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poor system

For the first, and maybe last time, I purchased an item from for pickup at the Cross County Sears on a Friday around noon and a couple hours later I received an email confirmation that my item is ready for pickup with my order #, etc. I called the store customer support to ask how long they hold items and told me three weeks. The next day I received a voicemail stating that my item is out of stock bla bla sorry for the inconvenience. I don't know what that tells you but to me that means they sold the item that I paid in full with my money or their system is #$%^ so why would I want to buy from them? When I purchased the item it clearly stated on the site the item was in stock plus I received the email confirmation the same day.

I called the store customer support and they told me the item will be in stock 8-10 days after I purchased the item. I then emailed Sears customer service to complain and the same day I received an email that they will contact the store coach. A couple days later I received a phone call that my item is ready for pick up, which was before the 8-10 days. Now whatever is going on Sears needs to work on their system because it's just not good business. I never had any problems ordering online from Best Buy or other stores but that is just my experience. The only reason I ordered from is because they had a great price on the item at the time which I can also get from other stores with a little patience.

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    AnnaLise Dec 10, 2008

    The Sears in-store pickup system is flawed.

    At each Sears store, there is a computer system that lists the number of items in stock. It is this system that you are accessing when you see on your computer that an item is available for pickup at your local store. The problem is that this system is not always accurate.

    Let's say the item you ordered is a hand mixer. When you order it for instore pickup, the computer is told that there are three in stock, so your order is put through and you receive an order confirmation, without anyone physically checking that there is an actual hand mixer available for sale.

    The computer system says your local store has three hand mixers in stock. One of these is the display mixer, which may or may not have the box, instructions, and all the pieces, and may or may not actually work. The department manager is technically suppossed to go through and delete all the display items from the computer system (changing the in stock total to two), but in practice, this rarely gets done, especially around Christmas.

    So one of the mixers isn't really available. Now, your local Sears store has a problem with retail theft, as many stores do. Let's say that at some point one of the hand mixers was stolen. The person who stole it shoved the entire box under their coat and walked out. They were not caught, and since there is no empty package left behind, there is no evidence of the theft. If the box had been left behind, an employee could update the computer system, but most thieves aren't considerate enough for that.

    So now two of the mixers aren't available. Now, let's say that the employee working in the hand mixers area is very kind and helpful to customers. About an hour before you placed your order, a woman doing her Christmas shopping picked up the last hand mixer on the shelf. Knowing that she had a lot of shopping left to do, the customer requested that the employee hold the product for her until she came back after lunch. The employee, wanting to provide good service, said "Sure!" and placed the item behind the register with the customer's name on it. Now there are no available hand mixers.

    So, at noon, you place your order and the computer reads that three items are available and sends you an order confirmation--despite the fact that, in reality, there are no hand mixers available.

    Shortly after you place your order, an employee from Merchandise Pick-Up recieves a message from Sears Online on his handheld computer that the hand mixer has been ordered for pickup at the store. He looks on the shelf for the product and doesn't see it. He then looks in the warehouse for the product, and doesn't find it there either. He may even ask one of the stock people from that department if they can locate it. They can't find the hand mixers because, despite what the computer says, there are no hand mixers. The Merchandise Pick-Up employee eventually gives up, and clicks the "Unable to find product" button on his handheld computer, triggering the out-of-stock email you recieved.

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maytag (atlantis)

Purchased this Maytag (atlantis) from Sears under false advertising. I thought I was purchasing an original Maytag. December 4, 2008 I had it serviced for the first time because the spin cycle and pump went out. The repair man told me that this was not a maytag and that these people who are selling them as an orignal have lied to the public. Maytags are two belt driven and will last for many years before any parts go out. These Atlantis's will only last 4 - 6 years and you need to purchase a washing machine again. These machines are not maytags. The store does not let you know that. They let you think you are purchasing an original. If I would have know this I would have kept my original 25 years old Maytag. I bought a new one because of color...Boy was I taken. Now I am $200.00 out for service and a machine that will break down in about 2 years. Has anyone looked into this yet. This is called Bait and Switch if I am correct. Whatever, I was taken for a ride and lied too. I am very disappointed in Sears.

