Sears Auto Centercheat customer


On June 15, 2012, because my car had a screw in its rear left tire, so we had to find the closest place to fix the tires. So we went to the Sear’s Auto Center in La Jolla and in the process of checking our tires, they noticed that our cars alignment was off so we agreed to recalibrate it as well. So we went into the offices and paid the price which was including the repair and replacement of tires and the recalibration of the car alignment. The price of the four tires charged was $680.60, tire balance performance $59.96 and the alignment was $84.99 coming to the total of $885.73. After waiting for a few hours, we were brought to our car thinking that everything was fixed. However when we were driving back up home, and we noticed that the car’s alignment was completely car as it swayed to the right and we knew something was wrong. So, we went to the San Jose Blossom Hill Road Sear’s to figure out why our car’s alignment was still so off even though it was “supposedly fixed”. It was then the employee explained to us that the car alignment was never done. The proof of the car alignment was given to us at the second Sear Auto Center we went to but we never received such proof from the Sear’s Auto Center in La Jolla. I am extremely upset by the service this Sear’s Auto Center. This was not only unacceptable because they lied to us, but also because it was extremely unsafe to drive under those conditions. So for the past few weeks, I have been calling Sear’s in order to voice my concern and complaint, and I had been promised an apology by the district manager of the store, but I have not yet received a call. Right now I am upset because not only did they swindle me by taking my money and not fixing my car, but also because they are rude and untrue to their words. I urge anyone to not go to Sear’s Auto Center to ever have any of your car needs repaired. I will not let this incident slip pass, I will go to Auto Consumer Business Burea to voice my complaint.

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