, and call back after a couple of months when it never arrived. Last month, I was finally fed up beyond believe, and demanded to speak to a manager. She put me on hold for about 25 minutes, and finally told me that my account was not activated, and she would need to reactivate it. When I asked her how I was able to make purchases at Sears and K-Mart using my account (without the card), she got defensive, and avoided giving an explanation. She had no sympathy whatsoever for the fact that it's taken them over 1 year (more than an entire year!!!) to get me a replacement card, and simply said she would submit a request for a new card, and I should receive it in 7 to 10 business days.

Somehow, it finally worked this time, but I won't be using the card any longer. I intend to pay it off, cancel the account, and never return to a Sears or K-Mart again. I've worked in customer service, and have experience some poor customer service as a consumer, but this is by far the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. I think that they can't even get a replacement card sent out correctly, I don't want to fathom what would happen if something I bought there broke, and I tried to enforce the warranty to get a replacement. With places like Target, Wal-Mart, and the many other department stores to choose from, there's no reason to put yourself through the nightmare of Sears.

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