  • An
    AnnaLise Dec 10, 2008

    Maytag appears to have discontinued Atlantis, but I have found references to it on their website.

    It's your repairman who doesn't know what he's talking about, not the store.

    Contact Maytag and ask them about your washer before you start making assumptions.

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lack of professionalism

Today (Monday 12-01-08) I visited the Sears Portrait Studio at Park Place Mall in Tucson, Az.
I arrived at 11:15 with my 2 grandchildren ages 2 and 4.
I did not have an appointment and asked if it was possible to get an appoiintment for today. The woman at the desk told me that although they had several appointments scheduled for the day, she could fit us in at 12:30. She then asked me to fill out an information sheet. So far, no problem.
I waited in the lobby with my grandchildren. 12:30 came and went and I was not called for my turn. Other people came in after 12:30 and were taken in before me, although I was told that I would be next on 2 separate occasions. At 1:30 I asked to speak to the manager and she then informed me that since I did not have an appointment, I would be taken care of when they had time. I told her that I had been given a 12:30 appointment and had already waited an hour past that. She told me there was nothing she could do for me.
I am appalled that I was told I would be fit into a time slot, only to wait for over 2 hours with two small children and then be told that because I was a "Walk-In" and did not have a pre-arranged appointment, they'd get to me when they could. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep 2 small children entertained and in "Picture Perfect" form for over 2 hrs?

First of all...if they were booked and would not be able to fit me in they should have told me so, I would have been happy to make an appointment for another day.
Second...once I was told our photos would be taken at 12:30, I had an appointment.
Third...I was made to feel that as a "Walk-In" my business is really not as important as someone who pre-books.

I left this studio and walked straight down the mall to The Picture People. My intention was to make an appointment for another day. But guess what...they told me they could take us right then. So I spent my $200 picture budget with them and that is where I will take my business in the future.

In the past, I have had several very good experiences with this Sears Portrait Studio, but obviously customer service has taken a drastic downward turn.

  • Sh
    Shutterbabe Jul 12, 2009

    ESPECIALLY when dealing with small children, it's always best to schedule an appointment. It's just common sense. If you don't think your children can handle any sort of wait, then why try walking in? How upset would you be if you had scheduled an appoinment and a walk-in customer made it to where you had to wait?

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  • Ke
    keymay Jan 05, 2010

    Shouldn't matter if she was a walk-in appointment. The policy with Sears Portrait Studio is "Just say Yes!" Even if we are booked we are told that you still have to find a way to get that appointment in. I feel that it would just be easier to let you know that we have availability on a different day but then again, CPI is too concerned you'd take your business elsewhere... Guess what? That's exactly what happened by running it with the "Just say Yes!" Policy.

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  • Ok
    okcgal29 Jan 12, 2010

    Let me get this straight. You had no appointment, you had two children with you at lunch time, and you decided to get pictures made as a walk-in during the busiest season of the year? Do you have any idea how many people want their pictures made in the middle of November? And most of those people called ahead to make an appointment. Were they supposed to boot out those appointments in order to pacify you on your spur of the moment whim?

    Some people want the sun and moon to revolve around them.

    t's called, wait your turn. With no appointment, to only wait 2 hours is not bad during the middle of the Christmas rush.

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  • Sp
    SpeakYourMind267 Mar 16, 2011

    okcgal29...Well said!

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sears bait and switch

Do yourself a favor and buy your appliances at yard sales before dealing with Sears! Purchased a new refrigerator on-line since the in-store service is no longer appealing but would have liked to have continued my 25 year relationship with the company. However, apparently "next day delivery" means different things to the consumer and Sears. Shopping online, purchasing online and scheduling delivery went smooth as could be. The only problem is that they didn't deliver. After sitting home all day waiting for the truck to arrive, the phone rings at the last minute of the "delivery window" only to say that they're not coming. Uh, really? Didn't need the call to know that. Best yet, they have no idea when the appliance will be available but will call back in 24-48 hours to try to reschedule. Tried to call Customer Service - what a JOKE! Spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone mostly on hold, being transferred around endlessly and actually hung up on TWICE! In two cases the "customer service representative" wouldn't even provide their name or employee number - and one of those was a "supervisor". Out of frustration I asked for a refund only to be told that Sears refund policy requires "7 to 8 business days" to process. How can they process debit transactions instantaneously but credits take a week? Sorry Sears, never, ever again...

ridiculous credit card

I had just moved to a new state for college when I went to Sears to find a cheap new shirt to wear. Of course the cashier waved around the discounted price of the shirt if I signed up for the Sears Credit Card. Foolishly I was tempted and signed up. Though they needed my drivers license to process the application, the address of my license was still the one from my last college residence. Of course I had updated my new address with the post office. Yet I got my first statement in the mail a few days later than the first billing due date due to the rerouting of the mail. I called Sears to immediately pay my card over the phone and I was astounded to find my little $15 charge increased to $86, due to their enormous late charges. After much dispute with the rude customer service lady I was still forced to pay the $86 and I immediately canceled that card and haven't shopped at Sears since.

  • Tr
    Trecee Mar 02, 2009

    Sears credit card is the worst credit card ever...I hope anyone reading this will think twice about opening a credit card through Sears. I have been a Sears credit card holder for over 15 years--never late, until recently. Sears have a habit of changing thier billing cycles on a month-to-month bases. I thought my bill was due on a later date and upon going online to pay the bill, I found it was due earlier (4 days earlier). I immediately paid the bill, including the enormous past due amount, and paid extra on the account. I was very surprised to see that my interest rate increased an additional 5.17% which was due to the late payment. I immediately requested a reduction of the interest rate, which they denied. My credit is good, but they denied me anyway. Needless to say, I was soooooooo upset over this, I closed the account and will never ever shop at Sears again.

    Today, Sears has lost a loyal customer!!!

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  • To
    Totally Wrong Jan 04, 2010

    This just happened to me. Apparently SearMastecard sent out a letter to let people either opt to close their account to remain at the same interest rate or the rate would be raised to 25.24%. This notification apparently came to my PO box not in the typical bill. I pay my card on line so I don't get paper bills. i never received anything about the changes. i called to see if they would close the account and lock the rate. They denied this because the time frame to do so according to the letter (which i never received)was over. i even pay twice what they want per month and pay on time. my hands are tied. All they say is sorry you should of responded to the letter (WHAT LETTER!!!).


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order cancellation policy

I ordered a vaccum part on line. Two hours later I found that the part was not needed. I called to cancel the...

don't let your kids work at sears

Do not let your kids work at sears. They take advantage of paying them minimum wage and are not a positive...

Repair Job

In Sept. I went to the Sears Store located in Watervill, Maine looking for repairs on my stove. They called...

Skowhegan Department Stores

warranty up products only lasted a short time

I have been a customer with sears for over 30 years I have always purchased the extended warranty with anything I bought when me and my husband bought our new home it already had new Kenmore appliances in it that where purchased by the builder from sears needless to say after 1 year and a half the front of the stove where the temperature gages are at melted and we had to duck tape it on because when sears service had come out they said it was not covered the warranty was up needless to say now after just 4 years of having a Kenmore refrigerator it went out and the service man again came out and said it would cost 500.oo dollars to fix it the warranty on that is also no good.Well along with all the other unhappy and dissatisfied customers you have now lost another one but why would you care ? What ever happened to the sears that use to care about the customers?

  • Valerie Nov 05, 2007

    In April 2006, we purchased three Kenmore Appliances to receive a 20% rebate. We did not purchase any extended warranties because I do not believe in them. I believe a product should be made to last but I have been proven wrong. First of all, the dishwasher needed to be repaired after less than 13 months BUT just enough time to be out of the one year warranty. The seal on the motor broke - I sure that didn't happen overnight. We were forced to pay labor but not parts. Sending a letter to Sears was never answered ... what a surprise. NOW - our 18 month old fridge has it's door fall off - that's right - the door fell off on 10/28 - the estimate to repair - over $900 - the cost of the fridge - had to pay service fee of $70. But again no warranty - basically they tell you to just go away. Called Sears on same day service man came - 10/30 - the promised to refer this problem for review & suggested I give them 24-48 hours but call back if do not hear from them. So of course, no one called me. Today I spoke w/ Charles in "One Source Division" Dept. said they never got the account to review - and after looking at file told me - you guessed it - no warranty - too bad. He looked up my records to see that over the years we have purchased 13 items w/ them - but that doesn't matter. Offered something like $100 for I am not even sure what he was talking about. Oh yeah, we got disconnected during the call & he never called back - so I had to wait on line again - another 30 minutes - I get Charles again - he tells me he tried to call back - told him that is a lie, I have call waiting and the line didn't ring nor did the number come up. He is full of it. Anyway, he then refused to transfer me to a manager, said he couldn't. I advised him I was in customer service for years & was always able to transfer to a manager - he told me "good for you" - oh yeah, he was a winner. Anyway, after much back & forth w/ him, he finally agrees to put account in review for a supervisor call back but will be 24 hours. Took him about 20 minutes to document the account - I suggested he do that after we hang up so I don;t have to be on hold - he tells me he can't because another call would come in??? So, you can't turn off your phone to leave your desk??? I feel like I am dealing with a tiny company far. far way. It is VERY hard for me to realize this is Sears we are talking about. Their customer service stinks - they will stand by the warranty phrase until the end of time - I have heard it told to me a hundred times. So when does a door fall off a fridge - when it is defective BUT it's not under warranty. After reading some of the comments on this site, i see that I am not the only one who went to the wrong store to buy our appliances. We will NEVER shop at that store again!!!

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  • He
    helene gove Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have had a kenmore stove for just bout 2years and there has been a spot over my rear dial that is turning yellow...i put my hand up against it the other day and the white paint started coming off and you can see it chipping away, , , seeing the metal exposed, , , , , yep right down to the metal...i mean really ...this is a new stove...
    and not only that, the window in the oven door has gotten so dity INSIDE and there is no way i can get in to clean it...i am so, , , to be honesst disgusted ...i bought a tv and had to return that too, , , , ,
    i really feel that this should be replaced at no cost, , , , , i feel so bad for the person spent the money for this., , , , , it was a gift, , , ,
    if you really want to keep customers i would suggest you call me and do something abou this, , , , , , i did call the store and they would do nothing, , , , they told me to call you and i will...

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  • Ro
    Robert GLIENER Jan 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What is useful life of Kenmore Dishwashers?

    My complaint is that after 4 years of use the dishwasher now leaks. Will a service man be able to repair it?

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oven defect

I purchased a Kenmore Electric Range model 790 in 3-2006 and in Nov. 2008 my oven burn element coil shorted out and fell to bottom of oven. The coil melted through. Sears did not want to hear about this as we did not buy an extended warranty just the one year service. The coil also damaged the memory board that controls the oven. They said it was happened and nothing was wrong with the stove. They agreed to pay a little for memory board and labor. I said no because there is a scorch mark into bottom of oven and if I tried to use my self clean I am sure it would be a disaster and blow up or start a fire. I am very angry that a 2 1/2 year range could just happen to have this problem. I am sure it was dedfective from start but I am stuck with having to put another $400. out for a new range. So no Xmas cookies or turkey. THANK YOU SEARS FOR BEING SO GREAT... If they would have told me they no longer care how long a range will last I would have bought extended warrenty.

bad service shodey employees

I had a sitting for photos and purchased them and they were to come in on 11-17-08 I called in the morning...

rust in microwave, less than 4yrs The above picture shows rust corrosion inside my Kenmore microwave oven...

being charged to sears account for no cityfone account

Cityfone sent me a phone. I thought because it was Sears, it was reliable. I read their rules. I did not want...

lies and deceit

I called Sears on November 1 to have them fix my 4 year old fridge when the compressor broke. They told me first available was November 8th. I got off early on the 8th just to have the repairman call me to inform me he would be ordering my part that day. He would reschedule for the 14th. Ok, two weeks without a fridge is bad, but not as bad as having them call me the 14th at 9 am after we were already at work to tell me that they cancelled my appointment. When I got home from work (early for the 2nd week in a row) I got the message and called. They are now saying they can reschedule me for the 20th or I can wait by the phone daily, never leave the house, and hope someone cancels their appointment so I can be seen.
In addition, the first "Customer service" rep lied to me about his employee id # (Jonathan, # [protected]) and I had to get it from the next rep, both of whom refused to transfer me to a manager, stating the managers don't take customer calls. Really!??!
This is my last Sears appliance.

sears account care

I absolutly denied haveing any insurrance put on my card and i got the bill and surprise they charged my card...

product is junk

I bought a Kenmore Power Miser 9 Gas Water Heater from Sears and the pilot light stops working resulting in cold water all the time. I called Sears and their Service not only sucks but they refuse to honor their warranty for free parts, I bough the water heater in December 2005 and it has a 9 year warranty. The parts are free of they are defective in workmanship or material. But to get the free parts under the waranty, you have to pay their service technician to order the part. But they cannot get to you for at least 2 to 3 weeks, when you can call a local licensed plumber to do the work for you the same day. Or if youwant to pay for the parts, that's alright with Sears, and they will send them to you. But in order to get the free parts under the warranty you have to use their technician to order the parts. What a scam. I will never buy anything from Sears and hopefully everyone else that can read this will never nbuy an appliacne from Sears as their service sucks and they do not honor their warranties.

  • Mi
    Mike Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with the same model, but I *think* this is a typical problem with any gas appliance. I haven't fixed the issue, but I had a similar issue with a furnace.

    Here's the part that I've ordered and will hopefully be able to fix it:

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  • Mi
    Mike Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried replacing the pilot assembly, but it still does not work. At some point after lighting the pilot and a cycle of the burner heating the water, the pilot turns off. The pilot always stays lit until the burner is ignited.

    My suspicion is that the thermostat is somehow cutting off the gas...

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  • Pl
    plethora68 Dec 24, 2008

    I have the same water heater in the electric version. It is also garbage. It comes with the 9 year warranty and the tank has not lasted 2 years. It is leaking a steady stream from one end of my garage to the other. It damaged some books, and now that Sears has been unable to get a technician out for 2 weeks mold is beginning to grow on the backside of my garage door. I have vented the garage to try and stop that, but this is ridiculous. We have 6 inches of snow here on the ground, but the roads are plowed. Sears just canceled their second appointment with me because their technician "couldn't get out of his driveway". Now they are supposed to come next Monday, but the girl on the phone could not tell me that they would bring a water heater with them because they don't carry those parts on the truck; even though I have assured them it is a ruptured tank. I asked if they only hired idiots and ###s at Sears? She did not get this. i will never spend another dollar with them and figure them and that sorry little store K mart will be out of business next year some time. This is par for the course for a retailer that killed their amazing catalog business right before the advent of the commercial internet.

    Say goodbye to Sears and good Riddance. My next water heater will come from Lowes or Home Depot, both have come on service calls rapidly and Lowes cam three times in one week to fix my icemaker in my refrigerator. Out with the incompetent and in with the new companies that want to do the right thing for customers.


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delivery and product problem

Bedroom Set (Christie)
Sears Canada
Trinity Drive
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Moncton, Ne E1G 21J7

I bought a bedroom set for my mother in law who was very sad to move in a new senior home.

I wanted to have the bedroom organized before she could move in.

I told the salesperson that there would be nobody in the room and the delivery company had to ask the staff to open the door. The delivery day was set for thuesday.

The delivery company didn't get the instruction and knocked on the door, waited a little bit and left. They didn't leave a notice nor tried to call me.

On Wednesday, after many phone calls to Sears, they told me they could only deliver the furniture on Thursday, again between noon and 6 p.m.

I decided to hire a moving company to pick up the furniture at Sears warehouse because my mother was moving on that day. Sears has refused to compensate me.

When I opened the boxes, I found out that some screws were missing to assemble the bed. I call the salesperson and she told me that she could only get the repair man in 48 hours or I can get the screws myself at any hardware store.

I went to two hardware stores to find out that this type of screws are specially made for furniture and they didn't carry it.

At 6h30 pm. I went to Sears store and I asked the manager if I could get the screws from the bed on their floor model. I explain that I had a 95 years old lady that didn't have a bed to sleep on that night. She told me that this was out of question and I had to wait until Friday to have the repair man. She also blame me for not being in the room a the delivery day meaning that I would have had to wait from Noon to 6 pm in an empty room.

Sears was only 3 hours to close and she could have had the repair man come to the store the next day to fix their floor model. She was very cold and firm in her decision.

I told her that I could return the furniture and she replied that if it was going to make me happy to go ahead.

Then she went to her desk and handed me the Customer Service Center (which is a call center) and file a complaint.

Well, this customer service toll me the same thing and added that he could have the screws sent to me in a week. He also added that they didn't mind if I would return the set.

Sears Canada didn't show any effort in fixing their mistakes (delivery and bedrooms parts) in a reasonable time for a 95 years old lady.

I had bought a bedroom set for my son in July from BARNABY'S FURNITURE in Moncton and I had a SUPER service. They even installed the bed and put on the mattress they didn't sell me.




I bought Kenmore dryer in Sears on October 18, 2008 (copy of the sales receipt is enclosed). At the time of purchase, the delivery was scheduled for October 24, 2008 and I provided two telephone numbers (as it appears on the receipt) asking the salesman to list my cell phone number as the primary number for contact. The Sears’ delivery system is very inconvenient. When I came home from work the night before the delivery, I found a message on my home answering machine stating that the delivery has been scheduled between 3PM and 5PM next day. The call was made to my home number regardless of my inquiry. At the day of the delivery, October 24, I had to leave my work at 2:30 (my regular working hours 8AM-5:30PM) to be at home on time for scheduled delivery. When I came home, I found a message from Sears on my home answering machine that the dryer is not going to be delivered. No explanation was provided in the message. When I called Sears asking for the reason, the representative told me that the dryer was not found in the warehouse. The delivery was rescheduled for October 27. Again, the message from Sears regarding the delivery time was made to my home phone regardless of my several inquiries to do it to my cell phone. This time it was scheduled between 8AM and 10AM. On the delivery day at around 9AM, while waiting for the delivery, I decided to call Sears and check if the delivery truck is on its way. To my great surprise, I found out that the delivery was cancelled due to the bad weather. The cancellation message was recorded in the Sears computer system at 6:45AM that morning by the route ID No. 1158003. I would like to emphasize that it was 40°F outside and sunny, and I had no calls from Sears regarding cancellation. If somebody from Sears called me at 7AM, I would have gone to my work, not wasting my time. If I didn’t call, I would have waited even longer for nothing. I rescheduled the delivery again for Sunday, November 2, 2008. After so many discrepancies, I decided to call Sears Friday to confirm the delivery day and the phone number to call, and found out that the delivery is scheduled for Saturday, not Sunday. On top of that I found out that Sears had the wrong cell phone number. Ironically, I was told that it is impossible to change the phone number in the system. Again, no calls from Sears had been made regarding the change.

My dryer was delivered on Saturday, but it had silver control panel instead of white one as I requested on the purchase day.

During this whole ordeal, I lost 5 hours of work, spent a lot of time on the phone with Sear delivery system representatives, and eventually delivered the wrong-colored dryer.

I would like to recover a reasonable measure of damages I sustained.

Olga Kadish

nightmare service

Since my earliest recollection, the word "appliance" to my family was synonymous with...

[Resolved] Door switch wire harness / Light Bulb Assembly

November 5, 2008 We also bought a Kenmore Elite Trio Model # 795.775 in August 22, 2006 This morning...

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